Monday, November 25, 2013

From the Sam 25 November 2013

to me, Don, London
Another superb week!
I am a little bit rushed today, so it might not be as detailed of an update. On Monday we had a really fun P-day at the city center, and when it was time to go back, my bike tire's we're completely ripped, and so we had to walk the bikes all the way to the flat, which made it so we couldn't really do any work all night which was a bummer. We spend most of the week fixing our bikes but we've finally got it sorted and it's running better than ever now!
On Tuesday I went on an exchange with Elder Balzen, he is a very shy missionary. One of the most shy people I've met in my whole life, and you have to make him speak! However, I was amazed to see how enthusiastic and outgoing he was as we were street contacting and teaching lessons, he truly put aside the fact that he doesn't like talking, because he knows that to be effective he needs to. So when we are with non-members, he is an excellent teacher and finder, and the second it's just a big group of missionaries he just goes back to his comfortable shell. I really look up to him for conquering his fear of talking to people when he needs to, because I know it  can be a really real fear.
On Wednesday we had an excellent lesson with Gifty. She is going to be baptized on the 14th of December. The spirit was so strong in the lesson, especially when Gifty realized for the first time the need to be baptized again. (baptized catholic)
On Thursday two of our investigators went and did family history at the Family History Center, and while they did theirs, I decided I might as well look at ours. Everyone in the room was AMAZED when they saw that we can trace family back to the 1100's. I felt the spirit so strong as I saw the names of my ancestors that come from places in England, the country I have been called to serve in. The spirit of Elijah is so real! A lady asked me how my mom was able to go back so far, and I couldn't believe when I remembered that mom had a dream about Francis Moran, who was a rubber manufacturer or something in the brooklyn port, who told her where to find his name. Amazing testimony builder to me of family history work, and we are going to start implementing it a lot with our teaching and finding. Our investigators Frank and Joan loved it!
On Friday we met with Luke and Aramaide, who are both committed to baptism, Luke on the 7th now, and Aramaide on the 14th.  Luke is so solid. most real investigator I've had on my mission. He is so intelligent and such an honest seeker of truth. He has promised us that by the 1st of December, he will have made enough time out of his day every day to finish the entire book of mormon. I cannot wait for his baptism. 
Michael, Luke, Frank and Joan came to church and it was the primary program, and they all liked it. Luke scheduled an interview with the bishop to ask him how he can prepare best for his baptism.  After church we gave out food to the homeless, and sang in the ward choir for the christmas concert that is in a week. The mayor of coventry will be there and apparentely it's a really big deal, I guess we'll see! Yesterday after we finished giving out food, Elder Debeikes and I had to cycle through the city center, and the whole city was there because it was the annual turning on of the christmas lights! It made me all of you guys so much, and this holiday season won't be the same without you guys, but it will be amazing for so many other reasons.
Gordon B. Hinkley's voice just comforts me so much. If I'm ever discouraged I love to hear his voice, because I can hear the savior speaking through the mouthpeice of a living prophet. It is similar with Thomas S. Monson, but nothing quite compares to Gordon B. Hinkley for me. Perhaps it was because he was the first prophet I can remember, the one that I can remember praying for when I was little (Gordon B HINCKEY) and the one that I would feel the spirit so strongly as I was a child. I loved to watch the way the older children and mom and dad would watch him as he was addressing us when we would watch General Conference before 2008. Here is a great mormon message that he gives. 
I love you guys so much. Have an amazing Thanksgiving! and a wonderful week. give every person in our home my love, and I hope you guys will be able to feel my prayers and thoughts for you as you are enjoying your week :)
Take Care!
Elder Harris.

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