Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Bethany asks Spencer to Sadie Hawkins

Bethany is darling and Spencer is lucky such a cute GOOD girl asked glad its not in the mom handbook that I clean up after this though!!!! I have a feeling we might be finding confetti scraps on the floors for awhile.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Letter from Josh 28 September 2009

Dear Family,

The week was much better than last, but still a bit slow. measles campaign continued until Saturday afternoon so that shot our appointments for this week as well. the good news is that we were able to actual see 1 apartment this week. the bad news of that is that it was at the top of our price range and a complete pile of crap. the tub had been removed in put in the living room and there was scrap wood all over the place. they said they would remove the wood and put the tub in place, but they couldn't guarantee running water, or electricity, and there was no guard or security of any kind. so basically searching for apartments is awesome.

We are teaching this super smart guy named Ruben. it is more than welcome to have somebody that actually understands what we say the first time around and that we can go somewhat deep wth him, but he knows the bible too well, to the point that he will sit and bring up contradicting scriptures to what we say and then another to what he said and then another to what that scripture said, and it is all in one unbroken chain of verbalized thought. and he has never been to any type of bible school. this is just what he can do from reading the thing on his own. The problem is that he is stubborn and doesn't want to pray, even though we have explained a thousand times that if you rely on the scriptures alone you will just be confused (like he already is and admits that part is true) but with prayer we can receive the answers that we are looking for. The other thing is that he is planning on going to Tanzania to an area where the church is not to be a teacher in 2 weeks. so we will do what we can, but i don't know how much that will be with the time we have.

We had another baptism this week. Her name is Winnie. she is a great girl that we have taught the lessons to twice, sort of. the first time we were teaching her brother and she said she wasn't interested, but she would still sit in sometimes. then when her brother was baptized she wanted to be as well. but since we had no record of which lessons she was at, we taught everything again. which was cool cause then she could actually answer questions and her brother helped her with the hard topics and to stop drinking tea and stuff. (and just so you know i never tell you about the baptisms for the zone, only other ones for my area; that was one of dads questions a few weeks ago that i never answered).

I cant believe it is October already, just yesterday i was coming to Mombasa and we were starting august. but you cant stop time. but time travel would be the best thing ever, to bad it is not possible.

I love you guys! I hope you are doing well. sorry to Spencer about the golf state thing, it is so not fair that Sam is going and not him, cause i know that Spencer is better. Crazy to think that Spencer is going to college soon, he will be there before me. never thought that would happen. especially with how much he dislikes school. Are you guys still going on that cruise? Isnt it coming up? anyways, have a great week, i love you,

Elder Harris

Sunday, September 27, 2009


PERFECT Princess Maren was baptized yesterday...just like Spencer said when he was giving his talk at the Baptism.."it's pretty hard to turn Maren down for anything, so I'm giving this talk cause she asked me to..." She is STILL sweetness and sunshine . MOST of the family was there...I knew you and Greg would want more pictures but it was hard at the church, and their other cousin was being baptized at his chapel RIGHT afterwards...anyway...LOVE THOSE GUYS!!!! Damon is still a favorite..he even made up a FLYER (like the YW always do) for the YM trying to get them to come to an activity...and then the date had a conflict so he made up ANOTHER flyer...Made me smile and want to hug him for his efforts! I'll be sad if Spencer has to miss the activity for work...I REALLY want to support Damon and have Spencer spend as much time as he can with him...a GREAT MAN.

Josh, I also wanted to have you see how GORGEOUS Tiffany still is with her new bald "do". I am SO GLAD she is not going the wig route like Merilee tried...Merliee was miserable with the itching and the sweating. I ran into Tiffany in Blockbuster when I was getting Season 5 of Grey's Anatomy so I could catch up before the Premiere...I didn't make it, but I think I got Tiffany started on Grey's! She has ALOT of months ahead of her in her treatment with both Chemo and Radiation at the same time...but I told her we can both share your coming home date as the IT'S OVER date...YOU WILL BE HOME for me...and she will be DONE and have her hair back!!!! As you can see...Cam shaved his head too...what a sweet brother!

Things that made me pause this week:
*At 11:45pm Saturday night our house was rocking with 11:55pm with no parental calls or requests, the front door just kept opening and closing, and by midnight, only our boys were here. We have GREAT children who have GREAT friends---who must care about the Sabbath.
*A lone hummingbird showed up late in the afternoon looking for my feeder that I usually leave up until mid October...but all the other humming birds had been gone for days so I took them down to clean them and put them away for winter. I was sad I didn't have anything for him for his long flight...and wondered about things I am late to leave, and what consequences will be mine for not moving on?
*The snakes in the Zucchini plants are gone as well...WHERE ARE THEY?
*Vanessa and Laurie both have injuries JUST before St. George Marathon this Saturday and they have trained so hard, so diligently, so perfectly...and will STILL run it with their injuries. What IS IT about running that instills that kind of ferocious fervor?
*My shows started...SURVIVOR, Grey's Anatomy, Biggest Loser...why do I prefer them to people sometimes? Josh...missed you for ALL of them!!! I think you and Greg should plan a post mission Survivor run...that would fund your college!
*Spencer came home and tells me THE PLAN for college next fall...hoping for DIXIE with several friends (year round golf down there ---I KNOW IT! :) ) and my LIFE feels VERY babies are men and the men are leaving....I want to go with them. I didn't plan this part of my life. I can't really even get a picture of how I want it to be. I just know that my heart wants my house FILLED...but filled with MY PEOPLE....going to start hunting for empty nesters with plans that feel good to me.
*Parker-5 yrs- on our street learned how to ride his bike this week and has been buzzing all over the neighborhood with Adam his cousin who lives just a few houses up...he flagged me down when I was coming home to have me watch...I LOVED that he wanted to share that with me...I LOVED that I could SEE and SHARE that burst of total confidence and THRILL of freedom he was experiencing as he raced along. Love you Parker. So GRATEFUL for all the people I get to love!

I love you Buddy. I am SO HOPING that you are feeling better!!!! I love you I love you I love you. Can't wait for morning for your message. Michelle and Bronson came for dinner and they send their love as well. I hope you will get a break for Conference. I'll meet you in Florida at the St. Augustine beach condo in my dreams...we can build a kite and have lunch at the shrimp shack...and I'll take you crabbing with bacon fat at the jetties....I just remembered a bunch of things I thought I would teach my kids to do the other day....but have never had the chance with the ocean so far away. I'll also make sure to bring lots of containers for the HUGE sandcastle we are gonna build...


Sara and Colby Fryer hosted a COWBOY PROM in their back yard Saturday night. I am SO GLAD I have such FUN FRIENDS!!! They served ribs, coleslaw, baked beans, salad and peach cobbler (I made that :)) for dessert. Our Megan made every couple a corsage and boutonniere, we played Bingo--Danielle's idea! and I did the PUNCH thing like I use for the kids in Primary for the prizes (which were stupid but still fun to do) We had a cake walk and I took my Chocolate Bavarian Cake (Rapiers won that), we DANCED..not long...but it still counts...and we hung out at the fire pit. Check out some of these outfits...Johnathon and Jessica stole our hearts when they showed up as Indians with their guns....Kim and Matt took our "Prom Pictures"- can't wait to get and post those! Kim got this square dancing dress off Ebay that was just SO ADORABLE on her... Ron was hysterical as always...check out his belt buckle! It was the PERFECT weather with PERFECT friends...we are thinking we need a DISCO Party next...maybe rent out Classic Skating and that way we could invite TONS more friends!!! I'd love to see the Spandex that would show up for that! I did miss the Women's Broadcast, but it is TIVO'd and the women will come here to watch it next Saturday Night while the men are at their Priesthood Meeting.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Thinking of Kori and family today.

For some unknown reason I cannot get his picture to attach...

A. Sterling Lichfield 1936 ~ 2009 A. Sterling Lichfield, age 73, passed away peacefully at home on September 17th, 2009 in Springville, Utah.He was born May 13th, 1936 in Salt Lake City, Utah, son of Albert and Clara Lichfield. He was raised in Provo and graduated from Provo High. He served as an LDS missionary in Sweden and then as a medic in the US Army. Sterling married Sandra Alvord June 28th, 1962 in the Mesa, Arizona Temple. He earned a B.S. in Economics from BYU and then a Juris Doctor and M.B.A. degrees from Columbia University. He later earned a Master of Law from NYU. Sterling worked as tax legal counsel for General Electric Co. in Fairfield, CT for 20 years. He served in many church callings including Bishop, Stake President of the New Haven, CT Stake and Branch President in the MTC. Sterling's greatest joy was his family. He was known for his constant smile, kind words and desire to help all he could. He is survived by his wife and six children, Cameron (Cynthia); Tiffin (Robert) Volpe; Quinn (Dena); Brigg (Amber); Kori (Jeremy) Broadhurst; Carly; 17 grandchildren and one great-grandchild. Funeral services will be held 2 p.m., Friday, September 25, 2009 at the Hobble Creek Stake Center, 450 S. Canyon Dr. Springville, UT, with a viewing at 1 p.m. prior to services. Please use exit (I-15) #261 due to construction. Interment Saturday at the Ben Loman Cemetery North Ogden. In lieu of flowers contributions may be made to Primary Children's Hospital. Condolences may be sent to

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Why Eve partook...

Ran through the apple orchards this morning along the canal and was completely immersed in the sweet fresh clean fragrance of the apples...most have been harvested. The smell followed me on for about a 1/4 mile...I'm not even an apple lover but I wanted to fill my whole world with that smell. I wanted another book and to just camp out there for the day. No wonder Eve partook. Which led to me to think about all the yummy things I DON'T resist. I am definitely a sensual human being...The breeze was light and brisk, I was listening to Wayne Dyer on my IPOD speak of the TAO, my body even though chunky feels light strong and free when I run, and then I was engulfed in the smell...and it led me to think how ironic/paradoxical life is that certain moments in our life can be so perfect even in the middle of a life that is SO NOT perfect... and I felt wrapped in the arms of my mother Eve.

Hiatus from life

So, yeah...just took a little break and lived in these world's for awhile the last few days...can you IMAGINE NOT BEING ABLE TO READ????
Ready to re -enter present world present life. Grateful in a funky way that real estate is slow...and even more grateful that it allows me to be QUEEN of my days....

Monday, September 21, 2009

Letter from Josh 21 September 2009


Well, not a whole lot is new. i was sick this week. Being sick on misson is the worst thing ever. cause either you stay in and have absolutely nothing to do, if you even feel good enough to do anything, or you go out and walk around in 100 degree weather plus humidity. It was nothing too bad, i still went out and worked and everything, it was just not fun at all to be out while sick. especially tuesday cause we got bounced by all of our apointments and tracting wasnt exactly the top of my priority list at that point.
Other than that the week was pretty good. and i am better now, so you dont need to worry mom. Actually the week was super slow. not only was i sick, but it was measles campaign week. and all of the members and investigaotors were involved. that means all of them were going door to door asking if the children had been imunized and telling them where it can be done for free. which is great service and i am glad that they got involved, but it meant nobody was home for us. we usually had one apointment each day at around 5 cause they didnt get back till 4:30. and by the time we finished that apointment it is getting dark so we have to go home. i honestly dont think i have felt more useless in my whole life. but the week is over now.
The good news is that both me and my companion stayed. we havent been able to find another apartment for the extra elders that would come, we thought president would just shove 4 in our flat anyways, but he didnt, but then he also has the ap's ask us about the apartment hunt every night. the worst part about that though is that most of the flats that would be suitable for misionarys and in good locations are owned by muslims. which normally isnt a problem, i love the muslim people here in mombasa. but the only want to rent their apartments to other muslims, so it leaves us out. and they wont let us get an agent to look for us, so basically we spend all of our contacting time looking for a flat, we pretty much did that all week, and still, nothing, havent even gotten in to a building to look at the place. the owners see two white boys with a Jesus Christ name tag and tell us there is nothing available. even though the guard just told us there were 2-3 open.
This week should be better though. measles campaign ends tomorow at 12:00. so the morning might suck, but afternoon and the rest of the week will be good. Congrats to Meg on the marathon, wish i could have taken dads tag, wish i felt like i was in shape enough to take dads tag. i will seriously be in no shape to run the disney marathon when i get home, mission turns you into an old man (in every way), but i'm doing it anyways.
I love you all! Dont let Sam kill you while he is driving. Have a good week!

P.S. El Nino is rumored to be coming my way, it hit western kenya this week and is predicted to sweep across the country. So stoked for the rain storms!!!!!

Sunday, September 20, 2009


Today is the first day of Fall and the weather was in full co-operation. Just that perfect crispness and wind...It makes me wish that all I ever had to do was work/play in the yard and cook and do house things...pretty sure I could be COMPLETELY content never leaving home again...of course I want people to come to ME. How cool if I never had to grocery shop again and it was just delivered! Sorry, a little daydreaming there.
I picked all the jack be little's today, broke my heart that they aren't ORANGE!!! But many were rotting on the vine so I had to pick them...I was so surprised at HOW MANY there were...I went to several sites to see what the deal with their not turning might be...I think it was the seeds...they look WAY "gourdy". They'll still be fun to decorate with.
These are our newest chickens Josh...all 5 are officially laying now...I KNEW you wanted to see some of them.
And look how GORGEOUS these 2 big MAX pumpkins are getting!

I love having Diana in Primary because I get to talk to her again. And we always talk of you and Greg. Kristina is a warrior and doing so well with her MS diagnosis, but still having to wade through the emotional war. We're praying alot for her. Maybe you can be an MS doctor...Tricia had her baby "Piper" on Friday. Diana said she is just BEAUTIFUL...I can't wait to see her...and you know I mean HOLD her! and SMELL her.
Jared Oates was called to be second counselor in the Bishopric today.
BYU lost to Florida State...Jamie and Julie came to watch it with us.
Kori's dad died this week and the funeral will be on Friday. Kori has had a ton on her plate this year. We love her for her stamina and mostly for how she loves US.
Been thinking of you TONS trying to figure out the bday package. It may be random...wish I could send me there...ok, that's not so true...wish I could send YOU HERE!!! Tell me more about your companion.
I love you. Life is crazy busy with lots happening but not alot of FUN news...Just pretend like I am scratching your back when you read this....that's what I really want to give you for your birthday!!!! LOve you. LOVE YOU.LoVe YoU!!! LOOOOOVEEEE YOOOOUUUUU!!!!!!!


She did it AGAIN Josh!!! I couldn't help but think of YOU as much as her through out the day. I'm so pleased for her. She beat Dave and did it in 5:28!!
Now you are wondering WHY I didn't do it...well...I think it's vanity. I still have the extra 10 plus 5 pounds from LAST years marathon, and I just couldn't bear to think my body might hold onto another 10 and THEN I'd have to get that off as well. So, vanity. Yes, to those MYSTIFIED who I trained with...I DID feel a twinge of WHAT DID I DO as I ran the PROVO Canyon instead of the marathon on Saturday. But mostly...I just felt like a BIG girl...that I have these other Marathon Medals hanging here in front of me to PROVE that I CAN Do it....I just didn't want to. I'm still not sure what mileage number it is that makes my body freak out so. I took three 18's with no weight gain. I knew I could run the marathon...what I don't know is how I could handle another 10 pounds...I'm forty six. I'm TIRED of careful EVERYTHING. See Megan's face in the next 2 pictures? THAT's what I want...I want to come home from my runs feeling like that again...working on it.


To go or not to go...I just can't seem to live with myself EITHER way I I just keep changing my mind every few days. This time I have NO AGENDA. Really. If I can finish painting the house, and give the house a deep cleaning, and get the rest of the wood split...that would be WONDERFUL. But mostly I just feel like I'v got to go so he knows I love him---especially after our WEIRD and HORRIBLE parting in January. There it is. As clear and as thought through as I can get it. I know I will go in March for his 90th birthday. Can I LIVE with myself if I wait till then? Why the heck can't I seem to? So do I just GO and get it over with so I QUIT thinking about it??

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

My Baby is driving...

Now the car insurance company OWNS me...6 of us and 4 are BOYS!!! But look at that smile! That is one EXCITED driver. He drove me home and did GREAT! Funny how you don't prepare the baby like the oldest! for a few months of white knuckles...but so HAPPY for how HAPPY he is! Got me another man.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Letter from Josh 14 September 2009

(picture from when he first left and was in the MTC in Johannesburg--just wanted to see him this morning.)
Dear Family,

Time is wierd on mission. the days seem like weeks but the weeks seem like days. I dont believe its been another week. according to mom it has been 45 weeks now, feels more like 4.5 weeks. today is day one of the new transfer, which is even harder for me to believe than the 45 week thing. there is just no way i have been in mombasa for 6 weeks already. we get transfer news tonight, so thats when i will know about if the area is spliting, i hope it doesnt, i dont know it yet.
Congratulations to Kayla!!! it sounds like it was a lot of fun, and of course michael and sam wouldnt miss the byu game over the after party. i heard byu is suppose to be really good this year though. we beat the number three team or something like that. awesome!
looks like meg had a killer weekend trip to vegas, probably two weekends ago now, but i'm still super jealous! cant wait to go dancing again, but i wouldnt even think of going to the clubs here. there are way too many hookers in this city to think that clubbing would be a good idea here, i might go in nairobi, but in mombasa that would just be asking for std's.
the week went pretty smoothly for me though. we got a bunch of referals from the members, which was awesome. and had four more baptisms yesterday. so yea, things just seem to happen without too much effort here. the problem is that most of our teaching pool is baptised and so we now spend half the week with recent converts. which is way fun and all but it slows the finding and teaching part down a bit. plus we have been looking for apartments since we are supose to be getting two more elders here and so that takes a lot of time too.
Sometimes i feel that the people we are teaching just dont understand a word we are saying or a thing that they are reading, and it just confuses me as to why they come or meet with us in the first place. and there is this investigator named teresa that has been like that since i got here. so last time we met we just told her to start the book of mormon from the beggining and read through it as much as she could before our next apointment. because leaving chapters about specific topics didnt seem to work at all. when we went this week, it seemed the same, we were asking questions and trying to judge if she understood and once again it was like a brick wall. so then we asked if she had any questions about the reading. she then went on to explain the first six chapters of the book of mormon perfectly with lots of details and everything, and then asked "why wouldnt laman and lemuel listen even when they had seen angels and etc" I was so happy!!! she explained everything in swahili instead of english, which we still need to work on, but the reading she did was in english. It was so good just to see that she actually understood, that she wasnt just a moving brick that had been told she needed to go to a church. That was the highlight of this week forsure.
Anyways, i love you guys! have a great week.

Elder Harris

P.S. i did go out to eat, thats what i took the money out of the account for (dad will know what i mean even if you dont know about it) we went to a place called tamarind, its a way nice sea food place, it was good, but i just felt out of place the whole time. And i have no idea what i want for my birthday, but just so you know, all of those small toys that are in the packages, i really have no use for them, like the magnet guy or the ball with the lights that you sent at christmas. i did use the glow sticks one night when we stayed up and had a midnight bbq since we were going to spend all of the next day on the bus, but for the most part, that stuff doesnt do me much good. i know you are trying and that you send it because you love me, and i thank you for that, but i cant really do anything with it.
P.S.S. spencer, keep rocking the golf course, and just remember; lean wit' it, rock wit' it!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

House I grew up in...

THANK YOU Lori Cooper Potter for taking these and sending them to me nostalgic!!! WEIRD to see the road will always be dirt to me...that sand HOT on your toughened bare feet in the summer and so cool on them in the shade. That carport thing is new, and we NEVER used this back door...I think it was nailed shut...had to REALLY go around the back and in off of that porch...wish we could see the pool better...glad we can't see the roaches...

45 weeks out TUESDAY!!

Leonard and GrandMom...following the bride and groom.
Michael and Sam "representing"--watching the BYU game inside while most everyone else where outside celebrating and eating...
Part of the reason we hurried home was to get to Dave's farewell this morning...he did you proud. He announced that he was the last of your friends to leave who called Dad TBONE so he wanted to make sure everyone knew so they could carry on the tradition :) Still smiling...few would be so brave as YOUR FRIENDS! He was FUNNY and then Serious..perfect parting mix.
The fridge is full of fresh brown eggs again! I took this picture tonight of a weird storm coming in. Today was the first real FALL day we've had---overcast and slightly chilled with a bit of rain.
Tricia is STILL waiting to have that baby...the amnio test they took on Friday said her lungs weren't developed know how short she is...poor thing can barely breath!
Check out Megan's blog...she is now twitterpated by the drummer guy Brandon...among others. Michael is still job hunting. Spencer and Sam still playing golf. Dad still churching. I'm working and reading and running and great grand dad worrying. My allergies are full force. UGH. Been wearing my glasses since my contacts aggravate me so much with my eyes itching...don't feel or LOOK so lovely.
Wish I had more to tell you. Biggest Loser and Survivor start this week...I'm a happy girl.
I love you. I love you more than peach cobbler with ice cream. I love you more than being able to lay down and close my eyes when they are aching with allergies. I love you more than new paver walks. I love you more than the sound of crickets at dusk in the fall.
I love you. Can't wait until morning to hear from you. Did you ever take yourself out to eat?

Kayla and Jason gettin' Hitched XXOOXX

We made a whirlwind trip up to Boise...I ended up working until 2 on Friday and Michael had class-- we left by 2:30, got there at 8 in time for YUMMY dinner at Cheesecake Factory with Stacey and Uncle Kelly. Stacey is loving being out of school and nursing. She is buying her own home just a few streets away from everyone else the first week of October. Uncle Kelly is still everyone's favorite and he heads back to Baltimore tomorrow am.
We stayed at the Springfield Suites Marriott near 5 mile and HP. Wish I had a camera for my run Saturday morning...Dad and Megan came too...running the Boise River is GORGEOUS...reminded me WHY I run...and lately I've needed a reminder. Crazy thing is I passed this guy on the trail that is from here and was just up there visiting his wife's parents for the weekend...such a small world!
We had an ADVENTURE when we went to visit Grandmom and Leonard. They were taking care of all the dogs at their house during the wedding...when Grandmom opened the door to let us in Cassie and another one got out, but Cassie just BOLTED...and I mean all the way (at least a mile +) to Fairview...I thought for sure she'd get hit. ALL of us were trying to catch her by car, by foot...all in our wedding clothes... and it was HOT. That dang dog got into a big strip mall parking lot and we were on our hands and knees trying to see under cars...needless to know me and dog love. Dang dog. Prayer time. I just prayed that she'd co-operate or if she got hit that it would take her instantly and not have this big long drawn out VET experience on wedding day. God answered us with a woman named Gayla...she saw me fling my shoes and run barefoot like crazy after her and zoomed in her car up ahead to the end of the parking lot and was able to get her. Another Boise story for the books...
The wedding itself was HAPPY. So much family and so much love. So much good food...had to include the pic of the AMAZING cupcakes...I can just totally appreciate it when cake is as tasty as it LOOKS...and I wasn't sure with that fondant icing...but let me assure you...DELICIOUS! Spencer isn't in the photo cuz he had to stay home and work. We left at 6 and were home by Midnight. Like I said, a whirlwind.

GRAHAMBERT and Spencer

Spencer is going to be a great Dad. He loves kids and is SO GOOD with them...Graham just flat refuses to crawl and does this "scoot" worn out knees for him...just a worn out seat. He will be walking soon...he's already super stable.

The Walk

As you can see we are ALMOST done...its been like that since LAST Saturday...but we've been so busy we haven't had a night to finish the "cuts"...but looks SO GOOD. I can't wait to line it with pumpkins from the garden!!! Matt Bean spent all last Saturday with us helping us get the grade right. Love those guys...Todd came and hauled his fair share of pavers over as well.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Letter from Josh 7 Sept 2009 Labor Day

dear Family,

so, Chyulu was pretty sweet. its the kind of place you would think of when you first think Kenya. out in the bush, mud huts, everybody grows their own food and raises their own animals and such. it was cool to visit, but i am glad i am not serving there full time. they are super far away from everything! i didnt see any wild animals, unless you count stray dogs and cats. they use bikes in chyulu and they have to go far!!!!!!! their closest area is a half hour away and their farthest is over two. the place i went took us an hour and a half to get their. my butt hurt for a few days. they have a small flat though and there are already four missionarys in there, so when we got there it felt like they were just packing rats into a pringles can, but it was only a few nights. And i got to do some baptismal interviews while i was there. i love seeing how happy people are and how much they love Christ and want to follow him. and then to see how excited they get when i tell them that they have passed. its kinda funny actually, they hear interview and start freaking out, even though the missionarys that taught them have gone over the questions with them beforehand. but they are ood people, they just need to relax about some things.
The rest of the week was pretty cool too. the assistants came to do exchanges with us here, which was fun, but we stayed up too late last night and so it was super hard to get up today. thank goodness it was p-day. I just felt bad that they had to come on exchanges on a sunday. people here dont like to be visited on sundays. they feel that they already have to come to church, so they would raher you talk to them about the gospel again later in the week. We have a few baptisms coming up next week. our goal is five, but we may have to postpone two of them because they need a polygamy interview and president taylor isnt exactly fast about getting those done, but hopefully it will work. i actually feel like i am a part of these ones though. the ones earlier in the transfer i just felt like i hadnt really even taught anything to them at all, which for some of them was true and others i had taught once or maybe twice. it should be a good week though.
I am scared for transfer news on saturday cause i dont know the area still. when we went on exhanges with the assistants i went the completely wrong way twice and made us late for three apointments and we had to pay for matatus back to the right place. good news is i think i will remember how to get to those peoples houses now. bad news is, i dont know if i can get to the rest of them. this place is super confusing.
i got the package this week. the assistants brought it when they came. they got here saturday night, and one of the bags of m&ms is already gone. it was the four of us eating it and not just myself, but still, three and a half pounds of them gone in one day, i am so not use to that much sugar, i kinda fel sick today, but it was worth it. thanks for all the other stuff too! i love getting mail and packages.
i love you guys so much! i miss you too. i hope all goes well and that people stop getting sck and dying at home, it seems like that has happened a lot more since i got here. STAY HEALTHY!
Love you with all of my heart,

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Week Number 43 down...Hello 44!!!

McKay came over for a fireworks fix tonight...and stayed for peanut butter cookies and ice cream. Dad literally bought 8 1/2 gallons of Bryers at the Smith's sale when it was only $2.
The Sander's wanted you to see their new HAMSTER FAMILY...this Momma had 10...yes TEN babies...I couldn't get them all in the picture at once! Pretty incredible Huh?The Dad is white...strange that the babies are all grey.
Jamie taught Sam's Sunday School class today and Sam said it was amazing---he is suppose to make a list of the top 20 things most important to him in companion/wife/partner--Sam said number one is definitely she has to be physically attractive... I SMILE and AGREE!!! And I don't think we're shallow.
We were singing Jamie praises for bringing us the peach tree STICKS(remember? Just about a two foot stick with no shoots?) Now we had my Huge cobbler recipe last night that calls for 10 cups of peaches and they were all from our grown up stick tree...THANKS JAMIE!!! Incredulous when you really think about it what a tree can do and become in 5 years. I guess its the same with people. I thought about you Josh as I made the cobbler-- Alyssa Rockhill (cutie) was here watching the BYU vs. Oklahoma game while I was making it. Then again as I served it to 13 total of Sam's friends...and I missed YOU and Greg and Mike and Jake and Dave....and then I missed you while I sat and had a way too big bowl with vanilla ice cream on top.
It was a little crazy here this weekend. Marta had a female surgery and was on heavy pain meds so she stayed over two nights with the girls while I played nurse---I know that's a joke--but I never had to LOOK at her owie. Jeremy and Kori are here...Kori's Dad is really going downhill fast--they called her siblings to come and they have all flown in and spent the weekend with him. Last night Haven and Elle were sleeping in my room on the "Princess Bed". At about 2 am Haven is standing beside me at the bed and ever so lightly touches my arm and says "Aunt Natalie, my tummy doesn't feel very good...and next she starts projectile vomiting all over...quite the mess. I did the sheets and me and her and Dad did the carpets...he gets MAJOR POINTS for it...the carpet was the worst of all of it by far. Sure has been a LONG time since that has happened...I had to think really hard what to do and use to clean it up and get the smell out! Angel Haven never even cried or fussed...that child is just too perfect!
Of course Kori was horrified this morning when she found out...I'd take a throw up episode for her any day...especially when she's going through all she's going through. AND as if Kori's Dad stuff isn't enough!!! The Doctors did another Eco cardio gram on Graham at Primary's this week and found that the Kawaski disease HAS messed with his something something artery and now they will have to be very careful and keep an eye on it---its enlarged...and there is NOTHING they can do. More prayers for our boy please.
Graham still refuses to crawl and scoots on his bum with his legs...I'll try to get a video...he's THE CUTEST...but if I'd had my heart worked on and chest opened for however many days, I probably wouldn't want to lay on it either! He loves the hot tub as much as me!
Elle came in while I was folding the clothes last night and snugged on top of the warm dryer till I was done---till BOTH my hands were free :) I love the way she shadows me. I love to hear her say my name. I love the way she just says what she wants when she wants it. And I especially love when its ME she wants!!!!
It's been a full moon. Whenever there is something spectacular in the sky I wonder if you are seeing it to...just like on FIVEL...somewhere out there....and I'm thinking of YOU!
I'v wondered about your traveling this week. I'v noticed your weather is a bit cooler...get a sweater if you need one. I know we've been over that....BUT. Hey...did you get the package yet?
Megan borrowed the Sequoia and went to Vegas again with a bunch of friends. Michael is LOVING living at the Glenwood , but is still looking for a new job. Spencer and Sam are tearing it up each week at their tournaments. Sam was chosen last Friday night for the High School Football Punt pass and kick contest and won ALL THREE!!!!! I was SO SAD I missed it! He didn't even tell us about it until it was ALL OVER. Darn it all. The BIG prize was 3 free drinks at Walkers...made me laugh! Spencer is boycotting the Homecoming Dance since someone else asked you know who before he did and he refuses to spend his golf money on anyone unless he likes her and he is still a one woman guy. And darn this other kid for asking her so dang EARLY.
Love. Life. Lessons. Learning.
I love you. When I stop and really think about WHERE you are and WHAT you are doing I just get overwhelmed at the goodness you ARE. I am in AWE that you belong to ME. I am so PROUD that you overcame my generic parenting skills and are soaring to and through experiences and life in a way that makes such a difference for others. I love you I love you I love you.
Can't wait to FEEL your words in my heart in the morning.
Sunday night FIREPITS have become a tradition in our back yard. I am even now hearing more and more cars pulling up and doors closing.