Monday, November 18, 2013

Email from Bammer 18 Nov 2013

How are you guys doing!!
This week was incredible. The work has never been so good! On Monday we taught Luke the Plan of Salvation, and when we attempted to commit him to baptism he says, "I know I need to be baptized, to be saved, but I need to be positive that it is by the priesthood, and the correct church." Although he didn't commit to a date, it's amazing to have an investigator with such intense real intent. I'm very confident that as he continues to read and pray he will come to the knowledge that nothing will bring him more happiness. Please pray for him! He came to church yesterday, and shaved, and wore a white shirt and tie! he's the best!
On Tuesday we accidently got a new investigator, I know that sounds weird. We went to visit a lady named Joyce, who we thought was a less-active, so we committed her to have the lessons again, and to come to church for the 24th of November, and then after we looked at her records and found out she was a former investigator, so that was cool! haha we had the privledge of teaching a few lessons at the University this week which I loved so much!
Wednesday we put our investigator Aramaide on a baptismal date for the 7th of December, and she is amazing as well, one of the only English investigators we have.
On Thursday Elder Timothy J. Dyches of the second quorem of the seventy came to the mission and gave an excellent zone conference on managing time wisely, and goal setting, and the plans we need to make to make the goals happen! I learned a lot and am exited to apply what I've learned. 
On Friday I went on exchange with my zone-leader named Elder Hansen. the guy is nuts! He only has a few weeks left of his mission, and he is just a work-horse! I look up to him a lot and hope to be able to have that kind of motivation all the way to the end of these 2 years.  We taught this polish girl for the first time named nina! she is soo elect! she says, "my mom told me I need to find the church that feels right for me, so I guess I'm just looking," She totally understands the need for a prophet and a restoration of the church, and it exited about further investigating, shortly after we taught 2 more lessons, where we were able to gain another investigator named Emily. Later that night we visited a less-active part-member family who are going to start doing their family history at the Stake center which is close to their home, and the husband is now investigating as well!
On Saturday we played football with all of the missionaries and it was a blast, followed by a really good lesson with our investigator Gifty, she let us know this week that her baby has died 8 months ago, and we read Moroni 8 with her and the spirit was very strong! Shortly after we taught a first lesson to a boy named Boscol who is now on a date for the 14th of December!
Sunday was awesome! Luke was our only investigator at church which was a bummer, because 4 investigators committed to coming! but with faith and love they will come. Later that night we gained 3 more investigators, including 2 chinese girls that I love so much! It's amazing to see the faces of the chinese light up when the idea of a loving heavenly father finally clicks in their head! I love the chinese!
So.. with the help of the Lord, Elder DeBeikes and I were able to find 8 new investigators this week, it was absolutely unreal! Please pray especially for Luke, Margaret, Irene, Aramaide, Boscol, Nina, Gifty, and Michael. They are the most solid and have the most real intent. I am honestly loving my mission.  I'm so grateful that I served In Eastwood first, because I get to see the best of both worlds when it comes to finding and teaching, I know we would not be as successful in coventry without the things I have learned in Eastwood, and the things Elder DeBeikes has learned from his previous companion.  I've said this before, but it's impossible to express how I feel. I just love it! Because it's Thanksgiving/Christmas time, it's bizzare not being home, however, I feel like England is also home now, so I have this extreme desire to be in both places! I know the lord will bless my family as I work hard as a missionary, so if things aren't going good, you'll have to tell me to work a little harder ;) Love you guys so much!
Spiritual thougth for this week is Doctrine and Covenants 59:21. We need to have Gratitude in everything we do! Also here is a cool story. When Elder Ballard was asked, "What is the worst sin??" his reply was, "The one you feel like you can get away with," WOW. Love you!
Elder Samuel Harris.

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