Monday, October 22, 2012

Letter from Spencer 22 OCT 2012

hey padres
this week was good, and the training went fine in columbia i was nervous but the spirit took over and it all worked out, my trainees name is jeremy call, hes from ecuador and his moms name is, yessi is his mom, and his dads name is thor , yeah, probably the two coolest names ever, yessi and thor , they live in orem.
uriel and lizbeth got interviewed for baptism and so now were just waiting on a day off for them to go and get there marriage papers, he just started a new job and so he cant get off unless they give it to him , so please pray that he will get one off soon, weve also seen many other miracles this week, and ive honestly never been happier in my life, its awesome to see cole and michael, i truly do miss them so much, they are my brothers, i miss coles personality, hes such a boss, i cant believe its been two years already , time flies when your having fun. we set a new record for church attendance this week in the branch i dont remember what it was but our branch presidant and the branch council were as pumped as we were. so all in all great week, we should have some wonderful baptisms this next week , and if not then the next month we will just have to baptize more haha, good to see michael looking so happy in europe.
mom sorry but i did not see the gator game at all, and really i dont care much but i do have a present for you that i think you will like, slash laugh at, the more im in the south , the more i realize that your a southern woman at heart, one day, you might even get out of the cold, that is if i become a pro golfer , make millions and buy us all houses in florida just because i can. myrtle beach or charleston wouldnt be bad either.
but anyways mom i still have 7 months so dont get too excited, i still might extend if possible as well, and hey what if sam gets called to serve here? crazier things have happened, tdog is here,
anyways i love you fam , i am gonna go eat good food, and play some frisbee golf and just have a good day, hope you all read your scrips and said your prays, we cant let dad take all the blessings god has to offer.
love elder harris

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