Sunday, December 9, 2012

Crazy December

 Bruce and Kim gave me their JAZZ TICKETS for the game against the Orlando Magic Wednesday night! I was surprised I didn't know a single player anymore on their team...but it was SO GREAT to watch such amazing athlete's. Davis on the Magic looks like he should be a defensive line backer. Crosby on Jazz looks like a BIG black Jesus. Some of the shots made were awesome! A LOT of dunks that didn't make it were just as awesome! Happy Christmas to ME! I took Dad and Michael. Dad was suppose to be going to the BYU vs Utah State game...but one of their players got sick (had a stroke I believe) and they cancelled. Michael lost his BRAND NEW IPHONE 5 at the game...we are ALL sad about that!
 Dad and I went to Boise this weekend for  his family Christmas Party. It was fun. We scored big with FINALLY getting one of Dusty's cutting boards, and Dad got this amazing BIG family calendar that Tina made---it was the hot item this year. She made 4 but everyone kept stealing from each other. Addison is A D O R A B LE !!!! She does this thing off a TV show she loves called "WIGGLE WIGGLE WIGGLE--FREEZE". Dad has it on his phone...I will try to put it here---you just want to slurp her up, but she wants to be on the move!
 September had her baby BELLA, and I am sad I didn't get a picture! There is Miss Stacey who has just lost 54.4 pounds! An inspiration to us all :)
 Ellen is doing GREAT! Laura lives with her now and she is doing tons with her sister Nancy since GrandDad passed.

 The Aunties....Uncle Kelly gets married Feb DisneyWorld...the same weekend I am there with my girlfriends for my run....Dad will go and stay with his family.

 Dusty and Amber, his adorable girlfriend.

 Go figure....Randy and Sam went hunting instead...didn't hear why Aiden didn't come?

                               ADDISON the ADORABLE XXOOXXOOXXOOXXOO

SO....the big news of the week is that Princess Kate is pregnant! My Grandad is laughing that I am reporting this to you. You know how MUCH he loved the Royals! Well...I DO! And so did Grandmom! So now you know, and he/she will be born while Sam is there:) I predict its a girl xox

SO SO SO GREAT to have Michael home. Yes, he still leaves a wake of "piles" through the house, but it's comforting in a frustrating way! He's already back at PF CHANG's and this is ONE HAPPY FAMILY about that! Love us some discounted PF CHANG food! The weather has been oddly dry---chilly but dry, so he is still racing around on his motorcyle and I have come to peace with it.

Megan, Laura and he are up at a Fireside Ryan (Innes) is giving tonight...6 hours in the car was too much for me to want to head back to Centerville. Megan's friend Caroline called off her wedding, but the honeymoon was already paid for, so OF COURSE...Megan is going with her along with 2 other friends...the first night is in a Penthouse in Vegas and the rest of the week they will be in Cabo!! Needless to say...ALL are thrilled...even Caroline! Megs leaves next Friday! That girl has been EVERYWHERE this year. I am so happy for her! I love that you each will get a significant amount of playing in before you become parents!!!!

Josh is no doubt STILL in the Library.....but finals will be over and he will be home sometime next week after Wednesday? Sam heads home Tuesday night...he is pretty bummed to be leaving the happiest place on earth for HIM so far. He'll be making LOTS of trips up there  between Christmas and March 27....and hopefully his new friends will be heading here for weekends as well.

All of your Christmas is sent, and I have Dad's done, but I haven't done one thing for the other kids. Megs wants cash...I think Michael does too...but if I give Josh cash he'll never spend it on himself for something FUN...and Sam...who wants mission stuff for Christmas???  I've got to get serious about it Tuesday once I get caught up on work from being gone. It's so much more fun with surprises...the problem is the bigger you get the bigger the surprises you want!!! And you KNOW I want to give you ALL everything you want! Can't help it. MY HAPPIEST present is going to be our time talking to you! Let us know details when YOU know. Giving me an actual date to write on my calendar of when you are coming home would be ANOTHER GREAT gift:)

I love the FEELING of love and giving that comes with  this time of year. I love that one person came and made such a difference on the planet. I love that SO MANY ONE PERSONS have come to make our earth and the cultures and the LOVE we have access to live in here and now. I love that YOU are about sharing your LOVE!!! Miss you big....LOVE YOU BIG....and can't wait to hear from you in the morning BIG!

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