Monday, November 12, 2012

Spencer's Letter 12 November 2012

famfam fam,
so this week was great, uriel and lizbeths wedding/ baptism was awesome, honestly it was probably the highlight of my mission so far just to see all the people that there conversion will effect and to see uriels sister , ramira who we recently reactivated there sharing the gospel with the rest of her family was so awesome. they are seriously the collest family ever i love the tranquilinos, it was elder calls first baptism, he baptized uriel and i baptized lizbeth , then for the comfirmations i confirmed uriel and elder grayson, my old comp confirmed lizbeth, we have built such a strong trust with our ward leaders here, i asked presidant payan if he could think of a calling for uriel and liz to recieve and he gave them both a calling about an hour after they were confirmed members, its so exciting, uriels brother antonio, should be next for baptism, we also have some people lined up for the 24th so im excited, were teaching alot of families right now and i just love teaching families alot more then single people, single people are great but families are just how its supposed to be , i wish i could go back in time and watch grandma and grandpa broadhurst get taught the gospel , i bet grandad was a toghy to teach haha, i love grandad, what a trooper.
anyways so i should be getting pictures sent off to you guys soon, mom, for chistmas they are asking that all packages be in before december first so that we can recieve them at our christmas zone conferences!!! and im not kidding mom, when i say i want money for a razor scooter, a griffindor harry potter tie, maroon and gold striped, and if possible a ravenclaw tie, navy blue , and royal blue , striped, and as many gift cards to fast food places or olive garden, as thy hearyt so desires, yes mom, a razor scooter, dont ask questions , just trust me, oh yeah and kinda random, but a cool hispanic/ native american looking satchel or "moral" in spanish would be siick, have sam help pick it out, but no candy mom, no candy im already plump enough.
anyways this week we have the thanksgicing activity and all of our investigator families shoulfd be there , pray for me! i love and miss yo mom, i was formed in your womb, and never forget it!! haha tell everyone i love , tell zach i love him and hes the best , and tell mike cooper to write me for once, and if you see king and cole, austin, shane, este, and the crew , just tell them i love them
anyways..................bye bye
love elder harris
mom get over it, they dont make exception just for me, all though it would be cool to see and i would be so pumped to do it, i doubt ill get permission to watch it on skype. give london, paul, and bryson my love and excitement for there missions.

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