Sunday, November 17, 2013


Hello LOVIES!!!!!
I am BACK! The Symposium was a success! I am so thrilled to have Christine and my other 3 new builders. Gainesville will explode now:) I had THE most lovely Sunday taking 3 flights home. I am going to work hard at allowing myself the same freedom to RELAX and just read that I feel while on a plane OTHER DAYS in my life. It rained a lot in Florida so it made me think of BOTH of you!

I heard a few new favorite songs while I was there and realized I haven't really been listening to the're going to love em when you hear em! Michael you can probably already sing every word to each one. John Legend's new song ALL OF ME made me cry in the car. I also heard Blake Shelton's YOU WOULD BE MINE and Hunter Hay's I WANT CRAZY. We live in such a FUN GREAT WORLD with SO MANY talented people. I love that they get to rub up against YOUR ENERGY out there!

I've been taking Oprah and Deepak Chopra's Mediation Class online for the last 7 days and LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE IT! I want ALL of you to try on this course as well. Day 5 was all about ABUNDANCE and I was so struck by Deepak saying:

What lights you up more fervently than anything else in your life? Listen to whatever immediately comes to you---these are signs leading you to your true passion, your most heartfelt desire, and ultimately your destiny. When we heed the call of our deepest desires, we fulfill our true destinies.

I just keep thinking about HOW TRUE THAT IS!!! And when we SQUISH our desires and put aside our authentic selves, we are NOT HAPPY. You can still sign up if it works into your just plug in and meditate as it fits your schedule, the links are emailed to you each day.

I finished JOURNEY OF SOULS by Michael Newton on my flights. Michael holds a Doctorate in Counseling Psychology and is a Master Hypnotherapist who discovered that his patients were regressing to OTHER LIVES lived before this one when asking them to pinpoint the time and cause of the chronic pain they were experiencing.... which then led him  into  PLANNING SESSIONS for their next lives. His research has me spell bound and I will  experience a regression with him someday. My SOUL is fascinated with all things that lead me to new thoughts about the facets of MY SOUL.... and light and knowledge and LOVE. This will be on my YOU GOTTA read this list.

I am SOOOO counting down to Thanksgiving. Sam--campaign to have a THANKSGIVING call AND a Christmas call will you? We will all be home WISHING you were with us. I am praying again that human angels will wrap you up in their most favorite dishes and let you have a hint of home.

Megs, Laura and I have also been doing the Brene Brown GIFTS of IMPERFECTION eclass. She totally focuses on the PERFECTION of our IMPERFECTIONS (I took this line idea from the ALL OF ME SONG)...She really does have us looking at ourselves with much kinder glasses. I love the way she tell us life is for us to get all messy! Most importantly to BE OUR AUTHENTIC SELVES.
I will save the course and whoever wants a shot at it in the family is most welcome.


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