Saturday, November 30, 2013


November 30 2013

It is the morning after, and it is still a bizarre, yet SWEET place for me to sit and get clear about Randy and me… someone I love, coming to me in his LOVE, and asking me to tell him how I got to this place of such (in his words)radical change  (leaving the Mormon Church)….and then to have him ask me “what is your INTENTION now…how will you live?”
 The bizarreness to me is my having been ALL of the ME that I have been-- knowing the pain but mostly happiness of the road I am traveling, --and yet cautious to swish my finger in his bucket…in ANYONE’s bucket.  50 years of earth life has taught me that swishing in other people’s buckets rarely produces the desired outcome. What I think I know can’t be given by a swish or a nod. And what I know for me is very likely NOT what is true for him, or you.  But Randy LOVES me, and he asked…so to ALL who WANTED to ask, but feared it….to all WHO LOVE me and are worried…and with a smile—to those just downright curious….I am writing this out for all of us. Yes, me especially.

 HOW WILL I LIVE?  Or is the question really…HOW WILL I LOVE??? And I can’t help but feel that YOU also have MY  same other question-- WHO IS YOUR GOD/s?

Randy Olsen, YOU are my true friend. Over 30 years of friendship and “gospel scholarship and sharing” has given us the platform to even entertain this love exchange.  I am grateful.  I love you. I am overwhelmed at the perfectness of my life and the friends I have accumulated…all of whose love has strengthened the  I AM  in me, bringing me to THIS, radically changed  place.

These are the exact questions I have asked myself. I take comfort that you KNOW me. That you have sat in my office and SEEN the plethora of “prophets” I have sought to aid me in answering these questions.  I realize the disappointment in many, that I would open my mind, life, love and world to these OTHER  “philosophies of men”.  There is no doubt in my soul or knowing that I came here to do exactly that. My deepest desires are first to find LOVE and TRUTH-- and then to wrap myself tightly in the HAPPINESS that that brings. I believe in an all knowing and all loving God/s--That I was created by them. Therefore, they above ALL others know when to make my heart burn with knowing and when to withhold those flames. They know the lessons I have come to experience.  They then also know my heart. They know my intentions. They are the orchestration of who and what I choose and feel when I ask in earnest desire to KNOW TRUTH and HAPPINESS.

 It makes me laugh to think how transparent we really are to each other. How EVERYONE who knows me knows I love me a Prophet--- (my definition) ANYONE or WRITING that brings me a new idea that leads to  my greater happiness and JOY!  And yes, maybe even a tad more, I love me a  Prophetess. My female nature resonates with them more quickly at times. I thrill that I live in an age where women’s voices and knowings are heard. My being here NOW, is no mistake. And I am slurping up all I can according  to the promptings and love levels in my being. I have embraced my humanness. I love me. I love YOU and your humanness and all that it teaches me. I love being HERE with ALL of you. I am frustrated at my imperfections when they cause pain to others and myself. I am frustrated at your imperfections when they cause me pain and others pain.  I am learning to dissect pain in pieces now…to see the guidance and understandings that come to me/us through it. It turns our heads, our paths, our knowing.  It shows us to look for OTHER WAYS. It leds me to prayers begging that I can love  more perfectly.  I have learned that we each choose our own pain…so MUCH for me to work on here. I am learning to CHOOSE differently. I am in wonderment at the beauty and love pain can hold when I look at it in new lights.

To those reading this who choose any form of pain at my leaving the Mormon church, I ask that you experiment and try holding me/my decision in new lights until you can see some love and beauty. Maybe you could focus on just ME and the new peace I feel --and the contentment-- and my new abilities to lay down the need to  control things/people in my life. SO NOT PERFECT at the last bit, but SO merging into it!!!  I am starting to point it out to those I love when I abstain from trying to control and just allow J I laughed when someone I love deeply told me that from what he can see, I am NOT happier in my new space. Odd isn’t it? How we can get wrapped up in our own feelings  and be oblivious to anothers? I DO IT ALL THE TIME, so I was able to "get it". Something to think on….my feeling HAPPIER perceived by another as NOT AS HAPPY. Gratefully I get to EXPERIENCE for ME my CHOOSING and my HAPPINESS J.

Gratitude OOZES from deep within that just as my children are starting to FLY I am learning to LET GO of so much of what I had been taught in the name of THIS IS GODS WAY… and allow myself and THEM these NEW placesJ I am repenting for the agendas I placed on them and some I placed on you, and for the mounds I placed on me. I am breathing through our imperfect perfect decisions which ultimately lead us ALL to greater happiness and a sense of purpose.  I hadn’t understood before how our IMPERFECTIONS are our PERFECTIONS. (Thank you Brene Brown for the joyous depths to which you have submerged  and obliterated my expectations). Can I ever repay  my children or YOU—each of you In my life for the optimal teaching you bring to my soul. I actually have FELT what Brene  recently taught me for years…just ask anyone…are MY CHILDREN PERFECT??? Why, YES THEY ARE!!! And if you are MY FRIEND do I tell others YOU ARE PERFECT? Why yes I do. I have known this. I have FELT your perfectness. And I stand behind that even stronger now. The Pearl in this Oyster? SO AM I!!!  I am perfectly imperfect.  And to me…so are youJIf you feel lost in my poor attempt to explain the awesomeness of the truths Brene so brilliantly shares , read her books, take her class.  And that pretty much blows up all the boxes I have tried to put around myself for SAFE LIVING AND LOVING. Rule boxes. Religion boxes. Must do and be boxes. No more boxes with labels THIS IS THE RIGHT WAY. I trust me. I trust you. 

So if I blew them up,  do I not believe that the God/s  have rules? Of course I do...and so does the Universe...there is gravity and death and law of the harvest. Yes I do. For ME,  I believe there is ONE.      Love.          Maybe in another life I will advance to more. I mean this in all humility. I realize when I hear prophets speak and see the works of astro physicists, and the businesses my friends have created that I AM A BABY here amongst true Gods. I am HONORED to share this space with you. I  came with grit and determination and spunk and tenacity and enthusiasm and HOPE…and I’m gonna catch up least I’m gonna GET THERE some life. My God/s want my imperfect perfection. If you are rejoicing with me as you read this, lets just hold each other in our space for a minute. If you are instead inundated with questions to pelt at me, I ask that you hold them in your space and confirm your OWN answers to yourself . I have more lifetimes to live until I have experience to field them. I have also learned that finger swishing in MY BUCKET doesn’t work. If you want to really connect with me…come to me with YOUR  LOVE and patience.  Leave your fear of my not knowing what you know in your space. Trust me.  Trust that I will get it figured out.  Trust that my soul’s desire is to BE a LOVE MAGNET! Bring me your trust in what you know and your gentleness and kind words. And that will be enough.

 From what I’ve learned so far, MY God/s care about one thing…and that is MY CONNECTION to them. The connection that allows me personal tutoring into this LOVE THANG I am so enamored with.  Forgive me when I am slow to embrace it. And I will forgive you.  I have this new TRUST in me, and IN EACH of you. A TRUST that comes from knowing that we are the creations of a God. We are perfect in our imperfectness…until we aren’t.

I realize that to many people, those I DEEM as Prophets would seem sacrilegious. Please relax and release yourself from the expectation that I might expect the same from you. I do not. Having lived/loved in the space of believing that only certain MEN in authority have the ability to speak for God-- -, and therefore sometimes for ME…I UNDERSTAND that space. It didn’t work for me. It was LYING for me to say that all of THEIR WORDS represented the GOD/s  I know , and therefore  me. YEARS of my own personal experiences kept leading me to questions, and MORE questions,  and NOT  feeling RIGHT in my heart about their truths. (Polygamy, Holy Ghost, Church as a business, Patriarchy, stand on gays, missionary rules, enabling)

 The heavens and each of YOU know that it was MY SEEKING that brought me to this RADCIAL CHANGE. And that it did not just start 6 years ago. LOTS of THINKING. LOTS OF PRAYING.Trial and error.  Watching the lives around me.  Personal interpretation of YOUR happiness levels. Happiness and unhappiness. This all brought me straight here.  Now  I speak  through my heart and out of my soul with no fear. I allow for misunderstandings in my knowings. I thrill at how quickly the universe races in with new  light on truths and from whence they come when I have truths to redefine. I am a masterpiece in progress.   It is MY understanding as I look out across all the worlds on my world, that there are many forms of happiness to experience. I did not say LEVELS. I wrote forms. I do believe in levels however…PERSONAL levels, not levels where we could possibly compare ourselves to one another. There is JOY here for the taking. My rule? MY GOD’S RULE? LOVE! LOVE BRINGS ME JOY. Practice creating LOVE Natalie. Practice practice practice. I have learned that those who know how to manage the power of their creation of happiness are not threatened  or fearful or sad for me being on my own path.  They trust me. They know I am here to get it right. These are the people, the SAINTS, I seek.

 Many people have asked “can’t you see that the church is changing…yes its slow…but its changing!!! A woman gave a prayer at conference!!”  I am smiling. Have you EVER known this creation of ME to be snail paced? And OF COURSE I have asked myself if there isn’t a lesson inTHAT in  there for me…there is ALWAYS a lesson there for ALL of us. But WHO decides my pace? ME…not another person.  My truth is my truth NOW…I have not experienced a God who makes me WAIT…I can live whatever, whenever I am ready.  But I have seen that HUMANS wait. I have seen that I WAIT until I feel  it’s safe.  Love is safety. I waited till I was so sure of GODS love of me in this new place before I had the courage to speak it. And to be honest, I made sure I had the love of some friends.  Love holds courage.  I am loved. I came here to Live/LOVE ME!! I choose to speak/live /love my truth NOW.  I don’t feel a need to wait.  My happiness is defined by a space where women and men are viewed with the same respect in my God/s eyes…with the same light, knowledge, powers, opportunities, education and blessings.  My truth does not use gender or roles to disperse these life elements. Blessings and enlightenment are not metered out only  or MORE, on the chosen who covenant  to living an obedient, God’s rules only,  in the box, life. Remember: I am only speaking MY TRUTH. These beliefs, practices did NOT WORK for me.  In my new WORKING FOR ME space,  I have lived/ been LOVED in to a knowing that life is messy and messy is how we learn. Getting dirty and learning to clean it off is JOY bringing. Its soul skill building. And some of that dirt I choose to let linger as a kind remembrance.   In MY space this loving is so PERSONAL. Blessings are poured freely on those in the arena  LOVING in  imperfect love. My purest intentions of goodness are baffled by the inconsistency of things… I am awed at the duality and paradox in the scriptures, in lives being lived, and in heavenly and earth teachings. Most of it does not make sense to me.  What makes sense?  Love and the JOY it brings me.

 I am comforted that if you know me you know to date my greatest life JOYS have been in my MOTHERING. I will treasure this experience through the eternities. I would not change a thing about the gift of being able to be home with them till they were  all in elementary school. This is a debt I could never repay Don.  I LOVED that role. I feel the foundation that role brings to children in their progression. Living in a day where I have witnessed other women and other ways and their children, I am fascinated at the transformations of our society.  Walls are falling. Pain and transition is being reshaped into love and beauty.   I walked into a space of peace and happiness for me. I am living/loving my truth. There are those who feel  I have missed so much in choosing to embrace my different truths. I can comfort you with your own current belief of a 1000 year millennium. I have only lived here 50 years.  If I have this 1000 years, with a perfectly imperfect heart, I believe I WILL find my way. My way is happiness and I have that now.

 So love me in my imperfection and humor me in my path, and smother me with  long held hugs. You know how much I love to be hugged. That is when I get to have glimpses of that other love I’ve been wrapped in that I WILL learn to create for me full time, every waking second.  I know this is also frustrating to some…MY TRUTH KEEPS CHANGING.  I think what you want to understand is what does MY SPACE LOOK LIKE NOW?? In this space…I have my own voice with my own God/s who are crazy mad in love with me, who embrace me and chuckle when I misstep, who assist in turning me in happier  directions, who stand at the ready to guide me when I ask ,and shower me minute by minute with all things that  lead me to BEING greater LOVE.

This is were sometimes the energy   gets funky and others think that I think MY WAY is better than theirs, or that I want others to follow me.  I have no desire to JUDGE anyone for being in THEIR space. I have no desire to judge ANYONE for any space they are choosing to live in. I believe EVERY SPACE  is foundational  for the spaces to come. My Mormon foundation is precious to me.  So I lied…I do WANT you to follow me…I want you to FOLLOW ME ON YOUR PATH to happiness. I want you to KNOW what that LOOKS and FEELS Like for YOU and for YOU to have the courage to create it.  I know that HAPPINESS looks so DIFFERENT on almost everyone I meet. AND I’VE BEEN LOOKING!!!!!!!  I also know what it looks like and feels like when there isn’t a lot of Happiness. This is a fascinating study in and of itself to me.  I have “Squirreled”. I am back now.  This was one of my first steps towards what you regard as my radical change.    From the scriptures to RUMI to Kate Braestrup to Oprah’s super soul Sunday…. I allowed whatever truth worked for me to work its magic in softening my human fierceness and imperfections. After spending  MUCH TIME  in meditation, STUDY and observation,  these VERY QUESTIONS have brought me to this NEW PLACE of radical change as you perceive it.

WHAT IS MY INTENTION?? HOW WILL I LIVE/LOVE?? With the BESTEST I got in me on the days I’m not too tired.  I had to merge that LIVE with LOVE because they are ONE to me.  And WHO IS YOUR GOD? Most people don’t like when I answer this, I am sorry for the uncomfortable place I put you in when I give you my true answer, but it is MY current truth, and it is COMFORTABLE to ME….I DON’T KNOW exactly WHO MY GOD/S are. They are evolving as I do. But this I know. THEY ARE LOVE and LIGHT and GOODNESS and KINDNESS and TRUTH and HAPPINESS.  Whoever the Gods of the Old Testament are surely allows me this space…as whoever THEY were totally morphed  into the new RADICAL PLACE of the New Testament.

I no longer regularly attend the  Mormon church and no longer participate in Temple attendance or church meetings.

 No, I don’t miss some of the people because I SEE THOSE PEOPLE ANYWAY…my friendships were never confined to a building or organization.

 How do I feel congruent about not taking a priesthood blessed sacrament? My God accepts my sacraments DAILY in my hot tub meditations. Yes he told me so.

How do I dare possibly take responsibility for knocking my children off of their  religious foundation I gave them? First, I don’t take responsibility for others choices anymore, even if I was large part of their opinion forming. Second, I am thrilled that I have given them the foundation that brought me to MY path and I TRUST THAT THEY WILL BE LED TO/ON THEIRS.  I love my children, they are my life/ LOVE PARTNERS to infinity and beyond NO MATTER WHAT CHOICES THEY MAKE IN TESTING OUT THEIR POWER OF THEIR HAPPINESS CREATIONS. They are smarter than me, and will be much and are ALREADY much quicker life studiers, with a sense of self that I envy.

 Yes, I miss the children in Primary. But you can see how some parents would feel uncomfortable with me.I will not teach 4 year olds how to count one penny out of a dime and that they no matter what give that to GODS CHURCH. I will however  give them examples of the happiness that comes to us when we reach out to others .

 What about Tithing? I believe in it. I believe in giving back--10% seems reasonable because I’m human and left to my own I might think 1 %. But I have lived and loved long enough to know that the NEED is greater than 1%. Actually, I’m not a fan of magic numbers.  But what I LOVE? Is participating and  knowing when and where God directs me to give it. I participate with THEM in the love choosing and giving. I believe that  ALL I have and do and become is of them  ANYWAY.

 How will I feel when I am in the waiting room of the temple when my children marry there. HAPPY, THRILLED! that their lives are on the path THEY CHOOSE!!!

 How do you deal with being “projected” by church members who love you, but some are assigned, and want you to “find your way back”.  Honestly, I’m still human and  sometimes exasperated. It s crazy to get a”love letter” in the mail from someone who has the calling but has NEVER spoken to you in their life OR has had very superficial conversations with you. Love is real to me. You can’t pretend it. Not accepting me in my new space is not loving FOR ME. I get that in other lights they are frustrate that I don’t Accept their offering as love.  A natural sifting has occurred. But then there is the other side, the duality I cannot deny. Through the “projecting” I have a front row seat to some of the most pure intent I have encountered.

I am so human. I live/love imperfectly.  I LOVE BEING HUMAN!  I love having a participant’s role in this messy lesson learning field! I am HONORED to live at a time when the earth is flooded with “prophets and prophetesses “---MASTERS at enlightening the way through this thick and gooey and sweet and smelly and heavenly and out and out HELL-- LOVE place.  I believe I CHOSE YOU to be with here

 I can SEE my growth. I can FEEL new depths of love and forgiveness and awareness.  I judge less frequently. I can see that I am not spending enough time enjoying the journey.  This new “radical change”  place has allowed me to have compassion for myself in my imperfections, to step away from doctrines that do not bring me happiness, to STAND IN MY TRUTH, to questions my thoughts but NOT my heart,  to see others much more kindly,  it created a new compassion for  you and everyone else that shares my earth space. Randy, THANK YOU for taking the time to come and be with me and do the love check in. Your dream was so on purpose. YOU are the vehicle that initiated this creation. My gas tank is full. I have just written my Declaration of Independence and my LOVE MANIFESTO  wrapped up in one.

THANK YOU and I LOVE YOU BIG….and all the rest of you too…

Won’t it be exciting to SEE where I am next year this time?????

Monday, November 25, 2013

From the Sam 25 November 2013

to me, Don, London
Another superb week!
I am a little bit rushed today, so it might not be as detailed of an update. On Monday we had a really fun P-day at the city center, and when it was time to go back, my bike tire's we're completely ripped, and so we had to walk the bikes all the way to the flat, which made it so we couldn't really do any work all night which was a bummer. We spend most of the week fixing our bikes but we've finally got it sorted and it's running better than ever now!
On Tuesday I went on an exchange with Elder Balzen, he is a very shy missionary. One of the most shy people I've met in my whole life, and you have to make him speak! However, I was amazed to see how enthusiastic and outgoing he was as we were street contacting and teaching lessons, he truly put aside the fact that he doesn't like talking, because he knows that to be effective he needs to. So when we are with non-members, he is an excellent teacher and finder, and the second it's just a big group of missionaries he just goes back to his comfortable shell. I really look up to him for conquering his fear of talking to people when he needs to, because I know it  can be a really real fear.
On Wednesday we had an excellent lesson with Gifty. She is going to be baptized on the 14th of December. The spirit was so strong in the lesson, especially when Gifty realized for the first time the need to be baptized again. (baptized catholic)
On Thursday two of our investigators went and did family history at the Family History Center, and while they did theirs, I decided I might as well look at ours. Everyone in the room was AMAZED when they saw that we can trace family back to the 1100's. I felt the spirit so strong as I saw the names of my ancestors that come from places in England, the country I have been called to serve in. The spirit of Elijah is so real! A lady asked me how my mom was able to go back so far, and I couldn't believe when I remembered that mom had a dream about Francis Moran, who was a rubber manufacturer or something in the brooklyn port, who told her where to find his name. Amazing testimony builder to me of family history work, and we are going to start implementing it a lot with our teaching and finding. Our investigators Frank and Joan loved it!
On Friday we met with Luke and Aramaide, who are both committed to baptism, Luke on the 7th now, and Aramaide on the 14th.  Luke is so solid. most real investigator I've had on my mission. He is so intelligent and such an honest seeker of truth. He has promised us that by the 1st of December, he will have made enough time out of his day every day to finish the entire book of mormon. I cannot wait for his baptism. 
Michael, Luke, Frank and Joan came to church and it was the primary program, and they all liked it. Luke scheduled an interview with the bishop to ask him how he can prepare best for his baptism.  After church we gave out food to the homeless, and sang in the ward choir for the christmas concert that is in a week. The mayor of coventry will be there and apparentely it's a really big deal, I guess we'll see! Yesterday after we finished giving out food, Elder Debeikes and I had to cycle through the city center, and the whole city was there because it was the annual turning on of the christmas lights! It made me all of you guys so much, and this holiday season won't be the same without you guys, but it will be amazing for so many other reasons.
Gordon B. Hinkley's voice just comforts me so much. If I'm ever discouraged I love to hear his voice, because I can hear the savior speaking through the mouthpeice of a living prophet. It is similar with Thomas S. Monson, but nothing quite compares to Gordon B. Hinkley for me. Perhaps it was because he was the first prophet I can remember, the one that I can remember praying for when I was little (Gordon B HINCKEY) and the one that I would feel the spirit so strongly as I was a child. I loved to watch the way the older children and mom and dad would watch him as he was addressing us when we would watch General Conference before 2008. Here is a great mormon message that he gives. 
I love you guys so much. Have an amazing Thanksgiving! and a wonderful week. give every person in our home my love, and I hope you guys will be able to feel my prayers and thoughts for you as you are enjoying your week :)
Take Care!
Elder Harris.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Mom LOVES YOU ....24 November 2013

 LOVED that this girlie posted Sam's pic!!!
 Cousin Ashton had a BIRTHDAY this did ELLE!!!

Da Brother and his cute girlfriend.
TWO DAYS MICHAEL and JOSH !!!!!! Oh Sammer...we are somewhere under 480 days!!! I am SO EXCITED for it to be THANKSGIVING!!! I AM THANKFUL for my FAMILY!!!! will SO be in our thoughts. You've seen me do it 3 other you KNOW you are gonna BE ON MY MIND all day long!! Jeremy and kids and Grandad and Kasi and her sister and Laura and probably a few more are going to be joining us. We are going to see Catching Fire, Ender's Game and a few others. We're gonna sit in the hot tub and discuss life and make travel plans. We're gonna play some Settlers and eat ourselves silly. I'm going to start cooking Tuesday. We haven't picked out a TV series yet. I AM NOT GOING TO WORK!!!

We had dinner with the Nickles last night. Melanie's mom just died so they are on the way to the funeral. They said Bryson finally likes Italian food...crazy right? I had a Do Terra sleepover training on Friday. The rest of the week I have been slammed with Real estate and HAPPILY SO! Now to closes!!! I am still in the middle of the Deepak and Oprah meditation class and LOVING IT...I hope all you kids will give it a try. And my Brene Brown class has us taking pics all week of things we are grateful for everyday...the normal wrinkle cream and electric blankets and email friends and running on clear roads. I've loved it. I am also overwhelmed with all the LOVE in my life and the LOVE I've been able to create. It has been a sweet sweet year with all the new friends I've made and reconnected with...and I have Do TERRA to thank for most of that. My mind keeps going to my heart in wonderment at how many people I've been able to share their lives with. Even if its just the snippets.

I walked into Costco Friday and was jolted back...WOW...its Christmas--such duality....Sam, YOU have been GONE FOREVER...but Christmas just snuck up fast! How DOES THAT work? I can't wait to understand TIME. I have read quite a bit lately about parallel lives and quantum physics. I could use some extra time right now. I haven't done one preparatory thing for Thanksgiving or Christmas. NOT ONE. Elaine Parker made this AWESOME DVD for you  and for all the "HOMIES" that will come in your package Sam. I have to send it Friday so PLEASE LET ME KNOW WHAT TO you want more jammies? Or money for more jammies? It's CHRISTMAS LOVE BUG so I want you to really tell me what you want to get....don't worry. There will be a few SURPRISES....I KNOW how much you LOVE those!
Michael and Josh COME HOME with some IDEAS for me!!! Buying your tickets tonight!

No snow on the ground, but plenty in the mountains. Spencer is anxious to go boarding as you can imagine :) And I am praying that the snow holds off so Michael can have at least ONE good motorcycle ride while he is home...Bud, I SO APPRECIATE your NOT taking your bike with you...I can just relax!!!!

Don't worry Sam...once you get home you wont ever have to ride a bike again if you don't want. I will be sad if you don't join me on the trail in Fall though. I have this feeling your love of sports and outdoors and teams will lead you to some bodywork kind of profession and you will end up biking some more in your life :) YOU will have so MANY OPTIONS for a career. I will be exited to see which ones you embrace. You have such an innate ability to build and create relationships that you will be able to succeed wherever you are. I think you are getting a feel for yourself now on your mission. GRATEFULLY Loving each other and our friends is central to our life purpose so you will ALWAYS be using your gifts.

I Love Sundays. I love my long runs. I love hot tubbing for as LONG as I want with NO PLACE I have to be. I love oprah's SUPER SOUL SUNDAY and the incredible people she introduces me to. I love staying in jammies all day if I want. I love that some of you can come home for dinner. I love that people don't call for work stuff. I love catching up on reading. I love touching base with all of you. I love that I can tell you about my thoughts and feelings and what I'm reading. HEY...on that note...which of you have NOT read MAN's SEARCH FOR MEANING??? I just thought of that today and want to make sure you all have a copy! This is another one of MOMMA SAYS YOU GOTTA READ. A man who lost his child in the elementary school murders last Dec in Connecticut quoted from it to day... he said "It's not what YOU expect of LIFE....its what LIFE expects from YOU"...something to toss around when you have some head and heart space. Gary Zukav is another of my favorite reads and Oprah had him on today and Dad even came in and took all the books by him off the shelf in my office....I was surprised and delighted.

I still believe that the only rule is LOVE....Get out there and get it ALL OVER!!!! Especially YOURSELVES!!!
Love love love love LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE
da Momma

Monday, November 18, 2013

Email from Bammer 18 Nov 2013

How are you guys doing!!
This week was incredible. The work has never been so good! On Monday we taught Luke the Plan of Salvation, and when we attempted to commit him to baptism he says, "I know I need to be baptized, to be saved, but I need to be positive that it is by the priesthood, and the correct church." Although he didn't commit to a date, it's amazing to have an investigator with such intense real intent. I'm very confident that as he continues to read and pray he will come to the knowledge that nothing will bring him more happiness. Please pray for him! He came to church yesterday, and shaved, and wore a white shirt and tie! he's the best!
On Tuesday we accidently got a new investigator, I know that sounds weird. We went to visit a lady named Joyce, who we thought was a less-active, so we committed her to have the lessons again, and to come to church for the 24th of November, and then after we looked at her records and found out she was a former investigator, so that was cool! haha we had the privledge of teaching a few lessons at the University this week which I loved so much!
Wednesday we put our investigator Aramaide on a baptismal date for the 7th of December, and she is amazing as well, one of the only English investigators we have.
On Thursday Elder Timothy J. Dyches of the second quorem of the seventy came to the mission and gave an excellent zone conference on managing time wisely, and goal setting, and the plans we need to make to make the goals happen! I learned a lot and am exited to apply what I've learned. 
On Friday I went on exchange with my zone-leader named Elder Hansen. the guy is nuts! He only has a few weeks left of his mission, and he is just a work-horse! I look up to him a lot and hope to be able to have that kind of motivation all the way to the end of these 2 years.  We taught this polish girl for the first time named nina! she is soo elect! she says, "my mom told me I need to find the church that feels right for me, so I guess I'm just looking," She totally understands the need for a prophet and a restoration of the church, and it exited about further investigating, shortly after we taught 2 more lessons, where we were able to gain another investigator named Emily. Later that night we visited a less-active part-member family who are going to start doing their family history at the Stake center which is close to their home, and the husband is now investigating as well!
On Saturday we played football with all of the missionaries and it was a blast, followed by a really good lesson with our investigator Gifty, she let us know this week that her baby has died 8 months ago, and we read Moroni 8 with her and the spirit was very strong! Shortly after we taught a first lesson to a boy named Boscol who is now on a date for the 14th of December!
Sunday was awesome! Luke was our only investigator at church which was a bummer, because 4 investigators committed to coming! but with faith and love they will come. Later that night we gained 3 more investigators, including 2 chinese girls that I love so much! It's amazing to see the faces of the chinese light up when the idea of a loving heavenly father finally clicks in their head! I love the chinese!
So.. with the help of the Lord, Elder DeBeikes and I were able to find 8 new investigators this week, it was absolutely unreal! Please pray especially for Luke, Margaret, Irene, Aramaide, Boscol, Nina, Gifty, and Michael. They are the most solid and have the most real intent. I am honestly loving my mission.  I'm so grateful that I served In Eastwood first, because I get to see the best of both worlds when it comes to finding and teaching, I know we would not be as successful in coventry without the things I have learned in Eastwood, and the things Elder DeBeikes has learned from his previous companion.  I've said this before, but it's impossible to express how I feel. I just love it! Because it's Thanksgiving/Christmas time, it's bizzare not being home, however, I feel like England is also home now, so I have this extreme desire to be in both places! I know the lord will bless my family as I work hard as a missionary, so if things aren't going good, you'll have to tell me to work a little harder ;) Love you guys so much!
Spiritual thougth for this week is Doctrine and Covenants 59:21. We need to have Gratitude in everything we do! Also here is a cool story. When Elder Ballard was asked, "What is the worst sin??" his reply was, "The one you feel like you can get away with," WOW. Love you!
Elder Samuel Harris.

Sunday, November 17, 2013


Hello LOVIES!!!!!
I am BACK! The Symposium was a success! I am so thrilled to have Christine and my other 3 new builders. Gainesville will explode now:) I had THE most lovely Sunday taking 3 flights home. I am going to work hard at allowing myself the same freedom to RELAX and just read that I feel while on a plane OTHER DAYS in my life. It rained a lot in Florida so it made me think of BOTH of you!

I heard a few new favorite songs while I was there and realized I haven't really been listening to the're going to love em when you hear em! Michael you can probably already sing every word to each one. John Legend's new song ALL OF ME made me cry in the car. I also heard Blake Shelton's YOU WOULD BE MINE and Hunter Hay's I WANT CRAZY. We live in such a FUN GREAT WORLD with SO MANY talented people. I love that they get to rub up against YOUR ENERGY out there!

I've been taking Oprah and Deepak Chopra's Mediation Class online for the last 7 days and LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE IT! I want ALL of you to try on this course as well. Day 5 was all about ABUNDANCE and I was so struck by Deepak saying:

What lights you up more fervently than anything else in your life? Listen to whatever immediately comes to you---these are signs leading you to your true passion, your most heartfelt desire, and ultimately your destiny. When we heed the call of our deepest desires, we fulfill our true destinies.

I just keep thinking about HOW TRUE THAT IS!!! And when we SQUISH our desires and put aside our authentic selves, we are NOT HAPPY. You can still sign up if it works into your just plug in and meditate as it fits your schedule, the links are emailed to you each day.

I finished JOURNEY OF SOULS by Michael Newton on my flights. Michael holds a Doctorate in Counseling Psychology and is a Master Hypnotherapist who discovered that his patients were regressing to OTHER LIVES lived before this one when asking them to pinpoint the time and cause of the chronic pain they were experiencing.... which then led him  into  PLANNING SESSIONS for their next lives. His research has me spell bound and I will  experience a regression with him someday. My SOUL is fascinated with all things that lead me to new thoughts about the facets of MY SOUL.... and light and knowledge and LOVE. This will be on my YOU GOTTA read this list.

I am SOOOO counting down to Thanksgiving. Sam--campaign to have a THANKSGIVING call AND a Christmas call will you? We will all be home WISHING you were with us. I am praying again that human angels will wrap you up in their most favorite dishes and let you have a hint of home.

Megs, Laura and I have also been doing the Brene Brown GIFTS of IMPERFECTION eclass. She totally focuses on the PERFECTION of our IMPERFECTIONS (I took this line idea from the ALL OF ME SONG)...She really does have us looking at ourselves with much kinder glasses. I love the way she tell us life is for us to get all messy! Most importantly to BE OUR AUTHENTIC SELVES.
I will save the course and whoever wants a shot at it in the family is most welcome.


Monday, November 11, 2013


Guys... I love it here. As torn apart as I was to leave Eastwood, I think I love it here as much as I loved Eastwood, and I've only been here for a few days!
Elder DeBeikes is the man, and we get along really well, and are very similar in so many ways! He is a sick kid! My District leader is Elder Packer, who is one of my best friends in the mission, and the city is still full of foreigners! We were able to get 6 new investigators this week, all through our finding efforts which was a huge blessing! So now, we have 2 investigators from England, and then 1 from India, Romania, China, South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, and Poland. Pretty sweet! They are all Uni-students except for 1 of them is probably about 40.  I love finding in Coventry, everyone has such a strong passion for their belief in God, and are so intrigued with our beliefs, and so humble in hearing our message. A night and day difference from my finding experiences in Eastwood.  One of our new investigators didn't have time to talk when we tracted into him (Which is a common excuse for they just don't want anything to do with us) but he asked us where our church was. We were amazed when he showed up at church on Sunday and loved it! Another cool miracle was on wednesday when Elder DeBeikes and I were street contacting, we saw from Dominos pizza that said, "personal Pizza only £1, so we decided to take a break from street contacting to get a pizza, while the pizza was cooking, we had 5 minutes before it was finished, so we decided to contact for those 5 minutes, during those 5 minutes we found our investigator named Luke, who is 19, from Romania, and he basically said, "I've heard some weird things about your church, can I find out for myself if they are true or not" He came to church on sunday, and asked us what he can do to become a missionary! We have been blessed. We put our chinese investigator Ernie on a date for the 7th of December, and will be putting more on a date during this week. life is good! I love all of you so much! I love being a missionary and serving in a place that has been prepared for people to hear the message of the restoration of Jesus Christ's church.  I'm so grateful for the Priesthood and for the blessings we receive as we forget ourselves and love god. 
I love the Book of Mormon so much, and I also love Elder Jeffrey R. Holland. When he speaks to us with his boldness and his incredible testimony of the savior and his teachings, I cannot deny that he is a man of god, and that he is a man inspired by god.  attatched is his testimony of the Book of mormon with some cool video clips. I love you guys! Have an amazing week. Church is true, book is blue :), then type in "testimony of the book of mormon" and you'll see it. only takes about 5 minutes!
Oh and I'm not sure if I included this in last email, but there are these 2 members in the ward that remind me so much of Preston and Jeremy! I love when we get to spend time with them, and we are probably going to spend our p-day messing around with them doing something nuts! anyways
Elder Samuel Joseph Harris.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

About TIME

A MUST SEE Family.... a MUST SEE!

November 10 2013

 Cousin Mac and his family...not long and CECE will be here.
 Spencer's adorable Casey on the left....
Megs in her Halloween Costume for work!

Dad put all the pool stuff away. Everything is tidy and under the tarp. The leaves are still falling. It's officially deep into Fall. Every store has pumpkin something! Herman has all his hair back :) 16 days till you get home Miohael! :)  Sam...we just have somewhere around 500 days...

I have been working like crazy still to create this AWESOME, 250  seats FILLED  Symposium in Florida. It s next Saturday. I fly home with Christine on Thursday and fly back here on Sunday morning so this trip will be short. I'm gonna want a LONG NAP when I'm done. Christine flew in Friday for the Elite Retreat training. I love her so much. We work SO well together. My other legs are great too...Laura Dugovik is ON FIRE --my entire weekend has been devoted to supporting her is a sweet place now to NOT feel like I am doing the business all by myself anymore. I went to Pocatello with Ginger to build her team on Wednesday. I left her there and drove home alone on Thursday and remembered how much I LOVE a long drive! I listened to a few professional network marketers speak and kept smiling as I thought of how much they really speak like church  members. The best part of the aloneness was focusing on each one of you kids in my mind and FEELING you with me. I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH and I'm SO PROUD  with ALL of your decisions! I'm thrilled at our imperfections and the growth they bring us. I am grateful for each of our struggles and the lessons we get to learn from them and the people they soften us into to.... xxooxxooxx..., and of course I 'm thankful for ALL YOUR PERFECTIONS that teach me the possibility of it!

 My week has been gifted with all sorts of great thoughts and people! I've been reading RUMI and totally awestruck by his spiritual talents to communicate through poetry those places we long for, feel and want to share with others. For Oprah and Brene Brown's eclass on  THE GIFTS OF IMPERFECTION they asked us to find a mantra for ourselves to live by, remnding us always that who we are with all our warts is just A OK.  I took mine from RUMI:

                                            There are lovers content with longing, I'm NOT one of them.

It just sank deep in my heart. I SO GET that I screw things up, that my hunger for so many answers and experiences, and loving, and knowing, leads me to thoughts -to seeking and questioning-- that can make others uncomfortable when they get the RAW me wrapped up in it. BUT...I LOVE about me that I don't just stay in the longing place. I find out for myself, ask the Universe to bring me knowings. And with that--I'm OKAY. I LOVE PEOPLE! I LOVE  GROWING! I wanna make a difference in the world LOVE!
 I've started another book by Dannion Brinkley (did not tell about first I read on plane trips in FLorida--SAVED BY THE LIGHT). The story of how he was struck dead by lightening, visited the other side and came back. LOVE ME A NEAR DEATH STORY!
The book I'm reading now is the SECRET OF THE LIGHT.
Love love love love love having it reinforced that I just came here to LOVE and be the best ME I can. Since his struck dead experience he has psychic abilities. A lot to think about on that subject. MANY NDE'ers have psychic abilities after their experiences. Interesting, Right?
So...every time I watch Survivor I miss you. Everytime I pass Timpanogos High School or PF Changs I miss you. Everytime I pray...I miss you. I'll be wrapping you in my prayers and love as always ...ALWAYS!!! Smear your LOVE all over em' boys!
da Momma

Monday, November 4, 2013

I have a daughter AND sons

Sarah Kay: If I should have a daughter ... | Video on


The Guest House
This being human is a guest house.
Every morning a new arrival.
A joy, a depression, a meanness,
some momentary awareness comes
as an unexpected visitor.
Welcome and entertain them all!
Even if they are a crowd of sorrows,
who violently sweep your house
empty of its furniture,
still, treat each guest honorably.
He may be clearing you out
for some new delight.
The dark thought, the shame, the malice.
meet them at the door laughing and invite them in.
Be grateful for whatever comes.
because each has been sent
as a guide from beyond.

-- Jelaluddin Rumi,
    translation by Coleman Barks

IF you look below at the post  Michelle will see her. Can you FEEL her grace and wisdom and kindness and happiness in her picture? She's just like that in real life. She did my Natal Star chart (Astrology) for me while I was in Florida. Who knew that  someone so educated, so thoughtful, so professional, so authentic-- would have such LIFE AFFIRMING SKILLS? Her office is on the second floor of this beautiful old home on 2nd Ave in Gainesville. The floors are wood...the windows are are wrapped in warmth and chic and the vibrations of the books in the shelves say YOU ARE SO LUCKY TO HAVE PASSED HERE!   If you've never had yours done...I would say RUN to her for the delight of having your life and its lessons affirmed.  And even more...the confirming HOPE of an AMAZING life ahead.  Like Rumi...(I) may be clearing out for some new delight...grateful for whatever comes....
I am overwhelmed as I continue to discover the beauty of the STRUCTURE of this world and its energies....I'm honored to meld mine into it.

Michelle Gould Heavenly Writings

Letter from Sam 4 Nov 2013

Well, as you guys already know, I am in Coventry! It has been amazing so far. It is so much different than Eastwood, honestly, it feels like an entirely different part of the world. In Eastw.  ood I'd be lucky to see one person a day who wasn't english, and in Coventry, EVERYONE is from different parts of the world. Let me just say that finding people in Coventry is probably going to be 5x easier than it was in Eastwood, basically everyone will stop and chat! and guess what... THE UNIVERSITY IS IN OUR AREA! tons of Uni students everywhere and it's paradise. 
Monday was my last p-day, we spent it in derby just kickin it and eating kebabs and chillin' with the derby elders and helping out sister wengert because she got hit by a car! but she's ok so don't worry, Some antio-biotics that I was taking were making me really sick, so we didn't have much of a proscelyting post-p-day. We found out that I am obviously in Coventry, and that I will be serving with Elder DeBeikes. He is a really cool kid from California. He is super humble and a hard worker, and we have gotten along great so far! He has a full-ride scholarship to BYU playing american football, so that will be really run to watch him play for the Y when we get back from our missions. HE's been out as long as Elder Pogue, so about 3 months.I know that we will have loads of success together!
Tuesday I said goodbye to everyone and it was just way sad and I hated it haha but I think that just shows how much I have loved my mission up to this point, and how much the people I have come to love have served me.  I packed a lot and had all you can eat sunday-dinner (basically thanksgiving dinner) with some awesome members and even a non-member who I love sooo much named Nigel. 
Wednesday was basically transferrs most of the day, It was weird saying goodbye to Elder Pogue, he was one of the best friends I've ever had, and it didn't feel real that all of the sudden we just weren't going to be with each other all of the time, but his new companion is an incredible missionary and I know that he will be perfect for Eastwood. A massive coach took us to Coventry, where I met Elder DeBeikes and we walked to our new flat. On the walk there I was amazed at Coventry. HOnestly all of the different cultures was amazing, and the citycenter is huge! I'm just gonna love it here. The flat is nice, bigger than my flat in Eastwood, and the beds are still unbelievably comfy.  The very first guy we talked to on the street in Coventry, we got a return appointment with, and I could not have been more exited. I didn't even want to go to bed because I knew that we could just find people to teach!
Thursday, we decided to go by a former investigator, and they weren't in, so we decided to knock 10 doors on the street. most golden street in England! we got some really solid return apointments, and loads of people we're so intrigued of our message, 2 people even invited us in! That never has happened to me on my mission. Not only were the people golden, but the people who weren't were hilarious! There was this one guy who was telling us about his religion, which is basically all about thor, and unfortunately, Elder DeBeikes and I weren't able to refrain ourselves from laughing, and were laughing uncontrolably at his doorstep, we felt absolutely terrible. It was one of those moments when it's definitely NOT OK to laugh, but you can't help it and then you don't even know why you're laughing. anyways hard to exxplain, and you kind of had to be there, but it was a great day.
Friday we had weekly planning, talked to a lot of people, and I got hit by a car as I was talking to Elder Pogue asking him how things were going in Eastwood, but It honestly hurt less than if someone were to kick me, so it was fine.  and it was maybe going a few miles an hour, much more funny than it was painful or serious so no wories!
Saturday we had stake conference, and got to teach one of the people we found on Thursday from that awesome street. His name is Shiv and he's from India. THe lesson was going terribly because Elder DeBeikes and I haven't practiced teaching together yet, but at the end of the lesson, he offered the prayer and it was amazing! the spirit was so powerful and he felt it so strongly.
Sunday was also stake conference and it was great, all about member missionary work! that is how the work of salvation is going to come forth, when the missionaries and members have the same purpose! to invite people tocome unto christ by helping them receive the restored gospel!  We volunteered giving food out for the homeless in Coventry and it was amazing! The North-point church or something like that is the church that is in charge, and they are just some amazing people who love serving! It was humbling to see how grateful some of them were for the food we were passing out and the things we were helping them out with! We are so blessed to have what we have! We taught Lisa, who was another lady from elect street, and she is a really cool asian girl studying at the university.  She said she didn't feel anything as she was reading the book of mormon about King-Lamoni's father's conversion, and then she told us that she couldn't pray because no one in China prays. so we committed her to pray and I'm actually really exited to teach her again because she has real intent. 
So there are these two members in coventry named James and Griffo and they are so sick! One night James just called us and was like "Let's make taco's" so he picked us up and we made some way good taco's, and he's came out teaching with us twice, and loves serving us!
I'm really exited to be in Coventry, and I know that as we work hard we will have success, whether it's people being baptized, or simply just making someones day a little bit better.
Spiritual thought is Exodus 18: Moses is just a really great example of someone with humility. He is doing way too much for everyone and it's making him nuts, and someone is giving him critisism and he takes it so constructively, which is something that everyone could improve on!
I love y'all so much! Please continue to keep me in your prayers, as I do with you in mine! Have an amazing week, and remember, Nothing is impossible for our savior.
yolo swagger hoodrat Jerry nation
Elder Harris

Sunday, November 3, 2013

AMAZING WEEK OF October 27th thru November 3rd 2013

 Meg's Masquerade Ball had over 600 people this year!!!

 I missed Halloween! Gainesville was WEIRD...I did not see ONE CHILD or PERSON in a costume the whole day. NOT ONE!!! Christine (my new Do Terra partner) teaches at a Lutheran Pre School and her kids weren't ALLOWED to dress up! REALLY? What is up Gainesville???  I kept thinking I'd see someone just in their car or at the restaurant or THAT NIGHT while driving past neighborhoods...nope...not a one. But friends swore to me that if I went to the Mall or the right neighborhoods that they would have been there. I got to have lunch with Diane friend Karyn's mom...a new mom for me. She is LOVE and LIGHT and WISE and FUNNY and a masterful CONNECTER. I LOVED that she took the time with me. I am noticing lately my deep desire for that motherly connection. I tell myself that I am 50 for heavens sake...but nope...I'd really LOVE to have a living breathing MOM of my own to bounce my LOVE and LIFE off of....and to have her opinion of the world I am creating.
AND I wanna be wrapped up in a MOM hug like this...this is her and Karyn...FEEL the LOVE!!
This is Pastor Paula Gale who created her own church in Baltimore Maryland...the Christ Redeemed Ministries Church---you can go to Facebook and see her good works. She was my DELIGHT  at the Jacksonville airport while waiting for our flights. Paula is 54 and LOVES GOD. Me too. I am JOYFULLY overwhelmed at the out pouring of examples of people who love GOD, yet how different it can look for each of us.  We were meant to meet. When she walked up she  was in all black with a studded leather jacket and these over the knee black boots....she looked HOT. Her LIGHT was just POURING out of her. Her confidence and life attitude is in the gait of her walk. I couldn't quit staring at have this black woman dressed ALL IN BLACK radiating this LIGHT--just pouring out of her...I was mesmerized. We started talking and I was so NOT  surprised to learn she is the Pastor of her own church. She is 54 (she looks 30 something)...FULL of life and energy and SPIRIT. She's been divorced for 4 years. When I went to her facebook to find this picture of her I was even MORE charmed, because I think you can FEEL from her picture just SOME of her energy. I LOVE people who love God. I LOVE people whose LOVE and GOODNESS just oozes out of them. I wanna be one of those people.  This is her text to me today: GRACE AND PEACE Natalie. The word I preached today was STEP OUT and MOVE FORWARD! Things don't change because you talk about it, cry about it, things change because you DO something about it. Don't be afraid to STEP OUT and MOVE FORWARD to your Promised Land Joshua 3:1
This is Kevin Moland...first we waited in line in the airport store together with just a cordial Hello. I was trying NOT to stare at him because he had this I KNOW YOU feeling about him...I have been reading Mchael Newton's works JOURNEY of SOULS (Case studies of Life Between Lives) following up from my reading of Brian Weiss's work --where they found in hypnosis that people can and are accessing/ visiting past lives -- with specific details--- and that we seem to travel from life to life in similar "family" groups... So I already had some residual of that energy of  "knowing" people from other lives on the brain. I paid and went and sat down to eat my crackers. Then Kevin comes up and says "Look, I am a happily married man  (shows me his wedding ring) and I swear I am not hitting on you, but I just feel this sweet energy from you like I know you, but I don't know you, right?" I said no and he said "Yea, this is weird" and went and sat down in another area of the airport. Then I had these intense feelings that I couldn't let him go without my knowing what the connection is or maybe if he is a piece of my life puzzle for work or religion or some area I don't even know I want to be led to.... or just  WHAT the driving feelings where. So I got up and went over to him and said.. "I know this is strange, but I feel like I need to find out why we BOTH are having this connected feeling and was wondering if you could tell me a bit about yourself. I'm married with 5 kids... I am here on business building a new company." He laughed and acknowledged that it was strange as well. He was there bringing  his mother to the airport who was returning home  He told me about his wife and 8 year old adopted son. He told me about being Lutheran and how he and his wife had spoken to a huge group of Young Girls in their church about  marriage. How marriage is a choice.  So interesting to hear testimonies in the language of another religion. Then he mentioned Howard Roark from Ayn Rand and we talked about how really Howard is one of the most exquisite Christ was just a blip of a few minutes...he had a 2 hour drive back to his home...but I am still thinking on how the universe brings people to us and WHY and HOW and WHEN. What was the message for me? How if he had been a WOMAN I could be his friend. These were the people I met on my flight home.
On my flight TO Florida I was wrapped in PEOPLE LOVE as well! This is Rebecca Baldwin...Entomologist EXTRAORDINAIRE!!! She is as Adorable and SWEET as she looks. In October at Convention our company came out with CEDARWOOD oil ...and it is AWESOME SAUCE for killing bedbugs...guess who has a whole statewide curriculum on BEDBUGS?? I met her later in the week to share some samples and she took us through her ROOMS of room for roaches, one for termites, one for ants, etc...etc...SUPER D DUPER COOL. Rebecca is 38, LOVE, Kindness, and a CONNECTOR. She gave me other names of people to share the oils with who are now helping me with the symposium. This woman wants to be a mom and hasn't been able to so far...when praying...will you please beg the heavens that she will be given the gift of motherhood? I don't know of another woman that would be better for the blessing.
This is Eric Mott...he sat on the other side of me...he is the ‎Chairman of the Board 2013-2014, Denver Metro Association of Realtors. AND he and his wife started and are supporting a new non denominational church in Sandy. I am collecting these God loving people at an amazing rate. I LIKE collecting them...they don't have an agenda for me. Just HAPPY that I love my Gods too :)
This is Maura...she and her sister had just come to Utah for the NuSkin convention. You would love her for her Irish accent even if her life story hadn't been so compelling. She was born and raised in Dublin...taught at an all boys Irish Catholic School until she was 28 and came to NY to have a new start and met Tom her husband and they have been performing ever since. You can see them on UTUBE :) They are a hit in the retirement communities in Southern Florida. I overheard her talking to her  90 year old mother and loved her immediately. What would it be like to STILL have your mum around when she's 90?
I couldn't get a pic on the net of Rachel and Jim Cowen who befriended me in Denver and then waited at baggage claim to make sure the rental car people were there in case I needed a ride and room (our flight got in late). How DEAR is that???? And then there's Skyler Fisk who I am FINALLY wise enough to NOT try to set up a chat with Megan. BUT HE WAS ADORABLE and just MAYBE she might have liked it...he's 32 with a son he is crazy in love with  and a job he loves and just was a HAPPY BOY!
So this week we found 3 new builders. I was in awe as these particularly and specifically skilled souls came to us...Ok, well...I did go looking at the college of Oriental Medicine..and the acupuncture university...but STILL...I am feeling grateful to my core that they WANTED to join us and are EXCITED.  SO...Florida was a HAPPY jaunt.
I miss you both. I am wondering WHO is coming to you that YOU will love and remember and stay in contact with for your life journeys. Life is filled with paradox and dualities, many that make me crazy to sort through...but no matter...the PEOPLE are REAL...the PEOPLE are where the LOVE is...the PEOPLE are the key to turning up our JOY and our BLISS...let's get all up in the middle of them!!!!
The MOMMA who missed you ALL on Halloween and EVERY DAY!!!!