Sunday, March 31, 2013

Family Pics



 These are just SOME of the pics Aunt Jer took for your Senior/Missionary pics...they turned out SOOOOOOOO GOOOOD!!! You be my beautiful boy....I think the last one is my favorite...
Buddy...I love you.

Sam left Wednesday

Dad's cousin Mac and his daughter CeCe came to stay Thursday thru Sunday and it was a LOVELY distraction and made it quite a bit better not to have Sam's room empty....CeCe is thinking to maybe be a UTE:) She LOVES our Utah slopes!
 Yep...THIS BOY is only 10 minutes away but I won't be seeing him for awhile....some say 2 years, I say NOT....   :)
 Took them to Sundance for some more "fall in love with Utah" moments.
 Some of the Family Pics we took before Sam left....there are oodles of good ones...have to get them paired down. Going to Photo shop Spencer in once he's home.

So...I survived Wednesday. And so did everyone else. It's pretty quiet around here. We have word from Bryson that you are happy Sam. I LOVED getting your letter!!! SO GLAD your companion is normal and that you are getting along. More glad that you get to see London and Bryson and the other Homies in there....I love you so much. Slurp up the life lessons and let your heart be your guide. I am hoping your Pday is tomorrow. 32 DAYS TILL SPENCER COMES HOME. Yep Spence...I'm dancing in my desk chair :)
I read the letter Dad wrote and he covered most everything.
It's weird to have Easter with no bunny or basket or egg decorating. That's NOT going to happen next year...this will just be the bizarre blip for 2013. I had an egg hunt with my Primary class and they were THRILLED. Today has been so SUNNY and SO gorgeous that my body and soul are convinced Spring will stay. Time to unwrap the tarp and get all the outside furniture out. I just sat on the backyard steps in the sun planning my week. Heavenly!
So now I'm officially in a new stage in my life. All my adult children are OUT in the world. Time to make my my dance, sing my song....and all that good stuff....Hmmmmmmm....
Here we go!!!
I love you both GRUNDLES. I miss you even more.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Sam's FIRST letter from the MTC....

My first day in the MTC has been so legit!!  My companion’s name is Elder Poulson and he is a spiritual stud as well as a normal stud.  He’s from Fresno & he played tennis in high school.  We click, and get along really well.  There are 6 people in my room and it will be super crowded.  London was the first person I stopped and talked to.  He is doing SO GOOD!!  He’s way happy and way different.  Not 20 seconds after London left I ran into Bryson because we live in the same building!  Also, Conner Harris was my host as you saw which was way good to catch up with him. 
It was a very spiritual day full of a lot of boring orientation.  The isn’t going to be most fun 2 years of my life I can already tell.  Everyone in my room is way chill.  Elder Packer calls me Elder Bammer because for some reason he thinks bammer is the funniest nickname.  I saw Jumbo, Carson, Jace, Jenna Smoot and a bunch of kids from USU.  It’s like a reunion full of my favorite people.  My comp and I are already basically best friends and we love each other.  All is well.  I love all of you so much!  
-Elder Harris-
P.S. I ate breakfast with London this morning.  He was cracking up my entire district.  Also, there is like way to many good looking sisters here – it’s way weird.  I’ve got to go buy envelopes and stamps so sorry if you don’t receive this for a while. 
PPS.  Please send my retainer if you find it!  Cause I need it!  J   Thanks!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

March 24 2013 Sam's Farewell Talk

Sam Harris – Farewell talk in the Lindon 1st Ward
Good morning everybody, My name is Sam Harris and I have been called to serve in the England Birminham mission. In an eternal perspective I now take very seriously the phrase “god save the queen” I’ve been taking the right steps to preparing to serve in England.. for example every time I play FIFA soccer on xbox I always play with England. I could not be more excited. Bishop Lloyd has asked me to speak on the atonement. I’m especially going to focus on the love aspect, and how we can learn to better love each other because of the Savior’s sacrifice and example.
A man once asked Jesus, “Which is the great commandment in the law?? Jesus replied: Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind. This is the first and great commandment. The second is like unto it, thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself. “
“If you judge people, you have no time to love them.” –Mother Teresa
The church is true sometimes members aren’t so much. There is nothing wrong with our church when it comes to the gospel and it’s principles. Unfortunately, no one person is perfect, and sometimes we forget that loving everyone including God, is the greatest and the first commandment.
Often times we judge people, before we really get to know a person. One the most simple verse of scripture is given by the Savior in the first verse of Mathew Chapter 7. : “ Judge not, that ye be not judged” My favorite quote about this is from Last General Conference, when President Uchtdorf said, “Don’t judge me because I sin differently than you.” When we see people who maybe aren’t living the commandments exactly like they should, or who are struggling with a testimony we need to listen to President Monson when he says:
We need to bear in mind that people can change. They can put behind them bad habits. They can repent from transgressions…And they can serve the Lord diligently.”
The best thing we can do to help this happen is to love everyone. I know it sounds like a hard thing to do, but it’s absolutely true.
Mosiah 7:27 reminds us that we are made in God’s image. I know my talk is mainly about loving others the way the Savior loved us, but it is also important to love ourselves. I know you might go to school, or work, or wherever you go, and see people who in your opinion have it better, or are more attractive, or smarter. Etc. God made you in his image so that you can be like him. When I think of that my self-confidence goes through the roof and it makes me want to raise others up.
From President Monson’s talk in the previous priesthood session: “seeing others as they may become” he states:
Sometimes letting our peers know they are needed and valued can help them take that step into commitment and full activity. It is our responsibility to give them opportunities to live as they should. We can help them to overcome their shortcomings” We should develop the capacity to see men not as they are but as they can become when they are members of the Church, when they have a testimony of the gospel, and when their lives are in harmony with its teachings.” The only way for us to do this is by unconditional love.
Ultimately, we can become gods when we are completely converted to the gospel. I don’t know about you guys, but I think that is pretty rad! That is one of the reasons why I am so excited to serve a mission is so I can see what people can become through love and the atonement of Jesus Christ. I have felt the power of the atonement in my life, and understand how amazing it is, and how awesome it makes me feel when I know that I am 100% forgiven for my transgressions. And so I want everyone else to feel the same way. Sincere repentance works, thanks to our Savior Jesus Christ.
The Savior was a perfect example of how to do all of the things I have mentioned previously. And he was the only one capable of performing the atonement.
The Savior was the only one capable of performing the atonement because God the Father is the father of his body and his spirit. And it had to be a willing, infinite atonement, and though Jesus Christ had power over death, he chose to sacrifice for us. That is love – that is charity.
The times my testimony has been strengthened the most have been when I have felt God’s love through the power of the atonement and repentance and forgiveness.
There was a period of time in my life when I was not temple worthy. I was really struggling with my testimony, because I was not allowing the atonement’s power into my life. It became time for the pioneer trek. I really didn’t want to go…
Right after the trek I realized God’s love in my life. I seriously repented of the different things in my life that needed to be cleared up, and I felt a most unbelievable spirit.

“However late you think you are, however many chances you think you have missed, however many mistakes you feel you have made or talents you think you don’t have, or however far from home and family and God you feel you have traveled, I testify that you have not traveled beyond the reach of divine love. It is not possible for you to sink lower than the infinite light of Christ’s Atonement shines.” ― ElderJeffrey R. Holland

“To you who think you are lost or without hope, or who think you have done too much that was too wrong for too long, to every one of you who worry that you are stranded somewhere on the wintry plains of life and have wrecked your handcart in the process, we call out "Jehovah's unrelenting refrain, "My hand is stretched out still". "...His mercy endureth forever, and His hand is stretched out still. His is the pure love of Christ, the charity that never faileth, that compassion which endures even when all other strength disappears".” Elder Jeffrey R. Holland

No matter how lost you think you may be with your testimony, or with sin, God loves each and every one of us so much. I know there is no better feeling for me, then when I feel God’s love in my life…
I challenge each of you who feel like your life has gone in a different direction then what you would imagined, or have expected, that you turn to our God and our Savior. The Savior is the only person who understands exactly what you are going through because he went through the exact same trials for you many years ago in Gethsemane. Because he loves each of you so much, he will be so excited when you decide to accept God’s love, and when you decide to repent and become more like him.
I’d like to thank my awesome brothers and sisters here with me today, Josh, Michael and Megan. You have each been amazing examples to me growing up and I appreciate you so much!!
Dad- We have grown a lot closer these last few months. Thank you so much for being so knowledgeable in the gospel so that whenever I have questions I need answered you can always be there for me. I am so grateful that you are a strong priesthood holder and how that affects my life and our entire family.
Mom- No doubt, you’re my best friend in the entire world. I’m going to miss you the most. But in an eternal perspective 2 years is nothing at all. Thank you so much for teaching me that no matter what the circumstance we need to love EVERYONE.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Sam's Farwell

 Sam wore the tie he is holding to speak in....he was the 8th of his friends to wear it at their farewell...Devin next to him wears it next month at his Farewell. Such a sweet idea. We are SO LOVED. Rather...SAM is SO LOVED...we had over 150 people...I felt like it was the loaves and fishes...5 batches Wild Rice turkey soup, 2 batches Zuppa Tuscano, 2 batches corn chowder (Thank you Kim Bartlett!) and one batch Taco soup (thank you Melanie Nickel!) I made 154 empanadas....all gone...and then there were the 4 pans of pumpkin bars, peanut butter bars, pumplin pie, red velvet cake, treats and cookies from LOTS of people...LOTS...only a few morsels left on the can tell I was a bit busy and pre occupied, but I still cannot believe that yet again I DID NOT TAKE PICTURES!!!! If any of you reading have some, I'd love you to share. I just saw the line to the road and all thought of anything other than feeding everyone left me.

I am always overwhelmed with love as my favoritest people show up....and take the time to show us they love us. THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU WHO CAME!!!!  I am also so taken with what AMAZING people are in the lives of our family. I looked out at eveyone in my home and tears of gratitude replaced sadness as their previous acts of living spilled over my brain and heart as I remembered the specific deeds done in showing us the sweetest way to live life.

Spencer's missing was felt by ALL. but May 2nd is now circled on the calendar and his return will be sauve that covers this mother's heart to get through Sam being GONE. Spencer...all the Brethren showed up and represented....I was NOT the one to say 36 DAYS TILL SPENCER IS HOME...but you KNOW I loved it when he did!!!!!!!
 Sam spoke on the Atonement. If I can find a copy I'll reprint it here. It was a perfect talk by a perfect son. England has NO IDEA how blessed they are to have him.
The sun has been shining brightly  to help birighten my mood. NOW IF IT COULD JUST WARM UP!!!!!
 I am sad I can't make this video play here...BUT OREGON..SPANISH SPEAKING...and he leaves 6 days after you get home!!! And below are "da Brethren" there to open it with him. I was so thrilled that you will both be speaking Spanish together. He is a GREAT KID/MAN whether he went on a mission or not. I love his GUTS.
Spencer, we are hoping for a call in the morning?? I have an 8 oclock meeting so IF I miss it I will be SO SAD...but I know its really for you and SAM. Buddy...36 days...36 days. The next 3 are going to be a bit splatterd with wetness...but I will be a good momma.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Monday, March 18, 2013

Email from Spencer 18 March 2013

hey pops this week was awesome,
yesterday we had an easter musical fireside, sherry came and was interviewed by presidant and is ready for baptism, she left her baptist job early to come and everyone there was extremely upset with her, which is hard on her but she is pushing on knowing that this is the right thing to do.
the reyes went down to atlanta to apply for the passports so they can get married, and then to topp it off, presidant shirtliff our stake presidant pulled me into his office with presidant holm, and informed us that because of the last few weeks attendance at church they have decided to form a branch!!! im pumped!!! the avg attendance of hispanics has gone from 6 to 33 in the last three months and the whole stake , even the english members are excited about it,
elder gutierrez got his visa to argentina, and i will be getting a new companion on wednesday, i hope presidant sends me a BAMF so we can continue to see even more growth and baptisms!
i love being a missionary, i love the impact i can make ona city , the impact the lord makes in my life, and in the life of those that we teach, the restored gospel of jesus christ is true, its as simple as that it is, it has to be, nothing else could do whats its done, the lords hand is truly guiding our footsteps.
anyways sorry to be way short but elder gutierrez has to pack , and i still want to play frisbee golf today, so ill email you again next week.
sad to see it happen to shaylas fiance, but im gonna have to break his heart, just cuz theres a goaly doesnt mean you cant score hahah jk jk god will provide, and by some miracle an attractive awesome female is going to want to marry me, but thats in the future, we need to focus on michael josh and megan being married before we even think about me. plus our family is awesome without any additions, were straight up the best.
anyways i love you mom, i love you dad, i should be calling next monday morning but i will let you know.
love elder harris

Sunday, March 17, 2013

The men are getting fewer...

and HERE'S to Italy. Hmmmmmmm....Life is real.

We knew it would happen...

SO SAD to report, your love since 3rd grade, and you reported that you loved her for her skills--the cussing, spitting, hairpulling, biting---all talents she perfected by third grade with the help of her 4 brothers--- GOT ENGAGED. Obviously she grew out of all of that a LONG time ago...well before Homecoming Queen. His name is Stephen Farnsworth if you want to cuss him once or twice:)

Megan is having over 30 people over for St. Patrick's Day dinner. I am thinking on how grateful I am to have gotten some of the Moran genes in my blood.
Bryson 's farewell was today...he heads in on Wednesday---he rocked it.   10 more days with Sam. Yep...NOT writing what I really want to write. Just focusing on B R E A T H I N G.


Monday, March 11, 2013

Letter from Spencer 11 March 2013

hey fam
wow i ant believe elder radmall is getting married already, thats crazy, haha im proud of him, i hope im there for the wedding, this week was great, we had 32 hispanics at sacremant meeting yesterday, ive been working really hard with our stake presidant to allow us to bring the spanish members from all over the stake to west columbia so the spanish work can grow and potentially start a branch, but he only gave me permission to bring the partmember families from around the stake, but still we had a huge week and i think because of the success we will see some other stake changes made. one of the reyes had there birthday yesterday and after church we had carne asada y pastel, it was way fun and i loved the food. i love food, why is food the harris families biggest weakness? its just to good. we also had a missionary fireside with our new converts as speakersand we invited and brought all of our investigators and less actives from around the stake, presidant asked me top bare my testimony, which was good, but not near as good as the spirit we all felt as these new converts spoke and bore there testimonies. elder cardon was there, its fun to see him so often, hes an assitstant now, so weird haha, everything bad ive ever done ive done with elder cardon, its cool to see the difference in who we both are now. im so grateful for my mission. its the best thing thats ever happened to me. we are teaching a lady named sherri, and she is the organist at a baptist church, weve had many spiritual lessons with her and after the fireside, i was talking to her and presidant came up and started to help me teach her, it was so awesome, after about five minutes i asked her to be baptized and she accepted, she will be wuiting her job after the first sunday in april, and will then be playing the organ for us, for free haha, im so excited i love sherri so much , shes so much like mom, just a super southern version of mom. the reyes are going to be able to get married within a month or so and so they as well will be baptized in april, jetzabel is still doing good, has not missed a sunday at church since the firast time we taught her, what faith in a young single mother! anyways i want to bare my testimony that the church of jesus christ was restored throught the profet jose smith, the power to bind on heaven and on earth truly does exist within the powers and priesthoods of the restored gospel, i testify that jesus christ is our savior, who loves us and quietly waits for us to reach out to him, the book of mormon is the most correct of any book on earth and will lead us to more happiness, protection, and peace then any other information possible to recieve on earth at this time. im so glad to be here, mom quit counting down, and dont be silly we are not going to see sam!!!! you cant do that to him!!! i might go see london though, but honestly someones coming to mexico with this boy, vive mexico, mexicans dominate all, thats just how it is haha.
i love you guys really really i do, your always in my prayers. mom please film mike cooper opening his call, and mike if my mom doesnt get someone to, i want to see it dangit !!!! shout out to the brethren, email me please , the first presidancy just gave us permission email all friends out of our mission buondaries male or female, an if any of you are debating going on a mission, some of you are i know, do it, you couldnt do anything better with your time, youll never have so much fun. i love you guys thanks for being such good examples and helps to me through out my life. love you. sam dont forget to write me , i m gonna try to get permission to call the monday before you leave, i love you bam.
elder harris


We LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!!!! Sam went to St. Geroge to watch the baseball team over the weekend and pulled 2 all nighter's ---got to see Macklemore in concert...anyway...he will make his birthday recording later today and we will  get it posted.
THANK YOU for the package!!! I LOVE my Florida sweatshirt....but MOSTLY I love the pics!!!

Sunday, March 10, 2013


Sad Sweet Day....London Brother rocked it at his FARWELL

 The pics say it all.....

I didn't want my pic taken since I was a crying mess....still a Mission Hater. 2 more years and all this mess is gonna end for me. FINALLY!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Michael's Tatoo

I can't believe I forgot to tell you before now...but this is a great new pic he just posted. It really is good looking...he will tell you the symbolism when you get home. He's been doing cross fit...look at those arms...can you tell?

Monday, March 4, 2013

Letter from Spencer 4 March 2013

hey family
so jetzabels confirmation went well, she has still not missed a week at church since the first time we taught her! the reyes also came and the kids were actually way more well behaved.
we had a tour of the mission by elder nash, it was awesome i loved the spirit and the revelation that happened in that meeting, we learned tons.
i testify of the truthfulness of this gospel, i testify of the happiness that comes in not only believing but living the principles taught, it is the only true way to happiness and peace in this life, and in the life to come.
sometimes as a missionary you see the world deteriorating around you and the people you teach and the people who live the gospel, the satndards drop, things that were awfull a few years ago are just fine now, and the gospel is the only thing that does not change, it does not budge, and we can be the same if we are steadfast and immovable in the standards we live and the morals we go by. we must follow the example of moroni and strengthen our surroundings, we must have safe places to go to, walls built up around us to protect us from the fiery darts of the adversary that without doubt will come, but if we do our part to put on the armor of god and flee to our safe places in time of danger we can set ourselves apart from the world and the power of the adversary will have no effect upon us, oh if only every man and woman were as moroni, i guess i will just have to wait till the second coming.
anyways fam, i am doing good, i love the work, i love bringing the light of the gospel into the homes of those in darkness, i love seeing the gospel change and shape people, including myself, i just wish we could all do it togethor. man o man i want to go to the temple again. dad, you and me not too long from now, i cant wait.
im glad you all had a great week and got to do so much fun stuff but to be honest, i had the best week , so be jealous haha.
love elder harris

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Spencer 3 March 2013

Hey Lovey...
9 days to your BIRHTDAY!!!!
24 days and Sam is outta here.  It mostly just doesn't seem real...I am totally blocking it.  Right now he is at Joel Gassman's saying Goodbye...Joel goes in on Wednesday...they'll be with each other in the MTC.     argh......

I got back from Florida Wednesday and Friday Dad aranged for us and Clarke's to meet up at the Nickel's cabin for relaxing and snowmobiling. The weather was gorgeous and the sun was brillant on all the snow. I love me some snowmobiling! Then today Dad invited Preston and Jeremy and the kids and my Dad for dinner that Megan made...bless her heart..she hasn't had HER family birthday dinner yet. You know how much I love my was a lovely day. Josh came home too so it was perfect.

I am SO behind in work. This week will be a race to tend to everyone and all I need to do. I'm so grateful to be so busy. I'm excited to hear from you!
I've posted alot below catching you up with pics. I can't wait for US to be on vacation together! It won't be long.

Sweet dreams...I'll meet you in England where you and me are going to go visit Sam on his will be loverly :) I bet they'll let you do splits with him!

The BOOK Happy 50th to ME!

For at least 3 weeks Dad  (stationed as always at the end of the kitchen table) has been working on a project for my birhtday....when it took 2 computer screens I knew it was serious. He tried to get most people ever in my life to write a sweet birthday letter to me. And they did. It's filled with my lifetime of pics.  It is a book of love and I am grateful to all those who contributed . It was a sweet present and I will treasure it and am in awe at the work it must have taken.

Uncle Kelly gives us Aunt Julia XXOOXX

Uncle Kelly decided to get married the same weekend at Disney that I had already made plans to celebrate my 50th:) So Dad stayed with his family and me and the girlies kept our plans and stayed in another resort. Meg and I popped in for the nuptials and then out when it was over. Everybody loved it!

50th Birthday for THE PRINCESS --ME!!!!!!

 This is our REAL picture of fireworks at the castle....We had SUCH a good time!!! And it was MAGIC....Jiminry Cricket told us to BELIEVE in our wishes and that they'd COME TRUE! I BELIEVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 Sara likes to take pics of the pics we don't buy after we get off the rides :) The Buzz light year ride below was surpriseingly FUN!!! I might like video games after all!

 The Princess Half Marathon was INCREDIBLE!! Disney REALLY knows how to create MAGIC!!! There were fireworks as each coral took off...amazing things to see about every half mile...I LOVED the trick kites, the photo ops with EACH PRINCESS and her PRINCE...the gospel choir, running through the Castle with the trumpeter's...The only thing that WASN"T magic was sweating my IPOD into a sad death...yes...only 2 months since I last replaced it. SOB. SOB. I got the WATER damage insurance...when I have more energy for it I will get on getting it replaced. The costumes and the energy of it all was astonishing. Just happiness overwhelming. I SO made a perfect plan for this celebration. We ate ridiculous amounts of yummy food. We laughed till my cheeks hurt. This is my life and my world and my celebration and it was PERFECT! Right to the very end when I went home to Gainesville and reunited with High School Friends. I am SO SAD I don't have pictures. I want to THANK Jane West...she found a flyer I used when I ran for Student Body President and had it framed for crazy thoughtful was that??? And Heidi rearranged her night to have dinner with me....and to all the rest...I LOVE YOU!!!!

 This is HOW we looked....but below is how we THOUGHT we looked:)

 Sara is one of my Besties because she CONTINUALLY surprises me and takes me to my knees laughing. I love it when she screams inappropriate stuff or just DOES crazy stuff. Sara is the LIFE of our party. The Universe gave her to me. We all love her! I love how each one of us has a perfect place in our group. How our combined selves make such a GREAT'd love running too if you ran with my girlies!!!!
Don showed up at the end of the race. Friday, Uncle Kelly and NEW Aunt Julia got married at Shadows on the Green in the park. They were sicky, romantically , perfectly, love inspiringly sweet and REAL in their vows. A day to remember for us all.
 Animal Kingdom was Meg and My Favorite. It's official...just go on their Safari and there is ABSOLUTELY NO REASON for anyone to go to Africa. EVER.
 There was this killer presentation on being a bug...ALL should enjoy this ...a must go. I screamed like a kid when I thought the roach was crawling under my bum.
New Balance did this for us for free at the expo...and I thought it a MOST APPROPRIATE end to this post. In the back is Miss Tammy....child and husband "drugger"---you'd of had to of been there---and ANGEL Friend who passed out at mile 10 but LOVED doing so for the story:) Front row...HOT Miss Sara, life of our parties, in the Stripes...MISS MARCII--the sweetest, so dang in love with her PERFECT husband, really can get her own diet coke, missed her boy opening his mission call to be with us---yep...THAT kind of a friend!...NEXT...our token Asian....PRINCESS KIM who totally drives us everywhere and has THE BEST TASTE in all things, then ME, THE PRINCESS of 50, Megan---28 year old Birthday woman on the trip and FUN daughter extraordinaire....with Practically Perfect, always happy, so easy to have around, KELSEY (Tammy's daughter).
This is our after the movie funny credit out take....can you find our token, MOST FAVORITE Asian?
EVERYWHERE we go Kim just jumps in pictures with Asian groups and of course we laugh our selves silly...can you find her?