Saturday, March 30, 2013

Sam's FIRST letter from the MTC....

My first day in the MTC has been so legit!!  My companion’s name is Elder Poulson and he is a spiritual stud as well as a normal stud.  He’s from Fresno & he played tennis in high school.  We click, and get along really well.  There are 6 people in my room and it will be super crowded.  London was the first person I stopped and talked to.  He is doing SO GOOD!!  He’s way happy and way different.  Not 20 seconds after London left I ran into Bryson because we live in the same building!  Also, Conner Harris was my host as you saw which was way good to catch up with him. 
It was a very spiritual day full of a lot of boring orientation.  The isn’t going to be most fun 2 years of my life I can already tell.  Everyone in my room is way chill.  Elder Packer calls me Elder Bammer because for some reason he thinks bammer is the funniest nickname.  I saw Jumbo, Carson, Jace, Jenna Smoot and a bunch of kids from USU.  It’s like a reunion full of my favorite people.  My comp and I are already basically best friends and we love each other.  All is well.  I love all of you so much!  
-Elder Harris-
P.S. I ate breakfast with London this morning.  He was cracking up my entire district.  Also, there is like way to many good looking sisters here – it’s way weird.  I’ve got to go buy envelopes and stamps so sorry if you don’t receive this for a while. 
PPS.  Please send my retainer if you find it!  Cause I need it!  J   Thanks!

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