Sunday, June 15, 2014

SOOOOO GOOD to SEE you Michael!!!

 This stash is quite epic xxooxx
 Wishing I could hear you play!!!
When I got home from England, Sam had sent an SD card with some crazy great pics for all of us. A few videos clips that will rock your world. THANK YOU SAM!!!! Now know...a pic every now and again would do the MOMMA GOOD!!!!

It's suppose to be summer, but its been super cool. High today is 75 and its been dreary out. SO NOT POOL weather. Another week filled with work and loving on each other. Spencer's Kasi is getting her mission call on Tuesday. Spencer gets up at 5 and heads to the golf course each day so he can get 18 in before work. Thats what LOVE looks like :) When he is home, WORLD CUP, US OPEN and basketball are on...and all the homies are here.  Megs pops in...but we are both tired of the world cup already. We were sad to see England lose so early and so badly Sammer. Germany is the favorite around here for taking it....think I'm going to have to learn to cook up Doner's in the spirit of the whole thing for Michael. This morning they were all filling our their brackets.

Herman has lost some pizzazz since he got fixed. I'm a bit sad. He talks less and lays around much more. WHAT DID I DO? BUT...he hasn't seemed to have been in a cat fight since the surgery.

Real estate has been hopping. I'm grateful. Do Terra builders are a wee weary and want to take a rest and play with their kiddos for we called a truce for the next 2 weeks in a few of my lines. I need ONE MORE stellar front line builder...taking on anyone who wants to build, but holding out that last front line for an energy match:)

So many books to read. So little time...may I suggest #GIRLBOSS by Sophie Amoruso, FALLING INTO GRACE by Adyashanti, and A BEGINNER'S GUIDE TO CONSTRUCTING THE UNIVERSE by Michael S. Schneider (I had this from when I home schooled you---was drawn back to it again and the reunion has been SWEET--I LOVE numbers!).

A lot of change going on inside me. I am in awe, wondering IF and when there is a settling in life. Pretty sure there isn't since we are eternal. The view of the possibilities of each of our lives is incredibly intriguing to me. We are a brilliant kaleidoscope and with each of our tiniest turns we create a new vision of beauty.

No big surprise...we had steak and potato casserole and watermelon and corn on the cob for Father's Day dinner. We got Dad a grill. We are so fortunate to have your Dad in the mix of our lives.

Today coming back from Taylor Nelson's mission farewell we were remembering back to times when we lived in Alpine. Dad said to Megs..."you had a great childhood". She quickly said "YES I DID." And I have been thinking ever since how I HAD an AMAZING second childhood with all of you. YOU WERE MAGIC. Who are WE that we live in a time and place with means to create WACKY WEDNESDAYS and TO THE WATER TUESDAYS and SLEEPOVER FRIDAY'S? It is so perfect the way you keep growing into more and more irresistible people or it would be too tragic to have you ever leave childhood.

A new week ahead to create more LOVE. I think Sam "wins" most weeks since his everyday is devoted to spreading it. OK, that's not true. I KNOW us...each of us are out there gathering up and pouring out the happy and love inside us. I get that you boys will particularly enjoy the next few weeks with friends until the world cup is over. Crazy sweet that it ends on Michael's birthday! HELP MICHAEL FIGURE OUT WHAT HE WANTS FOR HIS BIRTHDAY OTHER THAN A PRIVATE JET :)

I love you chickadees....

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