Thursday, November 15, 2012

Opening the Call 14 November 2012

 Elder are hereby called to serve in the Birmingham, England Mission and to report 27 March...
 Elder Bryson are hereby called to serve in the Rome, Italy Mission and to report 20 March....and later London opened his and he is going to Chile reporting on the 13th of March.
 Bryson's folks...Steve and Melanie Nickle...LOVE THEM xxooxx
 I'm thinking we had about 100 people...mostly his high school friends...his baseball coach came and that rocked his world! We served Papa Murphy's and salad and breadsticks and cheesecake and red velvet cake and pumkin pie and rice krispy treats and ...ALOT of stuff....the boys were happy to take home the leftovers.
 I love how Melissa put this picture with their new flags in the back ground. Don't love me a mission, but I LOVE ME THESE BOYS!!!!

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