Sunday, June 1, 2014


I wish I could forcibly input Michael Singer's UNTETHERED SOUL into each of our brains.

I feel like bouncing like Tigger as I am becoming more and more aware- FUN! FUN! FUN! Happy Happy Happy!!

Michael Singer is a knowing tutor as he warns that when we commit to HAPPINESS all the time-- no matter the circumstances or our personal and relationships will occur to TRY our commitment.

I know I asked before...but if nothing else, please just read Chapter 15? Please? Read it like 20 times and keep me inspired, aware and in remembrance? I believe EVERY WORD and PROMISE when he says that HAPPINESS is the quickest way to enlightenment.

Who do you want me to be as I parent you as adults? I feel like I was the child whisperer in comparison to my wobbly attempts now.

Do you need/want  me to still make dinner every night when you are home? Would it be okay if I just cook the occasional Sunday?-- Promising to let the miracle of Costco and restaurants fill in the rest of the time? Cooking doesn't bring me the joy it use to. Sometimes it does. But nope, not every night you are home. Unless we were cooking together. I wish we had done that more. Cook together.  I will be thrilled when the love of it hits one of you.

It's exciting to find new loves, new interests.

 Do you need/want me to be the one working in the yard? Are you okay if I hire out the parts I don't choose to do? I miss having YOU as my free slave labor to work beside.  Planting seems to be the bits left that fill my soul. Of course basking in the HEAVEN of it will never fade!!!!The years of creating have come to harvest, maintaining isn't as fun as the creation part. I've thought long and hard on that last sentence. Long and hard.

Do you mourn the loss of your Mormon Mom?  Do you feel less comfortable at home because she has left the building?  Are there new spaces we could create together that would feed JOY and comfort like unto the old space without my having to squish my authentic self? Would you share with me what that would look like to you? I know that life is on purpose. I believe we picked each other for the journey.  I trust  that my imperfections and yours, are our perfect teachers. I LOVE that I am safe with you. I might wrongly be thinking that you "GET ME". Dad is pretty sure you don't. The great news is--we have our lives to share until you do. I trust our love. I trust the crazy HAPPY we share when we are together.

Can't wait to talk to each of you soon.

Sparkle and Shine Lovies. Sparkle and Shine. MISS ME. LOVE ME. I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!

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