Monday, December 31, 2012

Letter from Spencer

hey fam
first off mom me and mike did not talk for three hours it was an hour and ten minutes, and we had alot to talk about he filled me in on everything with everyone else, and i wish i could have called you for three hours and talk your ears off but we both would have just ended up crying more , and i dont want that our call on skype really was perfect, let me know when you know what options i would have to do with sam at the mtc, i need to know asap, presidant holm wants to know, hes the best, you would love my temporary mother and father figures in my mission presidants.
so i recieved the depressing new that im getting transfered out of greenville, butt it was also kinda happy because we had two baptism here on my last week, luis guillen a member referal was a miracle baptism that came out of no where, we put him on date the 19th and he got baptized on the 28th, his rostro has changed completly in shut a short amount of time, and hes revieving the preisthood next week, brenda on the other hand was the opposite on date for over a month and we only got to teach her once or twice a week, but she is still so elect and i have just been such a happy happy boy the last few weeks, i love the ability that i have to love, and the capacity of tolerance that the lord has given to me, i will never forget my time here, and i will never regret a second of whats happened or what ive done, i feel like ill be a part of greenville forever.
presidant called me on saturday after our baptisms and has called me to be a part of what he calls " the big lift team" it will be me my spanish speaking companion, 2 other english missionaries and the assistants, we are going to travel around the mission and do exchanges with all the missionaries in the mission, in one transfer! its going to be loco, and fun, but im also nervous i dont feel like im that type of missionary, but the lord calls us in our weaknesses and i know he will help me build the faith of our other missionaries here in the mission, thats our goal, build there faith hence the name, THE BIG LIFT, i hope elder cardon in going to be the english companionship, its really likely actually, he has been tearing it up and is one of the best missionaries in the mission easily, it would be so fun to work closely to him. so basically i wont have a bed for the next 6-12 weeks starting on wednesday, so i might buy a slepping bag and a pad , and a smaller travel bag cuz my small suitcase is too big. ughhhh i dont want to leave here!!!!!! but im going to have to get over it and focusa on the now.
i love you all so much , i love this gospel with all my heart and i know its true throught the power of the holy ghost, i pray that our family feels gods love daily and reconizes his hand in our daily lives, its so obvious espcially in our family, we are so, so , so blessed.
tell sam i love him and to not forget it, you are all in my prayers, i love you mom, my backs going to be nice and prepped for a long long scratch and talk, dont worry.
elder harris

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