Sunday, March 17, 2013

We knew it would happen...

SO SAD to report, your love since 3rd grade, and you reported that you loved her for her skills--the cussing, spitting, hairpulling, biting---all talents she perfected by third grade with the help of her 4 brothers--- GOT ENGAGED. Obviously she grew out of all of that a LONG time ago...well before Homecoming Queen. His name is Stephen Farnsworth if you want to cuss him once or twice:)

Megan is having over 30 people over for St. Patrick's Day dinner. I am thinking on how grateful I am to have gotten some of the Moran genes in my blood.
Bryson 's farewell was today...he heads in on Wednesday---he rocked it.   10 more days with Sam. Yep...NOT writing what I really want to write. Just focusing on B R E A T H I N G.


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