Monday, November 4, 2013

Letter from Sam 4 Nov 2013

Well, as you guys already know, I am in Coventry! It has been amazing so far. It is so much different than Eastwood, honestly, it feels like an entirely different part of the world. In Eastw.  ood I'd be lucky to see one person a day who wasn't english, and in Coventry, EVERYONE is from different parts of the world. Let me just say that finding people in Coventry is probably going to be 5x easier than it was in Eastwood, basically everyone will stop and chat! and guess what... THE UNIVERSITY IS IN OUR AREA! tons of Uni students everywhere and it's paradise. 
Monday was my last p-day, we spent it in derby just kickin it and eating kebabs and chillin' with the derby elders and helping out sister wengert because she got hit by a car! but she's ok so don't worry, Some antio-biotics that I was taking were making me really sick, so we didn't have much of a proscelyting post-p-day. We found out that I am obviously in Coventry, and that I will be serving with Elder DeBeikes. He is a really cool kid from California. He is super humble and a hard worker, and we have gotten along great so far! He has a full-ride scholarship to BYU playing american football, so that will be really run to watch him play for the Y when we get back from our missions. HE's been out as long as Elder Pogue, so about 3 months.I know that we will have loads of success together!
Tuesday I said goodbye to everyone and it was just way sad and I hated it haha but I think that just shows how much I have loved my mission up to this point, and how much the people I have come to love have served me.  I packed a lot and had all you can eat sunday-dinner (basically thanksgiving dinner) with some awesome members and even a non-member who I love sooo much named Nigel. 
Wednesday was basically transferrs most of the day, It was weird saying goodbye to Elder Pogue, he was one of the best friends I've ever had, and it didn't feel real that all of the sudden we just weren't going to be with each other all of the time, but his new companion is an incredible missionary and I know that he will be perfect for Eastwood. A massive coach took us to Coventry, where I met Elder DeBeikes and we walked to our new flat. On the walk there I was amazed at Coventry. HOnestly all of the different cultures was amazing, and the citycenter is huge! I'm just gonna love it here. The flat is nice, bigger than my flat in Eastwood, and the beds are still unbelievably comfy.  The very first guy we talked to on the street in Coventry, we got a return appointment with, and I could not have been more exited. I didn't even want to go to bed because I knew that we could just find people to teach!
Thursday, we decided to go by a former investigator, and they weren't in, so we decided to knock 10 doors on the street. most golden street in England! we got some really solid return apointments, and loads of people we're so intrigued of our message, 2 people even invited us in! That never has happened to me on my mission. Not only were the people golden, but the people who weren't were hilarious! There was this one guy who was telling us about his religion, which is basically all about thor, and unfortunately, Elder DeBeikes and I weren't able to refrain ourselves from laughing, and were laughing uncontrolably at his doorstep, we felt absolutely terrible. It was one of those moments when it's definitely NOT OK to laugh, but you can't help it and then you don't even know why you're laughing. anyways hard to exxplain, and you kind of had to be there, but it was a great day.
Friday we had weekly planning, talked to a lot of people, and I got hit by a car as I was talking to Elder Pogue asking him how things were going in Eastwood, but It honestly hurt less than if someone were to kick me, so it was fine.  and it was maybe going a few miles an hour, much more funny than it was painful or serious so no wories!
Saturday we had stake conference, and got to teach one of the people we found on Thursday from that awesome street. His name is Shiv and he's from India. THe lesson was going terribly because Elder DeBeikes and I haven't practiced teaching together yet, but at the end of the lesson, he offered the prayer and it was amazing! the spirit was so powerful and he felt it so strongly.
Sunday was also stake conference and it was great, all about member missionary work! that is how the work of salvation is going to come forth, when the missionaries and members have the same purpose! to invite people tocome unto christ by helping them receive the restored gospel!  We volunteered giving food out for the homeless in Coventry and it was amazing! The North-point church or something like that is the church that is in charge, and they are just some amazing people who love serving! It was humbling to see how grateful some of them were for the food we were passing out and the things we were helping them out with! We are so blessed to have what we have! We taught Lisa, who was another lady from elect street, and she is a really cool asian girl studying at the university.  She said she didn't feel anything as she was reading the book of mormon about King-Lamoni's father's conversion, and then she told us that she couldn't pray because no one in China prays. so we committed her to pray and I'm actually really exited to teach her again because she has real intent. 
So there are these two members in coventry named James and Griffo and they are so sick! One night James just called us and was like "Let's make taco's" so he picked us up and we made some way good taco's, and he's came out teaching with us twice, and loves serving us!
I'm really exited to be in Coventry, and I know that as we work hard we will have success, whether it's people being baptized, or simply just making someones day a little bit better.
Spiritual thought is Exodus 18: Moses is just a really great example of someone with humility. He is doing way too much for everyone and it's making him nuts, and someone is giving him critisism and he takes it so constructively, which is something that everyone could improve on!
I love y'all so much! Please continue to keep me in your prayers, as I do with you in mine! Have an amazing week, and remember, Nothing is impossible for our savior.
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Elder Harris

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