Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sunday 31 July 2011

Hey Lovey....
I have had the most INCREDIBLE week!!! It was way too long to wait before coming home to Florida. Everyday as I MELT in the heat and humidity YOU are on my mind...and I am praying you get into homes with air conditioning and that you are drinking LOTS! And of course I hope there are moms out there bringing you in and feeding you yummy food. I saw the missionaries again today at church and so badly wanted to be able to take them to lunch. YES on Sunday! Wish there weren't so many rules.
I was able to download all of my pics but I can't get them to attach tonight so you'll have to wait until next week---I left my camera home and had to buy a new one, so Megs will help me. :)
There were so many highlites I don't know where to begin! The TOP Favorite was to be SO LOVED by so many friends. Reconnecting was like we had never been apart. 48 years of living has given us alot to talk and share about. I was overwhelmed with gratitude that they have been in my life. I love that at 48 most of the insecurities have washed away and we are just REAL with each other. Most of us had NO IDEA what was really going on in the lives of the others while we were in school---and interesting that NO ONE had an easy ride. The TALKING and sharing was my favorite part. I hope one day ALL of you could meet them or sit and learn from them. With that said I am going to include a list of some of the widom shared so I don't forget--most won't make sense to you but it does to me because I was there:
1. Don't trouble trouble when trouble ain't troubling you.
2. NEVER "Peak"!
3 Don't get your meat where you get your bread:)
4. "Navel Gazing"
5. It's about SOLUTIONS not Problems.
6. If you aren't making sizable mistakes that are painful and lesson filled to correct you aren't trying/living hard enough...
7. Everything happens for a reason.

The first 2 days I was here in Gainesville, at church, in Melrose...then the next 3 at the Beach (HEAVEN) and then these last few days back here for the reunion activities.
I LOVE THE DAILY thunder lightening rain storms! I love the smell of the humidity. I love the moss hanging on the HUGE live oak trees. I love NOT being on a diet. I love hush puppies and fred shrimp and running on the beach and how WARM the ocean is here. I love sleeping in air conditioning.
Bud...I can't keep my eyes open to finish this. I keep nodding off. I'll zip you a letter this week and have pics by next Monday. love you. Like, my heart ACHES love you because its been so long since we've talked or hugged or had you around. BUT DON'T are so NOT forgotten.
the Momma xxoooxxoooxxooooxxxoxoxoxoxxooooooooooo

Monday, July 25, 2011

I AM Home

Alachua General Hospital where Megan came into the world is no longer there. :( And that is just ONE of the things gone missing in my HOME memories.
But the Williamson's who own Williamson's Grocery in Melrose are STILL there and THEY RECOGNIZED ME when I walked in!!! Williamson's said they were just talking the other day about when Mom had left Preston there for like 20 minutes before realizing she had left him and came back. I have no memory of that...but she had the names right, so?
My elementary school has a mascot now...The Mustang's...they've put a horse on the front of the gym. The playground is in the same place...I wonder if the kids who go there now hunt for toads under the cemcnt slab as you go in the side steps, or if they fill their pockets with rolly polly's to let out on the desk when things get bored? Or if they still do the Presidential Fitness award that I could never earn cuz of those darn pull ups?
The cemtery was peaceful and the hum of all the insects was a heart swelling symphony to me. The water in the BAY is SO WARM...but someone has gated the public beach and taken down the dock---there are a few benches higher up on the beach. So I just waded at the boat ramp and wished for a canoe and Linda Schank to help paddle the back like old times. Not a soul was in the water or on the water. Like out of respect they cleared it for me...not knowing that what I really wanted was it to be FILLED with catamaran's and skiers and screams...
The moss, the abundant road kill, the buzzards, the overpass road change on the way to Melrose, the pecan trees, the smell of the humidity, the people and places that run through my mind as I approach certain streets....all ignite my funky feelings--a sense of some other time I can't quite unite with the ME now . I feel displaced. Like I belong, but like I never belonged, like I was somehow in the wrong place then and maybe now. Weird.
I am so glad to be alone. I wonder that there is something wrong with me that I have found such RELIEF and PEACE in the aloneness. Particularly now when I am taking such delight in just BEING according to the whim of the moment with no one else's needs or desires to influence the BEING. I have played Miranda Lambert's HOUSE THAT BUILT ME again and again like a lovesick teenager and still the words do not tire me. And Blake Shelton's I WANNA GO HOME. I am just crying and laughing, missing, and singing/screaming with the radio and reading until 2am and eating HOME food. Fried and BBQ. The thunderstorms are heaven sent.
I am sitting here working on a contract that can't wait for my return and the rain is here. I want to snuggle on the bed and read like earlier days....and I will in a bit.
I exercised INSIDE on the treadmill and my shirt was TOTALLY soaked through. Gross but reminding.
Beach tomorrow. Wondering what I did to deserve such a visit and want to make sure I do it again.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Lovey...I am SO in the humidity with you!!! I feel like I am melting away but all the chunk is still here. The smell of it is nostalgic. The feel of it fills me with gratitude for air conditioning and reminds me of the teen age years trying to stay "dry" and lovely for dates in that unaircomditioned house.
I met 8 missionaries today between the 2 chapels and one was from PG and knew you in High School...wish I could remember his name. Its been such an emotional day...I just keep crying so unexpectedly...met the missionaries and cried cuz I missed you and hoped that someone was loving on YOU. I saw the Coke Bottling plant and cried? NO idea why. I saw a baby armadillo run across the road, I cried with this deep regret that none of you have even seen one. I saw so many people who have loved me and me them, and I cried. I tried so hard to find the first home I remember in Gainesville and so many thoughts of my Mom. All the people I came to see and hoped to see seemed so old. It was a little jolting. There of course were exceptions of a few who looked exactly the same and made me wish my skin had had the luxury of the humidity. I feel old and 18 all at the same time. I feel like I am on holy ground and want to take my shoe off.
There was a rain storm this afternoon and the lightening was incredible.
My friend Hiedi drove me all over town so I could just "look". Being with her was a time warp and I was sure I was still 18. We laugh at the same things...we STILL think the same. Friendship is one of the sweetest gifts life gives us.
Tomorrow I head early early to Melrose so I can run there. I've decided against the swim across the bay...I guess the gators are ACTIVE with the heat and I am a wuss. This hotel is SO NICE. I am loving having the TV clicker to myself. I leave Tuesday for the beach...I will so b thinking of you there as I walk the beach and drink the sun.
Sam leaves for EFY tomorrow, Dad and Megs will be home alone all week. I expect Meg will be having a few parties. Perkins was playing with Sam's driver and it broke...I don't know who was more sad, Sam or Perk. He'll get fitted for another soon if he didn't already on Saturday.
I love you Buddy. I AM an understanding Mom...BUT IF YOU KEEP SENDING LETTERS TO OUR HOUSE TO PEOPLE OTHER THAN ME I AM COMING TO SOUTH CAROLINA. Now, of course I don't mind distributing the letters...I MIND NOT GETTING ONE OF MY OWN!!! Please be sure to anwser whether of not you can read this blog.
Love you. MISS YOU! Abiding the heat with you and sending all angels to surround you and keep you safe and happy and filled with love.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Email from Spencer 18 July 2011

hey fam im in charleston, right next to the ocean, it is sick and there are alot of Hispanics here, but also alot of ghetto too. and of course i love it. my companions name is elder radmall hes from we get along great hes a sick kid and a sick trainer, hes alot like josh actually but just a little different. josh you should get your spanish good seriously its freakin usefull, my spanish is dreadfull right now but it will come i can teach when i know what there saying but mexicans are really har for me to understand, argentinans, chileans, hondurinians, alot easier. well my first day tracting and our third door i put someone on date to be baptized, but that was in columbia with the mission presideant, he was from hondurus so i could understand him, and we have gotten alot of work done here in charleston one of our investigators just got married and we went to his wedding for like and hour, hispanic weddings are wierd but the people are so fun, his name is arturo hell get baptized i can feel it, we have another named luis from hondurus, like five investigators from chappas mexico and three black investigators and one whit american from a hispanic family referall i think we will be able to baptize them all, my comp doesn't have as much faith but i can change that we just have to teach and love them, and teach to there needs not just lessons, something i think the lord has always blessed me with.
im rooming with to English elders there are tight, and i heard we will live with a pair of them every where we go so im pumped i might get to live with terrance!!! i will see him about every other month if hes not in my zone and if he is in my zone ill see him all the time. i love it here fam but i still get homesick everyday so please keep praying for me and my investigators pray for emily antonio and arturo and luis for now pleas anyways i love you and miss you everyday, tell bam and michael and josh and megan and lond and perk and all my friends i miss them and love them and cant wait for them to go on there missions as well i tried calling mike from Detroit but it wouldn't work so I'm going to email him love ya guys!!! keep it cool where its dry,
p.s. humidity here is crazy when we run its like your breathing in water and your body just collects like your a magnet or something but anyways i love ya.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Letter to Spencer 17 July 2011

Hey LOVEY!!! We are dying to know EVERYTHING so PLEASE take some time and write me a LONG letter... :)
It was heaven to talk to you on the phone.
Sefa getting his call and leaving all in one week has been crazy. It was so great to see everyone today at his Farewell. Terrence is SO EXCITED to be with you. His Momma and I are joking about girls road trip in 6 months!
I leave for home on Saturday and I won't be back until the 1st, but I'll find a way to post...hopefully with lots of pictures with my OLD friends for you to see. So crazy to think it was 30 years ago I graduated from High School. I am so excited I can hardly stand it! It's already been fun just to reconnect with so many of them.
Megan is finally back home ...she's been to Cedar City, Vegas, and Park City with so many different people. I AM SO GLAD TO HAVE HER HOME!
We're celebrating Michael's birthday tomorrow with the Harry Potter movie , the ZOO and Cheesecake Factory. Josh is still hanging in there with Home Depot. I think its hysterical how bugged you are at his dating your friends:) If he doesn't, someone else is going to Buddy :) THANK YOU FOR THE VIDEOS!!!!! We will try hard to get you some back soon.
Sam is already starting the Senior year disappearing act...when he's home he usually has a boat load of friends---but he's gone way more than he use to be. Momma's not so happy about all of that. Although Dad did surprise me and join me for a last minute movie the other night.
Summer ball will end soon, he's been golfing alot.
Give me all the details...WHERE you are, what you think about the bike, your new companion, the heat, the bugs, your apartment, the ward, your President and wife...anything you need???
Loving you BIG and counting down the minutes until you write!

17 July 2011

SO....we are sitting in Sefa's Farewell sacrament meeting and London puts his foot up and I see that he is wearing MY FLORAL black socks!!! I started laughing hysterically and he said he'd picked them "special".
Sefa...he gave a great would have loved it.
Terrence....coming your way SOON!!!

The whole Primary Presidency was released today....I will miss the kids...

Friday, July 15, 2011

Letter from Dad to Spencer... 15 July 2011

Spence---from me (MOM) first... did you get the bug spray? Seriously...DO IT, you will love me for it later. If you can find an AVON lady get some of the "skin so soft" kind...I will look for some here doesn't smell so nasty and works least it did 30 years ago :)

We are so excited for Sefa...trying to organize a big BBQ here for tonight or tomorrow night. Dad gives the details below. SO HOPE your Pday is SOON. TAKE PICTURES and get me an address to get your picture card back to...

LOVE YOU BIG...Mom xxxxoxoxoxooooooooooooxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxoxoxoxox

Spencer! How are you?!!! Really, that is what we want to know!! Where is your area? How is your area and what is happening in your area? Who is your companion? How’s the new bike? Have you met your new district and zone? When is your p-day? (we assume Mondays) PLEASE TELL US ALL ABOUT EVERYTHING and your key experiences and impressions of your first week in South Carolina!

Sefa Tanoai (sp) got his mission call to West Virginia, and he leaves in one (yes, that’s 1) week! Can you believe it?! It is a record in our stake! We’ve never had a mission call 1) come so quickly after it was submitted, and 2) be so short – he received it on Wednesday the 13th and leaves on Wednesday the 20th. In that time period he has to get his mission clothes, get his interview for the temple recommend, go to the temple to receive his endowment, speak in church, get set apart and leave (and probably other important stuff as well). He’s so excited and we’re so excited for him. They moved things up and made it quick so as to help him return for football at the U. of U.

All is well here. Enjoying the summer. The yard is beautiful. Megan, Michael, Josh and Sam are all busy and doing well. The U.S. Women’s soccer team plays for the championship on Sunday. The British Open is going on right now.

How’s the language coming? If you’re anything like me and most of us language missionaries, at the end of the MTC you felt pretty good about the language and your progress, then you got to the mission field and started talking to native Spanish speakers a lot and you felt like you hardly learned anything – that you have SO much to learn! Well, you’re not alone. Don’t worry, just continue to practice and pay attention and study and read in Spanish and listen really well. In about 3 months you’ll understand almost everything you hear, and about 3 months later, (after 6 months in South Carolina) you’ll be able to say just about everything you need to say. Then about 3 months after that, you’ll be able to say almost anything you want to say. It comes – just keep at it, do your best, and pray for God to help you with the language and to bless you with his spirit to be able to communicate your testimony of the gospel, and all will be well.

And remember what I told you before in the letter – LOVE THE PEOPLE. As Mom says, and she’s right, the gospel of Jesus Christ is all about LOVE.

Well, I’ve got to get to work, but I wanted to send a short msg since we don’t know when you have P-Day and wanted to tell you about Sefa’s mission call.

I LOVE YOU SON! I’m SO PROUD OF YOU AND HAPPY FOR YOU! It was so GREAT to talk with you from the SLC airport. You’re doing it son! You’re being a strong and successful and positive missionary and the Lord will bless you!

Un abrazo fuerte,


Sunday, July 10, 2011

He's leaving...on a jet plane....

He gets to call us tomorrow morning before boarding...

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Letter to Spencer 9 July 2011

well...we aren't sending another package. Dad wants to wait and just send the pics to South Carolina...and the pics aren't HERE yet...hoping for todays mail. I haven't touched base with Scott yet this week...but the plan has always been that he would bring you Betos Sunday night late and that he would also pick up anything that needs to be brought home to us or mailed to you...SO HOPEFULLY you see him Sunday night. I hope you got to see the videos Michael made for you on his camera.
I love you Buddy...thinking of you constantly and hoping these last few days are SWEET and spirit filled.
I have been studying the life of St. Francis of Assi (a Fransican Italian Monk)...and I LOVE a few of the things that I have read about this morning...
The first was that we learn of REAL FAITH through FRIENDSHIPS---and YOU have always been such an example of a true friend.
The next was when he posed the question WHO CAN EARN A STAR OR A SUNRISE? Well... WE ALL DID...EVERYONE born to the earth is given these beauties and joys...
And the last was when he was speaking of how the great artists of his times mixed grains in with their paints to make them more vibrant and eternal...and then he called for us to do the same with our THOUGHTS by mixing them with gratitude.
St Francis was a little man, but fewer greater than he. I am in love with him just from a biography.
Happy Saturday perfect child that blesses every day of my life and every part of my love!!!
Your Momma loves you BIG!!!

Letter to Spencer 9 July 2011

well...we aren't sending another package. Dad wants to wait and just send the pics to South Carolina...and the pics aren't HERE yet...hoping for todays mail. I haven't touched base with Scott yet this week...but the plan has always been that he would bring you Betos Sunday night late and that he would also pick up anything that needs to be brought home to us or mailed to you...SO HOPEFULLY you see him Sunday night. I hope you got to see the videos Michael made for you on his camera.
I love you Buddy...thinking of you constantly and hoping these last few days are SWEET and spirit filled.
I have been studying the life of St. Francis of Assi (a Fransican Italian Monk)...and I LOVE a few of the things that I have read about this morning...
The first was that we learn of REAL FAITH through FRIENDSHIPS---and YOU have always been such an example of a true friend.
The next was when he posed the question WHO CAN EARN A STAR OR A SUNRISE? Well... WE ALL DID...EVERYONE born to the earth is given these beauties and joys...
And the last was when he was speaking of how the great artists of his times mixed grains in with their paints to make them more vibrant and eternal...and then he called for us to do the same with our THOUGHTS by mixing them with gratitude.
St Francis was a little man, but fewer greater than he. I am in love with him just from a biography.
Happy Saturday perfect child that blesses every day of my life and every part of my love!!!
Your Momma loves you BIG!!!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Spencer Letter to Family – July 7, 2011 – from the MTC

Hey so i got them to let me log in, so this week has been weird. Our district of thirteen has gone to four and it kinda seems like we are just one big companionship now. But it’s good at the same time we get more one on one time and I’m learning a lot, it’s ridiculous.

Had my last physical therapy visit this week and im cleared to go to the field! So I’m pumped. I cannot believe that Terrance got called to my mission!!!! I’m so pumped and excited i know i will get to see him maybe even live with him cuz they try to pair us with English Elders in the same areas so we can get more referrals for each other, and I will be speaking and teaching in both languages, the old mission pres paired some English speaking missionaries with the Spanish-speaking Elders but the new one says he probably won’t, and I agree you’re not as effective if your teaching alone two testaments is always stronger than one......... hence why we have the Book of Mormon and the Bible - duh. Ye shall go out and preach my word in twos or threes.

Have I said how pumped i am to get out of here and teach some real people, seriously I already love the people of South Carolina and am so excited to bring them into the light and love of Christ!!!! So I will probably have to send my blanket back home but that’s it and i will probably buy a lighter one when I’m there or figure somethin out.

SAM go to EFY you bum! Seriously, its awesome. Take Paul, Brandon, or somebody fun to party with. Even better - take Perkins. Convince him to go. Seriously - please take him. You could take London but he already has a lady so it’s not as fun but he would still be sick to take.

Meg be confidant and faithful that the lord will bless you with a full time job, but you have to do all you can do or hes not going to bless you, so be aggressive and faithful. I know that if you do all you know how to do to get a teaching job, fast and pray that the lord will bless you with what you need. might want to try this with a hubby as well, you and Ky need to hang with boys and ask them on dates if you have to just do all you can all the time with faith and you will have success and happiness.

Mom sorry you had that dream cuz even though I want to get my back scratched more then you can possibly believe I’m not coming home anytime soon, I’m homesick everyday but i know I’m where I’m supposed to be and the lord needs me and my faith to bring the souls of South Carolina unto Christ and his salvation and love. Please pray that the souls of South Carolina will be prepared for the light of Christ and that they may remember what they have forgotten when they feel his love.

Mom thank you for teaching me to love, i know no one who has more light of Christ in their countenance then you do, teaching me to love everyone and love with such care and ferocity, this is the most important skill for me and for anyone to have in their life, love leads to love and being loved is happiness. I love you mom thanks for being the best mom ever seriously you are better than Mary the mother of Christ, cuz you didn’t have perfect kids. Haha.

BAM play golf more k for me wake up early, volunteer practice play, and practice your weaknesses that they may become strengths. You can play college, you can play pro you just have to work hard do all you can do and god will do the rest just have faith and confidence that you will succeed through the love and help of God.

I don’t know why but i would like to bear my testimony of obedience, faith, and hard work. Obedience is the first law of heaven for a reason, with obedience God is bound to bless you but obedience without hard work is not obedience. Obedience and working hard without faith will get you nowhere. But if you have all three then you can perform miracles. Stay humble but faithful (confident) be obedient and work hard and the blessings of heaven shall rain down upon you. I love you family and think about you in everything I do. Be obedient, work hard and have faith. I know the Lord Our God loves you and me, all we have to do is follow Him in faith and we WILL be happy I know this without a shadow of a doubt. I write these things in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Love, your son, and brother, and servant

Elder Harris

Letter to Spencer 7 July 2011

I just decided to copy and paste Dad's email here to let you know the NEWS!!!!! We are SO THRILLED!!! For those of you who don't know, Terrance is one of Spencer's BEST FRIENDS!!!!

Terrance Cardon is going to YOUR mission! English speaking. He opened his calling today. He reports to the MTC on September 7! So he’ll be with you in the mission field in South Carolina around the end of September. Can you believe it!

We just found out tonight at 11:15pm and had to get out of bed for it. Michael King and Austin Walker are here and told us, then Mom and I called Terrance and called him and congratulated him.

Another tender mercy from God for you and for us.

OK – just had to tell you ASAP!

I love you son,


This is Mom again now. It's true, I feel SO LOVED by God that you will be together!!! Jason Fanika was called to the Indianapolis, Indiana Mission and leaves Oct. 13th! Michael King said that they are sleeping over Sunday so we can all conference call on Monday!! He said YOU said in the letter that it will be EARLY. I can hardly wait!

I had a wedding shower here last night for Kellie Duncan and everyone asked after you. Chad finally got the new family picture board done and installed, so now we just have to get the pictures back in it...I LOVE how it looks. Tomorrow night the Bunco group comes...I will be ready for a break from having guests.

Laddie got his license and a truck all in the same day...he is working for an excavating company and they helped him. Bronson seems to have grown even TALLER, is in summer school and looking good for being on track to graduate. Michelle is always calling to ask after you...and ME :)

Megan STILL has not heard on the PROVO teaching job. PRAYERS please...what she will do if she DOES NOT get it will be not a happy place for a while. She so has her heart set on teaching this next year...but she also needs insurance badly so it needs to be full time.

Trying to talk Sam into EFY. There is a session at BYUI that he could still get into during the last of July while I am in Florida---and he doesn't have baseball or GOLF that week so it would be perfect. Put a good word in for me will you? He's still never been and if he doesn't go this year I doubt he'll want to go next summer after graduation.

ALso please pray for Cooper's Bear Lake Property to sell. Had several interested people but no contracts yet...

Excited to hear from you today and to have a list of anything else you might need before you go! DId you find a bat to break the Pinata????
LOVE YOU BIG!!!! BIGGER!!! BIGGEST!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Letter to Spencer 5 July 2011

part of the fam...
Aunt Trish, Jeanette, Pam, Cheryl, GrandDad and Dad.
Up at Gardner's munching on Chewy praline Fudge from the fudge shop....

Hey Lovey....
I searched the Stadium of Fire audience like crazy for like a half hour and asked several of the HELP if the missionaries might be coming--some years they have had them go...but nope. I was SAD. I am sure you HEARD the program...I hope they let you see some of the fireworks from the lawn. Brad Paisley was great and the fireworks AMAZING. It was fun to have us all there together...but OF COURSE we were missing you.
Most of the family left on Sunday. Grand mom, Leonard and Cathy are leaving this morning. We have all eaten enough to sink a large ship.
Josh had to work until 10 last night and his pool party didn't START until 10...we were thinking if would be okay since it was the 4th if he went until midnight...but it was too noisy for the neighbors. We have GOT to figure out some kind of sound barrier.
We had a micro burst of wind a few times this past week and it fell the top of one of the Allphin's trees into our yard and split our Globe willow up on the hill by the sandbox down the middle. It is still holding on, but another wind and it will be a goner...I am going to see if Ron T. can't bolt it together or something...I WILL BE SO SAD if we can't save it...Dad already cut some of the major limbs to relieve pressure from the crack.
Russell Allphin got his mission call to SALTA ARGENTINA..that was in Dad's mission. Russell is stoked.
Michael has a new job doing electrical stuff...had to meet a ride at 4:30 this morning to work in Wyoming for a few days. He is excited for the new skills. The clutch on his car went out and he is bummed.
Megan and Kylie have pretty much been non stop playing since school got out.
Josh is working ALOT.
Sam spent the night downtown Provo "awaiting" the parade, then came home by 7am :) He and London had a blast. Yesterday was Paloma's birthday so they had some celebratory things for that. I LOVED being with him at Sleepy Ridge last week for the tournament. He shot 79 the first day and 78 the second and JUST barely missed the cut for being able to golf RIverside...he was sad...he still has NEVER golfed Riverside. I'm going to see if I can't find a colleague who could get him in for 9 ...hopefully 18.
When they leave this morning the MAN CAVE officially goes back to the MAN CAVE. Sam is WAITING!!!
Your last week in the MTC!!!!!! I am happy that you will be free of the rigorous training, but I really like knowing that you are just 15 minutes away. I bet it was hard to see the rest of your District leave yesterday. Is your companion still with you or do you have a new one for this last week? Are you still loving him as much or has 24 hours a day for 9 weeks put a strain on things? I don't know how it couldn't! I know you can't tell me your flight plans. But believe me...we will ALL be thinking of you the WHOLE DAY next Monday. It is Grand Dad Broadhurst's birthday that day. Am I right that you get to call us from the airport? PLEASE SAY YES!!!
The ties and more pics WILL get there before you there ANYTHING else? And if you have too much can leave things for Scott to bring back to us...hopefully he will be stopping by to pick things up from you if you need it Sunday night...that is the plan for the moment.Just let him know if there is anything you need me to send on to South Carolina.
I have been watching the weather in South Carolina...and it is HOT...I'll be praying for you.
I'm eager to hear what you think of the bike, the food, the people, the church, the EVERYTHING.
Like I said before, it will be difficult for me not to reroute my trip home through South Carolina.

The family is all good. Leonard uses his walker now all the time--he will be 90 soon so that is expected. Ron is still magical on the guitar. Cherie is still beautiful and has modeling jobs. Addison is ADORABLE!!! Kayla wasn't suppose to be coming, but they surprised me and came...she is THE GOOSHIEST baby ever...barely a peep out of her, but lots of smiles. Amber never made it down the slide, but will in years to come...too overwhelming for her--but most everyone else did! I didn't know it, but Grand Mom Harris/Ground can't swim, and she made it to the deep end on noodles before leaving. Kelly is actually mentioning the MARRIAGE word about this girl he met just 2 months ago...she must be SOMETHING because he is SMITTEN, and we are all excited for him. She has never been married before either--she is 34 and he is 47. She works for 6 Flags in Baltimore over their promotions or something. She didn't come because its her busy time of the year. But maybe a wedding in the near futu
re! Grand Dad Harris is sweet and mostly quiet with his Alzheimer's. He did get in the pool one day. Ellen is such a caring spouse. Watching her tend to him gives us all a lesson in love.

Sam is getting his Harry Potter tickets for the midnight showing today...maybe your Mission President will be freaking cool and rent out a theater for all of you to go? Although being a brand new mission president that might be too big a move to anticipate. The mission president who just left is Marci Allphin's Uncle/cousin? And will be at her home for a family reunion this week.

Laikyn got baptized last Saturday--GrandDad Broadhurst baptized her--but we couldn't go up with all this family here. I was so sad to miss it.
All the Logan family are still wonderful...just wishing they were closer.
Don't forget Michael's birthday is the 13th.
Keep praying for Megs and her job--she still hasn't heard back from the Provo School District but should this week.

I love you Buddy. You'd be proud. I haven't driven by the MTC once...NOT EVEN ONCE...cuz this time I'm pretty sure I'd just GO ON IN...
HOPING TO HEAR YOUR VOICE on MONDAY!!! Hope you like the package today!!! Hope the cupcakes were ones you liked. Hope you got to see the video's Michael made for you on his camera!! I thought that was a GREAT IDEA!! We'll do the same here and just send you a card.
SHINE ON!!! Take pictures...
Mom xxxoooxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Friday, July 1, 2011

Letter from Spencer 30 June 2011

This is Natalie:
I got a call from the MTC while helping to "rag" the young women's hair for their week at camp this week---telling me that Spencer had been injured playing soccer and they needed my medical info. Not my favorite thing to hear when I can't ask him any questions. I am NOT going to edit his just hang in there with the horrible no punctuation and spelling....IF you want to...I don't mind a smidge. Don's family has started arriving and the 4th of July weekend has officially begun, and half of the year is officially over.

email from Spencer:
so i have a deep inner thigh contusion which is basically a big bruise / pool of blood next to my bone on the muscle in my thigh. i just started rehab for it today, were being really agressive with it so that when i leave on the 11th ill be ready. its not bad mom so quit flippin out. anyways, so i went to rehab today and it was awesome me and my companion talked with four natives and 2 other spanish speakers, im not that good but i can do it so im super pimped to get to sc and teach and talk the non member hispanics haha. and thanks for the package mom it was sweet!!!! tengo mucho amor para mi familia. esparo que todo esta bien en nuestro casa. dios bendice nuestro familia con mucho feliz y mucho gozo. mom is michael getting those ties? michael you can apply to drive the mtc busses, it pays 12.50 an hour just thought id let you know, oh and i miss you, josh i miss you alot, meg too but mom the most sorry. im so pumped to speak spanish and get out in the field. stephen is good had lunch with him today este is the same talk to him everynight. dave mccallister came in and hes in our zone so thats sick too. samson came in last night just talked to him jedff is doiung well he leaves on monday!!! so unfair ive been here just as long!! anyways fam i love you not much to talk about but i love you and mom i love you so much i think about you everyday. thanks for being the best funnest coolest mom ever!!!!!!!!!!!!
love pooty