Sunday, December 30, 2012

30 Dec 2012

We're doing our puzzle, Josh has read 2 Orson Scott Card Books, Michael is back working, Sam is WORKIN' IT with the women (he did just get hired by Vivent and starts the 7th), Meg is working and playing.....not much since we just talked to you.
No big plans for New Years.

In case you are wondering....I forgive you for talking to Mike for 3 hours and not to me.

I'm excited for this next year, yes MOSTLY because you will be home...but obvioulsy NOT because Sam will be going. I plan to play ALOT. I plan to make all the money I need for ALL of us to play.
These 10 degree nights all in a row make me long for Spring and warm sunny places with water and sand.

I love you Buddy. BIG.

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