Sunday, March 24, 2013

Sam's Farwell

 Sam wore the tie he is holding to speak in....he was the 8th of his friends to wear it at their farewell...Devin next to him wears it next month at his Farewell. Such a sweet idea. We are SO LOVED. Rather...SAM is SO LOVED...we had over 150 people...I felt like it was the loaves and fishes...5 batches Wild Rice turkey soup, 2 batches Zuppa Tuscano, 2 batches corn chowder (Thank you Kim Bartlett!) and one batch Taco soup (thank you Melanie Nickel!) I made 154 empanadas....all gone...and then there were the 4 pans of pumpkin bars, peanut butter bars, pumplin pie, red velvet cake, treats and cookies from LOTS of people...LOTS...only a few morsels left on the can tell I was a bit busy and pre occupied, but I still cannot believe that yet again I DID NOT TAKE PICTURES!!!! If any of you reading have some, I'd love you to share. I just saw the line to the road and all thought of anything other than feeding everyone left me.

I am always overwhelmed with love as my favoritest people show up....and take the time to show us they love us. THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU WHO CAME!!!!  I am also so taken with what AMAZING people are in the lives of our family. I looked out at eveyone in my home and tears of gratitude replaced sadness as their previous acts of living spilled over my brain and heart as I remembered the specific deeds done in showing us the sweetest way to live life.

Spencer's missing was felt by ALL. but May 2nd is now circled on the calendar and his return will be sauve that covers this mother's heart to get through Sam being GONE. Spencer...all the Brethren showed up and represented....I was NOT the one to say 36 DAYS TILL SPENCER IS HOME...but you KNOW I loved it when he did!!!!!!!
 Sam spoke on the Atonement. If I can find a copy I'll reprint it here. It was a perfect talk by a perfect son. England has NO IDEA how blessed they are to have him.
The sun has been shining brightly  to help birighten my mood. NOW IF IT COULD JUST WARM UP!!!!!
 I am sad I can't make this video play here...BUT OREGON..SPANISH SPEAKING...and he leaves 6 days after you get home!!! And below are "da Brethren" there to open it with him. I was so thrilled that you will both be speaking Spanish together. He is a GREAT KID/MAN whether he went on a mission or not. I love his GUTS.
Spencer, we are hoping for a call in the morning?? I have an 8 oclock meeting so IF I miss it I will be SO SAD...but I know its really for you and SAM. Buddy...36 days...36 days. The next 3 are going to be a bit splatterd with wetness...but I will be a good momma.

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