Sunday, November 18, 2012

18 November 2012

 These boys were, and ARE STILL so thrilled! MADE his day with the text and then the call....I CAN NOT WAIT TO TALK TO YOU!!!! some of the pics out of order, but thought you'd want to see the fun Michael is having in Europe....I wish this trip for ALL of you!
 Dad got to be with Jeffers in Argentina last week. Both were giddy happy. He took them to McDonalds because its way too expensive for them to take themselves!

 I thinking he's skinny dipping....wonder WHO his Mother is????

 I LIKE his hair short.  Crazy what a MAN he is. I don't have any more babies!!!

Sooo....I am still breathing after the call. I was so happy it was to such a safe good place. We have ancestry from that area. I will LOVE to go pick him up. I am grateful he won't be able to do the next semester. We are going to PLAY ALOT before he goes...all to get me ready to PLAY SOME MORE when YOU COME HOME!!
Listen...I need SOME kind of an idea about what you want me to do about school for you!? Stephen wants to know as well. It's time to be applying. Jeffers has already filled out his BYU application.
I am not going to write much since I get to talk to you. Kiss that President and tell him his kindness is not lost on me! He must have FELT how much God wanted me to have this favor and comfort.
So excited it will be hard to sleep!
Talk to you in the morning!!!'
LOVE, the Mom who created true perfection....YOU!!!

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