Monday, June 27, 2011

Ceclila and Francis

K are the kitties...this one is FRANCIS, named by the adamant Sam, and below is "Celly"---Cecilia because she vibrates like a phone when she is cold or scared...named by Miss Audrey. Can you believe how ADORABLE!!!!??? I am itching and sneezing and welting and I still can't leave them alone. They play SO hard, run and chase and flip and attack, and then they just crash asleep in their basket. This/they are JOY.

Catch up....

SAM WON 1st AGAIN!!!! 3 years running for this tournament he has taken it!!! Today it was out of 44 players and competed against 17 and 18 year olds...golfed at 36!!!
And as you can see he went straight from Golf to summer ball against Park City and we lost by one run.
Sam's friends and The TOOTH PICK GAME...person on diving board drops in tooth pick...all boys stand and wait around the one can go "in" until they actually SEE it...boy to come out with tooth pick wins....yes, they do this for forever and again and again.
Family pics of when the BROADHURST's and Ahlborn's came xxooxxooxx
William turned 4!!! We had a Pinata and LOTS of candy! We also had an egg hunt, but I don't have any pics of that.

The one eyed monster pinata...I found it at the Mexican store and LOVED it! Spencie...using YOUR Atlanta Braves bat to beat the heck out of it with...don't is safely back in storage.

LOVED LOVED LOVED it when Graham wore these goggles around!

Isaac the beautiful and kind and helpful and patient and pretty much perfect.
Haven and Laikyn just taking a "rest"...Laikyn is getting baptized this Saturday but we will miss it with Dad's family being here. See the paver walk Spence?

Letter to Spencer 27 June 2011

Good morning Lovey!!!!
How were the cupcakes? YES you have $300 on your you need more? Just let me know.
This will be short cuz I am off to get the chips and salsa for your package and get it to the delivery place in time.
Finally it feels like summer is here. If I don't get on the road by 6 at the latest my runs are hot and miserable.
I had a friend from Florida and her husband come for a few days last week. Made me so excited to go home the end of July. Dad thinks I'm weird, but I am excited to be going alone one else's agenda to tend to except mine. I can go and do for as long or as little as I please. Since its been 10 years since I was home I want to just do alot of driving and looking....and EATING...Sonny's BBQ here I come! Leonardo's pizza.... I hope to take you kids before too long. You will be my SOUTHERN Boy.
Are you getting to see Stephen every day for dinner?
Any word on Sefa? From Michael King? How is the language? Probably pretty difficult by now.
There won't be pics in this package, but there will be in the next.
Sam is so bummed because he got a 22 on the ACT. He did the worst in SCIENCE no less...go Figure??? The Physics wiz gets a 19 on the science section. Good thing he can take it again. I'm going to try to get him to take a prep course. All he can think about is golf. He is golfing again on Wednesday.
Dad is still in South America will be home just in time for his family to get here Thursday. This fourth of July Weekend will be super fun with everyone here. I promise to get good pics...I JUST Found my camera...I'd put it in my primary bag.
I love you. I love you a gazillion times over. I miss you. I'm proud of you. I LIKE YOU. I miss just talking to you. Praying for you always throughout everyday. Love hard. Open your mind and let that language flow all through you.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Letter from Spencer 23 June 2011

so stephen got in yesterday, and dont worry the betos was not needed he cheered me up beyond belief considering that i didnt even need it but still it was so awesome. i ate dinner with him and we talked im so pumped for us to both get back and talk. mom next time you try just send it refrigerated with frozen liquid and dont tell anybody whats in it. it will work . it worked with the salsa, which i would also love again, also thanks for being the best seriously i love and get excited every monday for packages. also that cup cake place in orem, also not a bad idea haha, but seriously you dont have too. also i talked to my mission president yesterday, it was his first day! and he said i will need more ties that are not made of silk, cuz all of mine are and i guess its not worth paying the money to dry clean them every week because i guess the humidity kills them so give that job to bam or michael and josh and tell them to send me some sick ties that are paisly, i love paisly, navy blue baby blue just whatever looks good michael will be a good judge, just three or four though cuz i can buy more myself later in sc. also mom is there money on my card? just dont want to spend unless therer is, we wanna eat at the temple and i need scrip covers so ya, anyways i love you guys so much and seriously i dont know how michael and josh even considered extending i need my momma and my fam haha but im doing good. mike cooper wrote me this week, and im writing him today, amy didnt write me, what happened are they still freinds? my ankle is good but i have something to confess, mom my knees and ankles have problems haha, the doc says its from thoughs pains i had as a kid and my brain surgury cuz i went from extremely active to not active back to extremely active, the cartoledge in my knees and ankles are shot and i need glucosomine, this is why they started to pop super bad, could you get some over the counter and send it to me? my doc said 1000 mgs a day. how did bam do with his tournament tell me thats what i look forward to most so next dear elder send it over. thanks for all that you do for me mom even when im gone i love love love love love you. and miss you too death. cant wait to hug you again. this week was not that cool except my district leaves in a week and a half now and im jealous, me and elder hansen have to wait an extra week, which is actually making my whole mission one week later , sorry mom you can get mad at them if you want too. i cant wait to get to sc and chill with the hispanics and baptize some hijos de dios, so so pumped. i love you guys please get that stuff to me this week my knees are strugglin from all the sitting down. love you dad, thanks again for being the best example, tell sam and the kids and the whole fam, i love them. please tell me how michael king is doing , he has not written for a little and i am a little worried. love you fam love you mom, love you blog send me some pics so i can see how the summers going still have not seen the kittens. love everyone!!!!!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Lettter to Spencer 22 june 2011

I CANNOT BELIEVE THAT YOU DID NOT GET TO ESCORT STEPHEN!!!!!! Kathy just came over to bring me BACK the BETOS!!!! I SO cannot believe it...I may have to storm the building yet! Well..attempt no. 4 failed...maybe attempt no 5 will work? Out of ideas...Scott promises he will bring it to you the night of July 10th just before you go...but doesn't want to jeopardize his job.
Calling ALL mailing places NOW.
I love you. I love you BIG. Got the letter for Dad in the mail today...he won't get it until the 29th...he is in South America until then, but he will be thrilled that he got his very own letter.
Meg is having a huge party here tonight with one of those gigantic outdoor theater things with the projector. This will kill you...they are going to watch SANDLOT. I will take pics.
Perk LOVED getting a letter from you..London is still gone and hasn't gotten his yet.
Sam is golfing at Wasatch today...his Tee time was 11:08 so he should be finishing soon. He'll write you tonight so you can here how it went. I wanted to be there but have clients who can't go another time.
Russell Allphin got his call today to Salta Argentina but does not leave until the 9th of NOVEMBER. Josh Torgersen DIDN'T get his call and is super was listed as SENT so I guess next week? Tyler Whitely's papers were sent on Sunday so it won't be long for him. Saw him at Stephen's when I took the Betos and he said he just wished he could go in today.
Is your ankle back to normal? Did Amy write you about breaking up with Michael King? Might be good to get him a letter. I know your time is limited, just when it works out. Do you need more stamps?
I have to run...clients are there early...
later this evening...

Hey you. I still am sad about the Betos and Stephen thing. Geez. I WILL SUCCEED!!!!

You should see the back yard. Megan will help me post the pics she took on her phone (can't find my camera).
Brandon (drummer guy) brought this 20 foot blow up screen and projector that he bought when working for that company...they are watching BETTER OFF DEAD and it is freaking AMAZING! We have about 35 kids here...they BBQ'd, danced (sound system with that projector is so unreal)and now are all in the pool while the movie is playing. I have walked the neighborhood twice trying to help get the sound right so the police don't come.
Sam didn't do so great today (90)...he didn't even want to say it out loud...but he'll shake it off and get back to his old self for the next tournament. He and Brandon are at Ryan Mulford's birthday party at Tanner Marsh's.
Dad had me read him the letter you sent over the phone. I could barely read it for the are a SWEET, SOLID, GOOD GOOD GOOD GOOD SON. I'm honored to be your Mother. Make sure you tell everyone I made you from scratch (here is where Dad will say he had something to do with it too and that I should say WE made you from scratch.) Forget it. I am taking ALL the credit :)
Sprinklers went crazy today and Josh stopped by after work to help me---I so love that you boys have so many SKILLS. Josh said Michael quit the Insurance Job so we will see what fun thing he does next.? Josh likes Provo but still no girlfriend. Greg is gone to getting married land so I think its best for him anyway. That redhead (Cassidy)that Michael has been seeing if ADORABLE. She came to the Rodeo with would have been proud of me, I didn't hardly ask her a thing..I just let them be. She is from McCall Idaho. The Miss America Pageant was on last weekend and a GORGEOUS redhead won...I knew Michael would be thrilled. Somewhere in this world is the perfect redhead for that boy. Now watch him marry a brunette or a blond :)
The kittens are about the cutest thing on the planet. Both girls--"Celly"--named by Audry because she vibrates like a phone when she is cold or purrs...and Francis...and you know who was set on that.
The sod is looking so can hardly tell it was just layed. The yard is my dream fulfilled. The climbing roses are just these huge splashes of red, the Cecil Brunners with their light pink are almost done and the purple clematis should come out this week. Oink is in the middle of white fever few this year and looks spectacular.
Still LOTS of snakes...may have to have help getting rid of a few more. Two by the chicken coop today, one by the mailbox, two in the front beds and one behind the back shed. I should have lost a poumd for the startled calories I burned.
Sam and I are going on a date to Brick Oven and the movies tomorrow...we will drive by the MTC very slowly. :) :) :) :)
I was glad to hear that you get to see Este so much (his mom told me). I cannot even imagine trying to learn his language!!!
I'm loving all over you from here. Missing you. Looking at you on my laptop screen...loving WHO YOU ARE. Praying for you (and ALL OF US) all day everyday. You're AMAZING. You're brillant and kind and HANDSOME and LOVED.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

letter to Spencer Sunday 19 June 2011

Well Lovey....they are all gone. Preston and Jeremi and girls came back from the soccer tournament (Drew's team took Bronze) and had dinner with us last night and then headed home. Sheri and gang left for the airport this morning at 7. Jeremy and crew just left. The house is SOOO empty. Only me, Dad and Sam. Sam is sleeping.

Megan is in Denver on a road trip with Casey (Otter man)...they went to Rockies games. Michael and Josh are in Provo---I'm hoping for them to come to Father's Day Dinner tonight. GrandDad B might come back for it,...but I would not be surprised if he is worn out and doesn't. It's appropriate that its raining all day today. I hate to see it end. It was SO relaxing and just so GOOD to be us and visit with no places to go or have to be. Not one fight amongst the kiddos---William and Elle were inseparable. Images of him as KNIGHT and her as PRINCESS will sweetly last FOREVER in my mind....I wish we had video. And they always had the kittens in tow. The day they tried to teach the kittens to "take turns" while they were eating was hysterical. I think the kittens might be happy for a LITTLE break...but will be missing them big by tomorrow. I wish wasn't allergic, it is SO HARD for me not to keep picking them up and loving all over them. Kelly and boys were missed. Maybe next time? The first thing Graham said this morning as he came out (first one up) "Nattly, SWIM? POOL? SLIDE? NOW!" He is starting to talk so much. Drew and Laiky are even taller, and Jer is even MORE ripped. I went to cross fit with her one morning and I swear it was just yesterday that I could lift my arm to answer my cell phone without wanting to scream out. Preston --everyone asks after you and reads your letters AND sends their LOVE! xxooxxooxxooxx

The little girlies played from sun up to sun down...the sandbox looks so impressive with it's castles and motes. I think we went through a couple hundred dollars of sun block:) We grilled most every night. Sheri and Gene only left a few times to go see his family and do the BYU thing. All is well in the world. Everyone is happy and doing well. Even with all the GOOD and were missed and we thought and talked of you often....wondered how the MTC might feel about a new "hymn caroling group" that only goes to building #17?????

We are heading to Stephen's farewell. With all this family good-bying, pretty sure I will be a complete mess by the time I am done listening to Stephen. I am sending Betos with him for YOU...THIS TIME IT HAD BETTER WORK!!!! He said he is pretty sure you will get to escort will be dang hard for me NOT to "help" drop him off!!!!

Giving Dad a digital camera for Father's day. Having his favorites for dinner--chicken and broccoli and German chocolate cake. He leaves for South America tomorrow and will get back just in time for HIS family to be here for the 4th of July. I have been blessed with a few new commercial deals in real estate so I have a TON to get done before the next group arrives. I LOVE that I LOVE my work. And you know how I love working in the has been heaven!!! Now if we could just get a bit more SUNSHINE and have it act like we live in a desert!!!!

Love you big Lovey!!!!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Letter from Spencer 16 June 2011

hey fam, love yall alot more then you know, happy fathers day dad, i love you so much, thank you for raising me to be the man i am today, thanks for being the best example of how to honor the lord, savior, and covenants by following christ and and living worhty of the preisthood. thanks for everything. one of my teachers had his last day today his name is hermano coles and he is amazing, i am almost 100 percent positive hes seen christ, he speaks with more power and love then anyone i know, he is leaving to the middle east to try to open some windows for missionary work in jordan, and other places in the middle east he gave us a speach on his last day that the whole building ended up stopping to listen to cuz it was so amazing, it was like hearing a prophet speak, actually and honestly it was better. no lie i cant even describe what he said and how everyone felt when he spoke.
anyways mom your going to a ups store but your sending it through MTC delivery . com which can throw away our food if you send it through ups only or fed ex or something else thay cant throw away the food, and yes im getting them tuesday morning so maybe a little earlier is better. also pack the betos with frozen water bottles and other stuff tyo keep it cool, or just pack it so they cant smell it, kepp me posted on when sam plays golf so i can pray and also the us open. tell michael im pumped about his girl and he needs to write me cuz i have been sending prayers that direction. also if you can find diet daffieine free mountain dew that would rock my world! if not some diet shasta from ridleys would be awesome, also a candy called rips, besided that send fat free or sugar free snacks like wheat thins or stuff like that. anyways guys i love you nothing happened this wekk, im in the mtc so duh anyways outas time love ya.
mom send med papers i need them, sorry its my fault i know. anyways love everyone so so sos so much im doing good and learning alot . thanks for all the be4st packages mom

Don's letter to Spencer 16 July 2011

Hey Spencer!

¿Como va todo? I really hope and pray you’re doing well. I’m so happy to hear from you every week – you sound pretty happy and like thing sare going pretty well and I’m so happy about that.

I’m excited to hear from you again today. Please spend the time to tell us more today. Please tell us a spiritual experience or two. Please tell us about an insight into the scriptures or Preach My Gospel principle that really touched you during this past week. Or an experience in your ward/branch on Sunday or a talk at a devotional by a General Authority or something. Please tell us how you’re doing with the food, the district, your companion. Please tell us how the Spanish is coming. You’ve now been there for about 6 weeks – you are probably really feeling pretty much at home and enjoying the place more. Anyway, just please tell us more.

Things are good here. We’ve had Sheri, Preston and Jeremi and Granddad Broadhurst and their kids all here for the last several days and that has been fun and busy – our pool is getting a work out every day. Dallas Mavs beat the Miami Heat – happy about that – and Nowitski and Kidd were amazing.

Sam did well in his UJGA tourney – an 84 on the 1st day but good enough to qualify, then a 74 on day 2 to beat a very good player, then a 76 yesterday and he lost. But that’s his first tourney after lots of baseball for months, so I feel really good about it. Then after playing 18 yesterday he played a double header and went 2 for 6 and they won both games.

Megan now has reasons to be hopeful about a job either in Provo or at Lone Peak. Michael has a new girl friend and they seem to be enjoying each other. Josh is liking his work at Home Depot and being with Michael in a Provo apartment. I’m staying really busy at work and things are going well. I’m getting ready to leave for Peru, Colombia and Guatemala and my next letter to you will be from Cartagena, Colombia. Stake Youth Conference is tomorrow and Saturday so we’ve been real busy getting ready for that.

I LOVE YOU SON! The BEST gift you could ever give me for Father’s Day is to continue to do your best to serve the Lord on your mission. I love you, and I love our Savior Jesus Christ and I love His gospel, and I love the restored church of Jesus Christ led by living prophets and apostles, so, while we miss you, there’s no other place I’d rather you be and no other activity I’d rather you be involved with than what you are doing right now. And I promise you that your loving Father in Heaven feels the same way. You are where you should be now and you are doing what you should be doing and you and all our family will be blessed forever for it.

The gospel is TRUE and SOOOoooo important, eternally important, so your message to the people of South Carolina is the most important and THE MOST WONDERFUL message there is. Christ lived and died and now lives again for us all. He is our Savior and our Redeemer. And His church and living His gospel teachings can help us be more happy here in this life and forever happy after this life. What more wonderful message can there be?

Thank you for being a good missionary and thank you for all your time and sacrifice and efforts and prayers and work and study and love and ALL you’re doing. I’m proud of you and so happy for you.

Take care and PLEASE TELL US MORE ABOUT YOU and those things I mentioned earlier. We look forward to hearing from you.

I love you Spencer,


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Letter to Spencer 15 June 2011

Hey Lovey....
Sam shot an 84 the first day of the tournament, but EVERYONE did badly and he still qualified for yesterday...when he played the Poly (Samoan) Wesley Asi whose lowest score on the net was a 77--AND SAM BEAT HIM YESTERDAY with a 74 and he had a 75!!! Sam said he was the NICEST kid and they became good friends---they even ate together after the match. I guess on this really hard hole Wesley had like a 15 footer putt and nailed it for a birdie --and Sam had a 50 footer put for the birdie and somehow the God's were with him and he sunk it....Sam said that Wesley was hooting and hollering the same as if he'd made it himself, but then said "you've got no love for me man, no love at all".... Such nice GOOD people play golf!!! So he is off to Kaysville (DAVIS) to play some kid named Bridger from Bingham. We were all too tired to even Google him to see what his tourney's have been like so far. IF he beats Bridger then he'll play another 18 an hour later....they started out with down to 16 yesterday, will be at 8 by the end of the first 18 holes today and 4 after the second 18....I will write and let you know as soon as he texts me...PRAY!!!
Jeremy and Kori and girls left last night and Preston and Jeremy leave today. Jeremy and Kori will be back Friday night. It has been SO fun.
Yesterday we had William's birthday. Tonight some of us are going to the Rodeo.
The full moon always makes me think of those I love who are NOT with comforts me to know that no matter WHERE you are, you can see it too.
I am praying hard for you for the language...I imagine it is getting pretty difficult about now?
Stephen's farewell is Sunday...he is so excited to join you. Do you see Jeffers very often? Jason and Sefa should be getting their calls like ANY MINUTE!!!!
Just up early to see Sam off and can't get you off my mind. How is it keeping the schedule getting up so early? Are you use to it?
Is the food getting any better? What would you like in this next package? Does anyone you know need something but does not have much support? I'd be glad to send something to them as well...
I love you. I LOVE YOU BIG. I miss you Big. The hole you've left is still wide open in our house.
I'm grateful to have a son who created such a vast space with his love. Wish I could see you sharing it there. Love BIG.
Happy Wednesday!!! TOMORROW I GET TO HEAR FROM YOU!!!!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Letter to Spencer 13 June 2011

I was doing the dishes and Sam and London and Jeremy were watching the NBA Finals...Dallas took it....
Kori was reading by the pool....some of the adults were visiting up on the swing....

the kids were in sandbox and playing everywhere....

and my heaven was REAL....
Elle having a little whipped cream for breakfast...minus the waffles and strawberries...
End of a GREAT DAY!!!!

Hey LOVEY!!!! Happy Monday!
Ruben's Mom posted the best pics of you on facebook...we were ALL thrilled to see them! You look GOOD...ok, you look BEAUTIFUL!!!

It has been so much fun having everyone here. The kids haven't had one fight yet. Elle and William are stuck together like glue and the girls are having a blast. Issac is the only one who could really use a buddy. Graham is talking and its adorable...he wants in that pool EVERY waking hour and begs to be played with...he likes to jump to you from the island and then throw the swim rings and have you go fetch them like a dog. Everybody just relaxes. We don't have any plans...we are just "hanging out" and enjoying visiting with each other all day. Jeremy has to go to work on Wednesday but will come back for the weekend again. Preston and crew leave Wednesday for a soccer tournament with Drew, but they won't come back. Sheri and Gene leave this Sunday.

It is hard for me to want to work while so much relaxing and playing is going on....but I am grateful to have work!

Michael fell 35 feet while rock climbing and only had 2 staples in his head....and then went again this last weekend. Pray for that boy. He never hit the ground...the (sp?) Boulayer was able to catch him but he banged against the mountain on the way down....he is pretty scraped up. He and Josh are loving living together. Josh is working alot and that is good for school money for fall. He has decided NOT to do swim lessons....he feels nervous being responsible for their lives :) Megan has her diploma and is still working on finding a full time teaching position. Throw some prayers that way too.... Sam is off to his golf tournament this morning. I will have him Dear Elder you later tonight so he can give you the details.

Everything is good good as it can be without YOU here. Loving you hard and happy that you are happy. And smart. And handsome. And GOOD. And a leader. And MINE. Hope this package finds you well. We'll keep the pictures coming!!!!!!!

I'm not sure if I can attach pics to Dear Elder...but I will repeat this exact same message there.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Letter from Spencer 9 June 2011

so they threw away my betos and i almost swore at the office lady, then almost got in a fight with the mail guy to say the least i was upset.... you have no idea, they say you have to send it through ups not missionary. com or whatever it is. anyways ya but i still liked the rest of the package thanks for the pics i love them. but half of them are blury.... was someone floating or something in the picture?
oh and the asian stuff haha ya funny funny she was writing me but havnt got a letter in two weeks now but i dont care it dont matter thats not what im supposed to focus on there is more important things like learning to speak a new language and not looking like a fool haha. anyways i still miss home everyday. which is a testimony to how awesome our family and home is. anyways not sure i will ever get over it. anyways gotta go sorry love you all so much you have no idea, please send some pics of london and perk and the boys. sorry i will write more later if i can but i gotta go talk to immunizations cuz i dont have my papers yet anyways love ya fam especially you mom! and sam! and michael and josh and dad and meg too i guess haha i just miss you guys.
ps. only do one day delvery if you send it in the morning other wise it takes two

mother plaese send the blog pics as well as the dear elders that ways i can write more and still get the blog pics. and i get my room back when i get home and it better still be just as cool as i left it alright! no messing with
my pride and joy ok, plus remind josh to take care of my baby, the guitar, which is rediculous that i cant have, im going crazy no gol and guitar how am i ever supposed to relax, reading the scriptures ? i dont think so , i will riot and the rules will change thats just how its got be. the mtc.... pshh whos runnin it the prophet.... man someone doesnt know whats up haha just joking it awesome here but i need something to do besides sleep when i want to relax on p day. and no mom dont send me gharry potter anyways love you
- Show quoted text -

Friday, June 3, 2011

Letter from Spencer 2 June 2011

haha ya i went to the hospital read dads message, dear elder works and yes i got to escort, i was looking for brycen! he should have yelled at me but no i dont know his bro but i know elder mike rife and he got to eescort him he told me they went to timp togethor, jason fulmer from sams baseball team came in too. and im pumped fot the calendar, that package was the best ever i loved it so much.
i need laundry detergent and moer pics of the fam, london perk and brycen and all them included i will send you some pics soon. please send some pics of my friends from off facebook.... talk to meg. and ya i love you guys everything is good
for dad
i gave my first priesthood blessing this week to my companion who was really sick and his throat sounded like there was a plastic bag flapping around in there, the words just came to me it was awsome, the spirit said that he would be healed by his faith and his desire to serve the lord and the next morning we didnt even have to go to his doctor appointment it was a complete 360 coolest thing ever, thanks for being such a good example of how to live worthy of and respect the preisthood.
tell lond and the boys i loved there letters

Letter to Spencer from DAD

Hey Spencer,

How are you? I really hope all is well with you son.

If you haven’t responded yet to:

1) The pictures e-mail


2) The mission bike e-mail


3) The emergency room bill, …

…then please do. Please let us know which picture or two you want in 8 x 10” size and we’ll get them made and framed for you. And please give us some instructions on which bike and answer the questions so that I can get you the right stuff. What’s with the bill from DMBA about you going to the emergency room, etc? Did you go a few days after you were in the MTC? Or are they messed up on their billing?

We’ve had a VERY busy week, cause in addition to all the normal stuff, we’re still spending a ton of time on the yard. Today we finished the grading, put the other half of the sod in, and cleaned like crazy. It’s looking pretty good. Now the 3 big things left are: 1) install the basketball system, 2) install the sprinkler heads, and 3) install the pavers on the steps and the walkway.

Last night Sam got the JV MVP at the baseball banquet. And Tyler Hamilton got team MVP and Region MVP. Max Hall got Sophomore MVP. Scooter Nelson won the most inspirational award. It was a good night.

Miami beat up on Dallas last night. Wade and James put on a show with incredible shots and jams and great D. But I still want Dallas to win.

So, how goes it? As always, I’m interested in hearing all about your experiences and how the Spanish is coming and whatever is new for you at the MTC. On Saturday you’ll already have been a missionary for a month. I know you’re learning tons and growing in spirit and preparation.

Bryson Nickle said he saw you today when he and his family dropped off his brother at the MTC. Made us jealous.

We hope you love the package Mom sent on Tuesday – she sure puts her heart into it. With the cookies and Harry Potter wand and all, how could you not love it?! I hope you enjoyed the golf news.

Isn’t the gospel of Jesus Christ wonderful? The more you learn about it and think about it and read and study the word of God and devote yourself to Him and His sacred work, the more you grow in appreciation and love for it. I know that is happening to you. And I’m grateful. Missionary work is incredibly wonderful, as you’ll soon find out in South Carolina. Enjoy it son! Eat well! Know you’re in our heart and prayers.

I love you son!