Sunday, March 3, 2013

50th Birthday for THE PRINCESS --ME!!!!!!

 This is our REAL picture of fireworks at the castle....We had SUCH a good time!!! And it was MAGIC....Jiminry Cricket told us to BELIEVE in our wishes and that they'd COME TRUE! I BELIEVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 Sara likes to take pics of the pics we don't buy after we get off the rides :) The Buzz light year ride below was surpriseingly FUN!!! I might like video games after all!

 The Princess Half Marathon was INCREDIBLE!! Disney REALLY knows how to create MAGIC!!! There were fireworks as each coral took off...amazing things to see about every half mile...I LOVED the trick kites, the photo ops with EACH PRINCESS and her PRINCE...the gospel choir, running through the Castle with the trumpeter's...The only thing that WASN"T magic was sweating my IPOD into a sad death...yes...only 2 months since I last replaced it. SOB. SOB. I got the WATER damage insurance...when I have more energy for it I will get on getting it replaced. The costumes and the energy of it all was astonishing. Just happiness overwhelming. I SO made a perfect plan for this celebration. We ate ridiculous amounts of yummy food. We laughed till my cheeks hurt. This is my life and my world and my celebration and it was PERFECT! Right to the very end when I went home to Gainesville and reunited with High School Friends. I am SO SAD I don't have pictures. I want to THANK Jane West...she found a flyer I used when I ran for Student Body President and had it framed for crazy thoughtful was that??? And Heidi rearranged her night to have dinner with me....and to all the rest...I LOVE YOU!!!!

 This is HOW we looked....but below is how we THOUGHT we looked:)

 Sara is one of my Besties because she CONTINUALLY surprises me and takes me to my knees laughing. I love it when she screams inappropriate stuff or just DOES crazy stuff. Sara is the LIFE of our party. The Universe gave her to me. We all love her! I love how each one of us has a perfect place in our group. How our combined selves make such a GREAT'd love running too if you ran with my girlies!!!!
Don showed up at the end of the race. Friday, Uncle Kelly and NEW Aunt Julia got married at Shadows on the Green in the park. They were sicky, romantically , perfectly, love inspiringly sweet and REAL in their vows. A day to remember for us all.
 Animal Kingdom was Meg and My Favorite. It's official...just go on their Safari and there is ABSOLUTELY NO REASON for anyone to go to Africa. EVER.
 There was this killer presentation on being a bug...ALL should enjoy this ...a must go. I screamed like a kid when I thought the roach was crawling under my bum.
New Balance did this for us for free at the expo...and I thought it a MOST APPROPRIATE end to this post. In the back is Miss Tammy....child and husband "drugger"---you'd of had to of been there---and ANGEL Friend who passed out at mile 10 but LOVED doing so for the story:) Front row...HOT Miss Sara, life of our parties, in the Stripes...MISS MARCII--the sweetest, so dang in love with her PERFECT husband, really can get her own diet coke, missed her boy opening his mission call to be with us---yep...THAT kind of a friend!...NEXT...our token Asian....PRINCESS KIM who totally drives us everywhere and has THE BEST TASTE in all things, then ME, THE PRINCESS of 50, Megan---28 year old Birthday woman on the trip and FUN daughter extraordinaire....with Practically Perfect, always happy, so easy to have around, KELSEY (Tammy's daughter).
This is our after the movie funny credit out take....can you find our token, MOST FAVORITE Asian?
EVERYWHERE we go Kim just jumps in pictures with Asian groups and of course we laugh our selves silly...can you find her?

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