Monday, May 21, 2012

Letter from Spencer 21 May 2012

hey fam
well this week has been crazy my trainee is still struggling hard, but all i can do is continue to love him and pray that he will change , but thats not something i or god can force , only he can let god into his life and forget about his natural man which is an enemy to god, life is just so much easier and happier when you submit to the will of the father, but if he does not improve soon i think presidant will send him home, i cant take him around some members, cuz he hates mexicans, he wont even read the scriptures with us when we visit less actives, which has offended a few families, i forgot how prideful the world is, but im thankful, it is a constant reminder to me that no man can serve two masters, your either in the world suffering miserably, or your with god passing through difficulties happily and with apreciation. please pray for him, he needs this more then anyone i have ever known, pray for me two that i dont give up on him, if he doesnt change here and find peace through the gospel and serving others then i he will be miserable through the rest of his life, never living up to his potential of goodness that can come through living and understanding the gospel. anyways enough of sad talk.
this week has been way fun, my glasses broke, my toe broke, and so did the drier, but yet im happier then ever , the other night me and an elder that i live with elder cahoon stayed up till 2 just talking , which was fun, it reminded me of what me and michael king and mike cooper would do, quite funny how many michaels have played such a big role, and had such a big impact on my life. our district had a baptism and afterwords we went to a hibachi grill ( buffet, chinese) which was awersome, half of the workers were hispanic and i got to talking with them in spanish while they would cook my hibachi ( kinda like tepanyaki, just cheaper and not as much quality) which was fun, man i love the hell out of hispanics, literally i love the hell right out of them, it was way fun and we have an appointment to teach them this week, there coming to play soccer with us as well on wednesday.
so my companion told everyone in the world that he played college soccer, lets just say, hes never played a competitive game in his life,so soccer this wednesday was hilarious when they finally convinced him to play with us and the truth was revealed, watching my little companion run away from the ball, haha but its ok he will quit lying once he gains some self confidence and gets comfortable with being himself on his mission.
one of our investigators named fabian came to church last weekfor the first time, and when we showed up to his house this week he had bought a white shirt, and asked if i could find him a tie, and of course i have a billion so i gave him a few, hes awesome, gave up drinking like it was nothing and its just fun to see how the holyghost can really change people as it says in alma five, what a "mighty change of heart" fabian has experienced, cant wait for his baptism!
this week has been great, im gonna go but a new suit from a thrift store today! and i am gonna eat some good ol chicken fried steak just for my momma!probably some mac n cheese too , mm mm good
well we also had a mission conference this week with our area authority of the 70 elder gonzalez, he is amazing i loved hearing him speak and also seeing the other missionaries experience a little of what we experience with our hispanic members. i learned so much.
i washed my whites and realized that my garments are more yellow then white haha, stupid humidity and sweat, so mom if you could send me a bunch of medium mesh tops and  a bunch of 32 dry lux bottoms i would be eternally grateful, my shirts are yellow too, but i can buy those. my trainer elder jared radmall, and my other favorite companion elder brent carter go home this week, please look them up on facebook and tell them i love them and thanks for all they have done for me in my life. radmall is from st george, and carter is from seatlle washington.
anyways , i love you guys so much and miss you tons, send me scott coopers email, and adress to write, that boy needs some love.
love elder harris

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