Monday, March 11, 2013

Letter from Spencer 11 March 2013

hey fam
wow i ant believe elder radmall is getting married already, thats crazy, haha im proud of him, i hope im there for the wedding, this week was great, we had 32 hispanics at sacremant meeting yesterday, ive been working really hard with our stake presidant to allow us to bring the spanish members from all over the stake to west columbia so the spanish work can grow and potentially start a branch, but he only gave me permission to bring the partmember families from around the stake, but still we had a huge week and i think because of the success we will see some other stake changes made. one of the reyes had there birthday yesterday and after church we had carne asada y pastel, it was way fun and i loved the food. i love food, why is food the harris families biggest weakness? its just to good. we also had a missionary fireside with our new converts as speakersand we invited and brought all of our investigators and less actives from around the stake, presidant asked me top bare my testimony, which was good, but not near as good as the spirit we all felt as these new converts spoke and bore there testimonies. elder cardon was there, its fun to see him so often, hes an assitstant now, so weird haha, everything bad ive ever done ive done with elder cardon, its cool to see the difference in who we both are now. im so grateful for my mission. its the best thing thats ever happened to me. we are teaching a lady named sherri, and she is the organist at a baptist church, weve had many spiritual lessons with her and after the fireside, i was talking to her and presidant came up and started to help me teach her, it was so awesome, after about five minutes i asked her to be baptized and she accepted, she will be wuiting her job after the first sunday in april, and will then be playing the organ for us, for free haha, im so excited i love sherri so much , shes so much like mom, just a super southern version of mom. the reyes are going to be able to get married within a month or so and so they as well will be baptized in april, jetzabel is still doing good, has not missed a sunday at church since the firast time we taught her, what faith in a young single mother! anyways i want to bare my testimony that the church of jesus christ was restored throught the profet jose smith, the power to bind on heaven and on earth truly does exist within the powers and priesthoods of the restored gospel, i testify that jesus christ is our savior, who loves us and quietly waits for us to reach out to him, the book of mormon is the most correct of any book on earth and will lead us to more happiness, protection, and peace then any other information possible to recieve on earth at this time. im so glad to be here, mom quit counting down, and dont be silly we are not going to see sam!!!! you cant do that to him!!! i might go see london though, but honestly someones coming to mexico with this boy, vive mexico, mexicans dominate all, thats just how it is haha.
i love you guys really really i do, your always in my prayers. mom please film mike cooper opening his call, and mike if my mom doesnt get someone to, i want to see it dangit !!!! shout out to the brethren, email me please , the first presidancy just gave us permission email all friends out of our mission buondaries male or female, an if any of you are debating going on a mission, some of you are i know, do it, you couldnt do anything better with your time, youll never have so much fun. i love you guys thanks for being such good examples and helps to me through out my life. love you. sam dont forget to write me , i m gonna try to get permission to call the monday before you leave, i love you bam.
elder harris

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