Sunday, December 2, 2012

Letter to Spencer 2 Dec 2012

 Does that LOOK LIKE a Baby Zach or what???????
 Sam and dorm boys getting ready for no shave November.
 Spencer....these pics will give you HOPE! Look at all the cute girls Michael has been with this whole time in Europe!!

 The weather has been crazy...and instead of snowing it is RAINING....Sam said this might be one of his favorite things he's done at school yet! They went Trash Bagging down Main Hill...he said they would literally just FLY!
We got to see the whole Logan crew yesterday....we are going to buy a condo there that is a killer investment....FINALLY I INVEST!!! It will cash flow right off the bat. We will rent to a married couple. I'm proud of myself :)

Brother Bayless died this week. I can only imagine how hard that will be on Wendy Sue.
Dad's Aunt Mary---Uncle Gordon's wife, also died. I always liked her SO MUCH...she was one of the first to really warm up to me when we were first married and then ever after would seek me out at family functions. We are so sad we can't make the funeral tomorrow. We are heading up there on Friday for the family party--only Dad and I. With Michael coming home tomorrow night and then already heading up there next weekend we just can't make it all work out.

 I listed and sold a property in ONE DAY this week :)  One of those you KNOW  the God's had a hand in. Wish I had 100 more just like it. Went to see an AMAZING movie about the true story of a surfer--CHASING'll like it. Florida NEVER had those kind of waves...even in storms. Made me think I might want to try surfing one more time. Remember how much I loved the LIFE OF PI before you left? I can't remember if you read it or not...but that movie is super great too!!!! I just LOVE the twist it  puts in your mind about how God feels about US and our experiences here.

I am letting the chickens out in the day with it being so wet and now that the garden is done---I have HAPPY CHICKENs!!! With the cold weather we are getting more wild cats visitng the garage to share in Herman's food. Haven't seen the racoons back for awhile. Lucy next door beat Herman to the whole breakfast the other morning. There is a huge buck with only 3 legs in the neighborhood and he's fascinating to watch. Wonder how he survived the loss of his leg?

Your package should already be there. I wish somehow you could open something that just THRILLED you! Hopefully the money in your account will help. I really have not been able to find a sachel like you were talking if YOU see one...go for it! I am SO EXCITED TO HAVE EVERYONE COMING the 15th all will be here....and the 25th we can talk to YOU!!!

Megan is making dinner for 14 or 15 friends tonight...the roast smells so YUMMY! Andy is here.
I saw Scott Matheson at Goodwood Friday night when we were out to dinner with the Nickle's...he's been home a few months and was with 2 adorable girls! He was eager to get your update and asked us to call to let him know the day you get back. About 18 weeks. I was a little confused about the end of your last message...are you saying you want ME to decide? Cuz you KNOW I would have you come home to see Sam even if it is just for a day!! BUT YOU ARE THE ONE who has to decide.

I love you! I LOVE IT when I know you are HAPPY!!!!
I am HAPPY seems the older I get the more grateful I become for my blessed life and ALL that is in it, and all that I get to choose here!  I'm not sure what determined the circumstances of my getting to come to THIS world at this time and to these people...but I AM THRILLED!!!
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