Sunday, January 6, 2013

Back to REAL LIFE:)

Look how ADORABLE Kaylie's new little girl is!!!!
Josh is getting ready to head back to Utah State as soon as we get done with Roast Dinner. I am sad. But REALLY happy that Meg, Laura, Michael and Sam will be here! It is GREAT to set the table for 7 today!
Aunt Jeremi's Dad died this week and the funeral was yesterday. I went up to Logan for it. Drew wrote such a sweet poem and Laikyn read another one....and both helped present the Life Sketch. You are going to be so surprised at how much older they are when you get home. My heart was breaking for Aunt Jeremi. I sat with Preston and Kori. Afterwards I checked on the condo and Paul is whipping looks SO MUCH Better all in cream! I'm excited for the bathroom to be done and to have renters! It's Preston's birthday today so Jeremy and I took him to the Beehive Bar and Grill and had a LOVELY time. I LOVE my family!!! Just hanging with them is so fun.
I showed tons of homes this week. Christmas still isn't down....may be up when you get home:)
Sam got his wisdom teeth out:) are so going to love the video of it afterwards!
Now that you have the MTC info will you let me know what your come home date will be?I got my big girl sparkily panties on.

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