Monday, November 28, 2011

Letter from Spencer 28 Nov 2011

hey fam sorry the email is getting to you later today we had stuff to do this morning ! this week was awesome thanksgiving and alot of cool stuff. for thanks giving we had two dinners and i was about to die after, literally i was in pain for two days after. and we played football that morning( not tackle) whichi loved of course, i was starting to forget that i was an athlete haha. we had dinner at the schleggals an awesome fam and with tony and hugo a less active couple with there non member friends who are crazy! but it was fun , then another couple we are teaching had there babay, and they invited us to come, there names are tony and tamirha sadly neither of there families were there, i am so gratful for the gospel, they have had to live on there own since basically middle school and we are kinda there only close friends besides tonys brother and his brothers wife, so ya awesome that we were there but sad that missionaries are there closests friends and only people they can trust, i got pictures of the whole thing dont worry mom, mom you would love this young couple, they are only 18 and 17 but they are so strong and amazing. today we took a carriage ride down town and it was cool cuz it was for free haha! but ya thats my week............. and sorry to late i already got some presents for you guys.......... but dont worry i really wanted to get them for you i didnt feel obligated i just want to , you will get your pictures too dont worry, i cant find meg anything though so ya sorry meg i luv you but never see anything that i think you would want, love you guys. and thanks for everything mom you really are the best mom ever, presidant wants all the packages sent by dec1st i already mentioned that but ya send them really soon.

love you!

elder harris


Just working and messing around close to the computer so I can see when your email hits. I get email on my phone...but I like it best when I can get it here and not have to squint and hold the phone a mile off to read it.
Anyway. JUST EXCITED that it's MONDAY and I get to hear from you.
YOUR MOMMA xxooxoxoxoooxoxoxoxoxooxoxoxoxoxoxooxo

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Letter to Spencer

LOVEY LOVEY LOVEY LOVEY LOVEY!!!!!! Please give me a detailed message with HOW you spent the holiday weekend. In slight mocking Josh prayed at dinner tonight that you would always be FULL. We laughed and Dad said "what does THAT mean?". I must have said ONE too many times that I wondered what you were doing and hoped they were feeding you something YUMMY.
We put together the traditional puzzle, played rounds of Settler's, Ticket to Ride...and Poker. Sam swears he gained 8 pounds. I refuse to weigh and instead bask in the delight of just eating what I prepared, and DANG I can cook~!!!! :)
Preston, Jer and Girlies did their own thing in Logan. I missed them. Kori had the kids at her Mom's for the big dinner. I missed all of them. I keep getting a clearer and clearer picture of what heaven really is for me. A big part of it will be EVERYONE I LOVE together...not sure exactly how that will work... but hey, its MY heaven:)
Michael bought a motorcycle. You'd be proud of me. I did NOT throw a hissy fit. I didn't cry. I didn't guilt. I just offered to pay for a safety course. He says he's going to take one. Now I feel slightly sick when he leaves here.It's hard for me to relax until I think he's home safe. I keep telling myself that I GET TO CHOOSE and I don't have to feel so panicked. Hopefully my brain will be able to work on my heart. He is thrilled enough you'd think it would wash my anxiety right away. But no...nope...nada. I really hope the rest of you don't feel the need to have one.But if you do....I'm not sure I can promise NOT to throw that hissy fit the next time. I don't know what kind of bike it is. It's BIG and it's black and silver. I'll get a pic for you sometime soon.
Megan just signed leases with 4 guys to rent her condo so she is still deciding where to be for January. Josh has decided to declare chemical engineering for his major so he may only be at USU for this year. He may transfer to the U. His dream would be to finish at Stanford or MIT....this is when I want to be a millionaire. But one semester at a time....he just left for Logan. Michael has gone home and Megan is at kylie' poor Sam is with just us again. I'm so glad Christmas break is so soon.
I brought the Christmas decorations up but just don't feel much like putting them up yet.
I took the 2 letters you sent and dropped them off on Saturday. Did your mission president give you a date he hoped to have all your Christmas presents by? All packages from now on are for Christmas. I am having some things sent directly to the mission home so they might not be wrapped. PLEASE DO NOT SEND US STUFF...okay, send us the camera card so i can SEE YOU....but don't send presents....even Sam says he knows you love him so don't worry about it. Just let US love on you!!!!
Your Momma

Joseph's farewell

Jospeh was running in late :)--- I snapped this for you always he wanted a Spencer update, but his Dad was hurrying him to get his coat on and get IN THERE...   :) 
It was Cade Houle's farewell today also...Dad and Sam went. I missed it because I got to sub for Riley and Taylor Nielson's Primary class. Elise Lundberg, Ryder Kirby and Emma Southard were in there too (oozing with energy and cuteness!). The lesson was on fasting. I was a little shocked that they would be having me give a lesson on FASTING to 6 year olds... ALL of them were convinced that THEIR parents had NEVER fasted. ( For those of you not Mormon, they have the membership Fast the first Sunday of every month and that week the Sacrament Meeting is a Fast and Testimony Mtg). When I told them fasting was a way to get closer to Heavenly Father and Jesus,  Riley gets this nasty look on his face and starts shaking his head NO and says "that WON'T work, all you're gonna do is think about how HUNGRY(he says with a roar) you are".... I explained that the being hungry helped you to remember to think more about what it is you were fasting for....that it helps you to pray which Ryder interupts and says,"I have a GOOD idea...quit praying and make a sandwich, and say a blessing and God will know you love him."  Amen Riley and Ryder. Amen.

Happiness is only a thought away.
EVERY DAY YOU MAKE a thousand choices. You choose what to wear, where to go, who to meet, what to eat, and what to do. Most important of all, you choose what to think. One thing is for sure: today will not be any better than your thoughts. Choose your thoughts wisely, therefore, as you can only go as high as your thoughts.
Look inside your mind and notice all of the thoughts. It is estimated that your mind thinks at least 2,000 thoughts an hour all through your life. Unless you are in samadhi, deep sleep, or a coma, your mind is thinking. Perhaps this is the problem! Maybe you are thinking too much!
Notice how your mind is full of thoughts of love, peace, fear, grace, guilt, joy, anger, forgiveness, attack, laughter, work, play, judgment, kindness, isolation, oneness, etc. In your mind is every thought in the world. Which thoughts are you identifying with right now? Which thoughts are you choosing to go with?
My work in psychology and healing has taught me that mental health is the capacity to choose your thoughts. The ability to choose your thoughts is the difference between pain and freedom. For instance:
  • When your child crams another cookie into the DVD player, it doesn’t ruin your day because you choose not to let it.
  • A flat tire doesn’t give you a headache because only you can give yourself a headache and you decide not to.
  • A personal criticism could cause a cardiac arrest but you choose to laugh it off instead.
  • A computer crash could be the end of the world for ten minutes or a month. It’s your choice.
  • A friend who lets you down could trigger Armageddon, but you choose otherwise.
  • A bad hair day does not mean you have to write a suicide note because you know better.
In difficult times perception collapses and you lose sight of your choices. Fear plays tricks with the mind. Thoughts appear to take on a life of their own, running up one-way streets, getting lost in mental cul-de-sacs, hitting a wall, and being beaten senseless in dead-end alleys. Your mind is out to get you. It is not a safe place! True perspective is shattered. There appears to be no choice.
When you are in trouble, your thinking will never get you out alive. What you need is faith. Faith is the willingness to look past your thoughts and see another possibility. Better still, it is the courage to stop your thinking altogether and let yourself be inspired and blessed and guided by something other than your ego, i.e., the clear mind of your Unconditioned Self.
Your ego uses a slow, limited form of thinking called logic. Logic is a device of the separated mind which believes that you have been left to think your life out all on your own. Your higher mind—the part of you that is unconditionally connected to all life—does not have to confine itself to singular logic. It is an Aladdin’s lamp that uses inspiration, intuition, vision, eureka, miracles, and love.
The greatest truth I have learned about happiness is that happiness is only ever one thought away at most. One fresh perception, one new belief, one innovative thought, one powerful decision, one moment of surrender, one instant of complete openness, is all it takes to experience a world of difference. Nothing but your thoughts can hurt you. Therefore, whenever you are in fear or pain you are being called to choose again.
Every day the world shows you your state of mind. Life comes right up to your face and says, “This is what you are thinking—have a nice day!” The good news is you are free to change your mind whenever you want. When you shift your thinking, the world shifts. This is because the world is an effect of your thoughts.
In every event, encounter, or situation, cultivate the habit of asking yourself, “What is the highest thought here?” Be still an instant, lay aside everyday thoughts, delete the ego, release your fears, jettison your judgments, and make yourself available to the higher wisdom of your Unconditioned Self. Inspiration goes wherever it is made welcome.
Excerpted from Shift Happens by Robert Holden, Ph.D. Copyright © 2011 (Hay House).
 my kindred friend KIM SORENSEN sent this to me this morning...I had heard it on audio tape, but written is beautiful.....
Goes right along with Matthew Kelly's...BEST VERSION OF MYSELF....

Friday, November 25, 2011


 I was pretty grossed out that Josh was eating mashed potatoes with HOT DOGS with cheese melted all over the top...EVEN WHEN I WAS HERE to fix him something!!!
 Wednesday night Kori dropped the kids off and we had a PARTY--played ALL the games I made with the Activity Day girls. DON'T EAT TOM was the favorite. It was so rocking that SANTA showed up at the McDonald's where we had been playing in the playland for a L O N G time...he must have seen us on his radar...he'd just driven here from ALASKA...says he's getting ready for the big night and super glad our family has been SO GOOD this year :)!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think we're in for a FABULOUS Christmas!
 Graham talks up a storm. NEEDS to have a ball in his hands...and loves some traditional finger olives :)
 While I was finishing up the last of the feast delights, the boys thought it their DUTY to teach Jake (in rocker, sweet boy of Sara who dropped in with her for a visit) and my College friend 's kids (Sherry Matherly Glass) poker. Heather and Jake took the pot... :)
 Close up of Jake for a certain someone I  love.
 West end of table.... Jeremy had his friend Hannah come and she brought yummy soup and oatmeal bars...we liked the way she laughed so easily.
 Sherry Matherly Glass and me...only 30 years later...I AM NOT OLD...even if the checkout guy at Costco thought I was Sara's MOM !!!!
East end of table. For all who missed it...WE MISSED YOU!!!!!! ESPECIALLY YOU SPENCER!!!! Today has been such a LOVELY day of leftovers and naps....Don't think I'll ever understand those Black Friday shoppers.

Princess Ali ENGAGED....

She'll marry sometime in MARCH.... xxooxxooxx

Monday, November 21, 2011

Letter FROM Spencer 21 Nov 2011

hey family this week was not as exciting but good, presidant holm spoke in our ward this week and we had 11 investigators at church......... hoorrah! and we should have a bunch of bapisms this christmas i hope everything goes well, the work is going well, i wish my spanish was better but we need more spanish work for that, but it will come i know it will, thanks for the package it was awesome and you will get the sd card when you get it sorry i am trying but theres things i need to do with it first. glad to hear everything has gone goos i got some awesome letters this week from my friends, please tell sam to write me and to tell me how michael king and estey are doing. and that he should check up on them. im jealous that you guys all get to be togethor, but i have left my family and home for a short time so that others can be with there family for a long time. and i know its worth it. i wish i would have known all these things im learning before my mission but i guess if that happened i would not appreciate it as much, the gospel is such a blessing and the plan god has for us truley is perfect. mom i dont know if there is a harry potter onsie? but tell sam to choose one for me that would be cool. and also if i could get the polar express sound track that would rock my world haha. anyways i love you guys, oh i also want to by some presents for the fam if thats cool one of these pdays, let me know if i can use the card to do that. i love you guys so much and i miss you more then can be imagined.
love elder harris

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Letter to Spencer 20 Nov 2011

Hey Lovey!
Lots to read through here for the week! We've been missing you BIG! With Josh home, Michael's been coming home everyday....and you know I LIKE THAT! I don't like that Michael has been driving his room mates motorcycle so much--not sure if he BOUGHT it and just can't tell me so---good idea if he did. He and Josh went rock climbing --I just need to help you guys understand NOT TO TELL ME until you are done and home SAFE.          Josh got the nerve up and ended it with Kaitlin. Last night Tania and Stephanie Hale invited him to the movies so he is back on the horse. Tonight Sam has Brady (he is home now...back in school starting this week) and the Brethren here for Poker....they had an all nighter Friday to Saturday and it was SO MUCH like you and your possee!!! Josh is even playing with them. The 4th Twilight movie came out and Megan went. She's been showing houses and still LOVING her new job. They have a weight loss competition going with the prize being a week trip to Hawaii all expenses paid and no vacation days deleted. You can imagine how motivated she is....and complaining that she can't do it living here in this house with me and the cooking and the baking and the treats. Hmmmm....I didn't buy the Chocolate Cadbury Christmas eggs...that should count for something!    Sam went to the PG REC turkey shoot out (20 free throws) and lost by one shot!!! He shot 17 and the winner made 18! The prize is a turkey.

Do you remember when you were little and my friend Paula Sutterfield died and her kids came and stayed with us until their  Dad  found a Nanny and then got remarried? Taylor and Morgan were with us through out the whole day...the older kids were in school for most of the day and only with us a little before and after school.  Anyway. Kevin and his new wife (well, 14 years married) have let me help them buy a new home....its been good to be with them. Taylor is on his mission  and Morgan is a Jumior. Hayley is on a mission as well and comes home next month. Been super sweet to catch up on all of them.

Stephen cracked his jaw playing DODGE BALL with Basketballs and may have to come home for a bit...I will let you know more details once I know!

   Everyone gets here Wednesday. It will be decadent to just eat like crazy and hang out with the whole family. We will take pics and make a video for you. I hope you got the package or that you get it before Thursday!  Happy Thanksgiving Spencer. THANK YOU for choosing ME to be your Mom and taking a chance on me. I know I'm not perfect, but I swear, NO ONE could LOVE YOU MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  My heart will be near to bursting Thursday thinking of you! Make sure you get YUMMY food :) And if not...HEAD TO DENNY's :)
Your MOMMA :)

PS..the ONLY thing WE want for Christmas is your camera card so we can SEE YOU!!!!!
Did you see the Onesie Harry Potter jammies somewhere? I have looked EVERY WHERE and can't find them...but I did find some Onesies that Sam think are cool?????

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Friday, November 18, 2011


 So....I'm at the REC CENTER running my circles super late (9:45), I was thinking about Christmas and the kids....when living  BARBIE gets on the track ahead of me.  Literally. I would have taken a pic of her if I had had a camera. My phone doesn't have and SD card so it wouldn't let me. After I got over being so taken with how much she looked my first Barbie (it was my 4th Christmas) My mind went to how much I loved that blue case she came in. How much I loved dressing her in the "gowns" as my mom would call them. There was a special compartment to stand her up in so she stayed in place when you closed it. I remember wanting to have a special case for ME that I could put my self in so I could stay safe. Funny what you remember. I remember my hair was turning color from Blonde to brown and I wanted it to stay blonde like hers. Today, over 40 years later, I ran extra hard after seeing her, cuz I'd still like my body to look like hers. Crazy fun to be able to go to the net and SEE the picture of MY BARBIE and the case!

Mari breaks her back

Trueville. Mari was shaving her legs with her feet in the bathroom sink, lost balance, fell flat back and BROKE HER BACK!!! The pain is crazy. She dry heaves it is so bad. There isn't anything they can do right now. They have her home with pain meds and she is trying to keep still, but laying on her back is near impossible. Going to be a long couple of weeks. Keep her in your prayers.

Activity Days with the Girlies

 Our ACTIVITY this time was putting together THANKSGIVING games that they can take charge and play with their families while Mom is getting Turkey Dinner on the table...they also did the candy corn guess game...these others came from Pinterest. I AM GRATEFUL for that site! We had a great time but it was a LITTLE hard for me because Josh had just barely come home and was in the other room! How ADORABLE are these women???? A D O R A B L E!!!!!

Painting the clothespins for the Turkey Feather game!


DA BROTHERS....Surprising Michael at work....


I really LOVED this short, POWERFUL read! Strong female characters, a writer whose words slide across your mind with electrifying truths. Book group was at my house yesterday...I also LOVE the women in the group! I served hot cider in Grandmom's tea cups and donuts from DAYLIGHT. You would think that would have been enough for an amazing day? WELL...about 2/3rds of the way through  JOSH COMES IN THE DOOR!!!!! And he is staying through Thanksgiving so he'll be home a week and a half!!!!!!!!  We all went to PF CHANGS for dinner to surprise Michael with Josh being home....Michael was working...we had YUMMY dinner that Miss Kimberlie Cooper discounted embarrassingly too much. A perfect MOTHER'S DAY!!!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

What the fuss is all about...

Spencer...this is Caitlin....thought you'd want to see...Michael is the only one who has met her yet. She's a cutie!

Monday, November 14, 2011

MOM's version of the weekly letter.

You will read the first letter sent to his Dad below....and I am glad that I got to read it...I knew SOMETHING was off last week, but I thought my feelings were from the missionaries killed in Texas....
This is MY letter for the week....

well family this week was a doozy, we have had a ton of success coming out of no where, its been awesome, but sadly its been with all americans, with this new law coming out in january here i dont think there will be a devision between spanish and english speaking missionaries they are all leaving, the law will make it impossible for a ilegal hispanic to live here, imagine what the jews would have to do in world war two and thats what the hispanics will have to do here , but anyways enough of that.
this week we put seven people on dat had a couple, (hispanics!!) come to church and during spanish class the second hour they got attacked by the whole class when asking questions about the preisthood cuz there catholic and there preists are alot different then our preithood and so they were way confused.  We have an apointment with them tuesday, hopefully they were not offended.anyways not much happened this week but we have had alot of success, for which i am very gratefull.

for christmas all i want is some sick ties and a harry potter(gryfindor) onesy pj, and whatever esle you would like to send me haha, the mission home says send them early so they can just bring all of our presents to the zone christmas party.

love you mom

love pence


Spencer....the reason it is GOOD I got to read the letter is because I need YOU to know how I feel about God and heavenly protection. In the deepest of my knowing, Heavenly Parents NEED YOU to be SMART and WISE. I don't believe that they sit around waiting to snatch you OUT of a nasty situation even if you got there by trying to be OBEDIENT. Stuff happens. People...ALL PEOPLE have their agency.  I believe we are sent the Spirit to warn us sometimes, and other times we just get the experience--but we live according to our choices.   FEELING uncomfortable should at least be a CLUE, a TRIGGER, a realization, a SPARK that leads you to question if WHERE you are is a good place to be....and just because you are there to teach the gospel does not mean that there are times and places to NOT be there. I know you know this. I just can't stop myself from making sure you hear it from me AGAIN. MOM SAYS IT IS OK TO NOT GO SOME PLACES EVEN IF IT IS IN YOUR AREA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I will sit still and be grateful that you were able to help the man...and maybe even you were there just for him. I can only imagine the comfort you were for him....and HIS MOTHER is somewhere so grateful to you. BUT...I will also hold close to my mind the feelings in my heart of your inborn carefulness. LISTEN to your promptings....and your Mother BEGS you to ALWAYS choose the safer option when given a choice...and it seems to me there is ALWAYS a choice?
God needs you to be SMART. I NEED YOU TO BE SMART. I know stuff happens. I am still getting over the missionaries killed in Texas last week...and all the last 10 years of soldiers dying....It's just more than a mom can bear. Soooooooooo.  My love is showered all over you in prayers and happy thoughts and Faith in YOUR CHOICES.
The Momma YOU CHOOSE TO COME TO!!!! Sorry for the crazy parts of me.

Letter from Spencer

well family this week was a doozy, we have had a ton of success coming out of no where, its been awesome, but sadly its been with all americans, with this new law coming out in january here i dont think there will be a devision between spanish and english speaking missionaries they are all leaving, the law will make it impossible for a ilegal hispanic to live here, imagine what the jews would have to do in world war two and thats what the hispanics will have to do here , but anyways enough of that.

this week we put seven people on date.  We had a couple, (hispanics!!) come to church and during spanish class the second hour they got attacked by the whole class when asking questions about the preisthood cuz they’re catholic and their preists are a lot different than our priesthood and so they were way confused.  We have an apointment with them tuesday, hopefully they were not offended.

and now the cool crazy part, mom dont freak out i will always be safe, haha.  so we had an apointment with some less actives at six in the heart of the ghetto, the second we got out of the car we were talking with like the entire neighborhood, when we started talking to one guy every kinda started going back to there houses once they realized we were church people and not the police, while talking to this man who we now have a return appointment, there was two muggings behing my companions back and about 2 drug deals, and behind my back there was about 4 drug deals my comp said , but all the people were nice to us, i promise mom, black people love church people , especially the gangs,

and then after we talked to him we headed to our appointment late of course, then another guy started talking to us so we talked to him for about thirty seconds before this guy comes up to us and asks us if he can use our phone cuz he just got stabbed, and sure enough his bare chest was covered in blood, the old man, about sixty, was just sitting there calm with two stab wounds one in his rib and one in his back , there were not too wide but they were deep, it looked like someone stabbed him with a pumkin carver knife, anyways long story short he got stabbed by some crazy gay guy cuz he would not have relations with him and we didnt get to our appointment untill about 830 cuz we were helping him. but it was good because ron (the male) was not there untill we knocked on the door, thats when he pulled up, and with him his brother and his brothers wife, who we then taught a lesson cuz there not members , and they’re on date and its awesome.  They will get baptized.  Crazy right?  God made us do all that just so we could teach two people, but hey i wont complain haha sorry if that story does not make sense.  And now that i think about it i wont send it to Mom.

love spencer

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Letter to Spencer 13 November 2011

Hey Lovey.
It's been a busy week as you will see from the posts. Farewells are hard on me because I see all the guys and MISS YOU!!!! A lot of them were freaked out to think you've been gone 6 months. Tyler's talk was sweet and he is READY to get out of here and be on his way. Russel went in on Wednesday.

I am sitting here with not much to say that I haven't already posted. Megan went to the Governor's Gala this weekend with Ryan. Michael went to Logan  to be with Josh for the weekend, and they got into the Basketball game that the kids had literally camped out all week to get into. Michael met Josh's girlfriend, the one who just this week wanted them to be "exclusive" because Josh has kissed her. This is going to make Josh smile. MOMMA SAYS you don't HAVE to be exclusive just cuz you be kissing date ALOT of girls...and KISS them too!!! HOW ELSE are you going to know if the mojo is right???? YOU CHOOSE if you want to be exclusive! Sam had his picture taken for the humongo pic/poster the High School is doing of him to be put in the gym to represent golf....I will take a pic when it is put up and post it here. On 11-11-11 they had a HUGE "become a TRUE T-Wolf" at 11:11pm and of course Sam showed up to do his part in "helping" those poor young girls....can't have UNTRUE T-Wolves running around. I'll tell him to send you a pic...he showed me one posted on Facebook and there were a TON of kids there.

I am sending your Thanksgiving package tomorrow morning. I hope you end up with great plans!AND  yummy food!
I LOVE YOU BUG!!!!!! Take some money and go somewhere GOOD to eat....and pay for your comp so he can go too....write Esteban. Be HAPPY!!!! Just THINKING about you makes me HAPPY!!!!
Your Momma

Sydney's Wedding at Platt's barn

All the pics I took of her were blurry...dang.  Megan did the flowers (I LOVED her bouquet!)...they served Chili and corn bread with a cookie bar....she looked gorgeous as ALWAYS...they are honeymooning in California this week.
 Look how adorable Julie and girlies look in their cowboy boots!

Tyler Whitely Farewell

 Here he is Spencer....and here THEY are....ALL sending you their LOVE....

Saturday, November 12, 2011


YESTERDAY was suppose to be the day for wishes...well, I guess it REALLY worked!!!! So tonight, I am hot flashing and go to stand on the front porch where it is freezing to get cooled down, --and there sat this brown package with MY name on it....and inside was this BOWL to match my Grandma's pattern (OVER 50 years old!!!!) And ONLY ONE PERSON could have sent it!!! Miss Catherine Coleman Kane!!! QUEEN of detail and thoughtfulness!!!! I told her the story behind WHY they are so dear to me while she was here.  I LOVE YOU WOMAN!!! That was one of the sweetest surprises EVER!!!AND just in time for THANKSGIVING! Really. I love you. THANK YOU!!!!

AND THEN...Don came into the office while I was working today and asked me on a date COUNTRY DANCING!!! He might just love me. I am so excited!!! I've got my RED BOOTS on people :) We will have LESSONS from 9-9:30 and then dance till we drop.I plan on closing the place down :) Megan laughed when she heard and assured me we WILL BE the OLDEST "date" there...I don't care!!!

Whoa...just sitting here about to burst wondering when the rest of my wishes are going to manifest!!!!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Happy Veteran's Day

I will post him in his dress uniform with his medals on when I find the pics....until then...this is him standing by his army pic at his 90th bday. :) Love you BIG GrandDad!


Are your WISHES ready? Mine are...thought through and written down....and already made. A MOST MAGIC DAY that won't come again for another hundred years.....CELEBRATE THE BLESSINGS!!! I am LOVING that it comes on a FULL MOON and Veteran's Day.
Our family has a PROUD and long history of service...The upper medals were my great grandfather Arthur Simmons who served for Britian but received the coveted AMERICAN Purple Heart (that was very rare!!!).
The lower medals belonged to GrandDad--William A. Steadwell, who served in the Royal Canadian Army. His original medals were stolen and the last year of his life the Legion in Brussels had them represented to him. It meant the world to him--with tears in his eyes he said "I never thought I'd see these again". That service and the tragedies he endured affected his whole life. There were many others in our family lines who served --some in the Civil War and on both sides.. But these men were the closest to me. Don's Dad and his brother Kelly both served in the Navy. Forgive me, but as a mother of four sons, I PRAY they will NEVER KNOW the horrors of it all.

Activity Days

 Making Turkey's in the kitchen!
 Marissa! XXOOXX
 Elayndria XOXOXOX
 Lauren XXXOOO -Spencer, Russel went into the MTC yesterday...all still weepy.
 Ashley OXXOXX   and then MAREN  XXOXOXOOX. Lexi and Talia didn't make it :(
My new calling is ACTIVITY DAYS with the10-11years old girlies and YES I LOVE IT...I mean, LOOK AT THEM!  My partner is Allison and she  brings her little Dawson with her---so how extra lucky is that? We meet every other week. Yesterday, thanks to PINTEREST...we made these MOST ADORABLE Turkey cookies. YUM!

Halloween missed pictures

 Well...not Halloween...but this was Sam and his Sadies date...the Power Rangers!
 Carly's little girl....look at that face! And then HOW stinkin' cute to have the twins dressed as "two peas in a pod"???
 Jeff was a Little Boy with favorite bedtime snug toys!
 Walter the waffle! It was his first Trick or Treating and he LOVED the being able to go into everyone's house!
 Sam the MACHO PUMPKIN CARVING MAN with his work of art.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Congratulations to newly elected Lindon City Council members:
Jeff Acerson, Matt Bean, and Randi Powell

How GREAT is this Spencer??? And MATT got the most votes. You would have been SO IMPRESSED watching this gal Randi Powell....I think she went to EVERY DOOR in Lindon for the Primaries....and Matt must have gotten to them all before last night! So proud to be his friend. SO THRILLED to have him represent Lindon City!

Monday, November 7, 2011

[Just me (MOM) wanting to LOOK at my boy....]

well im sorry i dont write lots but a missionaries life just doesnt change enough over one week. tranfers came and wemt without a change once again here i have a feeling that ill be here in charleston for the entire first year of my mission. we dont have big plans for thanksgiving my guess is we will be at members houses almost all day, even if they wanted us to tract im not sure i would, i think that would be seen as rude to 90 percent of the southern population haha. yes i can do p90x but its hard to get someone to wake up and do it with me so usually i only get to about twice a week, and the other days i just run a mile or two, but with how much we have to eat that wont even keep all of it off, mexicans and southerners just wont take no for an answer, trust me ive tried. we have had alot of progress this week we put three black young investigators on dat, one of them has come a rediculously long way since i have first started working with him, we are like best friends now his name is xavier and his future wifes name is jameisheia, the other guys name is triny, and hes a drug dealer haha, im being serious, but hes awesome, he doesnt do them just deals, and he has always had a strong relationship with gos , he has told us some amazing stories, but ya , tomorrow we teach the word of wisdom so ya, hope that goes well haha. missed the fam like crazy this week, but i guess they told me that always happens on your 6 month mark, whatever i just think its cuz our family is awesome. i did not do anything crazy for my 6 month mark , just went out to lunch with elder green and holyoak and my comp of course, elder green goes home this week to spanish fork, he is awesome, we will be friends forever i think same with holyoak. besides that not much has happened just alot of the up and down emotions that comes with putting all of your faith in other peoples agency and theres also the stress to but hey im sorry, i just love people to hard, one thing i probably wont ever be able to fix.  i love you guys so much, mom i cried this week too, dont worry i miss you just as much, but the lord has other plans for me right now. just remember that if god commands it, he will provide a way for it to be done, we can make it mom i promise, tell sam and the fam i love them, tell perk and london and all the boys i love them too. have a good week

elder harris

Sunday, November 6, 2011

6 Nov 2011 Mom to Spencer

Another week...So happy for the daylight savings time change, but WEIRD to have it DARK at 5:30!!! At least it will be light when I get home from my runs in the morning now. It's felt a little "off" to leave in the dark and come home in the dark. It was lovely to have the extra hour today...not that I could sleep...but everyone else did and I had the house to myself.

I subbed in Primary today for the 6 year olds. 6 is really one of the greatest ages to be. So much unsuppressed LOVE just oozing out of those little bodies. Parker Williamson was in there. We already have deep love for each other---he made sure to remind the other 2 boys (both new in the neighborhood, you don't know them) that they had best be on their best behavior for me. I'm crushing right back on him! And Mylana sat by me and let the other 2 girls (both new as well) know that we have been friends since she was a baby:). A brand new girl with severe disabilities came for the first time today. Her name is Izzy. She can't talk or walk so she is bound to a wheel chair. When the kids get a bit more use to her, her mom will bring a computer that attaches to her wheelchair that she uses her EYES to operate and make talk for her. The mom says it is pretty distracting to the other kids so they will work it in later. I'm excited to see it.  In addition to her physical disabilities she has autism. She kicked around her legs, flung her arms and made noises every now and then, but was such a trooper considering it was all new and every limitation she is dealing with. I will be excited for the day we can make and keep eye contact. My heart is pressed, it almost feels panicked in a way...I just want to be able to LET HER OUT. My room was super tight with the wheel chair and the mom...I couldn't decide if it really was the scrunched space or the thoughts of her not being able to express herself that made me feel so claustrophobic. Jamie (who I subbed for) works once a month on Sundays. I am begging her to let me sub for her permanently on that week to help make staying at church for 3 hours more tolerable.

Ben Platt blessed his new little Olivia today, and Britta and Scott Peterson blessed their new little HENRY who has a BUSH of hair. So much like our Michael. Noelle Platt's little Emily is still in the hospital with heart troubles. They released Sister Reeves as the YW Pres. and put in Sister Southard. Dad still doesn't have a calling. Krystal Knickerbocker AND her older sister are getting married.  Elections for city counsel are Tuesday and Matt Bean made the Primary's and we have our fingers crossed he will make it. It is officially winter. Most of the leaves have fallen. We'll get another big storm next weekend. I had forgotten just how freaking cold 26 and 28 degrees can be to run in. It's not so bad if its not windy---but I bought a 6 months pass to the PG rec this week and had to use it twice . The circles round and round and round are hard for me. Saturday I was so THRILLED when Karie tagged me as she passed and said "you're it!" We ran 3 miles together before she had to go and I didn't even NOTICE the circles!! Gotta get synced up with her running times. She says Mike writes you every Monday so I don't have to try so hard to keep you updated on him.That's pretty much the Lindon news.

Michael and Andy came for wild rice turkey soup and rolls for dinner.Michael is working over 40 hours a week at PF CHANG's...and I am just being an AMAZING mother and NOT asking how that is working out with school. He's happy and that's whats important. He brought a DARLING girl over last night to watch a DVD, but he swears they are just friends. I never snuggled with my guy friends unless they were MORE than a friend. A new generation :).  Josh had the throw up thing this weekend that I had last weekend. Poor kid...strep right into that...and 2 hours away from ME!!!! ARGHHHH! He'll be home the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. Please let me know YOUR plans for Thanksgiving!!!Sam is smoking it at the school Ping Pong table...such a FUN idea for a High School. The house is still rocking with all of his friends...I can't imagine how I will survive next year when EVERYONE is gone. I may have to become a foster mother. Sam will write you tonight to REALLY catch you up. You can see from the Blog what Dad and I have been doing. Megs is a working machine.
Haven't heard from Grand Dad B in a while, and still no news as to exactly who is coming for Thanksgiving. If its NO ONE, we will have a Movie Marathon and break from the traditional turkey stuff and go with whatever the highest voted favorite dishes are.

Watched the NY City Marathon today and made me wonder if I will run one next year?So totally not even in my head that they could AVERAGE 4:45 minute miles!!! Of course the woman and the man who took it where Africans!!  Already starting to think about my plans for 2012.

I LOVE YOU BUD!!! Tell me EVERYTHING...still wanting to know if you did something wacky to mark the 6 month mark? Don't forget to tell me about your Thanksgiving plans. How chilly is it? Do you need your blanket now? Do you go to a laundry mat to do your laundry? Are you able to do P90X? Do you need a door bar thingee for the pull ups and stuff? Santa is SO going to FIND YOU... :) xxooxxooxxooxx

Can't wait for morning! Hope somebody who is a great cook had you for Sunday dinner. You are the SUNSHINE of my life...
Your Momma!!!!

Sydney's getting married!

It's true Spencer! Next weekend on my favorite date ever! I'll get some pics for you....Megan is doing the flowers.