Sunday, October 14, 2012

October 8-14 2012

 Dad and I were in Boise at the funeral until Wed....we got back just in time for Michael to head up to Logan to be with the Brothas since he leaves for Europe tomorrow for 6 weeks...He is going to have SO MUCH FUN!!! I love how he LOVES life...and makes opportunities for himself.
 AND just in time for Megan to head to NYC with Kylee and she stayed at Lauren's place and Lad (who lives there now too) came over for one of his "toasts"--I LOVE that kid...ever since the chicken dance on the cruise :)  They've done all the touristy things...check out Meg's blog and facebook page, I am sure she'll post more pics soon.
 Not sure HOW this got added in the middle of all the pics...but here we YOUR golf course:)
 Dad and Grandmom at the dinner after the Don Tonkin's Boise State Tree? I told him it was really a GATOR tree :)
 It was Josh's birthday Tuesday while we were in Boise....we took him to Changs Sat night and are STILL searching for the perfect present other than money...cuz you KNOW he won't spend it!!!
 Found this pic of Scott Cooper and knew you'd want to see.  He's doing GREAT!
 I wanted you to see your new sister...Laura...she lives in Josh's room now and I love it cuz when everyone else is gone traveling I'm not alone in the house. She is an angel girl.Wish I could make her a permaneant member of the family.
Michael at Karioke...again, the brother LOVING his LIFE!!
 Megan just sent this across Instagram...YES....she is at Yankee Stadium for the play offs!!!!

 Michael just got back from zooming the gorgeous Alpine Loop on his Triumph :) Yes...I really did put that smiley face there...see...I can change... I mean it too...I LOVE that he LOVES it...and I pray my ever living guts out for him till he hits the driveway home.

So...of course Sam is going to leave as soon as he can. I am breathing. I am officially going to make his room into a closet for myself the day he leaves....maybe sooner....
I am focusing on what's NEXT in my life.
Olive comes Friday and I can hardly wait. It's only for a day. I wish I could talk her into coming for a week or so...or WINTER...she could be in Sam's room. The Galan's come the 29th. Until then I am biking and running the canyon and canal trails and drinking in every last minute of Fall. The hot tub loves me.  I love the Hot Tub. Still. And forever.
Friday night my friend Gretchen and her husband came over to teach us how to play UCHOR? sp a canadian card game that Olive loves to play and another game called are going to love them both! Then we had Kim and Bruce over Saturday and we played again. I love being with friends. I love to win at cards :) I didn't cheat...I swear.
The highlight of my day was when a little 3 year old pulled the Fire Alaram at church while we were in sharing time..I only had the 2 boys today and WE LOVED IT....two wards were in the building and EVERYONE had to come out. The 3 year old belonged to this darling new Brough'll like them...they live in the Ivory Homes...I love them even more now..... :)
So my Roman quote for the Question: What would be some good things to do on Sunday to show Heavenly Father you love him? Roman: Get out that book with NORMAN and LEHI cuz it's good for us to read about dad says he does some crazy stuff but he is always good for God".... Be good for God Spencer :) I will try too :)
I have been in some amazing books since you've been gone that you are going to want to slurp up when you get home. I am going to compile a list of books I hope all my kids will read sometime and put it on here so IT CAN BE WRITTEN :)
Real Estate is still buzzing...the fear of Obama winning has this republican state moving on their house and land deals. I couldn't be happier. The money is appreciated, but just having so many people in my life at once makes me happy. Along with the possibiliies of getting the house paid off. That's going to be a fun Blog to write!
I love you. Be good to yourself. Love hard. You've always been a master at that. Miss me.
XXOOXXOOXXOOXXOOXX and a back scratch!

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