Sunday, March 31, 2013

Sam left Wednesday

Dad's cousin Mac and his daughter CeCe came to stay Thursday thru Sunday and it was a LOVELY distraction and made it quite a bit better not to have Sam's room empty....CeCe is thinking to maybe be a UTE:) She LOVES our Utah slopes!
 Yep...THIS BOY is only 10 minutes away but I won't be seeing him for awhile....some say 2 years, I say NOT....   :)
 Took them to Sundance for some more "fall in love with Utah" moments.
 Some of the Family Pics we took before Sam left....there are oodles of good ones...have to get them paired down. Going to Photo shop Spencer in once he's home.

So...I survived Wednesday. And so did everyone else. It's pretty quiet around here. We have word from Bryson that you are happy Sam. I LOVED getting your letter!!! SO GLAD your companion is normal and that you are getting along. More glad that you get to see London and Bryson and the other Homies in there....I love you so much. Slurp up the life lessons and let your heart be your guide. I am hoping your Pday is tomorrow. 32 DAYS TILL SPENCER COMES HOME. Yep Spence...I'm dancing in my desk chair :)
I read the letter Dad wrote and he covered most everything.
It's weird to have Easter with no bunny or basket or egg decorating. That's NOT going to happen next year...this will just be the bizarre blip for 2013. I had an egg hunt with my Primary class and they were THRILLED. Today has been so SUNNY and SO gorgeous that my body and soul are convinced Spring will stay. Time to unwrap the tarp and get all the outside furniture out. I just sat on the backyard steps in the sun planning my week. Heavenly!
So now I'm officially in a new stage in my life. All my adult children are OUT in the world. Time to make my my dance, sing my song....and all that good stuff....Hmmmmmmm....
Here we go!!!
I love you both GRUNDLES. I miss you even more.

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