Sunday, June 8, 2014

Love from Mom 8 June 2014

Hello Lovies!!!

Another week with 3 of you in the yonders of the world.

I wished you'd been with me and Meg at the movies to see FAULT IN OUR STARS...I always like the book better...but this one was sure a close call for tie. I dare anyone to see it without evaluating their love relationship statuses. Take your Kleenex.

Jeremy and kids came for the weekend. Everyone is so READY for summer and freedom. It's been too long since they were here...when they come they bring their HAPPY SAUCE. The pool sizzles the fun. Lucky me..I got to snug Elle two nights in a row. Man  I miss a long sleep snuggle. She heads right for my armpit. Bliss. I was surprised at how pleased I was to see dogs are growing on me. I DID NOT SAY WE COULD GET ONE...I just said they are growing on me.

We went to Utah lake today in a boat Jeremy's friend shares with him. The wind was relentless. We got out about 10 minutes and had to turn back. There were actual white caps!! My Dad dropped in for a bit.

Spencer has had friends over everyday and night. He is good to carry on the Harris child tradition of bringing  home the world to us. Feels so right. Megs and Laura and Raquel have been over a bit more lately. Dad is biking alot. Talked to Josh and he is a quiet, diligent, happy camper in Seattle. Talked to Michael and he is still loving Alaska and can't decide what he wants for his birthday except a private jet :) IF I could talk to Sam we all know he'd say..."I"ll be home in a second...see how fast this is going?". It's NOT SAM. It's just NOT. I think we have 270 some days left...that's all.

This seems so short. I'm reading POWER vs FORCE again by David Hawking. I started my diet this week. AGAIN :) Real Estate is awesome. Do Terra is busy and soul refining. My foot is healing.

3 chores for this week:
Write yourself a letter telling yourself what you LOVE about yourself.
Write in detail what you want the rest of this year and next year to look like.
Write your MOMMA!!!! Tell me something you've never told me before!

I love you. BIG! REALLY BIG! Slurp up the LOVE

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