Sunday, November 3, 2013

AMAZING WEEK OF October 27th thru November 3rd 2013

 Meg's Masquerade Ball had over 600 people this year!!!

 I missed Halloween! Gainesville was WEIRD...I did not see ONE CHILD or PERSON in a costume the whole day. NOT ONE!!! Christine (my new Do Terra partner) teaches at a Lutheran Pre School and her kids weren't ALLOWED to dress up! REALLY? What is up Gainesville???  I kept thinking I'd see someone just in their car or at the restaurant or THAT NIGHT while driving past neighborhoods...nope...not a one. But friends swore to me that if I went to the Mall or the right neighborhoods that they would have been there. I got to have lunch with Diane friend Karyn's mom...a new mom for me. She is LOVE and LIGHT and WISE and FUNNY and a masterful CONNECTER. I LOVED that she took the time with me. I am noticing lately my deep desire for that motherly connection. I tell myself that I am 50 for heavens sake...but nope...I'd really LOVE to have a living breathing MOM of my own to bounce my LOVE and LIFE off of....and to have her opinion of the world I am creating.
AND I wanna be wrapped up in a MOM hug like this...this is her and Karyn...FEEL the LOVE!!
This is Pastor Paula Gale who created her own church in Baltimore Maryland...the Christ Redeemed Ministries Church---you can go to Facebook and see her good works. She was my DELIGHT  at the Jacksonville airport while waiting for our flights. Paula is 54 and LOVES GOD. Me too. I am JOYFULLY overwhelmed at the out pouring of examples of people who love GOD, yet how different it can look for each of us.  We were meant to meet. When she walked up she  was in all black with a studded leather jacket and these over the knee black boots....she looked HOT. Her LIGHT was just POURING out of her. Her confidence and life attitude is in the gait of her walk. I couldn't quit staring at have this black woman dressed ALL IN BLACK radiating this LIGHT--just pouring out of her...I was mesmerized. We started talking and I was so NOT  surprised to learn she is the Pastor of her own church. She is 54 (she looks 30 something)...FULL of life and energy and SPIRIT. She's been divorced for 4 years. When I went to her facebook to find this picture of her I was even MORE charmed, because I think you can FEEL from her picture just SOME of her energy. I LOVE people who love God. I LOVE people whose LOVE and GOODNESS just oozes out of them. I wanna be one of those people.  This is her text to me today: GRACE AND PEACE Natalie. The word I preached today was STEP OUT and MOVE FORWARD! Things don't change because you talk about it, cry about it, things change because you DO something about it. Don't be afraid to STEP OUT and MOVE FORWARD to your Promised Land Joshua 3:1
This is Kevin Moland...first we waited in line in the airport store together with just a cordial Hello. I was trying NOT to stare at him because he had this I KNOW YOU feeling about him...I have been reading Mchael Newton's works JOURNEY of SOULS (Case studies of Life Between Lives) following up from my reading of Brian Weiss's work --where they found in hypnosis that people can and are accessing/ visiting past lives -- with specific details--- and that we seem to travel from life to life in similar "family" groups... So I already had some residual of that energy of  "knowing" people from other lives on the brain. I paid and went and sat down to eat my crackers. Then Kevin comes up and says "Look, I am a happily married man  (shows me his wedding ring) and I swear I am not hitting on you, but I just feel this sweet energy from you like I know you, but I don't know you, right?" I said no and he said "Yea, this is weird" and went and sat down in another area of the airport. Then I had these intense feelings that I couldn't let him go without my knowing what the connection is or maybe if he is a piece of my life puzzle for work or religion or some area I don't even know I want to be led to.... or just  WHAT the driving feelings where. So I got up and went over to him and said.. "I know this is strange, but I feel like I need to find out why we BOTH are having this connected feeling and was wondering if you could tell me a bit about yourself. I'm married with 5 kids... I am here on business building a new company." He laughed and acknowledged that it was strange as well. He was there bringing  his mother to the airport who was returning home  He told me about his wife and 8 year old adopted son. He told me about being Lutheran and how he and his wife had spoken to a huge group of Young Girls in their church about  marriage. How marriage is a choice.  So interesting to hear testimonies in the language of another religion. Then he mentioned Howard Roark from Ayn Rand and we talked about how really Howard is one of the most exquisite Christ was just a blip of a few minutes...he had a 2 hour drive back to his home...but I am still thinking on how the universe brings people to us and WHY and HOW and WHEN. What was the message for me? How if he had been a WOMAN I could be his friend. These were the people I met on my flight home.
On my flight TO Florida I was wrapped in PEOPLE LOVE as well! This is Rebecca Baldwin...Entomologist EXTRAORDINAIRE!!! She is as Adorable and SWEET as she looks. In October at Convention our company came out with CEDARWOOD oil ...and it is AWESOME SAUCE for killing bedbugs...guess who has a whole statewide curriculum on BEDBUGS?? I met her later in the week to share some samples and she took us through her ROOMS of room for roaches, one for termites, one for ants, etc...etc...SUPER D DUPER COOL. Rebecca is 38, LOVE, Kindness, and a CONNECTOR. She gave me other names of people to share the oils with who are now helping me with the symposium. This woman wants to be a mom and hasn't been able to so far...when praying...will you please beg the heavens that she will be given the gift of motherhood? I don't know of another woman that would be better for the blessing.
This is Eric Mott...he sat on the other side of me...he is the ‎Chairman of the Board 2013-2014, Denver Metro Association of Realtors. AND he and his wife started and are supporting a new non denominational church in Sandy. I am collecting these God loving people at an amazing rate. I LIKE collecting them...they don't have an agenda for me. Just HAPPY that I love my Gods too :)
This is Maura...she and her sister had just come to Utah for the NuSkin convention. You would love her for her Irish accent even if her life story hadn't been so compelling. She was born and raised in Dublin...taught at an all boys Irish Catholic School until she was 28 and came to NY to have a new start and met Tom her husband and they have been performing ever since. You can see them on UTUBE :) They are a hit in the retirement communities in Southern Florida. I overheard her talking to her  90 year old mother and loved her immediately. What would it be like to STILL have your mum around when she's 90?
I couldn't get a pic on the net of Rachel and Jim Cowen who befriended me in Denver and then waited at baggage claim to make sure the rental car people were there in case I needed a ride and room (our flight got in late). How DEAR is that???? And then there's Skyler Fisk who I am FINALLY wise enough to NOT try to set up a chat with Megan. BUT HE WAS ADORABLE and just MAYBE she might have liked it...he's 32 with a son he is crazy in love with  and a job he loves and just was a HAPPY BOY!
So this week we found 3 new builders. I was in awe as these particularly and specifically skilled souls came to us...Ok, well...I did go looking at the college of Oriental Medicine..and the acupuncture university...but STILL...I am feeling grateful to my core that they WANTED to join us and are EXCITED.  SO...Florida was a HAPPY jaunt.
I miss you both. I am wondering WHO is coming to you that YOU will love and remember and stay in contact with for your life journeys. Life is filled with paradox and dualities, many that make me crazy to sort through...but no matter...the PEOPLE are REAL...the PEOPLE are where the LOVE is...the PEOPLE are the key to turning up our JOY and our BLISS...let's get all up in the middle of them!!!!
The MOMMA who missed you ALL on Halloween and EVERY DAY!!!!

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