Sunday, November 25, 2012


Hey Lovey...
I am surprised and then NOT surprised that I didn't get any pics of Thanksgiving. Dad flew in his mom, GrandDad B came,  the Galan's came, and then both the brothas and the kiddos. Having Josh and Sam home was the best!!!! I cooked a feast, we ate the feast and are still eating that feast. I am back to no sugar and yes, it is PAINFUL. Thinking I might not go off again at is TOUGH!
My Blog is saying I am out of SPACE for pics...I will need to get help before I can get you Michael's pics for this week--you'd be proud, he's keeping company with some cute girls :)  ....I also have a darling photo of Zach's little Cooper!
My week really has been only work and then the whole event of Thanksgiving and all the company. I can never get enough of all of you kids friends COMING BACK because YOU are home. Jacob, Dave and Mike were here with Josh this weekend. I love to see Josh relax. I woke up to go run Saturday morning at 4:30 and Josh was STILL UP STUDYING In my office...hadn't been to bed. That boy!
Spent the day today saying goodbye to everyone and then getting the Christmas stuff out. Dad and Grandmom did the tree all by themselves. Grandmom doesn't fly back till tomorrow. Haven and Elle made me adorable homemade decorations---snowflakes, etc... they 'complete" the look :) Tyler Hamilton's Farewell was this morning. Another one bites the dust. Josh and Sam are both headed back to Logan. Meg and Laura and Andy are off to a  Misletoe Party. I think I am going to go snug in my bed with my latest near death book that is a delight.
I always wonder WHAT you are doing right now....pretty sure you are getting ready for bed. Please give me good details on what you did for Thanksgiving. We thought of  you!!!!!! SO MANY people have commented on how hard they know it must be for you and Sam to just miss each other...and they always add something like "There aren't many brothers that are that close". I hope you think hard on maybe coming home that earlier rotation so you could see each other for a day or so:) But if not, I will be OK. I put the money in your account. Will mail your Christmas package Tuesday morning. Be NICE to yourself and your companion:)
I love you.

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