Sunday, November 10, 2013

November 10 2013

 Cousin Mac and his family...not long and CECE will be here.
 Spencer's adorable Casey on the left....
Megs in her Halloween Costume for work!

Dad put all the pool stuff away. Everything is tidy and under the tarp. The leaves are still falling. It's officially deep into Fall. Every store has pumpkin something! Herman has all his hair back :) 16 days till you get home Miohael! :)  Sam...we just have somewhere around 500 days...

I have been working like crazy still to create this AWESOME, 250  seats FILLED  Symposium in Florida. It s next Saturday. I fly home with Christine on Thursday and fly back here on Sunday morning so this trip will be short. I'm gonna want a LONG NAP when I'm done. Christine flew in Friday for the Elite Retreat training. I love her so much. We work SO well together. My other legs are great too...Laura Dugovik is ON FIRE --my entire weekend has been devoted to supporting her is a sweet place now to NOT feel like I am doing the business all by myself anymore. I went to Pocatello with Ginger to build her team on Wednesday. I left her there and drove home alone on Thursday and remembered how much I LOVE a long drive! I listened to a few professional network marketers speak and kept smiling as I thought of how much they really speak like church  members. The best part of the aloneness was focusing on each one of you kids in my mind and FEELING you with me. I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH and I'm SO PROUD  with ALL of your decisions! I'm thrilled at our imperfections and the growth they bring us. I am grateful for each of our struggles and the lessons we get to learn from them and the people they soften us into to.... xxooxxooxx..., and of course I 'm thankful for ALL YOUR PERFECTIONS that teach me the possibility of it!

 My week has been gifted with all sorts of great thoughts and people! I've been reading RUMI and totally awestruck by his spiritual talents to communicate through poetry those places we long for, feel and want to share with others. For Oprah and Brene Brown's eclass on  THE GIFTS OF IMPERFECTION they asked us to find a mantra for ourselves to live by, remnding us always that who we are with all our warts is just A OK.  I took mine from RUMI:

                                            There are lovers content with longing, I'm NOT one of them.

It just sank deep in my heart. I SO GET that I screw things up, that my hunger for so many answers and experiences, and loving, and knowing, leads me to thoughts -to seeking and questioning-- that can make others uncomfortable when they get the RAW me wrapped up in it. BUT...I LOVE about me that I don't just stay in the longing place. I find out for myself, ask the Universe to bring me knowings. And with that--I'm OKAY. I LOVE PEOPLE! I LOVE  GROWING! I wanna make a difference in the world LOVE!
 I've started another book by Dannion Brinkley (did not tell about first I read on plane trips in FLorida--SAVED BY THE LIGHT). The story of how he was struck dead by lightening, visited the other side and came back. LOVE ME A NEAR DEATH STORY!
The book I'm reading now is the SECRET OF THE LIGHT.
Love love love love love having it reinforced that I just came here to LOVE and be the best ME I can. Since his struck dead experience he has psychic abilities. A lot to think about on that subject. MANY NDE'ers have psychic abilities after their experiences. Interesting, Right?
So...every time I watch Survivor I miss you. Everytime I pass Timpanogos High School or PF Changs I miss you. Everytime I pray...I miss you. I'll be wrapping you in my prayers and love as always ...ALWAYS!!! Smear your LOVE all over em' boys!
da Momma

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