Sunday, June 22, 2014

22 June 2014 Michael LOVE

 I stole these from his facebook post...there are lots more :) I laughed when he wrote "Seriously, they PAY me to go SEE this stuff with OLD people..." I think I might qualify for the old people ...probably should head up there1

Another week of living the good life for all of us! THANK YOU MICHAEL for posting the pics! JOSHY....YOUR TURN :) xxooxxooxxooxx

Preston, Jeremi and girlies are here till Thursday while Jeremi takes a class at the school district. I feel almost WEIRD NOT traveling..but so grateful. Megs had a wedding today. I had a sleepover with her Friday night and fell in love with her mattress. Love me a soft mattress! Everyone went to the Strawberry Days Rodeo last night...except me and Dad. I went with the girlies and we had chili cheese dogs and a salted caramel brownie at the CHOCOLATE. I LOVE my friends. Been rereading all about FENG SHUI as I get ready to sort through the clutter in this house.  Tomorrow I start the 3 month TERRAFIT weight loss program Allyse many people have signed up there is $20 K in the pot...CRAZY right? To be divided between 3 individual winners and one winning team. My team is SERIOUS. I already feel relieved knowing that by the end of September I will be back into my clothes....and a hope and sure prayer that my foot will be healed and I'll be back running.

Cousin Cherie had shoulder surgery this week. Kellie Nauman up the street had her little boy. Girls camp for our ward got location changed cuz the Rainbow people were camping right next store to the site they booked. World Cup has been on non stop since it started. Tonight Spencer and many friends watched and screamed all the way through the Tie game. Fun to have it bring so many friends over. Brandon left for Stanford. CJ Cardon got married yesterday. Spencer is golfing and working and golfing some more...Casey still doesn't have her mission call.Next Tuesday or Wednesday they think.

I'm sorry there isn't much to tell. Pretty sure you don't want to hear about my business book studies.  I am looking for ways into China for Do Terra so you could throw that into your prayers. And that I survive the first four days of eating good. It seems it takes 4 solid days for me to feel committed.

I LOVE YOU ALL!!! COME HOME!!! JUST COME HOME why don't you??? Planning the first MOMDIGGITY that will include a WILD RUMPUS, MAGIC MOUTHFULS and one HOLY COW BAT MAN event :) Dreaming of us all being home together is what gets me through all your GONENESS.
Summer just FEELS like you should be here. Can't have a Wacky Wednesday Reunion with you all gone.

That reminds me...Kristin Clarke's pregnancy is not looking good. The baby has several severe abnormalities and will probably not survive...prayers for her too. Real life incredible people.

Happy last week of June! Happy EVERY DAY!!! Happy loving on everyone you are with!

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