Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Sam does it AGAIN!!!

Sam won the regional tournament again today!!! Shot 73 at Cascade...that is his course! Medalist twice now...he's a happy boy! Next week...HOBBLE CREEK!!!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Letter from Spencer 29 Aug 2011

well this week was fun cuz of the hurricane, we were sent up to north chuck out of the flood zone but the weather was still awful and president told us to stay inside all day so we just played bored games and had a blast since half of our zone were together( 8 elders). it made me think of home alot though which is not good cuz i still get a little homesick at least once a day and today has been even worse cuz of sams bday. i seriously cried reading the blog today and now all of the people here emailing with us are staring at me, but i dont blame them missionaries are weird enough in the first place not to mention one that is crying at the library. this week was fun my spanish is starting to explode all of a sudden. we got to work in north chuck for like six hours on friday and i found out that they have more Hispanics on one street then we do in our entire area which spans four times as much land but thats ok im not a complainer as long as someone is baptizing some one it doesnt matter. my investigators have all just hit a wall we cant get any of them to progress mostly cuz they wont come to church, Hispanics!! but sadly we might have to drop them, i just want to baptize someone already, were working hard and being obediant so hopefully we will find someone elect soon, im scared the spanish area might get shut down here. anyways i love you fam i miss you guys so much and keep being the awesome people you are. michael josh megan, write me and tell me how dating is going .
love elder harris
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Happy Birthday SAM!!!

Just TOO EARLY for a HAPPY breakfast in bed....darn school!!!!!! He got the usual Spencer, 2 Manerville's from Gandolfos, raspberry cream cheese bear claws and Mango Orange Juice. He got $15 to DI and a gift certificate to Unita to get a range finder or a new wedge....SOOO Missing the FAVORITE BIG BROTHER this morning!!!! Every time I asked him what he wanted he said "A day golfing with Spencer" is SO going to will be 84 weeks from now...but it is STILL going to happen!!!! Love the boths of yous BIG!!!!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Letter to Spencer 28 August 2011

JUST FOR YOU LOVEY!!! I missed pics earlier at the Farewell's ...but then everyone came over tonight...I fed them cobbler!!! After a bit Jason stands up and says..."I just gotta walk around downstairs for a bit...I miss the mancave...." which led to EVERYONE heading down there. As we speak there is a wicked Ping Pong tournament going on and so far Sam reigns King after shaving off Brandon and Whitely....
MISSING YOU SPENCE....we made some videos we will send on the card next week!
Obviously I am posting these pics AFTER I wrote you!
JUST FEELS like a few months ago...I think Sam is pretty stoked to have man cave to hisself...but he loves it when these guys show up to share it!!!
Lauren giving the unicycle a go....Mike King was too but we decided no more stitched at OUR house!!!
Hey Love Bug!
I was so THANKFUL that the Mission President's wife moved you inland for the duration of Irene. Please let me know how that affected you and if you are back in Charleston.
Terrence AND Josh Torgersen had their farewell's today. Because I was speaking in our Sacrament Meeting on GRACE, I had to hurry away from Terrence's and didn't get any pics...but they are all suppose to be coming over tonight...I have a HUGE peach cobbler in the oven (in one of my turkey roaster pans!). Terrence will be heading your way soon! I saw Este and he said he loved your letter and has one on its way to you. He looked great and happy! He came in with Whitely. I only saw Mike and Suzie for a second but they were gleaming happiness. Zach and McKenzie look love struck too.

It was so much better for me taking Josh to school this time. It just FELT so right. The room mates we met were super sharp, I liked his apartment so much better, and he just seemed so HAPPY to be there. I love how he loves school like I did. So much to know so many great classes and teachers and people. I 'm actually excited for all that is ahead of him. I also love that he is so close to the brothers and their families.

Michael starts school Tuesday. He and Andy will be a pair of hotties that will no doubt attract their fair share of sweet youmg things to their "dwelling". But alas, NOW is the time for that.

Megs is so happy teaching school, and so sad they didn't give her a contract with benefits. So, she is looking for something with benefits and helping me with real estate on the side as well as doing flowers for people. Mr. Ryan Innes has been around a fair share lately??? How could they ALL not be in love with her...I mean, its MEGAN!!!

Sam is excited for his breakfast in bed Mannerville and Daylight Donuts tomorrow morning. You know how he always wants a BIG surprise? Well...he still does!!! But I is NOT going to be a death invoking SCOOTER! Weird to think that 17 years ago tomorrow I was as BIG as I have ever been and I had my LAST baby :(. He golfed a 78 at Sleepy this last week and fell to second overall by one stroke. This Wednesday is we are all smiling....I just keep telling him how AWESOME it is that now when he has a rotten day he is STILL in the 70'S!!!!! Sometimes he forgets how far he's come. Me, I'm still just LOVING being in the cart and bringing all those fine boys treats and drinks. The weather has been so perfect and dreamy. I wonder MANY a tournament how I am so fortunate that this is MY Life and I get to spend a whole day in such peace and fun!!!! So far I am able to attend all of his tournaments except for Gladstan when I will be in Canada with Olive for her birthday. I love the Gladstan maybe I can go be with him on a practice round?

Pool days are going to be gone before long and I can hardly stand the thought of it. I am still not recovered from how stinkin' long last winter was....arghhhhh! I get in whenever I can. The kittens are nuts...they climb up on the hot tub and meow at me during my meditations---slightly distracting.

You know I love you...getting those P90X Cd's on their way and working on a Costco Card.

Pics for the week of 22 August 2011.

Flowers from the yard....
Friday the 27th we had dinner with Preston, Jeremy and the kids when we took Josh up to Logan. Laiky and Drew were the ball girls for the High School soccer game so we had ice cream with them at Charlie's later that night.
Graham is talking up a storm. The girls had been tramatized by Chloe their cat bringing in a half dead, half alive BAT (through the cat door) at 6:30 am and putting it on Haven's chest...she woke up to sleeping kitty and struggling bat!!! Kori texted Jeremy to hurry over and help get it OUT. Thinking that cat door might need to be covered at night!
This is Jeremy's new is only a block away and RIGHT across the river from Kori. The girls can get their easily by themselves.
Here be the brother getting settled in....GO AGGIES!!!!!
He is taking back all claims on the Brown comforter... and with a smile I might add :) See how his bedroom door has access to the immediate outside? I liked that about his apartment. He doesn't have air conditioning, Africa prepared him well for that. We got him a fan anyway because it will still be weeks before its cool enough to sleep well. Do YOU have air conditioning Spencer?
Already a pretty girl in the kitchen...this is Scott HARRIS, Josh's roommate and his sister, a freshman. They are from Pleasant View Utah.
Josh's living room. You can't see the TV...but it is there, and so is the WII!
Josh's killer $3 buck purchase! A George Foreman grill! Uncle Jeremy gave us the idea because he just set up a whole new kitchen for less than $25 bucks with all the appliances at $3 bucks each!
The Brotherhood missing YOU and Josh!!! Michael moved in with Andy yesterday. Their apartment is over by UVU...they have 2 other roommates. SO WEIRD to think that this time next year...NO CHILDREN WILL BE HOME with me ....ARGHHHHH! Maybe someone will get married and live in the basement?????? Please????

Monday, August 22, 2011

Letter from Spencer 22 August 2011

mom thanks for everything, you best be knowing i prayed my guts out for sam this whole week cuz i didn't know when he was playing and it looks like god has answered my prayers! the photos of fox hollow are extremely sentimental and depressing. but thats ok cuz bam tore it up! tell him to look for an article by graham mcdowell that i read yesterday while waiting to give a blessing to a man at the hospital, it in golf magazine the may edition i think , i know that will help his game if he practices like that, and just remind to be be confidant and take it one swing at a time.
well this week was crazy we went to the hospital twice to give blessings, we also had a crazy week with our investigators sadly we had to drop a few of them cuz they stopped progressing, my comp hates that but its ok with me , one day they will recieve the gospel, and whether i bring it to them or someone else does it doesn't matter , everything happens for a reason. 'im doing good i will send pics this week sorry that i stink with pictures but you know me i'm not a big fan of myself, please send p90 x and a costco card........... please!!! that would be the coolest thing ever you have no idea, i dont want to get fat and mexican food and deep fried chicken is starting to get to me and i cant turn it down or i would feel horrible, most of the people are not well of and when they make you dinner, wether its good or bad you feel loved and to show it back you have to eat it or you just dont have a heart, plus most of the time its delicious and i love having and excuse to eat awesome food haha.
tell josh michael and meg i miss there gut had a dream last night that me and michael were mission companions and just say it was awesome and we baptized alot, i'm pretty sure we would even if it was real. cant wait to here news for next week make sure sam does not put too much pressure on himself to be the best, cuz he is the best all he has to do is go out and play, focus and have fun and trust in the lord and he will play like he has never dreamed
love you mom i miss you so much you have no clue, i've always been a mommas boy. also tell sam to focus more on his greens in regulation during his practice rounds, and practice and he will have alot more birdie ops, and make sure he reads that article i promise it was heaven sent to me to give to him.
i love you all so much and pray for you every day opray for the work to progress and pray that you yourselves will have missionary opportunities, trust me it will make you happy.
elder harris

Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Release's OVER. Not sure what to think. Dad will be around more. Thinking he is going to HAVE to find some hobbies.

The other Lindon Stake presidency changed this weekend as well, and President Roger's was released and Wayne Corbridge was put in.

Josh and Michael head out this week and both are ready for school. Josh's last night at Home Depot in West Jordan is tonight, and he will transfer up to the one in Logan next week and work there part time while in school. He has a crazy school load so it will be a rigorous semester for him. Michael got hired at PF CHANG's --thanks to Kimmie Cooper who is a manager there now. Megan is back at Lone Peak part time and doing some Real Estate for me, but still looking. Sam starts THE SENIOR YEAR Tuesday-- with a tournament on Wednesday...I am sending you his tournament schedule in a separate email, but he will love to know that YOU know when he is playing.

Jeremy and the kids came for a night this weekend to swim and just hang before they start school. I LOVE my family. Jeremy is a great brother, and like Preston, I could talk to them for hours. I love their views on life and living. Haven is just so mature...and Elle, as Megan put it "has one of the most delightful personalities she's EVER come across". Graham is talking up a storm and KNOWS what he wants and wants you to do it WHEN he wants. Jeremy went from 210 lbs to 179 and it is TOO skinny on him. I am sad I didn't take any pictures of them to share. Next time.

The hummingbirds have started "juicing up" and it makes me think we might have an early fall. They don't usually start for another 2 weeks or so. I love to see them constantly at the feeders. The peaches are in and I want to make cobbler EVERY DAY. As I put the roast on the table tonight I wondered what you are having. I wonder WHAT YOU ARE DOING MANY TIMES a day!!! Dad ordered the protein drink stuff for you so it should be on the way. Hard to believe football season is here. Paul Hatch is rocking the Viking House and Dallin Hatch is tight end---so it is so fun to have the "brothers" playing with each other. You should SEE how HUGE Dallin is...and Paul is no lightweight. Sam says Timp looks good and Bryson is doing well. Bryson looks like he went and ATE the weight room. Amazing what a summer of lifting and eating does for some boys.

Terrence's farewell is next week...I'll have some good pics for you!!! Stephen leaves the MTC this week for California and is SO READY his Dad said.

Check for the email....I am including Sam's Patriarchal Blessing as well. Anything you need, WANT? Love you BIG Baby Boy!! Can't wait to hear from you in the morning! I keep an eye on all things South Carolina now.......


Joseph got it RIGHT when he put LOVE and MISS on his paper telling you his mission call!!! He leaves Nov. 30th.
We missed Austin's farewell talk because Dad was getting released at the same time. But Joe and all the guys said he rocked it. I am sad we didn't get there sooner---or I would have had alot more people and friends of yours pictures for you. Sam talked to Este for a long time...Mike C and Amy were there too!
The King being THE KING :) Your buddies sending LOVE to you!!!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Ward Youth Tri-athalon

The ward youth used the pool Monday morning at 6:15 to start their swim part of their triathlon.... Tuesday morning the ward Young Mother's Group used it for their weekly activity, and Tuesday night Dad had the Stake Youth counsel end of year party here---only ONE youth showed up (actually a second showed about 2 hours late and left quickly)--so all the leaders just called their own families to come swim. Pool is very loved.


So Spence...he loved that you sent him the blow by blow...AND IT WORKED! I was in HEAVEN...such a GORGEOUS Day, a quiet cart, a yummy book and Sam just bustin' his best swings!!! The only thing missing was YOU !!! Took some pics for you to "remember" by....

Please read this below from the Provo Herald, August 17, 2011:


• Region 8: The Region 8 boys golf season got off to a good start, with three teams tying for the top spot in the first league tournament of the season at Fox Hollow in American Fork.

Maple Mountain, Timpview and Timpanogos all shot 316 to tie for the lead.

Sam Harris of Timpanogos was the medalist, shooting a 73. Orem's Britton Green was second at 74 and Kai Ruiz of Maple Mountain was third at 75.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Letter from Spencer 15 August 2011

i got the i dont have to wait for zone conference we had it this friday right before i finished my first transfer which was awesome. the member work here is dead people in the south are too scared to share the gospel they wil feed us plenty but getting referals is real hard were trying our best plus you cant get many spanish referals, cuz theres no spanish members, but presidant holmn and i have emailed and talked about how we can fix this exact problem cuz i know that is the only thing holding back the south, we are having to firesides where we will be talking about how it is the mebers sacred responsibility to share the gospel, ive prepared a reaaly good talk, oh ya i spopke in sacremant yesterday, public speaking is getting easier and im actually excited for the fireside i hope it can get the members pumped up to help, if you could send protien powder that would be awesome, i love you mom you know what i need without even asking haha, im used to the humidity and i actually like it now that we have our car back and im not sweating through my books and notes in my pockets haha but the mission is great we have alot of people lined up for baptism , but we cant get them to church please fast and pray that they will come to church that and member work are the two things holding back the work from exploding, and im just trying to find the solution, i know i will find it but on the lords time, theres alot he wants me to learn first i think, any ways none of my apartment is getting transfered which make s me so happy cuz we are all awesome haha ya i know humble right but seriously we have so fun i love you guys and you will be getting pictures soon, mom i want to buy sam a present for his bday please check the money on th card i cant sorry or i would i dont know how to from here. i love you all thanks so much for being the best family ever and please [please please make sure jordan is doing ok, do all you can. he told me alot at the mtc and i know why hes home and he need alot of support, its sad that the people who have changed and who desire to serve the lord the most have to be hindered like this but the lord has a plan for him and i am writing him a letter today lover you guys keep it real.
love elder harris

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Letter to Spencer 14 August 2011

Jeff Otterstrom on our Unicycle in Lindon Days Parade...your unicycle missed you!!!

Parade Boys....

Zinnias gone wild and making shriek with JOY each morning!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE Putting them all over the house on the inside!!
Sam needs to mow :) EVERYTHING looking green and lush!
The zucchini I missed!
Dad throwing candy with the Scouts and Stake Presidency.
Only picture I could find of the pool ...will take one this week for you special!

Hey Lovey!!
Did you get your package? If I send you a letter snail mail, how long will it take for you to get it? Do you have to wait for a zone conference? Do you get dinner invitations very often? What exactly ARE you eating? Can you get fast food very often? Can your companion cook or are you just wowing him? Do you want me to send you some protein drink mix? How are you doing in the humidity? When are you going to send me some pictures of your apartment and neighborhood?
Are you sleeping ok? Did you get the blankets and stuff? Do you need more money on your card?
Do you need anything?? Do the members help much with referrals?
The PGA Championship is on right now...everyone has tummy's full of Sunday roast dinner and chocolate pudding. I have escaped from Sports Bar maid to come in here and "BE" with YOU!!!

Jim and Travis Byron are our new Home Teachers --that will make it easier to have them come. Travy made the Golf team for PG seated at 5. Since he and Sam are in different regions they won't play each other. Sam's try outs were Monday and a FRESHMAN beat him for first seat...hate it when life humbles. At the parents meeting you could tell the freshman's Daddy was a SERIOUS golfer. It will be great to have that kid on the team for Region and State playoffs. Sam will fill you in on the rest of who's in and where they are placed. His first tourney is Tuesday and then another on Thursday. I'm excited!!! I've got stocked up on Gatorade's and chocolate chips, cleaned out the cooler to be "stocked" for the team. The only thing that makes me sad is that this means FALL is really almost here. I can barely stand the thought of it. Winter lasted forever, and then no CAN NOT BE TIME TO GET COOL yet!!!

Michael and Josh are home this week before heading to their new apartments to start the new semesters. Michael is going to live with Andy Buetler near UVU--by the Walmart. Josh will be in a new apartment as well...I'll take a pic for you next week when I head up there with him. I'm excited, I get to babysit Jeremy and Kori's kids for a day when I go!!!

Megan starts back teaching next week too. She is still on the job hunt for a FULL TIME position.

Sam had his Patriarchal Blessing today. The Bean's Grand Dad gave it to him. I think he was disappointed because it didn't say anything about schooling, mission, marriage, career,....and of course I wanted it to say "give your Mother 10 beautiful grandchildren" :) Pretty sure he'll send you a copy once we get one. Everyone of us was there, so, your empty place was glaring and felt
ugly. I miss you Bud. I miss you bad.

Yesterday was Lindon Days so I am putting a few pics up so you don't feel like you missed too much. Dad threw out candy and walked with the rest of the Stake Presidency and scouts. Sam walked and represented Timpanogos' Golf and Baseball Team. You would have been surprised at the Timpanogos team turn outs... PG only sent their cheerleaders. Foot ball starts this week!!!
Both Timp and PG are looking good. Will be a fun season...we'll keep you posted. Paul Hatch is HUGE. Serious weight time for that boy and it paid off. He is still embarrassed to eat here. Almost had to force him to take a plate of spaghetti last night.

Joe Hatch has his call but isn't telling anyone yet where he is called to...nope, not even his parents. LOVE that boy!!!! I 'll let you know as soon as he tells. Sam saw Este at Lindon Days and said he was great. Sister Rockhill came by with a few pics for me of you and Stephen in the MTC and she said Stephen is EAGER to get OUT and be in the field. Terrence is getting ready...Josh Torgersen leaves the 31st of August. Should be hearing news from Todd soon as well?

Greg really did it! He and Maren got married on Friday! We went to the wedding and then the was all PERFECT..totally Otterstrom style....they called in the family forces and worked like bees in unison and the back yard was a sight to behold. I could really like it if one of you could marry somebody close like would make sharing for holidays so much easier...I think? As long as I AM THE FAVORITE IN LAW and you come HERE the most! :) Jake, Mike, and Chad were here with Josh for all the festivities. It gives me hope when they come that really you and your friends WILL be back for more love and memories. Josh and Jake gave Greg this MAMMOTH Nerf gun for their "First Fight"...only ONE NERF GUN for Greg...with a note..."Greg..YOU WIN!!!!" Those guys always make me laugh.

I posted a ton on the blog so you will have to hit older posts a few times...go until you see the pic of Ali and Lauren bringing me cheesecake to "miss YOU together"...they are so darling!!! We ALL miss you. Especially Sam. Not a day goes by that you are not prayed for, and talked about. Today you have mostly been mentioned in reference to the Wisconsin trip and ME wondering WHO is feeding you? And how often will you get SUNDAY DINNER'S??????

Bud, you are one of the best people I have EVER known. I am so proud to be your Mom. I love the way you LOVE. I love the way you speak your truth. I love the way you LOVE me. I hope those South Carolinian's have some idea of how lucky they are.....let that light and love leak all over them. So so so so so SO SO So so SO Happy that you belong to me. Another week down! I won't tell you the number cuz I know you'll get nutsy with me...but oh...I KNOW how many weeks are left. Quite a few goals for me to squish in there...

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

More HOME...

I know people are overwhelmed when they come to Utah and there is a Mormon Church every block. It was so sweet to remember HOW MANY churches there are in the SOUTH!!!! They have Utah matched and maybe then some! So many Baptist Churches I lost count! But the Korean Baptist Church stayed in my mind...and so many little independents like this heart just soared. I smiled the whole trip...I hadn't realized how much I DON'T cheeks would actually ache at the end of the day as I layed in bed processing everything. I like it so much when I see that people BELIEVE...because even though I may not agree with their doctrine or rules, I like the comfort of the bottom line being LOVE. And this name...JESUS PEOPLE--LIFE CHANGING CHURCH-A church for all people. It just felt GOOD. Smiling hard now.
This is the Christianson's home ---they are the family that converted my family to Mormonism. Their father died and their mother lives here in Utah as well as most of the kids. This is the home where I had my first yeast roll...Helen would make them and let them raise on the counter...and in Florida with the heat and humidity they would get HUGE...and she was ALWAYS so generous to pull out the butter and let me have several. I'll never forget the birthday she gave me a whole basket full. And today, I say with pride, I can make a MEAN yeast roll, and they are STILL one of my favorite things to put in my mouth.
This is the first house I remember living in. I learned to ride my bike out front. I use to put the hose down the toad holes and flush them out from under the driveway cement. I use to keep a turtle in the back yard until it ran away???? Now really, how does a turtle run away? My Dad built a sand box in the back yard and I spent many an hour in that sand. It took me a second try of driving around to find this house...but the second I got on the right main road, I knew where I was and came right to it. This is where the Ice Cream man left before I had time to get my money and I ran crying down the street behind him and he never saw me and did not stop. My 3 or 4 year old heart never forgave him. I can see his face now. Sorry Ice Cream Guy...I didn't know better.


Jane was SO darling...she had this shirt hanging to mark "the" condo!
Kathi, Jana, Me, Catherine, Jeff, Karen and Bill...
Sara and Rubin -below-(his son Jonah) joined us, as well as Sam . You can see by the end of the 3rd day my skin cancer troubles had laid hold in my head and I was the "sheik" glorious not to care WHAT you look like, more glorious to be with those who loved you JUST the way you are...and could you ever really get TOO MUCH SUN???---Not in MY world--new rule on that one. The beach breeze is deceiving, and the humidity isn't felt nearly so much as you lounge and talk and bond....I'm proud of myself that I didn't get burned!
Jonah just may be the greatest kid on the planet...he was SO content to frolic in the water and rarely asked for a thing...and let his Dad enchant us with his life details and life philosophy. Thank you Jonah.
You see this? THIS, this is one of the FEW times I got up after being settled "in" for the day. We only moved to go to the bathroom, to move back with the tide, and if we got the short stick to go and refill the cooler--which I was never asked to do since it mostly carried adult beverages :) ....I wanted a visual to remember where we recemeted our friendship and life allegiance to each other's well being and care--where we remembered why we liked each other so much in the first place, where gratitude overwhelmed us for the beauty of the earth and a life plan that gave us each other as commrades on our journey.
Where the converstations continued....Jane's condo at Cresent House.
Steve Spurrier's Beach house with the gall to fly his newly aquired South Carolina flag....
Welcome to my mornings....God gave ME the whole beach for my runs!!! And my play lists were freaking AMAZING...The Zach Brown Band, Rascal Flatt's, Michael Jackson, James Taylor, the Doobie Brothers, Dan Fogelberg....This is JOY!! Absolute JOY! Here I LOVE MY BODY! I LVOE ME!!! On the beach I can go forever it seems...the very air is easier to breath, the firm wet sand easier to bounce off...just propelling me eternally forward. I have to MAKE myself stop. Somehow, I put on my shoes and enter the "other" universe...where there are no words for the freedom of the weight of the world...there is NO PLACE for that is set aside. Where there is just me and the LOVE I allow in. JOY, I tell you. JOY!!!!!
See...I WAS HERE!!!!
You know my angel's leaving money and feather's? well...1st morning out there was a QUARTER on the sand! This last morning out was my white feather.....I LOVE being loved!
Really, like WHO AM I that I get this kind of a morning, in this kind of a place, with these kind of people???? I am filled to bursting...and now I have these pictures for when the memories and feelings fade....
This was the "gate" I had to pass through to get on the beach from the "portal" FELT extremely symbolic EVERY TIME I passed through. It had a combination code (Aren't I always LOOKING for the code to life?)...and that was symbolic as well...I won't reveal the number to protect the condo association, but the written meaning of it in Doreen Virtue's book of numbers is this "Faithfully walk in the direction of your dreams, trusting that you are Divinely guided through each step" It made me smile and contentment seeped deep and oozed out into my waking everything.
My first morning run I counted 8 you know the hatches happen at my last morning there were only 3 nests marked...I was sad to have missed them (had to watch it on YOU TUBE to make up), but something in the knowing that that life process too was going on while I was there made me even more in love with where I am from.

Dear, sweet proselyting, atheist man on my flight to Atlanta....THERE IS A GOD. He LOVES ME PERSONALLY. He gave me life, he gave me earth, he gave me friends and family, he gave me you for a few hours to clarify even more who I am. I am. And this place, it is SO apart of WHO I AM. Of all the places to love and be from, LUCKY ME....I was blessed with THIS PLACE. The RIGHT RULES of this place as man would like to define...I'm not so sure, but this much I know, we can't go wrong with LOVE.