Monday, October 29, 2012

letter from Spencer 29 OCT 2012

hey fam
this week was pretty dang awesome, we had a good outing at church again , uriel and liz got the first half of there marriage papers done and we ashould be able to finish them this week so were hoping for the baptism on friday!!! it would be so siiick to baptize the night before elder bednar comes and speaks to our mission , which he will on saturday, not sure if i had told you that before, ya im totally lost on the whole race between romney, and obama, the only people here voting for him are black, no suprise, the south really truly proves that they don thave much sense, its not even racism , its just pure solid truth, i love my negro friends here but wow, lets just say im blown away cada dia at some of the sensless things they do here haha, a kid in my district has a tally in his white handbook of how many times he sees and african american girl randomly dancing on the side of the street, lets just say its over 100 now, life is awesome in the south.
what happened in libya?
anyways so week runthrough, backwards, sunday we ate delicious bambasos, sandwhiches o tortas covered in a thin dry layer of salsa at the part member familys house named the ramirez-martinez, there awesome , the parents should be getting baptized before the end of the year, we also taugh them, and then headed over to aanother partmember familys house, viki, the member and her friend luis, who was a jehovas witness, and her husband, paco, who is a jdub todavia, luis is on date for the 24th and really sincere and interested ever since conference, paco thinks everything we teach out of the book of mormon is false untill we bare our testimony, then he just silently listens to the rest of the lesson, then when we leave he tries to ant viki, his wife and luis haha but lets just say it doesnt effect them, they both came to church, saturday was good, we took one of our older senoritas to our lesson with carmen and her non member husband narciso, who just doesnt understand commitment, please pray for him, he needs to join carmen , and get baptized. friday nothing that cool, besides alot of getting and contacting referals, thursday, nada, wednesday, we went on splits with our ward missionaries, fun, tuesday we ran around with our heads cut off from apointment to apointment, and monday was our pday, which was great as always.
dang sam puts his in on tuesday? crazy crazy crazy, film him opening his call please, ive already missed to many moments of the person i love most, i cant miss that one too.
film and take pics of all the stuff you guys do with the fam before he leaves, it would mean alot to me.
i finally understand moms crazy pic taking desires. sorry mom for all the guff i gave you, but i still dont like pictures of me much, something i need to get over i think, anyways were gonna go have fun now, and then go baptize some families tonight haha, being a missionary is the best
love elder harris

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