Monday, June 30, 2014

30 June 2014 LOVE FROM SAM

Hey family!

Transfers are this week and I will most likely be transferred.. which is crazy. like I JUST GOT HERE! But it's crazy how much things can change. When I first got  to Loughborough I hated it. I just compared it to Coventry every single day and at first wasn't giving it a chance. I wasn't seeing the area as it could become, just as it was at the moment. Loughborough has definitely been my favorite area! I hope that when I get transferred I can look at my new area with hope and excitement despite whatever is going on the area at the moment!  It's actually quite likely that I will go to Cheltenham, because they need a zone leader with a licence, and I would serve with Elder Packer, one of my best friends in the mission, so that would be an absolute riot of that happened. 

I chose not to say goodbye to anyone at church, or let them know it was transfers. Goodbye's are the worst and so I didn't want another one. If I'm transferred I'll just call the members and investigators to say goodbye! it's crazy, I thougth the goodbye was hard when I left from home to the MTC, and then from Eastwood to Coventry, and then from Coventry to Loughborough. These places have really turned into my homes and it's just the absolute worst leaving them! but I also understand that every area is a good area and so I'm exited for whatever lies ahead! 

This week was great. Elder Costigan blessed the sacrament with our recent convert, david! 

We saw our investigators Ivy and Barry every day this week! Ivy cannot wait for her baptism, and is already telling all of her friends and a family that she is a mormon! and she cannot wait to someday be sealed in the temple for time and all eternity. I will for sure make the trip for that someday despite the financial situation I am in at the time. even if it is in china. ESPECIALLY if it's in china haha I can't wait to go to that place! 

Barry started reading the Book of mormon last week and he's in heleman. He loves the Book of mormon and also loves coming to church. He is scheduled for baptism this saturday as well and we are so blessed and stoked to be able to have ahd the oppurtunity to teach him and Ivy throughout these last few weeks. some of my favorite investigators ever! 

besides the PHD nad masters students, everyone in the university went home. soooo basically in our area we have no one to talk to! it's so weird and I hate it! we've been street contacting and it's just not effective because we only talk to one person every 5-10 minutes, so we've been doing loads of finding through events, and through our recent converts. for example this week we played basketball with our recent converts and got them to bring all of their non-member friends, we will hopefully be teaching them this week! 

We had 5 investigators at church yesterday, Barry, Ivy, and our recent convert Jill brought 3 of her family members! she is doing so great, and she loves sharing the gospel. she is reading the doctrine and covenants now and she said, " all it ever says in the doctrine in covenants is to open our mouths and spread the gospel so why don't we all do it all the time?" that is the spirit of a converted lady right there! 

Whether I leave or stay, I've absolutely loved this chapter of my mission. I'm grateful for your support. I had a dream this week that the whole family was on a massive boat. everyone told me that if I really loved them, I would leave to another boat that was just adjacent. slowly and surely michael jumped on another boat, and josh another, which is crazy! because mom dad spence and meg are all at home and me michael and josh aren't. all on different boats on the same ocean :) 

One of the things I've learned from my mission that I'd love to share with you is the importance of being missionaries even when we don't have the badge on. It's incredible how important the work of salvation is, we have something so special! Some of the saviors departing words were for us to "Teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the father, and of the son, and of the holy ghost."and also when he called his desciples to be fishers of men, and then followed up with peter when he decided to go fishing again. He asked him to feed his sheep forever.  It's not surpirsing to me that missionary work is so rewarding, because when we are obedient to the saviors worst, and to god's commandments, the spirit will testify to us the truthfulness of what we are taking part in. I think that's why missionary work is such an amazing thing and the most enjoyable thing I've done so far in my life.  I love you all so much! be missionaries every day! share the gospel! so maybe there's not as many non-members where we live, but there are often so many different ways to give christ-like service. 

Have a great week! know you're in my thoughts and prayers! 

Elder Sam Harris. 

Sunday, June 29, 2014

A BREAK.....yep, its a PUN :)

I am choosing to Laugh as I sit here attempting to type to you with one hand. OF COURSE I have LOADS of thoughts to share today....we shall see how I endure :)

I am typing with one hand because I broke my arm last Monday morning. It was DAY 1 of my 3 month GET FIT commitment with Do Terra and a specific group of 4 others. My over zealous self had checked off  as many things on the GET FIT list as I could and found I had about 2 hours before anything was scheduled. I decided to MAGNIFY my efforts and throw in a bike ride while I made my morning calls.

 I rode to the mouth of Provo canyon and was on my way back when an unleashed dog started following me. For about a mile he was running ahead and running back to me. I was nervous. I was also impressed with the shear joy his running brought and felt pricked about my foot...noting that I too would again exude THAT kind of Joy when I get to return to running :)  Visually I couldn't tag who his owner might be. I was annoyed. I LOVED that I was aware that I was annoyed. I wanted to CHOOSE different than annoyed. The second I had that thought  it came to me how many times random unleashed dogs had joined me on my runs and I had KNOWN they had come as a protector, to bring me peace, to raise my HAPPY. I had no more sorted the bits of these thoughts when out of no where, he runs in front of me. I had 2 cyclists coming towards me and a jogger to my left. It was so fast. I hit him and went over the handle bars. Immediate nausea. I open my eyes to see him squiggling out from under my bike...awed that he didn't even yelp. The 2 cyclists and joggers saw the whole thing. They unzipped my phone from the back case and called Dad...helped me get up off the ground while exclaiming "that arm does NOT look right, you've got to go straight to the hospital"...shared their water after I vomited....tried to call the number on the dogs tags...walked my bike to 2000 N...gave me their names twice. ANGELS...and I can't remember their names.

WHILE they are doing all their tending...I am calling on all Gods, angels, guardians and guides...begging for immediate healing. I DID NOT WANT TO BREAK my arm. This was suppose to be DAY 1 of reclaiming FIT Natalie! The only humor I could find was in my efforts to imagine my arm HEALED and perfect like the Christian Scientists do...while dealing with the ridiculous PAIN. Dad whisked me to American Fork ER and they were angels. As they gave me the morphine in my IV I quickly swore of any thoughts of exploring Christian Science any further. Only NOW to feel extremely compelled to research exactly their beliefs and HOW they would be instructed to handle it.  I did however start choosing dates by which I would be healed and projecting myself to that time. Then Eckhart came whizzing into my mind. There is only NOW. That kind of ticked me off. I didn't appreciate NOW at that moment. Then I started giggling, laughing...I couldn't stop. I couldn't understand WHY I couldn't stop... when really I was ticked at the situation AND at not obviously understanding teachings I am trying to embrace. Definitely a drug experience.  : ) Let me take this moment to be clear of  my DEEP APPRECIATION for pain relieving DRUGS. And my testimony that the GODS GAVE THEM TO US!!!!  I kept holding my right hand over my left owies and blessing them healed. I SOOO did not want to have surgery...or to have it be announced out loud  that it was broken.

It was broke. But I'm not. The Universe is brilliant. I trust that I will listen more quickly when I am prompted to slow down next time. I needed a BREAK...pun intended...stealing pun from a love note to me from Katrina on facebook. I can be really lousy at stopping. I know what I want and HOW to get there and I just want to GET there. I miss GOOD STUFF by not stopping to enjoy the journey. I ENJOY my journey...but there are just those things I MISS cuz I go at break arm speed.  The things I am just now fully embracing about my mode of life operation are gifts to me. Learn from me chickadees. Watch and learn. Each of us are gifts to ourselves as we unwrap the truths of our BEING.  I am a gift to YOU as well. Save yourself the personal experiences, embrace mine.

After I spent day one sleeping non stop to Percocet, I felt this thrilling ZING that I would have a few days of BED REST. Quickly to be thwarted with pain and the realization of how many things I love to do in bed typically take 2 arms.  2 ARMS. Books are heavy..and page turning a task. Computer anything with one hand is time consuming. I found that I was literally assessing EVERYTHING by the energy and TIME it would take for me to do it...was it worth it???? Awesome cross over lesson to the other areas of my life. I don't usually assess my time and energies so much.

Take some time for yourself. LOVE YOURSELF. Write down what your heart wants. At the same time I hope you are BOLD. I hope you unleash your adventurous side and slurp up LOTS of the exciting, messy, happy parts of what is here for us. Take risks and be daring. Michael bo Bichael....YOU GET AN A+++++++ in this area!!!! Actually, now that I think about it, you ALL DO. But I do so love how Michael LEAPS forward taking risks and daring and ALWAYS comes to the happiest of endings!!!

The Grandma Wanna Be in me is sending SOULMATE energy out to you :) Can't help it. Well, I can, choosing NOT to impede tsunami vibes :)

Even as I write that, WITH EVERYTHING I trust that there is no need to hurry or force things. I trust that everything occurs in perfect timing. I am sounding like one of my new age books. Yep. I'm  a BELIEVER.
I have been rereading Doreen Virtues THE LIGHTWORKERS WAY...yesterday I came across this blip and thought of each of I wish I could GIVE YOU my trust. As back ground, Dorene, the author,  just wasn't sure WHAT to DO with her life...she met this renowned philosophical  Dr (Schuller) on a plane who told her this: "A new door will soon open for you. Meanwhile, DON'T WORRY that you don't know what is NEXT for yourself. When the door opens you will KNOW it is the RIGHT one for you". So she decided to stop setting goals and see what life would bring her. Much to ponder for this mom. I pass it on to you to chew on with me. I BELIEVE. How comforting to have each other as we continue on on this BIG LEARN AND LOVE!!!!

Wearing  helmets  made me think about the time I spend preparing and then playing it SAFE. I've been all over the place with my thoughts on this. But this mornings conclusion: Don't worry about playing it safe. Just follow your hearts true desire. I believe whole heartedly that our longings and desires guide us to RIGHT where is PERFECT for us. Success only comes from fully committing ourselves to our dreams.  So that GET FIT Natalie that broke her arm on Monday?  Nothing about breaking an arm changes the longing. .OR THE COMMITMENT. Of Course AFTER a few days of food comforting. Now I get to be creative and bold and step into new ways of getting there.

 IF you are still reading...I am not going to keep going on about the list of lessons I am SEEING.

DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH I LOVE YOU????????   How HEALING it is to KNOW that our love is ETERNAL no matter the situations we are in? How no matter the choices we make about WHERE we live and WHO we live with...we always belong to each other...always.  I wonder how many times we've come to learn lives together? I know I've been w you at LEAST once before...All I know is WHATEVER and HOWEVER I CHOOSE in the eternities...I CHOOSE each of you again and again and again xxooxxooxx.

Sparkle and SHINE!
PS A big THANK YOU to Dad, Megs and Spencer for all they have been doing to assist me. To Sarah for blowing my hair dry and then coming the second time to put in curlers. For all the love notes and treats. So much LOVE FOR ME!!!! Grateful grateful grateful.

Friday, June 27, 2014


proof they came :)

Monday, June 23, 2014

23 June 2014 Love from Sam

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Somebody there found a way to play Quiddich
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Legend Investigator Yi Xing

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Size of 2 way road in England!

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New member MICHAEL with Brother Liddicut
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Acting out the photo on the wall behind them
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So.. remember Michael, the Zimbabwean former investigator?? Well, we were having a lesson with him this weekon Thursday, and he was showing small concerns of why he wouldn't be able to be baptized on the 5th of July.  We read with him the promise in 2 Nephi 31 that baptism is the gateway to eternal life. we asked him to ponder about what eternal life was, and what it meant to him, and we all sat there in silence pondering for a couple of minutes. the spirit was on fire.  Elder Costigan said, "Michael, How badly do you want eternal life." Micahel said, "I want the surety as soon as possible," then we invited him to be baptized on this saturday instead of the 5th of July and we sat there in silence for a bit and then eventually he said, "absolutely".  so. Michael was baptized on Saturday. It was an incredible, heartwarming service. Elder Debeikes, my companion in Coventry who is now the district leader in Loughborough was able to get in his whites for the first time and baptize their chinese investigator named Feng.  He is the man! 

On Tuesday we went to go visit Ivy before she left for London for the week, and her and her roommates were doing some gardening, so we helped them for a couple of hours, and meanwhile, we were able to become mates with her roommates, to make a long story short, Barry, Ivy's roommate is one of our leading progressing investigators, he came to church, and has so much real intent! every time we go to teach Barry he has questions written down about things he's read in the book of mormon, or what he's read on He is a legend at guitar as well so he's been teaching me how to play bar chords, we will go to his house during p-day today because he wants to cook us chinese food.  

The zone is doing great! this week we have zone conference, and so that means that we get to buy 300£ worth of subway, which means it all goes on my subway card, which means I get 4 free foot longs :) life is good! #SubwayTenderMercies.  

After the baptism on saturday we went out to eat with some of our chinese investigators and recent converts, and it was a blast! 

Elder Costigan and I were studying patterns in companionship study, and we both realized that a pattern of success and growing in love and friendship with our investigators has been food. so we made plans for this next week of how we're either going to make meals for our investigators, bake them cookies, have them make us food, or somehow, be able to eat a meal together. We are really exited about how this is going to help us! 

Yesterday at church was a very special day as well! not only was Michael confirmed, but david, our recent convert from a few weeks ago, was interviewed for the aaronic priesthood and I was able to ordain him a preist yesterday, which was such a special experience! not only will he be passing the sacrament, blessing the sacrament, but he will be BAPTIZING Ivy on the 5th of July. He also came out teaching with us a few times this week, and he was incredible! The best way to help a recent convert to stay active is to get them to feel the missionary spirit, and we are exited for the way that david will share the gospel in England, but we are especially exited for the day when David, like so many others, will return to china and open the doors of the gospel to the most populated place in the world! I can't wait for the day that china is opened. 

Life is good, the work is great, being a missionary is the greatest. I've said this way too many times, but if any you have problems you need to sort out, just share the gospel and all of your problems will be fixed! It actually doesn't make any sense to me that by sacraficing other things that are important to us and putting the lord first we will be happier, but it's so true. Satan just does an incredible job of giving us reasons why this won't make us more happy. but it will. I know it! 

I love each of you so much! I will attatch some pictures of the baptism and some other pictures, I hope you enjoy them! and I hope you have an incredible week! take care :)

Elder Sam Harris. 

p.s. USA! 

Sunday, June 22, 2014

22 June 2014 Michael LOVE

 I stole these from his facebook post...there are lots more :) I laughed when he wrote "Seriously, they PAY me to go SEE this stuff with OLD people..." I think I might qualify for the old people ...probably should head up there1

Another week of living the good life for all of us! THANK YOU MICHAEL for posting the pics! JOSHY....YOUR TURN :) xxooxxooxxooxx

Preston, Jeremi and girlies are here till Thursday while Jeremi takes a class at the school district. I feel almost WEIRD NOT traveling..but so grateful. Megs had a wedding today. I had a sleepover with her Friday night and fell in love with her mattress. Love me a soft mattress! Everyone went to the Strawberry Days Rodeo last night...except me and Dad. I went with the girlies and we had chili cheese dogs and a salted caramel brownie at the CHOCOLATE. I LOVE my friends. Been rereading all about FENG SHUI as I get ready to sort through the clutter in this house.  Tomorrow I start the 3 month TERRAFIT weight loss program Allyse many people have signed up there is $20 K in the pot...CRAZY right? To be divided between 3 individual winners and one winning team. My team is SERIOUS. I already feel relieved knowing that by the end of September I will be back into my clothes....and a hope and sure prayer that my foot will be healed and I'll be back running.

Cousin Cherie had shoulder surgery this week. Kellie Nauman up the street had her little boy. Girls camp for our ward got location changed cuz the Rainbow people were camping right next store to the site they booked. World Cup has been on non stop since it started. Tonight Spencer and many friends watched and screamed all the way through the Tie game. Fun to have it bring so many friends over. Brandon left for Stanford. CJ Cardon got married yesterday. Spencer is golfing and working and golfing some more...Casey still doesn't have her mission call.Next Tuesday or Wednesday they think.

I'm sorry there isn't much to tell. Pretty sure you don't want to hear about my business book studies.  I am looking for ways into China for Do Terra so you could throw that into your prayers. And that I survive the first four days of eating good. It seems it takes 4 solid days for me to feel committed.

I LOVE YOU ALL!!! COME HOME!!! JUST COME HOME why don't you??? Planning the first MOMDIGGITY that will include a WILD RUMPUS, MAGIC MOUTHFULS and one HOLY COW BAT MAN event :) Dreaming of us all being home together is what gets me through all your GONENESS.
Summer just FEELS like you should be here. Can't have a Wacky Wednesday Reunion with you all gone.

That reminds me...Kristin Clarke's pregnancy is not looking good. The baby has several severe abnormalities and will probably not survive...prayers for her too. Real life incredible people.

Happy last week of June! Happy EVERY DAY!!! Happy loving on everyone you are with!

Monday, June 16, 2014

Sam LOVE 16 June 2014

Well, I just want to start out this email with a massive frustration of mine!

We can't watch the world cup. everyone we talk to on the street just mentions how they were up all night watching the different games and they ask us what we thought of certain calls the referree's made and everything, and it's the worst! it's like someone who's trying to go on a diet and everything the only thing they can see is chocolate cake! but all is well. just a small sacrafice. I should have about at least 15 more world cups to watch in my life so it should be fine! 

I was bummed to hear that England lost even though I wasn't able to watch the game, I still hope that they will be able to do well, and crazy how Netherlands laid down the hammer on Spain. good stuff! 

Other than the small bummer, the work is still going great! we have been continuing to see some incredible miracles.  Ivy is doing AMAZING. she is up there with a few of my favorite investigators from my whole mission. She's so humble and sweet and she has changed so much from applying the gospel in her life! she always tells us how she's so exited to join the church and share the gospel with her friends.  This week we were able to teach her temples, and forever families and in her own words, "that is the most beautiful thing I have ever learned in my whole life." It absolutely is. She is 26, getting her masters degree at Loughborough  University, from china. We found out this week she had a kid 3 years ago! we were way pumped to hear that! she would be the dopest mom. anyways she goes to London this weekend for a week so she won't be able to be baptized until the 5th of july but I don't really mind that we have to wait a few weeks. 

We felt prompted to go by a former investigator this week from Zimbabwe, he dropped the missionaries a few months ago. He has continued reading in the book of mormon and he now knows the church is true. He will be baptized on the 5th of July as well along with Ivy (Yung Shou) Henry, and Caroline (An Jinyi). the work is progressing!

I got my license this week! it was a miracle that I took my drivers test in downtown Nottingham because there was loads of traffic so I actually only drove around the corner before the timed test was over and I had only made a few mistakes. relieved to have that whole thing over with, it was honestly causing the most unneeded stress haha but it's done now :) 

oh, something weird that happened this week, when I was on exchange with one of the district leaders named Elder Sommer, we went to contact this guy and he straight away told me to take my helmet off so he could fight me. this guy was pretty persistant that we were going to have a fight, and all I said is hello. but eventually after us trying to calm him down it was just best that we rode off. We are so blessed that we do not have to act in these ways! 

I'll be completely honest and say that I hardly ever know what to say to you during these weekly emails, but I hope they aren't extremely boring like I feel like they are! well I love you! please enjoy these sporting events, they are probably the biggest sacrifice I am making to be honest, and sometimes it KILLS me, but I'm sure when I am home I would have no problem to sacrifice those things over and over again to be a missionary. 

Have a good week! I love you all so much!!! 

Sunday, June 15, 2014


1. Physically beautiful; comely.

New favorite word swiped from Oprah's Super Soul Sunday Short today. I'm going to name something this.

More about some oils ...and MARY xxooxx

The synchronicity of life is so COMPELLING to me...I had been studying about the essential oils used in the Bible and other apocrypha scripture earlier today...and then on this very day, one of my preacher friends I have gathered in tells me he is preaching on John 12:1-8 next Sunday. That "GOD HAS PUT IT IN MY HEART". :)  I had just been there looking up Spikenard. It had led me here-- to the site and oil info pasted below--LOVE the painting too:).  I am so eager to read his sermon for next week...I promise to share it here if he says its okay.

How could I NOT take pause and dig deeper and allow the angels to guide me back again? I  re-opened my scriptures to find the columns crammed with notes and heart doodles. You have to go back to John 11 to see the beautiful relationship that exists between this family before just jumping in to her washing and anointing the Savior's feet. My favorite personal note: "I believe like the early church leaders that surely Mary was married to the Savior. Surely." And now that I am of my own opinions I say boldly- SURELY!

 In John 11:5 "Now Jesus loved Martha, and her sister..."  and then of Lazarus in 11:3 when these sisters sent word "he whom thou lovest is sick"... and then the real relationship in 11:21 and 32..."LORD IF THOU HADST BEEN THERE..." (is that NOT the cry in most marriages? NOT being there for each other? Not choosing or not knowing HOW to show up and WHEN?)... and then HE WEPT...I love that Michael Wilcox talks about his weeping for ALL of us who cry out--"Lord if thou hast been there...".

He raises Lazarus and then the throngs believe. And Mary...well, now a most grateful sister and worshiping wife...sits at the feet of her miracle worker husband who has broken open hearts and resurrected the dead-- with her alabaster box of Spikenard worth a years salary. (Michael Wilcox note: "Mary gave the very best she has to offer, and poured out that offering willingly, grateful to show her devotion. This was her act of love for the coming atonement and sacrifice of her Lord."

Some say she didn't know he was about to die. Of course she knew. Frederick Farrar says EVERYONE knew they were plotting to kill him. That is one of the reasons they were gathering.  I'm excited for you to read what the blogger pasted in here below has said.

Whoever each of us believes Jesus to be...doesn't it make your heart burn to think of freely breaking open our box--our hearts, and offer our whole souls as an offering to those we get to love?

  And again my heart burns when I read Mark 14:9...I too want it said of me "Wherever this gospel (LOVE) is preached in the whole world, what this woman has done will also be a memorial to her."

And for those who look on any of us with judgement.... my Jesus stays next to me/us and says (John 12:7) Let her alone;.....

Soothing Spikenard

Then Mary took a pound of very costly oil of Spikenard, anointed the feet of Jesus, and wiped His feet with her hair. And the house was filled with the fragrance of the oil. (John 12:3)
The first time I smelled Spikenard, I wasn’t sure what I thought. I detected the slight hint of Valerian, which I’m not overly fond of. I wondered if Jesus reallyenjoyed the aroma when Mary poured it on his feet. However, after learning more about the amazing benefits of essential oils, I had to wonder if what Jesus found pleasing had more to do with the scent of Mary’s motives, than it did the scent of the oil (Mark 14:9).
A tranquilizing relative of the Valerian family, Spikenard has the most powerful sedative action in aromatherapy and it is often recommended for relieving stress. The relaxing properties of this precious oil has been known to sooth nerves and ease anxiety. Historically, it has been used to treat mental disorders, as well as to calm those in trauma.
“Assuredly, I say to you, wherever this gospel is preached in the whole world, what this woman has done will also be told as a memorial to her.” Mark 14:9
I have often wondered why Mary chose Spikenard to anoint our Lord. Now, after learning about some of the properties of the oil, I have to wonder if perhaps Mary’s feminine nurturing spirit was attempting to lovingly bless and sooth our Lord before the trauma to come. Is that part of why Jesus was so impressed by her sacrifice (He always considers heart motive)? If so, this adds to the beauty and value of Mary’s actions during such a horribly stressful time!
“Now thanks be to God who always leads us in triumph in Christ, and through us diffuses the fragrance of His knowledge in every place.” (2 Corinthians 2:14)
Such beautiful imagery for those who understand the power of essential oils. We, the Church, are to be that influence in the world! We are the diffuser; His Holy Spirit is the healing, fragrant oil!

Spikenard is also said to promote cellular respiration and digestion and may be useful for balancing the male and female hormonal system. Spikenard is especially valued during the onset of puberty and during the menopausal phases (in a house full of girl, like ours, this is a good thing!).
It also may help relieve hormonal disturbances like insomnia, hot flashes, rosacea, headache, and night sweats.
Try a few drops of Narde in a blend or alone to help restless sleep, chronic insomnia, and tension. According to the book, Medical Aromatherapy: Healing with Essential Oils by Kurt Schnaubelt it is also good for dealing with dandruff and psoriasis.
The Essential Oil Desk Reference says Spikenard is useful for treating heart arrhythmias; and according to Dietrich Gumbel, Ph.D. it strengthens the heart and improves circulation.
TO PROMOTE SOUND SLEEP: Rub hands together with 1-3 drops of spikenard. Cup hands over face and inhale a minimum of 30-60 seconds to induce sleep. Place a couple of drops on bottoms of feet. Blend with Helichrysum to aid in emotional healing after a trauma.
APPLICATION: According to the Essential Oil Desk Reference, apply 2-4 drops on location, directly inhale, diffuse, or take as a dietary supplement.
alabaster perfume bottleBlends well with: Clary Sage, Geranium, Frankincense, Helichrysum, Lavender, Myrrh, Neroli, Patchouli, Rose, Sandalwood, or Vetiver.
I discovered that, while I don’t care for the scent on its own, it blends very well with other oils. Notice the ancient perfume recipe included below.
Ancient Spikenard Perfume Recipe(A variation of a perfume found in King Tutankhamun‘s tomb*)

2 T. sweet almond oil (or your favorite carrier oil)
6 drops Spikenard
6 drops Frankincense
2 drops Geranium
If using coconut oil, bring it to to a liquid state first, and blend with essential oils.

SOOOOO GOOD to SEE you Michael!!!

 This stash is quite epic xxooxx
 Wishing I could hear you play!!!
When I got home from England, Sam had sent an SD card with some crazy great pics for all of us. A few videos clips that will rock your world. THANK YOU SAM!!!! Now know...a pic every now and again would do the MOMMA GOOD!!!!

It's suppose to be summer, but its been super cool. High today is 75 and its been dreary out. SO NOT POOL weather. Another week filled with work and loving on each other. Spencer's Kasi is getting her mission call on Tuesday. Spencer gets up at 5 and heads to the golf course each day so he can get 18 in before work. Thats what LOVE looks like :) When he is home, WORLD CUP, US OPEN and basketball are on...and all the homies are here.  Megs pops in...but we are both tired of the world cup already. We were sad to see England lose so early and so badly Sammer. Germany is the favorite around here for taking it....think I'm going to have to learn to cook up Doner's in the spirit of the whole thing for Michael. This morning they were all filling our their brackets.

Herman has lost some pizzazz since he got fixed. I'm a bit sad. He talks less and lays around much more. WHAT DID I DO? BUT...he hasn't seemed to have been in a cat fight since the surgery.

Real estate has been hopping. I'm grateful. Do Terra builders are a wee weary and want to take a rest and play with their kiddos for we called a truce for the next 2 weeks in a few of my lines. I need ONE MORE stellar front line builder...taking on anyone who wants to build, but holding out that last front line for an energy match:)

So many books to read. So little time...may I suggest #GIRLBOSS by Sophie Amoruso, FALLING INTO GRACE by Adyashanti, and A BEGINNER'S GUIDE TO CONSTRUCTING THE UNIVERSE by Michael S. Schneider (I had this from when I home schooled you---was drawn back to it again and the reunion has been SWEET--I LOVE numbers!).

A lot of change going on inside me. I am in awe, wondering IF and when there is a settling in life. Pretty sure there isn't since we are eternal. The view of the possibilities of each of our lives is incredibly intriguing to me. We are a brilliant kaleidoscope and with each of our tiniest turns we create a new vision of beauty.

No big surprise...we had steak and potato casserole and watermelon and corn on the cob for Father's Day dinner. We got Dad a grill. We are so fortunate to have your Dad in the mix of our lives.

Today coming back from Taylor Nelson's mission farewell we were remembering back to times when we lived in Alpine. Dad said to Megs..."you had a great childhood". She quickly said "YES I DID." And I have been thinking ever since how I HAD an AMAZING second childhood with all of you. YOU WERE MAGIC. Who are WE that we live in a time and place with means to create WACKY WEDNESDAYS and TO THE WATER TUESDAYS and SLEEPOVER FRIDAY'S? It is so perfect the way you keep growing into more and more irresistible people or it would be too tragic to have you ever leave childhood.

A new week ahead to create more LOVE. I think Sam "wins" most weeks since his everyday is devoted to spreading it. OK, that's not true. I KNOW us...each of us are out there gathering up and pouring out the happy and love inside us. I get that you boys will particularly enjoy the next few weeks with friends until the world cup is over. Crazy sweet that it ends on Michael's birthday! HELP MICHAEL FIGURE OUT WHAT HE WANTS FOR HIS BIRTHDAY OTHER THAN A PRIVATE JET :)

I love you chickadees....

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Monday, June 9, 2014

Love from Sam 9 June 2014

Hey family!

This week was another great one.  David was baptized and confirmed! enjoy the pictures of him. he is the one sitting down, and the one in between elder Costigan and I. the person who baptized him is a recent convert of 3 months who is such a beast at sharing the gospel, a great example to us of how we need to be when were members back home and we have something as prescious as the gospel. After the baptism we walked home with David, and he told us the story of the series of events that lead him to want to be baptized. The lord was with us every step of the way in our teaching process and it was cool to hear his conversion story from his mouth. On Sunday after his confirmation he was so exited! He is looking forward to receiving the priesthood in a few weeks and hopefully attending the temple to do proxy baptisms. 

The ward asked me to give a talk this week on developing Christlike attributes, I shared some quotes from preach my gospel and linked developing christlike attributes to repentance, by sharing the conversion story of Alma the Younger in Alma 36, and how he developed christlike attributes because of this repentance.  I hope they enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed studying for it.  

On Monday we got a call from an unknown number and he told us that he wanted to see us as soon as possible, we immediately went there and he told us that he investigated the church 4 years ago and wants to be baptized. So... that was a miracle! haha to say the least. he will hopefully be baptized on the 21st. His name is Michael, he is 60, is addicted to smoking, and is very depressed. He needs the gospel so much and we are exited to see what it will be able to do for him.  

Another sweet investigator were working with at the moment is Ivy. She is a chinese Uni student who will be baptized on the 21st for sure. It's amazing how much we have been blessed, I feel like we don't deserve half the things we have been able to see. 

I'm grateful for the gospel. I LOVE that the gospel is about becoming better each day, and not just an immediate elevator effect. I love the oppurtunities we have to learn and grow from our successes and our hardest trials.  I love Joseph Smith, he truly is my biggest idol besides Jesus Christ. 

If any of you are struggling or not content with something in your life, share the gospel! it fixes everything. have a great week!! 

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Love from Mom 8 June 2014

Hello Lovies!!!

Another week with 3 of you in the yonders of the world.

I wished you'd been with me and Meg at the movies to see FAULT IN OUR STARS...I always like the book better...but this one was sure a close call for tie. I dare anyone to see it without evaluating their love relationship statuses. Take your Kleenex.

Jeremy and kids came for the weekend. Everyone is so READY for summer and freedom. It's been too long since they were here...when they come they bring their HAPPY SAUCE. The pool sizzles the fun. Lucky me..I got to snug Elle two nights in a row. Man  I miss a long sleep snuggle. She heads right for my armpit. Bliss. I was surprised at how pleased I was to see dogs are growing on me. I DID NOT SAY WE COULD GET ONE...I just said they are growing on me.

We went to Utah lake today in a boat Jeremy's friend shares with him. The wind was relentless. We got out about 10 minutes and had to turn back. There were actual white caps!! My Dad dropped in for a bit.

Spencer has had friends over everyday and night. He is good to carry on the Harris child tradition of bringing  home the world to us. Feels so right. Megs and Laura and Raquel have been over a bit more lately. Dad is biking alot. Talked to Josh and he is a quiet, diligent, happy camper in Seattle. Talked to Michael and he is still loving Alaska and can't decide what he wants for his birthday except a private jet :) IF I could talk to Sam we all know he'd say..."I"ll be home in a second...see how fast this is going?". It's NOT SAM. It's just NOT. I think we have 270 some days left...that's all.

This seems so short. I'm reading POWER vs FORCE again by David Hawking. I started my diet this week. AGAIN :) Real Estate is awesome. Do Terra is busy and soul refining. My foot is healing.

3 chores for this week:
Write yourself a letter telling yourself what you LOVE about yourself.
Write in detail what you want the rest of this year and next year to look like.
Write your MOMMA!!!! Tell me something you've never told me before!

I love you. BIG! REALLY BIG! Slurp up the LOVE

Monday, June 2, 2014

Love from Sam 2 June 2014

Hello family and friends! 

I love you! I really do! 

This week was once again, phenomenal! it's crazy to see what has happened to the area in Loughborough. The Loughborough district of 3 teams went from teaching around 18 lessons a week, to about 45 on average. the work is going nuts and it's so fun to be a part of it! I'm still trying to figure out this whole pattern thing in missionary work. I'm thinking I've come to a conclusion that god decides when he wants the work to progress and when he wants people to learn from not having as much.  This week I really missed beto's. just a side note, but holy cow I feel like the greasiest breakfast burrito would change the world!
I got to go on exchange with Elder Debeikes, one of my favorite companions this week and it was incredible. the whole day we just talked about how much we wanted to serve together again. Before the mission on our way to Lake powell dad told me that I would become just as close with some of my companions as with some of my baseball teammates. I thought he was absolutely off his rocker, taking the mick! but it is true, especially with Elder Debeikes and Elder Unice they are my brothers.  We were able to teach a few people and spend some good time finding, we went to a pizza place that was a massive pizza for only 4£ so that made me happy.  We made a lot of progress with david this week. his date is fixed for this saturday, the 7th! please keep him in your prayers as well. Not only are we exited that David is getting baptized, but what I'm more exited about is a recent convert, also chinese, named Ji, will be baptizing David! looking forward to showing you pictures next week! 

Here's a cool story from last week! so we had 10 minutes before 9 so we decided we'd do one last stop by before we went in, so we locked our bikes together, not to anything outside of our investigators house. When we came out of the house 5 minutes later, our bikes had been stolen! we were way upset and asking everyone if they'd seen our bikes, but eventually we gave up looking and because we were on exchange, Elder costigan came and picked us up and dropped us off at our flat.  4 days later, we were going by an investigator and she wasn't in, and for some reason I had an impression to go look in some random persons back yard, so we did, and our bikes were still chained together there! we called the police, and they were like, "if they're youur bikes than why don't you just go into the back yard and get them!" so we did. as we were walking out with them, one of the kids saw us, and started yelling for his parents, but we booked it out of there and now we have our bikes again! it was a way cool experience that I'll never forget! 

I know the church is true. I love being a missionary! Please continue to pray for me and for the missionaries, members, and investigators that i am working with! I love you all so much, have a great week!! 

Sunday, June 1, 2014


I wish I could forcibly input Michael Singer's UNTETHERED SOUL into each of our brains.

I feel like bouncing like Tigger as I am becoming more and more aware- FUN! FUN! FUN! Happy Happy Happy!!

Michael Singer is a knowing tutor as he warns that when we commit to HAPPINESS all the time-- no matter the circumstances or our personal and relationships will occur to TRY our commitment.

I know I asked before...but if nothing else, please just read Chapter 15? Please? Read it like 20 times and keep me inspired, aware and in remembrance? I believe EVERY WORD and PROMISE when he says that HAPPINESS is the quickest way to enlightenment.

Who do you want me to be as I parent you as adults? I feel like I was the child whisperer in comparison to my wobbly attempts now.

Do you need/want  me to still make dinner every night when you are home? Would it be okay if I just cook the occasional Sunday?-- Promising to let the miracle of Costco and restaurants fill in the rest of the time? Cooking doesn't bring me the joy it use to. Sometimes it does. But nope, not every night you are home. Unless we were cooking together. I wish we had done that more. Cook together.  I will be thrilled when the love of it hits one of you.

It's exciting to find new loves, new interests.

 Do you need/want me to be the one working in the yard? Are you okay if I hire out the parts I don't choose to do? I miss having YOU as my free slave labor to work beside.  Planting seems to be the bits left that fill my soul. Of course basking in the HEAVEN of it will never fade!!!!The years of creating have come to harvest, maintaining isn't as fun as the creation part. I've thought long and hard on that last sentence. Long and hard.

Do you mourn the loss of your Mormon Mom?  Do you feel less comfortable at home because she has left the building?  Are there new spaces we could create together that would feed JOY and comfort like unto the old space without my having to squish my authentic self? Would you share with me what that would look like to you? I know that life is on purpose. I believe we picked each other for the journey.  I trust  that my imperfections and yours, are our perfect teachers. I LOVE that I am safe with you. I might wrongly be thinking that you "GET ME". Dad is pretty sure you don't. The great news is--we have our lives to share until you do. I trust our love. I trust the crazy HAPPY we share when we are together.

Can't wait to talk to each of you soon.

Sparkle and Shine Lovies. Sparkle and Shine. MISS ME. LOVE ME. I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!