Monday, November 19, 2012

19 Nov 2012 Email from Spencer xxooxx

hey fam, i already called you guys, but i would like to just bare my testimony on how great it is to be a missionary, and that the restored gospel is true, theres nothing greater then being a missionary, you wake up say your prayers, and you know god is with you, as you study the scriptures, god speaks to you and gives you understanding, comforts you when your down, and cuts you down into the depths of humility when your pridefull, which in turn gives you a bigger peace, happiness and joy that could have ever been felt other wise. there is no greater felling then after the holy ghost has worked through you to help another soul feel the love of god in their lifes and come to understand there purpose, there is no greater work or glory then the salvatoin of man, which is oh so very personal, i know with all the surity of my heart , that the gospel in its fullness was retored, that throught the atonemant of jesus christ all mankind can be saved, i know that as we turn our hearts over to our heavenly father, and accept even what i call, the "hard doctrines" or the doctrines that we dont quite understand yet, and act in faith unto obediance, that the lord gives us the understanding and growth we need to ultimatly become like him and have a fullness of joy with our eternal families. i love my family, i love my friends, but more then anything i love the lords work, me my family, and my friends, is his work , and he'll do it if were willing to give our hearts to him, and get out of the way. i love youfam, i love you momma
elder harris

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