Sunday, November 4, 2012

November 4 2012

I miss you. I love you. I want you here to make popcorn for and buy ice cream. I could really use a few seconds of your laugh.  Or the way you smile at me when you are about to tell me something great. Memories  are sweet blessings.

Wierdest Halloween EVER! Next year's already planned to PREVENT a repeat. Dad was gone. Megan was gone. YOU were gone. Spencer, Sam and Michael were GONE. I got home from work and no one to make the traditional pumpkin gut dinner for.  I had a protein shake. Filled the bowl with candy and watched survivor while not very many kids showed up. I think our neighborhood is just getting older....and then it was over. Next year I am going to dress up...I want to be a beautiful fairy god dream is to go around granting wishes....but I don't want to be OLD and tubby...I want the wand with the Princess model :)

Patrick Clark got called to Roseville, California and Kristy Kohlert to Paris France. Sam is hoping for his call this Wednesday and I am hoping it never shows up.  I bet it will be the next Wednesday.   Marsh leaves this Wednesday.

As far as I know, Michael is still in Ireland. He hasn't posted for a few days so I think that means he is having SO MUCH FUN!. Josh still at the books. Megan went to Orlando with work and is home again. I am busy with work...the houses are slowing down and the land deals are picking up. Will be interesting to see what happens after Tuesday.

Not much news here. Just day to day stuff. I sat with my primary class while they practiced for their program next week. Poor tortured little ones. 3 hours of sitting straight seems like cruel and unusual punishment to me. One little girl just layed across the sear next the her and fell asleep. Traditions.  I say we don't have them unless they are enjoyable to ALL concerned.

You sound so happy in your letters. I 'm grateful. What did you do for Halloween? What will you do for Thanksgiving?  Did you get your camera situation figured out?
I love you big!  Miss me back. Take care of yourself.

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