Sunday, January 13, 2013

What a sweet week! I got the DATE you COME HOME!!!! May 2nd! My calendar is vibrating with several RED  circles around that day!!! It WILL BE A PARTY!!  Sam went through the Temple...he promises to write you about that! Megan got a new job that she is super excited about with a company called Money Desk. It's an amazing pay raise and a new adventure. She really loved ZYTO so I know she will miss them!
Michael has been to school for 2 whole weeks now! I can't tell you how GREAT it is to have him at HOME!! He is buckets of love and laughing and relaxing. He is a master at living in the moment. So much to learn from him. I am hoping he is still here when you get here! Josh is still at school but joined us on INSTA GRAM and for him that is BIG! He's sent some funny pics! I continued on with the next session of IMPACT Training and can't even SAY how much I LOVE IT!!!! This weekend was a ropes course and it busted through several of my limiting beliefs. I wish it was on tape so you  could see some of the AMAZING experiences I participated in. I want you to take it when it works in your schedule. Megan and Laura are going this weekend or in February.
It has been SO incredibly COLD here! Herman gets to come in to sleep in the bathroom at night and is now KING HERMAN and wants in all the time. You will be shocked at how FAT and FURRY he is!
I want you to SEE my Primary Class. I have EIGHT litte 4 year old girls and they are too adorable for words. Today my lesson was on being a REAL PRINCESS because their Heavenly Parents are a REAL KING AND QUEEN...okay...I added the QUEEN part, but let's be real...SHE IS---and it
is about time in MY WORLD that people I love and hang with acknowledge her :) . SO....when it was time to go get water after treat, Clair says....."I know how a Princess walks...she holds out her dress like this".....then she proceeds to hold out both sides of her dress...ALL the girlies mimic her and all walk to the fountain with their Princess wands with dresses out...then as people pass they wave their wands and say "HERE is some LOVE from a real PRINCESS" I was laughing so hard...I had just told them that their most magic wand was their LOVE and that they didn't even need their wand, that their magic was their love and it worked without the wand!THEY LISTENED!!! Spencer your wand has always been powerful. I am excited to FEEL its added strength when you are home!!!
I have several new families I am working with. I can't imagine why everyone doesn't do real estate. I would do it just to be with all the new people that come to me! So different and so kind and living such creative lives and changing the world in personally unthought of ways.
I'm excited to see what YOU do with your life when you get home!!!
Have the best week ever and enjoy your time with Terrence!!
THE MOMMA who LOVES YOU!!! xxooxxooxxooxx

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