Monday, March 18, 2013

Email from Spencer 18 March 2013

hey pops this week was awesome,
yesterday we had an easter musical fireside, sherry came and was interviewed by presidant and is ready for baptism, she left her baptist job early to come and everyone there was extremely upset with her, which is hard on her but she is pushing on knowing that this is the right thing to do.
the reyes went down to atlanta to apply for the passports so they can get married, and then to topp it off, presidant shirtliff our stake presidant pulled me into his office with presidant holm, and informed us that because of the last few weeks attendance at church they have decided to form a branch!!! im pumped!!! the avg attendance of hispanics has gone from 6 to 33 in the last three months and the whole stake , even the english members are excited about it,
elder gutierrez got his visa to argentina, and i will be getting a new companion on wednesday, i hope presidant sends me a BAMF so we can continue to see even more growth and baptisms!
i love being a missionary, i love the impact i can make ona city , the impact the lord makes in my life, and in the life of those that we teach, the restored gospel of jesus christ is true, its as simple as that it is, it has to be, nothing else could do whats its done, the lords hand is truly guiding our footsteps.
anyways sorry to be way short but elder gutierrez has to pack , and i still want to play frisbee golf today, so ill email you again next week.
sad to see it happen to shaylas fiance, but im gonna have to break his heart, just cuz theres a goaly doesnt mean you cant score hahah jk jk god will provide, and by some miracle an attractive awesome female is going to want to marry me, but thats in the future, we need to focus on michael josh and megan being married before we even think about me. plus our family is awesome without any additions, were straight up the best.
anyways i love you mom, i love you dad, i should be calling next monday morning but i will let you know.
love elder harris

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