Sunday, March 3, 2013

Spencer 3 March 2013

Hey Lovey...
9 days to your BIRHTDAY!!!!
24 days and Sam is outta here.  It mostly just doesn't seem real...I am totally blocking it.  Right now he is at Joel Gassman's saying Goodbye...Joel goes in on Wednesday...they'll be with each other in the MTC.     argh......

I got back from Florida Wednesday and Friday Dad aranged for us and Clarke's to meet up at the Nickel's cabin for relaxing and snowmobiling. The weather was gorgeous and the sun was brillant on all the snow. I love me some snowmobiling! Then today Dad invited Preston and Jeremy and the kids and my Dad for dinner that Megan made...bless her heart..she hasn't had HER family birthday dinner yet. You know how much I love my was a lovely day. Josh came home too so it was perfect.

I am SO behind in work. This week will be a race to tend to everyone and all I need to do. I'm so grateful to be so busy. I'm excited to hear from you!
I've posted alot below catching you up with pics. I can't wait for US to be on vacation together! It won't be long.

Sweet dreams...I'll meet you in England where you and me are going to go visit Sam on his will be loverly :) I bet they'll let you do splits with him!

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