Sunday, December 16, 2012

Dec 16 2012

Lovey--its another SURVIVOR FINALE tonight without you. Laura made these buffalo chicken tacos for late lunch and they were SO YUMMY!!! She is such a sweet additon to our family. I REALLY  REALLY hope that she is here when you get home so you can know her. Something about having someone IN your house with you, lets you  KNOW them in such a more intimate way. As far as I'm concerned, she's just as perfect as you kids!

I am so HAPPY!!! Michael Josh and Sam are all home! And Meg will get back in a week! It just FEELS so much better. I think even the wood and the cement and the sheet rock and all the guts are happier having them home. Driving in the drive and having other cars here just makes my heart beat fast:)

I did this life training this week called IMPACT. I will tell you more about it when you get home. I want all you kids to go through it. I wish it for every person. I LOVE it when people change the world by helping others to love more freely and healthily.  After the shootings this week, my heart is even more committed to BE the LOVE. I could hardly believe all the negative posts on Facebook about the poor kid who did it...they made him out to be so horrific...but what happened really? WHERE ALONG THE WAY DID WE ABANDON OUR BROTHER??? How did he get to a point where HE felt so alone? Or was he mentally ill and his family just couldn't afford to get him the medical help he needed? My heart just wants that magic wand that will put all the pieces back together again for EVERYONE.

A favorite moment of the week was greeting the morning with my run to a new playlist Michael helped me make...Walking on Sunshine, I would walk 500 miles, Ain't  No Mountain High Enough,
Hey Ya,  Old Fashioned Rock in Roll....I was rocking and running it in HEAVEN and then at the end of 400 I felt this nasty rip, and I think I tore my calf muscle. It's still tender. Been off it 3 days today. Hoping to be back on it Tuesday. I can't wait to run to that play list again.

Josh is in here and he's he's off to write to you like a sweet brother. Michael is at his PF CHANG's Christmas Party. Sam is playing some GAME online in his room. Megs is in Cabo. Dad is sick and has been for about 5 days. He's got some flu...I think its from getting the flu shot. I sweart the 2 years  I got the shot I got it BOTH years, and then ever since I quit getting them I haven't gotten it! Not going to mess with what's working. Crazy that it's almost 2013. You going to CALL me to tell me WHEN your going to call???????????? I thought that was such a clever MOTHER IDEA!!!

Ok...and about the DVD...another MOTHER thinking...I just put it in there IN CASE you got to go somewhere Christmas Day that could let you watch it...thought you could even GIVE it to them! :)

You're the best Lovey. I LOVE YOU BIG!!! I get to talk to you in ONE WEEK!!!! 7 days!!! YES!!!!!!

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