Sunday, November 11, 2012

Sunday 11:11 2012

 Bam on a date?? She posted it on facebook and I stole it :)
 Kelsey the ADORABLE with Paul...his farewell was today:(
 Brother Bear being BATMAN at GOTHAM :)
 Brother Bear at the MAIN OAK in Sherwood Forest.
 Our MOST IRISH LOOKING Brother right where he should be....near the Robin Hood Statue...wishing I could find a pic of him at 3 and 4 with his bow and arrow :)
Sam living the college life!
 Meg and girlies headed to Vegas AGAIN for the weekend!
Hey Love Bug xxooxx
Sam didn't get his call on Wednesday--but it says SENT ---and so does Bryson's, so, we will have a big group here Wednesday night (they are both going to drive home) they are both going to open them here...if your mission president will let you...we'd love to have you on SKYPE at 6:30 our time, 8:30 your time...or even if you could phone in? I KNOW Dad will not be happy I am mentioning the possibility...but WOULD have been here if they hadn't changed the age!!!! AND WE PREACH FAMILY FAMILY FAMILY!!!!  We'll be serving pizza and salad and cookies and pumpkin bars.

Megsalina, the traveling Princess, went to Vegas...every weekend for a month or so she has been off on SOME adventure. This one was for pure fun! They should be back later tonight.

 As you know, Dad's been in Chile and Argentina, so this is the first time in my entire 49 years that I have spent the night ALONE in the house. It will have been almost 2 weeks on Wednesday. I have LOVED being alone in the daytime and early evening, it's just the sleeping thing that I don't love so much---and the coming home to a dark empty house...I've called friends when I haven't been able to get a hold of Josh to be on the phone with me while I walk the whole thing and check all the closets to make sure I'm alone. Then I feel relaxed and can just enjoy it.  I'm in such a NEW place with all of you gone. Almost bizarre at times, but then so exciting I can't breathe it in fast enough at others. I LOVE being able to take care of myself. I love the freedom of eating when and where and what I want without having to give a second thought to anyone else. I have only done ONE LOAD OF LAUNDRY in the last 9 days!!!!!! I love coming home and turning the TV on to the channel I WANT :) I love dancing with TVOED Ellen and no one to see.  I love heading to the rec center even if it is already 8:30 at night to burn off some more calories  :)  I 've been to see every movie I wanted to see (SO FUN!!!) I LIKE going to the movies alone! I love coming out of one and realizing I can stay for a SECOND if I want!!! I'm surprised at how much I've REALLY liked the whole alone thing. I've been reading until 2ish in the morning:) The house has been pristine for a week---only MY dishes, and I didn't even do them till Saturday! When the house is so quiet I can really think and I'm super productive! I love our house. I LOVE being home. I'm feeling more and more AT HOME with this new stage without you all. I wouldn't ever choose to have you all OUT, but since it is inevitable, I am rising to the occasion.

With Sam getting his call on Wednesday, Dad is now coming home early and will be here in time for it.
You can see the fun Michael is having! He starts his tour of Scotland tomottow!
Josh is still in the library.....I did find out that they close it at 7 on Friday's and that MAYBE he was going to take some cute girl sledding :)
Sam just partying like its his only and last semester as a freshman...cuz it is!
Me, I'm working and sorting through empty nesting deciding what I want to create for the next parts of my life XXOOXX

It snowed for 2 days and it was a WINTER WONDERLAND for my runs! Kim Peterson and I went to south fork early to run Saturday, and oddly it was ok for the first 2 miles down, but once we got to Vivian (lower down) the snow was just too thick and deep to keep going so we came home and ran the roads. I love that woman. She sends her love to you. Her Jens just turned 13, can you believe it?

Zach's wife is in the hospital RIGHT NOW pushing!!! I am waiting any minute to see a facebook post. I will make sure to include the pics later so you can see the little guy tomorrow. They are thinking to name him Cooper :)

Saturday I had late lunch with Karie and she sends her love too!

It's time to get your Chirstmas package together! Let me know some things you'd like me to send...and if there is anything you want or need now, let me know that too.

Life is such a interesting experience. I really don't have a hold on EXACTLY what I think about it's purpose...but I do feel deeply that I CHOOSE YOU and you CHOOSE ME...and I am to the core grateful for your love and WHO YOU ARE and HOW you are....and the HAPPINESS you have brought to me!. Shine on grown up man. Your momma loves you and ALWAYS will. Spending time with you is a FAVORITE of mine.

Speaking of favorites of mine...did you see that today is 11:11? Today was MY special Celebration of Blessings Day! It couldn't have been more beautiful while I was in the hot tub. And then the kids did the Sacrament Meeting Program. And then I went to Cloud Atlas and came home to more hot tub, to think on how I feel about reincarnation, Bach for Meditation, writing you, and now to go snug in my bed  and just READ till my eyes won't let me anymore. SO many great books and movies and ideas to share with you in MAY!

I love you. You are pretty much always in my thoughts. Really...tell your misson president it would go a LONG WAY with this Momma if he'd let you Skype in for Wednesday at 6:30.....and I am SURE JESUS would want you to!
Create an amazing week!

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