Sunday, May 29, 2011

29 May 2011

It's raining. AGAIN. It's chilly. It's the 29th of May. I am telling myself now and as I sat in the hot tub watching the steam rise from the pool cover....that this is a GOOD thing...the newly laid sod will take so much better now...the planted flowers will send deeper roots creating a prettier show of color later. But my other self is begging to PLEASE let summer come. Sunshine and warm.

My other self is also keenly aware that Spencer is really only about 12 miles real self knows he is so much farther. The hole he has left feels bigger today. I folded up all his "home cut" work out shirts and put them in Sam's room. They were bringing tears every time I saw them in the laundry room. We are having roast and mashed potatoes and all the other roast fixings for dinner....I wonder what they will serve him at the MTC?

My happy thoughts are that I get to watch Sam play some more in the Memorial Tournament tomorrow... and that I get to pick up Austin on Saturday.... and Josh is happy at Home Depot....and only 12 days till Sheri and kiddos come and then the rest of the gang....the hot tub is at 105.....Megan has her final paper for her MBA IN.... I am going to Cresent Beach..... I am going to Melrose .....I am going HOME.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Letter #3 from Spencer 26 May 2011

dad -got your letter in spanish thanks alot it was cool , and no i didnt get anybody but thats cuz i didnt need anyhelp haha
and mom its ok about betos for reals but if you want to send it anyways you can we got a microwave :) hmmmm well this weeek just felt the same as last week nothing new... me and my comp have a commitment from all of our investigators (fake which actually makes it harder cuz they do crazy crap like bow up and down while you pray or say praise jesus after you say his name, and were doing it in spanish. the rest of our district is really behind me and my comp teaching wise atleast but they will catch up they just need to man up and just laugh when you say the wrong words. elder garfield left to the dominican republic mtc today :(
he was me and elder hansens best friend he is exactly like michael, literally exactly we laughed all the time he will be missed i will send you pics soon.
i was not able to escort este... i swear this place is designed to tick you off sometimes, way too many dummy dum rules but still im happy.
mom i need you to go to the ihc or wherever we got our africa shots and send me the dates, also i vcant activate my credit card cuz i dont have a phone so ya i might be sending it to you with the pictures so you can do that, sorry
. please send me londons home adress as well and perkins home adress too and there birthdays would be good to know. plus if you can find a cool calendar, golf or even better harry potter themed that would rock my world. anywas love you guys, still almost cry everyday( if i dont) when i think about you guys but i know where i need to be.
elder nelson spke for a fireside .... blew my mind oh yeah elder anderson too :) next up holland haha. or even better... monson.
anyways tell sam he better not miss another week or i will freak out and not let him go on his mission. literally he better not. but I love you guys and tell Londion i have two letters written already, i cant email him cuz they only give me twenty minutes to read and write....... please send me dear elders instead of emails that way i will have more time to write, and get me londons home address i want to send these letters so ya please dear elder me with that today or tomorrow please. anyways love you guys more then you know.
p.s. hug mike cooper for me and tell him i miss him.


Well Lovey, Jordan should be IN today...thought about calling Laurie but pretty sure she is still crying and no reason to make it worse. I am wondering if you were able to escort him in like Kyle did with you? I hope so!!!
Ronnie Olsen's boy--Aaron, just got his call today to Columbia South Carolina but it is English speaking. He goes into the MTC on July27th...he'll be glad to see a somewhat familiar face I am sure.
Mike Cooper, Michael King and Austin Walker have been working through the nights painting Los Hermanos while there are no patrons.
You will see from the pictures that you have missed a boat load of work. Everyone except Dad ( at work) worked all day today getting in the top soil placed and tamped down ready for sod (where the bob cat messed it up), doing sprinklers, planting....we are TIRED...VERY TIRED...and missing your brute force and endurance. Your hands and diligent work were missed as much as you are.
The basketball standard arrived yesterday and it is Mammoth. Not even sure WHO to call to help install that baby. Meg and I have read through the directions and think we need somebody superman. If the darn rain will just hold off a few more days we might be able to get DONE.
I am STILL so sad about Scott not being able to bring you Betos...but I also don't want him to lose his job.
Michael says he has now written you more than he wrote Josh on his entire mission. I threatened him with my motherly threats if he was thinking about NOT keeping it up...but he assured me he will. He will give you the details on not working at UCCU anymore and his new job search. Josh starts at Home Depot tomorrow. Varsity lost to Spanish Fork---argh. Sam is still lifting till he can barely move. I will start taking pictures and sending them when he thinks he is "cut" enough for me to do so. He had to give blood for extra credit in History so I included a picture of his braveness--or mine---you know I don't do well seeing ANYONE I made from scratch with blood coming out of them!!!! Sam can barley make it to school....ALL the kids are SO ready for summer--even and especially Megan. You will see her in a picture by the picnic table with my lovely FREE flowers from her green house. I LOVE her job!!!! She has submitted her last MBA paper and we are waiting to hear back for her official graduation date.
Mt. Timpanogos Temple is closed for cleaning...I am SUCH a GOOD GOOD girl NOT to show up there tomorrow...if I don't show up that is... :)
I am now searching for 2 kittens for the back shed...I have seen a mouse or two and that is two too many for me. The humming birds are back and we have at least 4 that frequent the feeders. Lucy next door keeps escaping to come and "play" with me while I work in the yard...she jumps right in my lap if I get anywhere near the sitting or squatting position...I tell her how much you liked her. She is an UGLY dog...but, she has SO grown on me. How can you not LOVE something that thinks you are wonderful??
Well, I KNOW YOU are WONDERFUL...WONDERFUL is one of my favorite names for the Savior. I could like it being MY name....but you ARE WONDERFUL. I pray all day pretty much everyday for you. I ask your guardians and guides and angels to help you with the language, with the intensity of it all, with not being able to work out, with the food, with your companion, with sleep, with your teachers, with the Sisters :).....pretty much everything. I specifically ask Grandmom B to look after you and to take Grand Dad Steadwell if she can get him to go. I think I have been SO AMAZINGLY GOOD NOT to have come to building #?....and I KNOW which building it is. I hope you are proud of me.
Anything you want or need? How is doing the laundry going? You feeling any better about the ADD thoughts?
I love you Buddy. I love you more than Sunshine after days of rain. I love you more than losing LOTS of weight. I love you more than having the yard all done nice and tidy and no dirt everywhere. I love you more than finding coins on my running path. I love you more than hot rolls and butter. I love you more and more and more...and more as the days go by and you are not here with me.
Remember: Love, and Love BIG AND HARD AND OFTEN AND WITH ENTHUSIASM are SO good at it.....
Miss you.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Email from Spencer at the MTC 19 May 2011

hey family and blog,
i love you all so much this week was much better it kinda feels like i have been doing this my whole life now haha but its only benn two weeks, i still miss you guys everyday but its not the same as it was last week. the language is coming good my teacher told me and my comp were in the top five of companions hes had so far and that are language and teaching is amazing for just two weeks. me and my comp work reall well togethor and are good at feeding off eachothers spirits and comments.
i have a elder in my district form las vegas who is exactly like dad, he was a convert and has the strongest testimony i have ever heard, he has already baptized his little sister and her friend and two of his friends from school, the spirit radiates out of his body and smile like nothing i have ever seen. he is the best person i have ever met.
today on pday me and my comp made a fort in our room and our whole district ate lunch in there with us, 13 it was crowded but super fun.
sam your a stud shaylie is gorgous and super sweet and london you already know how cool your girl is haha.
michael dont worry about becci, if it happens it happens if not you will marry someone better for you anyways.
meg keep doing your thing, daaang girl you sexy.
and josh i miss you and you need to find a hotty to write me, sam, michael you could work on that too haha.
anyways i love you all so much and cant wait to hear from you agian.
mom sam knows what i want from betos, a steak and egg breakfast burrito con no juevos y sour cream y guacamole and ketchup packets send one for my comp too . i love you all, go to the temple as much as you can that place is awesome
love spencer.
get me london and perkins address..... please. and tell them i love them and put pics of them and the fam in the emails.
i need pics of the fam for my room so send those too please, love you sorry im so needy.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

12 MAY 2011

Latest from Spencer....

hey mom make sure aunt kelly knows i love her put it on your blog, aunt kelly you are seriously one of the strongest women i have ever known and one of my favorite people to be around i have loved you since day one and always will anyways ill write you more next week
love spencer
p.s. mom i only get a half hour to email so just remember that sorry i cant write more

i got it on monday night, thanks for the package it was great! the scripture i want is in third nephi, chapter thirteen im not sure what verses i think it is like 6-11 or somethin but its about not taking thought on the morrow, i think you would like it alot mom so if you could find it for me that would be great i dont have my scrips on me im doin laundry. yes i got spanish scriptures. just zone bars and pringles, and if you can send me betos, i hear theres a thing where you can drop off food in a box by like ten a.m. in the morning and ups will have it here by noon or somethin, check it out if you can but dont feel like you have too. and yes new pillo send me the one with the red pillow case in my room pleaser. gosh i miss my room. im not sleeping very well but i have never needed alot of sleep so its ok. and one of the pairs you sent me are my new ones so dont worry i never got any, im going to get some in sc. im very very home sick and i think i might have anxiety but its gotten alot better today after the temple, but ya it pretty much sucks i just want to hold sam until i die haha but anyways enough of me being a baby, my favorite thing is the temple on pday, everything else makes me feel like a number not a missionarym the language is hard but im not worried god will bless me whenever i need to know it, as long as i have faith. send my packages on monday please! and tell sam and london to email me seperate, perkins too if they want or at least get me there addressess please. anyways i love you all so much and i think about you all the time, literally all day long, seriously they give us way to much time to think when were supposed to be reading, way to hard to focus, oh ya im one hundred percent A.D.D. i beat box and sing every second and cant focus on anything, maybe ill take it up with the doctor. love you fam, pray for me, i pray for you\
love spencer

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day to Me

Have you seen the YOU TUBE videos of this baby---where they blend up Barbies and marbles and broom sticks?? Pretty impressive. See the Green Smoothie book hiding behind it? Well, yea, that's my latest and greatest and newest plan to skinniness, and this machine is the tool to take me there. And how adorable is RED? I love it when things come in my favorite color!!!
Went to Overeater's Anonymous. Yes I am Natalie and YES I am a compulsive eater....but I don't think I can live without sugar and flour for the freaking REST OF MY LIFE. Sooooo....the body/food battle continues.....

First letter from Spencer

Yea, well, its MY party and I'll CRY IF I WANT TO....CRY IF I WANT TO.......
Actually, I'm doing pretty good........

Jane Eyre with Megsalina

Could see it again and again. They used some of my MOST FAVORITE dialogue...."I feel as if I am tied to you at my left rib and if you were to pull away from me I would break..." "God, HELP ME." "You sir, are the GREATEST of illusions..."

FIRST email from Spencer :)

hey family
my companions name is elder hansen, he is alot like joe hatch so we get along great we are already really good friends. tell sam good job and that i love him they are only giving us a little time today to write and do laundry my usual p day is on thursday just so you know now and everything is good here, except the food it sucks. and i never get enough time to excersise how i want also but its fine ill just have to adjust. please send me a blanket ? the one here is not that great, anyways i have already learned a ton and am excited to serve the people of south carolina, the language is actually going to slow for me i have not learned anything new yet it has all been review but im sure that will change next week, i saw ruben, jeff jake larson, nate spinder, and matt maughn and even more others from pg, hey could you send me some chips or some popcorn cuz seriously the food here is killing my stomach, no bueno. anyways love you guys tell the fam and friends i miss them especially sam also tell london and perkins i love them
love spencer

4 MAY really came.......

Leaving home, our house, us....for 2 years.....
Walking away with Kyle Assay who "escorted" him into his new life. God sent ME Kyle relieved he had a friend to walk away with.
We were a bawling this drop off MUCH better than the way they use to do it where you sat tortured in a MEETING for 45 minutes and then parted.....

The night before he left....

Brethren over to say final goodbyes....
Spencer and Jeff went into the MTC the SAME day!!! So hopefully they'll see each other every now and then.
Aunt Jeremi came down special to take our family pic...I'll post them when we get them.
Our last Sunday night game of Settler's together...with the news that OSAMA BIN LADEN was killed by the US Navy seals....I am still convinced that if they would put a congress of MOTHER's together to help solve the world's problems that we could END war, hunger and poverty....and NO MORE of our babies will be sent to be killed for the privileges of others.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

PROM 2011

SAM THE MAN....the facial hair proves it somehow.
I'll add picks of Skylar (Olsen) his date when I get some....she looked BEAUTIFUL. They ate at PF Changs, did the dance, then were suppose to come here to swim (pool heated to 90 degress) but all were so tired they opted for a movie. I'v said it before, but YOUTH is beautiful. Truly beautiful. I love these kids. I'm so grateful Sam is only a Junior and I have another year left before all my birds have flown.


Spencer refuses to let us get a head shot. Ornery Heifer!
Watching Sam and his mad pitching/first base skills....batting a 498....

Sam also has mad ANNOUNCING skills...the boys in the box while Sam announces at the tournament.


It LOOKS like Spring, but it DOES NOT FEEL like Spring...and this just happens to be a day when the snow is melted...and it just keeps coming!

Don did a scripture egg hunt for the kids and I...I am sure they loved the meaning behind it, but they loved the money in the eggs ALOT.
Can't wait to get this working! Will be fun to use as an incentive for swim lessons this summer! AND FOR THE NIECES and NEPHEWS THAT WILL BE HERE IN 5 and 1/2 WEEKS!!!!!!!

Saying Good bye to some of the BESTIES

Spencer and Stephen will be in the MTC one week together (he'll be there 9 weeks learning Spanish extremely intensively)...but Tyler still doesn't have his call yet, so it will be over 2 years before they see each other again. Reuben left this week, Jeff and Spencer leave this week, Este leaves in 3 weeks....and so it goes...until they are all gone......

Spencer's Farewell

In our church before the Missionary leaves for 2 years he is asked to speak in church and it is called a Farewell. Usually it is the Sunday right before he leaves. Then everyone comes over after for food and goodbyes. Well, they asked Spencer to have his 3 weeks before his actual leaving date...and I LIKE THAT PLAN! I wasn't a blithering blubbering mess in front of everyone while trying to have a sweet afternoon. Spencer's talk was AMAZING. He is such a good MAN. I love that he GETS that its ALL ABOUT LOVE and HAPPINESS. Tons of people came...the boy has some serious Friends. As the weeks have passed and we are getting closer to Wednesday, the Goodbyes have gotten more real and you would think I would have lost 20 pounds just in water......

STILL "Growing Up".....

5 weeks late and I was thinking how happy I would be to NEVER have a period again. I mean, 48 years old---35 years of periods seems like PLENTY of female "dues" to me. 6 weeks late I am a bit freaked out. 7 weeks late I throw up 3 mornings in a row and of the 10 new pounds lost, 6 are back. Wondering HOW I would tell my 16-26 year old children that they have a NEW SIBLING on the way??! Third throw up sent me over the edge. I paid $27 for a two pack and peed on the stick. If you KNOW me, YOU KNOW I LOVE ME A BABY....but it is SO not my time. Such sweet relief on a stick.
I like how Karie Cooper put it best "You're just still growing up"....
But this might also account for WHY I haven't posted for a bit. Just maybe. That and the deep missionary leaving funk.