Monday, June 16, 2014

Sam LOVE 16 June 2014

Well, I just want to start out this email with a massive frustration of mine!

We can't watch the world cup. everyone we talk to on the street just mentions how they were up all night watching the different games and they ask us what we thought of certain calls the referree's made and everything, and it's the worst! it's like someone who's trying to go on a diet and everything the only thing they can see is chocolate cake! but all is well. just a small sacrafice. I should have about at least 15 more world cups to watch in my life so it should be fine! 

I was bummed to hear that England lost even though I wasn't able to watch the game, I still hope that they will be able to do well, and crazy how Netherlands laid down the hammer on Spain. good stuff! 

Other than the small bummer, the work is still going great! we have been continuing to see some incredible miracles.  Ivy is doing AMAZING. she is up there with a few of my favorite investigators from my whole mission. She's so humble and sweet and she has changed so much from applying the gospel in her life! she always tells us how she's so exited to join the church and share the gospel with her friends.  This week we were able to teach her temples, and forever families and in her own words, "that is the most beautiful thing I have ever learned in my whole life." It absolutely is. She is 26, getting her masters degree at Loughborough  University, from china. We found out this week she had a kid 3 years ago! we were way pumped to hear that! she would be the dopest mom. anyways she goes to London this weekend for a week so she won't be able to be baptized until the 5th of july but I don't really mind that we have to wait a few weeks. 

We felt prompted to go by a former investigator this week from Zimbabwe, he dropped the missionaries a few months ago. He has continued reading in the book of mormon and he now knows the church is true. He will be baptized on the 5th of July as well along with Ivy (Yung Shou) Henry, and Caroline (An Jinyi). the work is progressing!

I got my license this week! it was a miracle that I took my drivers test in downtown Nottingham because there was loads of traffic so I actually only drove around the corner before the timed test was over and I had only made a few mistakes. relieved to have that whole thing over with, it was honestly causing the most unneeded stress haha but it's done now :) 

oh, something weird that happened this week, when I was on exchange with one of the district leaders named Elder Sommer, we went to contact this guy and he straight away told me to take my helmet off so he could fight me. this guy was pretty persistant that we were going to have a fight, and all I said is hello. but eventually after us trying to calm him down it was just best that we rode off. We are so blessed that we do not have to act in these ways! 

I'll be completely honest and say that I hardly ever know what to say to you during these weekly emails, but I hope they aren't extremely boring like I feel like they are! well I love you! please enjoy these sporting events, they are probably the biggest sacrifice I am making to be honest, and sometimes it KILLS me, but I'm sure when I am home I would have no problem to sacrifice those things over and over again to be a missionary. 

Have a good week! I love you all so much!!! 

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