Monday, July 2, 2012

Letter from Spencer :)

sup fam

so i got my new companion this week his name is elder melonakos im not sure if ive ever talked about him before but hes a bomb missionary and we are tearing it up , its so great to hit the pavemant hard with a companion that wants to baptize as much if not more then you do, we are seeing so many miracles, we put two familys on date this saturday, we also now have 11 progressing investigators all from member work, and referals, its been awesome.

today were going boling and frolfing, (frisbee golf) which is way fun, excited to see tigers winning still hopefull he can pull something off at the british and get back on track, i would do everything to baptize tiger woods, oh and how bad does he need it, definatly would need to get interviewed by the mission presidant though haha.

this week ive been studying alot in DnC its hard for me to put it down its crazy to think of how my desires have changed through out my mission, the scriptures are my refuge and my haven, when at home it was golf and excercise,  both of which are obsolete to the scriptures. the wrods of christ are meat  indeed.

lately ive come to a realization that conversion is not about what you know or about what makes sense its about how you feel , its about how they feel there first sunday at church, about how they feel when they read the book of mormon, and about how they feel when we bare our fervent testimony  of the restoration of he lords church today. one of the familys we put on date was one of my former investigators, there names are jesus, alondra and there daughter alondra, we dropped them 3 months ago because they refused to be baptized again , because of the good feelings they had had for there last baptist baptism. when we went to visit them we taught the restoration, recited the first vision and testified of the restoration, and the spirit filled the room, we then asked them to kneel with us and ask if the authority to act in the name of jesus christ was restored, as the spirit reverberated the room we invited them to baptism and they accepted, its all about how they feel, not about what they know, there date is on the 28th please pray for them.

anyways i had alot of fun this week, im loving life and learning more then i could have ever imagined, im so thankful for this time i have away from you to serve my savior and bring souls back into the fold, im praying for you, love elder harris

my shirt size is 16 and 1/2

tell bam chow to write me

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