Monday, December 31, 2012

Letter from Spencer

hey fam
first off mom me and mike did not talk for three hours it was an hour and ten minutes, and we had alot to talk about he filled me in on everything with everyone else, and i wish i could have called you for three hours and talk your ears off but we both would have just ended up crying more , and i dont want that our call on skype really was perfect, let me know when you know what options i would have to do with sam at the mtc, i need to know asap, presidant holm wants to know, hes the best, you would love my temporary mother and father figures in my mission presidants.
so i recieved the depressing new that im getting transfered out of greenville, butt it was also kinda happy because we had two baptism here on my last week, luis guillen a member referal was a miracle baptism that came out of no where, we put him on date the 19th and he got baptized on the 28th, his rostro has changed completly in shut a short amount of time, and hes revieving the preisthood next week, brenda on the other hand was the opposite on date for over a month and we only got to teach her once or twice a week, but she is still so elect and i have just been such a happy happy boy the last few weeks, i love the ability that i have to love, and the capacity of tolerance that the lord has given to me, i will never forget my time here, and i will never regret a second of whats happened or what ive done, i feel like ill be a part of greenville forever.
presidant called me on saturday after our baptisms and has called me to be a part of what he calls " the big lift team" it will be me my spanish speaking companion, 2 other english missionaries and the assistants, we are going to travel around the mission and do exchanges with all the missionaries in the mission, in one transfer! its going to be loco, and fun, but im also nervous i dont feel like im that type of missionary, but the lord calls us in our weaknesses and i know he will help me build the faith of our other missionaries here in the mission, thats our goal, build there faith hence the name, THE BIG LIFT, i hope elder cardon in going to be the english companionship, its really likely actually, he has been tearing it up and is one of the best missionaries in the mission easily, it would be so fun to work closely to him. so basically i wont have a bed for the next 6-12 weeks starting on wednesday, so i might buy a slepping bag and a pad , and a smaller travel bag cuz my small suitcase is too big. ughhhh i dont want to leave here!!!!!! but im going to have to get over it and focusa on the now.
i love you all so much , i love this gospel with all my heart and i know its true throught the power of the holy ghost, i pray that our family feels gods love daily and reconizes his hand in our daily lives, its so obvious espcially in our family, we are so, so , so blessed.
tell sam i love him and to not forget it, you are all in my prayers, i love you mom, my backs going to be nice and prepped for a long long scratch and talk, dont worry.
elder harris

Look who's engaged Spencer!!!

They look adorable together. We're excited to meet her!

Sunday, December 30, 2012

30 Dec 2012

We're doing our puzzle, Josh has read 2 Orson Scott Card Books, Michael is back working, Sam is WORKIN' IT with the women (he did just get hired by Vivent and starts the 7th), Meg is working and playing.....not much since we just talked to you.
No big plans for New Years.

In case you are wondering....I forgive you for talking to Mike for 3 hours and not to me.

I'm excited for this next year, yes MOSTLY because you will be home...but obvioulsy NOT because Sam will be going. I plan to play ALOT. I plan to make all the money I need for ALL of us to play.
These 10 degree nights all in a row make me long for Spring and warm sunny places with water and sand.

I love you Buddy. BIG.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012


 Not sure WHAT Dad was thinking with the Leopard Print????
 Annual Christmas Eve  out to the movies (Hobbit) and dinner with UGLY CHRISTMAS SWEATER CONTEST...Josh won with his women's BOW sweater and turtle neck....although Sam's hat came in for a close 2nd:)
OUR MOST FAVORITEST PRESENT OF ALL!!!! Such a happy boy!!! SOOOOOO Amazing to talk with him. Torturous to hang up. He will be home May 2nd and earlier maybe....getting out my wand:)
We did NOTHING all day...went back to bed after talking to Spencer....watched  the whole first season of Modern Family and laughed our guts out...Then ended it with dinner at Denny's. Might be one of my favorites yet. BIG Dinner will be tonight! Snowed and snowing. No clents till tomorrow.  Just reclaiming the house, cooking and dreaming the next year on paper. Merry Merry Merry Merry Merry Merry Merry!!!!!!

Sunday, December 23, 2012


WE ARE SO EXCITED!!! We are hoping to hear first thing tomorrow WHEN we get to skype with you!!! We are ALL thrilled!!! YOU will be the BESTESTESTESTESTEST part of Christmas:)

Monday, December 17, 2012

Megan in CABO

Megs just sent this....with the caption "Gonna be a FUN WEEK!""" YES it is!!!! We can all pretend we are with her!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Dec 16 2012

Lovey--its another SURVIVOR FINALE tonight without you. Laura made these buffalo chicken tacos for late lunch and they were SO YUMMY!!! She is such a sweet additon to our family. I REALLY  REALLY hope that she is here when you get home so you can know her. Something about having someone IN your house with you, lets you  KNOW them in such a more intimate way. As far as I'm concerned, she's just as perfect as you kids!

I am so HAPPY!!! Michael Josh and Sam are all home! And Meg will get back in a week! It just FEELS so much better. I think even the wood and the cement and the sheet rock and all the guts are happier having them home. Driving in the drive and having other cars here just makes my heart beat fast:)

I did this life training this week called IMPACT. I will tell you more about it when you get home. I want all you kids to go through it. I wish it for every person. I LOVE it when people change the world by helping others to love more freely and healthily.  After the shootings this week, my heart is even more committed to BE the LOVE. I could hardly believe all the negative posts on Facebook about the poor kid who did it...they made him out to be so horrific...but what happened really? WHERE ALONG THE WAY DID WE ABANDON OUR BROTHER??? How did he get to a point where HE felt so alone? Or was he mentally ill and his family just couldn't afford to get him the medical help he needed? My heart just wants that magic wand that will put all the pieces back together again for EVERYONE.

A favorite moment of the week was greeting the morning with my run to a new playlist Michael helped me make...Walking on Sunshine, I would walk 500 miles, Ain't  No Mountain High Enough,
Hey Ya,  Old Fashioned Rock in Roll....I was rocking and running it in HEAVEN and then at the end of 400 I felt this nasty rip, and I think I tore my calf muscle. It's still tender. Been off it 3 days today. Hoping to be back on it Tuesday. I can't wait to run to that play list again.

Josh is in here and he's he's off to write to you like a sweet brother. Michael is at his PF CHANG's Christmas Party. Sam is playing some GAME online in his room. Megs is in Cabo. Dad is sick and has been for about 5 days. He's got some flu...I think its from getting the flu shot. I sweart the 2 years  I got the shot I got it BOTH years, and then ever since I quit getting them I haven't gotten it! Not going to mess with what's working. Crazy that it's almost 2013. You going to CALL me to tell me WHEN your going to call???????????? I thought that was such a clever MOTHER IDEA!!!

Ok...and about the DVD...another MOTHER thinking...I just put it in there IN CASE you got to go somewhere Christmas Day that could let you watch it...thought you could even GIVE it to them! :)

You're the best Lovey. I LOVE YOU BIG!!! I get to talk to you in ONE WEEK!!!! 7 days!!! YES!!!!!!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Christmas SURPRISE FOR SPENCER...and ME!!!

 The whole gang came over to write you letters...they are on their way!! Wait till you see Cooper...ricdiculously ADORABLE!!! I was in HEAVEN!

 Bo is so happy to be HOME...and DA BROTHAS LOVE YOU Bud!!! Paul Hatch actually left that day for the West Indies! Cole was back in Argentina with his folks. No idea where Shane was. Zach and Kenzie showed up much later:)

 It was Michael's birthday yesterday and he got his lisence!!!!!! HAPPY HAPPY 21!!!! Austin says he's going back out in January or early February. Jordan says he's working on it too.
                                                           SPENCER LOVE!!!!!!

Monday, December 10, 2012

Spencer's letter to Sam and Sam's letter to Spencer

hey bam chow , so realy , you dont have much selling to do for me, im pretty sure im going to go to u-state, it will be perfect for me, i dont want to fall into the life that i lived before my mish which as you know i was a total bum, and i know that by being out of the house i will feel more responsable be able to focus and buckle down on the things that are ireally important instead of just working out and playing basketball 24/7, plus i need to meet new girls, the only girls im going to be interested in when i get home is, well......., like noone haha im not going to know them anymore, and they wont know me, so i think it will be best to just start over at utah state with stephen, i hope i dont get married before you get home, it just wouldnt be the same with you gone, but i think ill be fine, so far the harris curse is goping strong, noone married and three of us should be haha, is there any golf courses there? maybe that i could work at? the mission will teach you alot about how to play golf, even though youll never take a swing the principles are the same, one shot at a time, with high goals and expectations, but when you fail you get over it, take a deep breath and set up for your next shot with faith that youll still put it on the green, whether you have to hook it or slice it, hit it strait, low, high, two shots are never the same, even if your playing on the same course, yet every shot is similiar and requires a constant confident mental attitude. you have to know how far each club will go and which one to use in the right moment. the more you practice the better you will get, it doesnt matter whether your swing looks like jim furyks or like rory mccilroys its about where the ball ends up and making the right choices to allow you to get there. it doesnt matter how you make your par, as long as you do it , whether you make a 10 foot putt or a bomb, a par is a par. anyways enough symbolism from golf i can go on for days, but your mission really is just like golf, thats how i know you will succeed, and why im not worried for you just remember to follow the spirit and to rely on the him and you father in heaven, they are your caddie in the mission, you can depend on them, the spirit will tell you which shot to hit and which club to use, but you have to foprge that same trust you would need to forge with your caddie, you need to know him personally and constantly heed his promptings, the best feeling in the world comes after an entire day led by the spirit, way better then winning a tournament or hitting a home run, because you helped others progress there relationship with the savior, just try to deepen your dependance upon heavenly father and the holyghost, follow small promptings even if they seem crazy, like maybe talking to someone youve never met about the gospel, or inviting someone who looks lonly to come hang out with you and your friends, just serve others and you will be happy and prepared for your mission, forward this to mom and dad please, i dont have time for another email,
this week was good, we taught alot of peeps the plan os salvation, because our ward mission leader and 2nd counselor to the branch passed away, we also spent alot of time serving the members and the barksdale family making sure they always had food and were taken care of, it was an awesome week filled with each and every emossion possible, but still just awesome, i just love being a missionary, i love helping people feel loved by our father in heaven, i love waking up at 6 so i have more time to study the scriptures, and how i love the scriptures, i just love the book of mormon, the best half hour of eachday is the time i spend reading the book of mormon, and heed the voice of the spirit as it teaches me the gospel , mom i love you, dad i love you, everyone, i love you dont forget it im goona bounce , were bowling today, the last pday ill have with elder enosa nad hadly who are awesome, love you guys
love elder harris
p.s. mom the package was, awesome, but honestly, what were you thinking, ??? dad obviously had no clue, i gave to uriel and liz, and yes you know what IT is, ill ever forget how much you love me mom, and how big your desire is to always give me what i want.
your the best, the gift cards are like heaven
On Mon, Dec 10, 2012 at 9:46 AM, Sam Harris <> wrote:
hey spence! i have two finals this week so please pray for me, cause i am way nervous even though i have studied like crazy. I am way depressed that this is my last week in logan.. the kids i've met here have become the best friends i've ever had in my life. I am going to get my suits for the mission tomorrow with dad, so that should be pretty fun, I taught a pretty sick lesson yesterday in elders quorem called "missionary work and the atonement" it was way good, and i learned a lot. There is a pretty sweet video that you've probably already seen that is called |"missionary work and the atonement, Henry B Eyring, Jeffrey R Holland." so if you have time to watch that video online you should cause it's way rad, and only 10 minutes. It is starting to get freezing here in logan, which really sucks when your outside, but most of the time we're inside so it's chill. One of the things i'm going to miss the most about Utah State is the cafeteria. The food is sooooo good for the meal plan! it's like chinese food that's as good as whistle wok, good mexican food, freaking good pasta as good as brick oven, aggie ice cream..... waffles... (i'm trying to sell you) anyways spencer keep having the time of your life, and keep letting me know the things i need to know/do to be an awesome missionary like you. love you bro!

Sunday, December 9, 2012


We ALL KNOW that he MUST have this secret life we don't know about...maybe this picture is proof? Because no man THAT attractive could get passed over by the women folk no matter HOW dedicated he is in school....This just popped up on Facebook and I am SO HAPPY to post it for you Spencer!!!!! Looking as handsome as ever --his Momma might add :) No clue which of these girlies is Haley Gosalind...but I love her for posting it!
Never posted a picture of Galan's and GrandMom's visit....
 Sammers winding up his Utah State Freshman stay....thought you'd like to see Sheridan too!
The Gang at Ryan's Christmas Concert :) Michael must be taking the picture :)

Crazy December

 Bruce and Kim gave me their JAZZ TICKETS for the game against the Orlando Magic Wednesday night! I was surprised I didn't know a single player anymore on their team...but it was SO GREAT to watch such amazing athlete's. Davis on the Magic looks like he should be a defensive line backer. Crosby on Jazz looks like a BIG black Jesus. Some of the shots made were awesome! A LOT of dunks that didn't make it were just as awesome! Happy Christmas to ME! I took Dad and Michael. Dad was suppose to be going to the BYU vs Utah State game...but one of their players got sick (had a stroke I believe) and they cancelled. Michael lost his BRAND NEW IPHONE 5 at the game...we are ALL sad about that!
 Dad and I went to Boise this weekend for  his family Christmas Party. It was fun. We scored big with FINALLY getting one of Dusty's cutting boards, and Dad got this amazing BIG family calendar that Tina made---it was the hot item this year. She made 4 but everyone kept stealing from each other. Addison is A D O R A B LE !!!! She does this thing off a TV show she loves called "WIGGLE WIGGLE WIGGLE--FREEZE". Dad has it on his phone...I will try to put it here---you just want to slurp her up, but she wants to be on the move!
 September had her baby BELLA, and I am sad I didn't get a picture! There is Miss Stacey who has just lost 54.4 pounds! An inspiration to us all :)
 Ellen is doing GREAT! Laura lives with her now and she is doing tons with her sister Nancy since GrandDad passed.

 The Aunties....Uncle Kelly gets married Feb DisneyWorld...the same weekend I am there with my girlfriends for my run....Dad will go and stay with his family.

 Dusty and Amber, his adorable girlfriend.

 Go figure....Randy and Sam went hunting instead...didn't hear why Aiden didn't come?

                               ADDISON the ADORABLE XXOOXXOOXXOOXXOO

SO....the big news of the week is that Princess Kate is pregnant! My Grandad is laughing that I am reporting this to you. You know how MUCH he loved the Royals! Well...I DO! And so did Grandmom! So now you know, and he/she will be born while Sam is there:) I predict its a girl xox

SO SO SO GREAT to have Michael home. Yes, he still leaves a wake of "piles" through the house, but it's comforting in a frustrating way! He's already back at PF CHANG's and this is ONE HAPPY FAMILY about that! Love us some discounted PF CHANG food! The weather has been oddly dry---chilly but dry, so he is still racing around on his motorcyle and I have come to peace with it.

Megan, Laura and he are up at a Fireside Ryan (Innes) is giving tonight...6 hours in the car was too much for me to want to head back to Centerville. Megan's friend Caroline called off her wedding, but the honeymoon was already paid for, so OF COURSE...Megan is going with her along with 2 other friends...the first night is in a Penthouse in Vegas and the rest of the week they will be in Cabo!! Needless to say...ALL are thrilled...even Caroline! Megs leaves next Friday! That girl has been EVERYWHERE this year. I am so happy for her! I love that you each will get a significant amount of playing in before you become parents!!!!

Josh is no doubt STILL in the Library.....but finals will be over and he will be home sometime next week after Wednesday? Sam heads home Tuesday night...he is pretty bummed to be leaving the happiest place on earth for HIM so far. He'll be making LOTS of trips up there  between Christmas and March 27....and hopefully his new friends will be heading here for weekends as well.

All of your Christmas is sent, and I have Dad's done, but I haven't done one thing for the other kids. Megs wants cash...I think Michael does too...but if I give Josh cash he'll never spend it on himself for something FUN...and Sam...who wants mission stuff for Christmas???  I've got to get serious about it Tuesday once I get caught up on work from being gone. It's so much more fun with surprises...the problem is the bigger you get the bigger the surprises you want!!! And you KNOW I want to give you ALL everything you want! Can't help it. MY HAPPIEST present is going to be our time talking to you! Let us know details when YOU know. Giving me an actual date to write on my calendar of when you are coming home would be ANOTHER GREAT gift:)

I love the FEELING of love and giving that comes with  this time of year. I love that one person came and made such a difference on the planet. I love that SO MANY ONE PERSONS have come to make our earth and the cultures and the LOVE we have access to live in here and now. I love that YOU are about sharing your LOVE!!! Miss you big....LOVE YOU BIG....and can't wait to hear from you in the morning BIG!

Monday, December 3, 2012

hey fam,
so this was the weirdest week of my mission, our wml ( ward mission leader) or should i say branch, had a stroke and is in the hospital, so we have been serving his family this whole week, currently he is in medically enduced coma, hes 32, has a wife and 3 kids, and not only do they need him, but the branch does, hes also the second couselor and does just about everything for the branch, so pray for him please, his name is dennis barksdale.
we also served a widow named blanca twice this week, oh yeah and our first counselor has kidney stones right now, so basically we spent alot of our time serving the branch this week to help make sure everything got done as was needed, then in the testimony meeting everyone just got up and cried about dennis, which was understandable but not what i was hoping for , with my investigators, but atleast they were able to see how close the branch is and know that if anything happens to them, we will be there.
ive been a little sick this week with a sore throat and a cough and so we went to walgreenas so i could buy some nyquil cuz i was npt sleeping well, and in the front of the store was this huge taylor swift stand, with t-swift notebooks, and cds , shirts , posters etc, and when elder call saw it he freaked out, i expected him to start crying haha he just starting grabbing everything and i wish you could have seen his face , then he realized we are missionaries haha so he only got a notebook and a blanket, i was busting up laughing the whole time, and as he was checking out, the male cashier giggled and said, so...... taylor swift huh? and elder call, just said ya, im kinda a fan haha, it was probably one of the funniest public moments on my mission, man i love elder call.
ive been memorizing a scripture every morning this last week and it is awesome, im getting faster at memorizing so hope fully when i get home ill know muchos " a memorized scripture is your best friend" really it is, i love it, and dad dont worry i was talking to mom, about that unclear statemant, which i think she got, but if no, she as you know wants me to come home to see sam in the mtc, and i would like to know what i would be allowed to do with him, could we go to the temple togethor? would we just eat lunch, i would like to know my options before i really think hard on it and make a decision, but from what im thinking so far its probably a no, im not sure its worth it, and im not even sure if its possible so ya, anyways i got to go, but i love you all, i miss you mom, and i wish you could send me a back scratch for christmas, and i know what your thinking in your head" i could send you a back scratch for christmas", dont even think about it mom, dont worry i feel loved here. whos this girls bam is with?
anyways........................... loves from pencey
SO FUN that he ran into Mallory and her husband at a Stake Conference! AND LOVE THEM for getting me the picture!!!!

Pics of Sam at USU stolen from random girls FB pages

 Just for you Spencer!!!


Sunday, December 2, 2012

Letter to Spencer 2 Dec 2012

 Does that LOOK LIKE a Baby Zach or what???????
 Sam and dorm boys getting ready for no shave November.
 Spencer....these pics will give you HOPE! Look at all the cute girls Michael has been with this whole time in Europe!!

 The weather has been crazy...and instead of snowing it is RAINING....Sam said this might be one of his favorite things he's done at school yet! They went Trash Bagging down Main Hill...he said they would literally just FLY!
We got to see the whole Logan crew yesterday....we are going to buy a condo there that is a killer investment....FINALLY I INVEST!!! It will cash flow right off the bat. We will rent to a married couple. I'm proud of myself :)

Brother Bayless died this week. I can only imagine how hard that will be on Wendy Sue.
Dad's Aunt Mary---Uncle Gordon's wife, also died. I always liked her SO MUCH...she was one of the first to really warm up to me when we were first married and then ever after would seek me out at family functions. We are so sad we can't make the funeral tomorrow. We are heading up there on Friday for the family party--only Dad and I. With Michael coming home tomorrow night and then already heading up there next weekend we just can't make it all work out.

 I listed and sold a property in ONE DAY this week :)  One of those you KNOW  the God's had a hand in. Wish I had 100 more just like it. Went to see an AMAZING movie about the true story of a surfer--CHASING'll like it. Florida NEVER had those kind of waves...even in storms. Made me think I might want to try surfing one more time. Remember how much I loved the LIFE OF PI before you left? I can't remember if you read it or not...but that movie is super great too!!!! I just LOVE the twist it  puts in your mind about how God feels about US and our experiences here.

I am letting the chickens out in the day with it being so wet and now that the garden is done---I have HAPPY CHICKENs!!! With the cold weather we are getting more wild cats visitng the garage to share in Herman's food. Haven't seen the racoons back for awhile. Lucy next door beat Herman to the whole breakfast the other morning. There is a huge buck with only 3 legs in the neighborhood and he's fascinating to watch. Wonder how he survived the loss of his leg?

Your package should already be there. I wish somehow you could open something that just THRILLED you! Hopefully the money in your account will help. I really have not been able to find a sachel like you were talking if YOU see one...go for it! I am SO EXCITED TO HAVE EVERYONE COMING the 15th all will be here....and the 25th we can talk to YOU!!!

Megan is making dinner for 14 or 15 friends tonight...the roast smells so YUMMY! Andy is here.
I saw Scott Matheson at Goodwood Friday night when we were out to dinner with the Nickle's...he's been home a few months and was with 2 adorable girls! He was eager to get your update and asked us to call to let him know the day you get back. About 18 weeks. I was a little confused about the end of your last message...are you saying you want ME to decide? Cuz you KNOW I would have you come home to see Sam even if it is just for a day!! BUT YOU ARE THE ONE who has to decide.

I love you! I LOVE IT when I know you are HAPPY!!!!
I am HAPPY seems the older I get the more grateful I become for my blessed life and ALL that is in it, and all that I get to choose here!  I'm not sure what determined the circumstances of my getting to come to THIS world at this time and to these people...but I AM THRILLED!!!
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