Sunday, November 24, 2013

Mom LOVES YOU ....24 November 2013

 LOVED that this girlie posted Sam's pic!!!
 Cousin Ashton had a BIRTHDAY this did ELLE!!!

Da Brother and his cute girlfriend.
TWO DAYS MICHAEL and JOSH !!!!!! Oh Sammer...we are somewhere under 480 days!!! I am SO EXCITED for it to be THANKSGIVING!!! I AM THANKFUL for my FAMILY!!!! will SO be in our thoughts. You've seen me do it 3 other you KNOW you are gonna BE ON MY MIND all day long!! Jeremy and kids and Grandad and Kasi and her sister and Laura and probably a few more are going to be joining us. We are going to see Catching Fire, Ender's Game and a few others. We're gonna sit in the hot tub and discuss life and make travel plans. We're gonna play some Settlers and eat ourselves silly. I'm going to start cooking Tuesday. We haven't picked out a TV series yet. I AM NOT GOING TO WORK!!!

We had dinner with the Nickles last night. Melanie's mom just died so they are on the way to the funeral. They said Bryson finally likes Italian food...crazy right? I had a Do Terra sleepover training on Friday. The rest of the week I have been slammed with Real estate and HAPPILY SO! Now to closes!!! I am still in the middle of the Deepak and Oprah meditation class and LOVING IT...I hope all you kids will give it a try. And my Brene Brown class has us taking pics all week of things we are grateful for everyday...the normal wrinkle cream and electric blankets and email friends and running on clear roads. I've loved it. I am also overwhelmed with all the LOVE in my life and the LOVE I've been able to create. It has been a sweet sweet year with all the new friends I've made and reconnected with...and I have Do TERRA to thank for most of that. My mind keeps going to my heart in wonderment at how many people I've been able to share their lives with. Even if its just the snippets.

I walked into Costco Friday and was jolted back...WOW...its Christmas--such duality....Sam, YOU have been GONE FOREVER...but Christmas just snuck up fast! How DOES THAT work? I can't wait to understand TIME. I have read quite a bit lately about parallel lives and quantum physics. I could use some extra time right now. I haven't done one preparatory thing for Thanksgiving or Christmas. NOT ONE. Elaine Parker made this AWESOME DVD for you  and for all the "HOMIES" that will come in your package Sam. I have to send it Friday so PLEASE LET ME KNOW WHAT TO you want more jammies? Or money for more jammies? It's CHRISTMAS LOVE BUG so I want you to really tell me what you want to get....don't worry. There will be a few SURPRISES....I KNOW how much you LOVE those!
Michael and Josh COME HOME with some IDEAS for me!!! Buying your tickets tonight!

No snow on the ground, but plenty in the mountains. Spencer is anxious to go boarding as you can imagine :) And I am praying that the snow holds off so Michael can have at least ONE good motorcycle ride while he is home...Bud, I SO APPRECIATE your NOT taking your bike with you...I can just relax!!!!

Don't worry Sam...once you get home you wont ever have to ride a bike again if you don't want. I will be sad if you don't join me on the trail in Fall though. I have this feeling your love of sports and outdoors and teams will lead you to some bodywork kind of profession and you will end up biking some more in your life :) YOU will have so MANY OPTIONS for a career. I will be exited to see which ones you embrace. You have such an innate ability to build and create relationships that you will be able to succeed wherever you are. I think you are getting a feel for yourself now on your mission. GRATEFULLY Loving each other and our friends is central to our life purpose so you will ALWAYS be using your gifts.

I Love Sundays. I love my long runs. I love hot tubbing for as LONG as I want with NO PLACE I have to be. I love oprah's SUPER SOUL SUNDAY and the incredible people she introduces me to. I love staying in jammies all day if I want. I love that some of you can come home for dinner. I love that people don't call for work stuff. I love catching up on reading. I love touching base with all of you. I love that I can tell you about my thoughts and feelings and what I'm reading. HEY...on that note...which of you have NOT read MAN's SEARCH FOR MEANING??? I just thought of that today and want to make sure you all have a copy! This is another one of MOMMA SAYS YOU GOTTA READ. A man who lost his child in the elementary school murders last Dec in Connecticut quoted from it to day... he said "It's not what YOU expect of LIFE....its what LIFE expects from YOU"...something to toss around when you have some head and heart space. Gary Zukav is another of my favorite reads and Oprah had him on today and Dad even came in and took all the books by him off the shelf in my office....I was surprised and delighted.

I still believe that the only rule is LOVE....Get out there and get it ALL OVER!!!! Especially YOURSELVES!!!
Love love love love LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE
da Momma

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