Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Wishing for YOUNGER DAYS....

 Sam graduates tonight...a whole new world for us all....pics to come.

28 May 2012 Email from Spencer

hey guys im glad you have had such an awesome week and glad that sam had such an amazing tournament, this week has been alot of ups and dows with my comp again he may be getting sent home but noone knows presidant has not made his decision yet after many conversations with me and him, im soor but this week is going to be short we dont have time, we have alot to do today, but yesterday we got a new branch mission leader and today we are going to go out with him im excited because he is way pumped to help us with the work and im way pumpded to get the branch pumped about turning our branch into a ward haha
were going to play settlers of catan for pday today and im excited its going to be fun, i cant believe of all the years of baseball the lord chose me to miss was this one, so so so sad i still remember the last game i watched bam play, maybe even the last game i ever watch  him play, i also remember the peace i felt about leaving home, knowing i was going to be where i was supposed to , and im so thankful that i am here, now, in augusta serving the many people i love and will come to love, but still sad to think that i missed two state championchip games ,
anyways really not much to talk about this week i will write you a really long letter next week but i have to go wash my car before sone conferences tomorrow, which i am excited about, i love love love you mom, and never forget it hope you didnt miss me to much this baseball season. tell bam i love him and to email me.

love elder harris

Saturday, May 26, 2012


                                                    MY CHAMPION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"Kincade pitched a 12-1 win against Skyline yesterday. In the losers' bracket, they had to beat them twice to take State. And in the bottom of the third overtime inning in the second game, having been tied for 5 innings straight, we lose by a run and the boys are heartbroken. I am so proud of them. Longest, craziest, closest, most emotional game I have ever been to".-----Words of Robyn Peay--Kincade's mom.

And all I have to say is AMEN. Well...of then of course that SAM was FREAKING AMAZING!!! I will post more when my body and heart are a little more sorted.

Thursday, May 24, 2012


YES!!!!!!! SPENCER JOSH AND MICHAEL!!!! YES YES YES YES YES!!!! T-WOLVES won again tonight so tomorrow they play in the FINAL STATE CHAMPIONSHIP GAME!!!!! At 1:30 if you can get in on the streaming again off of Deseret News.com . SOOOOOOOOooooooo wish you were here. They are living and PLAYING the Dream!!!!! Me too :) Sweet sweet day in the Universe.


                                                    ALL the PROUD MOMMAS!!!!
I am SO EXCITED FOR YOU BOYS!!!! You can watch Sam's games via a live feed if you go to Deseret News.com!!!!! SO we play tonight at 7, and after that win, we are in the FINAL CHAMPIONSHIP GAME tomorrow--Friday May 25th at 1:30pm!!! If only you could have seen this ROCIN' catch Sam made at first last night in the last inning to keep us in the game and WIN!!!!
Deseret News and the Daily Herald have pics and video's and articles :) Go see the Brotha!!!!
Missing you all like CRAZY by the way.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Spencer...JUST IN CASE you get a second to check here...they are STILL WINNING and we are fout games in. We have a double header tonight...it has been SO EXCITING!!!! Wish ALL you boys could be here. We LOVE YOU!!!! And its just not quite the same without you!!!!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Letter from Spencer 21 May 2012

hey fam
well this week has been crazy my trainee is still struggling hard, but all i can do is continue to love him and pray that he will change , but thats not something i or god can force , only he can let god into his life and forget about his natural man which is an enemy to god, life is just so much easier and happier when you submit to the will of the father, but if he does not improve soon i think presidant will send him home, i cant take him around some members, cuz he hates mexicans, he wont even read the scriptures with us when we visit less actives, which has offended a few families, i forgot how prideful the world is, but im thankful, it is a constant reminder to me that no man can serve two masters, your either in the world suffering miserably, or your with god passing through difficulties happily and with apreciation. please pray for him, he needs this more then anyone i have ever known, pray for me two that i dont give up on him, if he doesnt change here and find peace through the gospel and serving others then i he will be miserable through the rest of his life, never living up to his potential of goodness that can come through living and understanding the gospel. anyways enough of sad talk.
this week has been way fun, my glasses broke, my toe broke, and so did the drier, but yet im happier then ever , the other night me and an elder that i live with elder cahoon stayed up till 2 just talking , which was fun, it reminded me of what me and michael king and mike cooper would do, quite funny how many michaels have played such a big role, and had such a big impact on my life. our district had a baptism and afterwords we went to a hibachi grill ( buffet, chinese) which was awersome, half of the workers were hispanic and i got to talking with them in spanish while they would cook my hibachi ( kinda like tepanyaki, just cheaper and not as much quality) which was fun, man i love the hell out of hispanics, literally i love the hell right out of them, it was way fun and we have an appointment to teach them this week, there coming to play soccer with us as well on wednesday.
so my companion told everyone in the world that he played college soccer, lets just say, hes never played a competitive game in his life,so soccer this wednesday was hilarious when they finally convinced him to play with us and the truth was revealed, watching my little companion run away from the ball, haha but its ok he will quit lying once he gains some self confidence and gets comfortable with being himself on his mission.
one of our investigators named fabian came to church last weekfor the first time, and when we showed up to his house this week he had bought a white shirt, and asked if i could find him a tie, and of course i have a billion so i gave him a few, hes awesome, gave up drinking like it was nothing and its just fun to see how the holyghost can really change people as it says in alma five, what a "mighty change of heart" fabian has experienced, cant wait for his baptism!
this week has been great, im gonna go but a new suit from a thrift store today! and i am gonna eat some good ol chicken fried steak just for my momma!probably some mac n cheese too , mm mm good
well we also had a mission conference this week with our area authority of the 70 elder gonzalez, he is amazing i loved hearing him speak and also seeing the other missionaries experience a little of what we experience with our hispanic members. i learned so much.
i washed my whites and realized that my garments are more yellow then white haha, stupid humidity and sweat, so mom if you could send me a bunch of medium mesh tops and  a bunch of 32 dry lux bottoms i would be eternally grateful, my shirts are yellow too, but i can buy those. my trainer elder jared radmall, and my other favorite companion elder brent carter go home this week, please look them up on facebook and tell them i love them and thanks for all they have done for me in my life. radmall is from st george, and carter is from seatlle washington.
anyways , i love you guys so much and miss you tons, send me scott coopers email, and adress to write, that boy needs some love.
love elder harris

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Uncle Kelly and Julia ENGAGED!!!!!!

It's TRUE!!! It happened yesterday!!!  We are SO THRILLED! They don't have a date yet...you can imagine how tricky it's going to be for them with SO MUCH FAMILY in two very far away places:)  But WE are ready for where ever. We can't wait!

Living Life 20 May 2012

 I could take amazing pics EVERY week in Nursery...but this week Journey takes the prize...Playing IN the closet is so much MORE FUN than with WHAT is in the closet:)

 It's crazy...cuz I will still catch myself jumping up to run see Josh when I glance out and the Buick is here. But no Josh. Sam is THRILLED to have it here for the summer.
 Full on Spring...the flowers are in and the Cecil Bruner is blooming and soon the Clematis will be out. Your HOME misses ALL YOU BOYS!!!! And so does your Momma and the rest of the family!!!

Sam graduated from Seminary tonight---he spoke and did an excellent job. He is always a pleasure to listen to because he speaks from his heart and doesn't have to fill his time telling you what other people have said...and you know I REALLY like that...yea, I also know I'm his Mom...but really, he did a great job. 9 days to graduation. He misses Senior Sluff Day tomorrow because he'll be playing in another State play off game---in Kearns! I LOVE that field. They have the old fashioned score board where the boys sit up there and change the numbers with cards. He's had a crazy busy week with end of school stuff. I pretty much cry every day over it ending FOR ME. Dang I have loved Mothering. And High School...not having even a High Schooler means I'm old in the way those OTHER women have been old. I may have to adopt. Seriously.

Josh and Michael are deep into the whole Alaska job experience. Michael went dog sledding and on a helicopter ride around some park this week...and to a play. He met up with Josh in Fairbanks for only one night---they were invited to a free play so they could sell it to their passengers on board...OF COURSE JOSH refused to go:) LOVE MY BOYS!!!
Josh is still talking to Stephanie every day...I ran into her Mom at the movie theater Friday night (went with the girlfriends to see WHAT TO EXPECT WHEN YOU ARE EXPECTING) and she laughed and said "Stephanie is here but she is in the theater texting Josh":) I didn't want to go seek her out, thought Josh might kill me. Josh is giving me NOTHING and I think that is just fine.

Megs is just doing her thing from her place and it feels like I don't see her enough:(
Brandon Fanika got his mission call...but he still hasn't posted to WHERE yet...he will serve before he heads to Stanford to play football.

We  went to see the AVENGERS last night I could barely make it through it...I SO would have left but Dad was hanging in there.I am like a 4 year old when I am bored and locked in.  It reminded me of a date I had to STAR WARS when it first came out, same thing---but luckily my date wasn't crazy about it either so we left. I get OCD when I am that bored...the dialogue just dragged and the story line was so predictable...I MADE myself quit counting after 11 people smashed through huge plates of glass. It was too loud to sleep. Sam will see it soon and give you his opinion.

I got a big deal under contract this week...now just to get it through close. I have been super busy with work. I got to bring the chicks home yesterday from Michelle's. Her Dad had had enough of them in her bathroom :) I am SO HAPPY TO HAVE THEM IN THE GARAGE!!! I LOVE to hear them cheeping. Their feathers are coming in nicely and they will probably be able to be outside next week. The yard is FULL of snakes this year. I keep making deals with them...but they keep startling me. How many is too many? I really don't want to kill any...but if SOME of them don't move on down the road I may have to put Dad on it. Today I was so stinkin mad at a magpie I actually had Dad find me the BB Gun. I was laying on the lounge reading and it was tormenting a robins nest...but then when I saw it carry off one of their eggs I just had HAD it with that stupid bird. Now I realize it probably had babies to feed...but really?? Taking another Mom's eggs? NOT IN MY YARD!!!!  The second Dad brought me the BB Gun she stopped. I think she knew I was SO SERIOUS. I have NEVER shot at an animal in my life. It made me think long and hard. I don't think a BB would kill her...but it would let her know to leave my Robins alone.
 I have come back in to add this...whoever reading this will think I'm nuts maybe...but it doesn't matter. This is my Robin friend who will fly down and sit on the chair next to the lounge I lay on to read by the pool , or she will sit on the slide and talk to me and shake her head at me---- I call her Mary because she reminds me of Mary's Robin friend in the SECRET GARDEN that I read when I was little. THIS is the Robin that was in distress today with the Magpie trying to get my help. At 11pm I am skyping with Alana who is in Singapore and I hear her crying---just chirping and chirping.  First I think it is the chicks in the garage...but then I realize it is coming from outside. I go out and she is there calling for me in distress. I am sick inside because I think that darn magpie must have gotten all of her eggs. Robins just don't cry like that at night. I came in and got my camera and she picked  up the crying a couple notches. What a strange connection. I came out  to take her picture and talk to her and  she quieted a bit. My heart is broke for her. I am remembering that I had a dream about a Robin that led me to some cool stuff symbolically...I'm off to search for that now....May the God who made the Robin bless my heart to do right by the Magpie if she is my yard again.

I've been back running this week and it makes me SO HAPPY. I am panicked that the Prednisone is going to start wearing off and I won't be able to take the pain....every morning has been glorious...even the rainy one. Love me a morning on the road with the world coming alive.

Sam is calling for me to scratch his back...wish I could come and scratch ALL of yours....Spencer, Josh, Michael...I LOVE YOU BOYS!!! Mind your manners, Be Kind, Help where and when you can, taste the sunshine, make some sunshine, and pour LOVE on everything....and I'll be holding all your hearts from here.
Love you  Love you Love you....

Thursday, May 17, 2012


Saw this on Facebook today and cried. As relieved as I am that I will never have another C section, I am just as sad that I will never feel that little foot loving me back from the inside.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

May 7-13 20112

 Chelsey and Lee were married yesterday:) The reception was my favorite I've EVER been to! It was like a country fair...they had a photo booth, cotton candy, popcorn, lemonade stand, picnic area, dancing, and served J Dawgs!! They are the most fun family. SO GLAD we get to love with them!
 Such a stressful baseball week...Jackie and CJ are so superstitious that her baseball MOM necklace didn't even come off for the wedding!! :) We play our first State game on Tuesday.
 This is the ADORABLE Sarah Collins who asked Sam to Morp last night. The Dance was  BLACK AND WHITE black light dance so that's why the funky clothes.
 Look how sweet the RIDE hook up was!
 Those are double flat screen TV's at the back that were playing MTV Music videos....IT WAS ROCKING!!! EVEN TO ME!!! One of the girls Uncle's is Kyle Whittingham the Uof U Football coach and he gave them the hook up:)
Josh and Michael are safely in Alaska. Each dealing with no car and getting everywhere with their best ingenuity. Josh was given a bike and had to get it new tires. He can only buy at the store what he can fit in his back pak for the walk or ride home. Of course I want to go rescue them, but they both seem excited to get the summer under way.
Glad Megan is doing LOTS of Real Estate or we wouldn't see her much. Been a great Spring for selling houses. She has 4 under contract right now. Crossing our fingers they all stick:)
Pretty funky Mother's Day to have 3 of you gone...NEW CONRACT ADDENDUM....not more than ONE child can be gone on Mother's Day, and ONLY then if they are on a mission.
THANK YOU ---ALL OF YOU CHILDREN, for allowing me my life's GREATEST JOY!!!! Nothing in this life has compared to having YOU in my life. I am so GRATEFUL for all the LOVE and LAUGHTER to come! You make me so proud. You remind me of why life is such a great plan. I would come here again and again just for YOU.
The Momma

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

2 years ago

Two years ago May 12th, GrandDad left. I LOVE to imagine what he might be doing now....besides watching over ME of course.I look at Michael and Josh and think if he were their age he would already be BACK from the war. HOW DID THOSE MOTHERS DO IT????? I can not even bare the thought. I love him even more for all the oddities he picked up from having to endure that horrible experience. LOVE YOU GRANDDAD xxooxx

Monday, May 7, 2012

Spencer's email 7 May 2012

hey fam
well i will be calling on sunday, probably around three or four my time, not sure if its over the phone or skype yet, i need to find a branch member with skype, so just be ready for both haha
this week went ok my companion is struggling really bad, he has tried to quit twice now and we have had to talk him out of it, but he is progressivly getting better so if he can stick in for just a little longer i think he will get over himself, but we will see, keep him in your prayers
we found alot of new investigadors/ families this week, all of which need to get married so we will see how that goes, yesterday while driving a truck drove past us and the had a box spring mattress in the back that was not strapped down, it came flying out of the truck and right into us in the car thankfully i swerved us mostly out of the way and all it hit was the drivers side  front corner, it broke the rearview mirror and it would have brokwe the window but i had it roled down, so lets just say the lord was looking after us , not even a scratch on either me or my companion, but the car got hit hard.
flor an rudy are doing well, she recieved her answer that the book of mormon is true, and wants her and her daughter to get baptized, but rudy is still hesitant on marriage so there talking about it , pray for them please,  besides that i have had a pretty fun week, hard on me worrying about baptizing, and the work, and also having to worry so much about my companion, and helping him love the mission, and not go home.
.anyays i got to go butt i love you guys, hear from you sunday!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Ben getting married!!!

Saw this on Facebook and knew you'd want to see....Her name is Shalyn....June 19th :)


 This was the SUPER MOON on your hump day (Friday, May 4th) taken by Alan Winters.
 Sam gave a great talk about LOVE and LOVING at his seminary FEAST. I guess once a month they ask one of the kids to speak during lunch and whoever wants to come can come. I was surprised by how many kids came...ALOT of his baseball team and ALOT of GIRLS :) I'll have him send you his talk.
My HANDSOME BOY!!! Here you see me and my Prednisone puffed up self. I PRAY it goes away quickly (the water weight has already started to drop--YEAH!!)
 The room was at least 3 times this size and FULL.
 Sam being AMAZING.
These are the new girlies for the coop!! By the time you get home they will be full grown and have layed MANY eggs each. I got a fun mix again. Michelle Muirhead is brooding them for me until she gets tired of it in her bathroom! I kind of miss it, but she is home much more than me and is snugging all over them like they deserve. Crazy how fast they grow.

So...it was hard to take Michael to the airport knowing he was going to be gone ALL SUMMER...and just as hard to take Josh today. I get the whole SO GOOD for them thing....all the new life long best friends that will be made, the money, the new area to learn and live,....but I STILL LIKE MY BABIES HOME NEAR ME!!!!
GREAT baseball this week!!! Won both games so no matter even if they lose tomorrow and Tuesday they would still go to State (but they WON'T lose). Tomorrow night is the final team dinner here. We've had a cold front come through so it will be a bit nippy, but the water is at 88 degrees so I expect everyone will still swim.
Sam took the practice Calculus AP test and got a 4. He takes the real test soon---pray. Today he tried to teach me how to do the rubics cube...you can imagine the laughter. My brain truly just does NOT work that way. We layed together on the chaise lounge and listened to Michael Jackson radio on Pandora---he kept saying "do you know this song?" and OF COURSE I DID!!! The late 70's and early 80's was such a delightful music time...MY TIME...I just wanted to DANCE. He misses you...but when you are gone I get to be the "bud" and I love that.Hanging with you together is a much needed action as soon as is possible. I need to laugh with my boys. I love how you get me.
We've put some time into the yard and all the flowers are planted and the garden tilled and it is HEAVEN!!! I love home. I love home. I love HOME!!! The Hummingbirds are back.  Now I just need all you children to co operate and quit being independent and COME BACK.  :)
Sam is so happy to have the Buick at his disposal now. Our front looks like a parking garage with Michael and Josh's cars here for the whole summer. Michael's motorcycle is in the garage too!
Showed tons of houses this week. Went to see the LUCKY ONE with the girlies Thursday night---I love spontaneous outings! My activity day girls came for a pool party Wednesday. The Senior gang came for lunch on Friday. Took Josh and Stephanie to PF Changs Friday night with Sam and saw Kimberly. She is quitting Changs and doesn't know what she'll do next...but sends her love. Last night we got together with the Clarke's and Randy and Leslie Nielson. Been awhile.  JaLee and Leslie both mentioned that they were 52 and it walloped me up side the head....my MOM was 52 when she died...how totally ridiculous!! I am only 3 years away from that. I'M NOT GOING ANYWHERE FOR A LONG LONG TIME. She was way way way too young. We have known each other for years. Our wrinkles are showing. Strange to be talking about their CHILDREN's pregnancies and not our own. Life is flying.
Except of course when it pertains to WAITING FOR YOU to come home.
I love you Spencer.  Make your world there a HAPPY place and lace it with thoughts of us. Pour LOVE all over everything and everyone. Let your kindness flow. Write me. I need your words. The house is so empty.
I GET TO TALK TO YOU in seven days:) :) :) :) :) :) Just let me know about when if you have any idea.